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on September 22, 2010
I installed the repeater in an unattached garage. I was concerned at first because the signal strength LED was amber rather than green thereby indicating that the repeater was receiving a less than optimal signal from the base. The signal must be sufficient because the coverage area was greatly increased. It is easy for me to believe the claim that the effective transmission distance doubled.

As another reviewer mentioned, the instructions are inadequate. I must agree. The instructions state that the repeater must be registered with the base but give no clue as to how to do so. The links to Panasonic's support do not lead to anything that I found to be helpful. The user's manual that came with the cordless phone system describes how to register additional handsets but does not mention the repeater other than to say it must also be registered. To spare others the minor head scratching I went through, here's the way to register the repeater. I recommend that users perform the following steps while the repeater is near the base so that successful registration can be more easily verified.

With the repeater connected to its power block plugged into an outlet, find the tiny square button on the back of the repeater. It's below the word 'Program.' (The instructions do not mention the Program button at all! ) Press the button. The two LEDs on the repeater will flash red continuously.

At the base, press the 'Locate' for five seconds and release it. Then press it briefly once. Next, press the 'Locate' button again for five seconds and then press it briefly once again.

The two LEDs should now show solid green indicating that registration was successful.

After the process has been completed, the registered repeater may be relocated to the desired area. If the lower LED remains red, you will have to find another place to put the repeater. A location where the LED is green would be best but mine worked well when it was amber.

I took away one rating star because of the poor instructions.
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on October 1, 2010
We just bought and installed one of these, for use with a KX-TG6544B cordless phone system. The environment is an old wood-frame house, with a detached garage. The base is in the house, in a room facing the garage. About 30 to 40 feet between the base and the garage. Handsets would work in the garage, but got a little sketchy at the far end, and would go out completely on the other side of the garage (with the garage between base and handset).

We installed the KX-TGA405B extender/repeater inside the garage, on the ceiling -- plugged it into the same outlet that a garage door opener was plugged into. It made a huge difference. Coverage in and behind the garage is now rock-solid. We can go at least another 80 feet vs what we could before.

The extender has two indicators. "STATUS" lights steady green when ready, flashes green when in use, and lights red for trouble. The antenna/signal indicator lights steady green when close to base, amber when further away, and red when out-of-range. I found the signal strength dropped to amber from green almost immediately, but even with the unit quite a bit further away, it would still work. So don't worry if it shows amber. Indeed, I'd guess that the best place to position an extender is right after it transitions from green to amber -- just when the base signal starts to get weaker.

It came with two different instruction sheets. One was worthless, the other pretty good. I think Panasonic must have issued an improved instruction sheet at some point. For whatever reason, Panasonic doesn't seem to have the instructions posted on their website, but if you contact tech support they will email you a PDF.

These instructions say to register an extender to the base: Start with extender next to base, and unplugged. Press and hold LOCATOR on the base unit for 5 seconds. When we did that, something beeped, and the handset LCD showed "Base in registration". Then plug in the extender. It should register automatically. (The PROGRAM button on the extender is reportedly only used to DE-register it. You power the extender on while holding down PROGRAM.)
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I purchased the Panasonic Repeater for my Panasonic KX-TG6545B cordless phone system after finding the coverage without the repeater to be somewhat lacking.

Installation was easy. You push "Locate" on the phone base unit, plug in the repeater, and within 30 seconds, everything's set. From there, I found a place on the opposite side of my home where the repeater added the greatest improvement. Now, I can use my phone anywhere in my home from basement to attic, and even outdoors down to my mailbox (which is about 300' from my front door). This is easily the best coverage I've ever seen in a wireless product, and for the cost, is definitely worthwhile.
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on July 29, 2011
I had many of the same problems as others who added the Range Extender to an existing setup. I followed the instructions for registration: Press and hold [Locator] for five seconds, plug extender's AC adapter in, wait for two green lights. This worked fine. The first point of confusion was that I expected the [Status Indicator] to begin blinking -- like a modem or router. It didn't. I thought that meant I had lost registration. So I re-registered the unit. No change. Later, I found out that the [Status Indicator] only blinks if a handset (that is communicating with the Range Extender) is on a call (off-hook). At this point, my handsets had reduced range. I began to wonder if this box was more than just two lights! Now, the "missing link": Think of this as a (specialized) computer. After changes to my computer, it often says that I need to re-boot the computer before the changes can take effect. To "re-boot" each handset (that I wanted to communicate with the Range Extender -- instead of the base unit), I removed (and then re-inserted) the batteries while I was close to the Range Extender. Problem solved. I now saw "ECO" when I was further away from the base station AND I saw the [Status Indicator] (on the Range Extender) blink when I got a dial tone (etc.) P.S. If your Range Extender loses power, the handsets will connect to the base station. After the Range Extender gets power restored, the handsets will ignore it until you "re-boot" them. Summary: Good Product (that I would have rated five stars IF the manufacturer had included the above information).
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on October 22, 2011
We live in a remote area with spotty cell phone service and no neighbors, hence it is very important that we be able to use a satelite phone from our landline phone system in the large barn/workshop which is at least 150' from the phone base in the house. The Panasonic Range Extender for our DECT 6.0 phones was the perfect solution for our problem. The barn phone retains all the functions of the house phone system with perfect clarity.
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on December 23, 2010
We recently replaced our older Panasonic phone system with a new KX-TGA6545 system with a base and five handsets. Our hope was to be able to take one of the extensions to our barn which is about 300' from where the base unit is in the house. To our surprise, we did get a signal ... but it was a bit weak and required that you stand in one particular spot in the barn. We'd read about adding a repeater in the phone manual but didn't know if it would solve our problem.

Amazon had an excellent price (less than Panasonic) on the repeater so we bought it. It arrived in two days. We registered it near the base and then took it up to the barn hoping for the best. When we plugged it in the one light was showing amber. But having read other reviews we tried it. We are pleased to report that we can now use the barn phone extension with a crystal clear signal anywhere in the barn!

Note #1 - Our home is timberframe with 8" thick walls and our barn is a pole barn with metal siding but the repeater seems to be unaffected by any of that.
Note #2 - Having read some of the other reviews of this product, we were concerned about getting it registered to the base unit. It was not a problem at all. The instruction sheet must have been rewritten because we followed it step by step and had absolutely no problem. Our suggestion to anyone out there who may have trouble with set up ... let your wife do it, she'll probably read the instructions FIRST and have no problem with it :-)
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on May 13, 2011
My range extender arrived without any instructions. I sent a note to the vendor and received a prompt response directing me to the information I needed on the Panasonic website. After several unsuccessful installation attempts, I sent another note to the vendor who supplied me with the directions listed below. Voila, problem solved. I decided to revisit the instructions on the website to see what I had missed. Upon re-reading them, it was clear that I'd skipped an important step. Also, the directions from other Amazon reviewers led me further astray.

I was very impressed with the vendor's patience and responsiveness. And, the range extender does the job very well. Follow these installation steps for success:

1) Make sure the range extender is unplugged.
2) While holding the program button on the range extender, plug in the range extender.
3) Keep holding the program button (for about 10 ten seconds) until the status indicator turns from a solid to a flashing amber light.
4) Release the Program button.
5) Unplug the Range Extender.
6) On the base unit of your phone system, hold down the locator button (for about 5 seconds) until you hear a tone.
7) Plug in the Range Extender then wait for the status light to turn green.
8) Press the locator button again on your base unit to finish.
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on January 12, 2015
Before installing I ran a temporary extension cord to the desired install location and repeatedly tested both with/without this device enabled. The increase range is fantastic with no deterioration in sound quality.. I drilled a small hole from basement to outside cantilevered overhang, mounted protected from the rain. This brings the signal outside the house walls permitting me to walk all the way to my mailbox and another 75' down the street!. Previously I could only get 1/2 down the driveway before signal faded.

Configuration was way easy, am thrilled to increase the coverage of my Panasonic phone systems with such great range.
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on November 1, 2010
I bought a set of Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus cordless phones a few weeks ago to replace my old set of 5.8GHz phones. The first thing I noticed was that the extension that was on the other side of my condo from the base had pretty poor reception. That's not unusual, since my condo is in an old building and the signal has to make it through a couple of horsehair-plaster walls; I have the same trouble with my wireless Internet. After reading the reviews for this repeater, I thought it was worth a shot. It worked exactly as advertised. After setting it up (which seemed easy to me, though other reviewers had different experiences) and placing it near the spot where the signal cut out, all of my extensions work perfectly anywhere in the condo.
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on August 5, 2015
I am sorry to say,,but this item was unsatisfatory,,I tried to return the item,,the dealer said,,that I did not follow the correct procedure in getting the item to perform correctly..I am hear to tell you that I followed the instructions step by step and I could not get the item to give a green light,,that shows the item is operating correctly,,so,, I returned the item and the dealer returned the item back to me,,so,, to keep from causing a confusion,,I just keep the item and every day or so I try again and again hoping it may start working,,I will give it to my heavenly father,,maybe something may happen...Thank you very much........
Your custumer...:-(
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