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Price:$119.99 - $368.63
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on June 13, 2012
This is our first inverter microwave oven. We had to replace a small cheapo disposable microwave we got at a big discount retail chain.

This is a nice midsized oven. It does not dominate your counter space like the larger counter top ovens, and it also large enough to do more than pop popcorn.

We eat alot of the low calorie diet tv dinners.. this oven heats them evenly and to perfection. The microwave panini meals even end up with toasted crisp bread.

In 30 years this is probably the best microwave oven we have owned, and you cannot beat the price.
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on July 23, 2012
I ordered this to supply a microwave for the new house. It is easy to use, works well, and looks good. It was also well packaged and arrived pretty quickly. All in all, I am satisfied with its performance.

Also, It doesnt feel cheap and the button to open it doesn't stick. I also like that you can just press the buttons for the time that you want instead of having to hit a specific input time button or turn a dial or do some other form of annoying time wasting step. You just press 1-3-0 start for a minute 30. Exactly how it should be.

I have been using it more and more, and it heats food quickly and evenly. I have had to adjust my microwave intuition (setting it for how much your food really needs) because it gets hot pretty quickly. Again, satisfied and would recommend!

As always, please indicate if this was helpful.

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on July 5, 2013
I read ALL the reviews at the time of my purchase a few months ago, and want to address some reviewers' comments. I did a lot of research before choosing this one. I learned that there seems to be more dissatisfaction with microwaves in general than with most other products. The next runner up had a higher rating, but the negative comments included catching on fire.

This microwave works fine, and is faster than most others I've used. It's a good value for the price. Several people commented negatively that the coating on the number pad started bubbling right away. Well, people, that's because it's shipped with a peel-off clear coating like you find on most electronic devices these days. I left it on to protect the number pad more, but don't worry about the bubbling. Several people complained that there is no inside light. I don't mind that as my lighting is OK. One reviewer mentioned that (s)he likes the absence of a light because (s)he occasionally leaves the door slightly ajar to air out. Good idea! The defrost and reheat leftovers functions work well. Some said it was noisy, but I don't find it any different than my old microwave, which included a top browning feature which I seldom used and which made it a pain to clean. This one cleans easily. It does cause a slight static on my cell or cordless phone if I'm standing right in front of it while talking, so maybe I'm getting zapped, I don't know. I used to worry more about such things but these days it's impossible to avoid electronic "noise." I just try not to hug it while it's working. Overall, while it's not perfect it works well and is a good value.
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on May 27, 2012
After 31 years of faithful service from a Sharp Microwave, it was time for an update. This Panasonic fit the ticket perfectly. It arrived on time as stated and works great. On the highest setting, it boiled water in 45 seconds and heated a bowl of soup in 20 seconds. Nice!! It has 10 different heat settings including defrost, cook delay, a keep warm feature, and it's very quiet. For the price of this machine, you can't go wrong!!
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on August 6, 2014
7/3/2015 Update: I originally gave the Panasonic NN-SN661S a five star rating. My review is below. Here is my update and the reasons why I have downgraded it to 1 Star.

After owing this microwave for about 9 months, it completely died. Nothing. No lights on the keyboard. Did I say nothing? I called Panasonic to find out where I should go for warrantee service. This information is not provided online. You must call. I went through the 10 minutes of automated back and forth before I was able to select the option of talking to a real person to access the information I needed. After waiting another 5 minutes, I was told this part of the service department was down and I should call back later. I wish they had said that at the start. I called 2 days later and repeated the procedure. I did eventually connect to a real person, but that took about 20-25 minutes of waiting.

Eventually the person on the line determined that indeed I needed to take my microwave to an authorized repair center. Turned out that the nearest one was about a 2 hour drive away. That adds up to 8 hours of driving. 4 hours to transport the microwave there and go home. 4 hours to pick it up after repairs had been made and go home again.

I decided that amount of driving was not worth the cost of the microwave and asked the person on the line if I could send the microwave to the repair center instead. She responded, "Yes." But she also said I would have to pay shipping to the repair facility AND BACK to my home. That was going to cost around $70 total via UPS.

I asked her is there were any other options to get the unit repaired. She said she was sorry, but no.

So, word of caution. This Chinese made unit, IMO, is not reliable. On top of that, unless you are lucky and happen to live close to an authorized Panasonic repair center, the warrantee is pretty worthless as the cost and trouble of getting it repaired outweigh the value of the unit.

I have a 23 year old (made in 1992) GE Spacemaker II. Made in Korea. Still works fine so I am using it.

August, 2014

Let me start by saying I have only used the Panasonic NN-SN661S for a week. But, I still have such fresh memories of laboriously searching through hundreds of microwave ratings without seeming to come up with any clear cut winner...well, I thought I throw my two cents in here. I hope it makes your search task easier than mine.

Random observations:

1. I did not buy this particular product at Amazon. It was $149 at Amazon and even though I am a Prime member and shipping was free, Amazon now collects taxes for my state (NC) as of a couple months ago. That's an extra $10.50 in my case, bringing up the cost to around $160. This same product was available at my local Best Buy for $139. Of course, they also charge taxes, but the unit was about $11 less at Best Buy when it was all said and done.

2. Some folks have said the unit is quite loud. My last microwave was a Panasonic NN-S431WL. It was manufactured in Sept. 2001, has an output of 1000W, and still runs fine. My daughter is going to take it to college. Compared to the older Panasonic I can say this newer model is VERY, VERY, SLIGHTLY louder. Specifically the fan sounds more robust. But, if no one had ever mentioned anything about the sound level I doubt I would have noticed any difference. I do not find the sound level problematic at all.

3. Some folks have said the keyboard is hard to read. Again, if I had not read that in reviews I would never have thought about it. The new unit is black on white letters and the old unit is white on black letters. If you pushed me to make a choice as to which is easier to read, I guess I would say the older unit. But, for me and my 60 year old eyes, I feel like I'm splitting hairs here.

4. Some folks have said that not having the light on when you open the door is problematic. So far I have found that to be a non-issue. Maybe that is because I have good lighting in my kitchen. Perhaps if I sneak up at night to cook something in the microwave and don't want to turn on the lights in the kitchen I will find the lack of a light when the door is open more of a problem. But, right now, I find the interior light functionality just fine.

5. Even though the exterior footprints of the old and new units are very similar the new unit being reviewed here has more interior space and a much bigger turntable platter. I LOVE that! I haven't had any spills cooking with this unit yet, but if it happens there is much more platter volume to corral the overflow. Also, larger plates and dishes just fit more easily in this new unit.

6. Cooking times appear to be similar between the two units. However, the new unit does cook a bit quicker than the older unit. I cook my oat bran cereal in the microwave. On the old unit it took 2 minutes. On the newer unit it appears 1 minute 45 seconds it optimal. Not a big deal.

7. The new unit is incredibly lighter. That is mainly due to the inverter technology, although it seems that the sheet metal used to construct this unit is thinner than in my older unit. Score one for the older unit IMO.

8. Unfortunately I can't speak to the one issue I consider at the top of the pyramid of importance...reliability. The old unit is now in its 13th year of use and still going strong. If this unit breaks down in the near future I will do my best to remember to post that update. If this unit does not hold up well that undoes a lot of its commendable qualities, IMO.
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on July 6, 2015
The microwave itself is fine. Works as advertised. Beware the warranty policy though. I bought the microwave in February of 2015 and about 3 months later, the bulb that illuminates the food burned out. No biggie, I took the bulb out of the microwave and called Panasonic support. They informed me that they could not just send me the bulb so I could put it back in the microwave. I would have to take time out of my day and drive over an hour each way to drop the microwave off, then wait and go back to get it when the bulb came to the service center. Unbelievable. I opted to just buy the bulb for $6.06 (Plus a ridiculous 6.95 shipping from Atlanta to Florida) and take the 10 minutes and do it myself.

So, good microwave, just mind the warranty service.
review image
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on November 10, 2011
This microwave has a lot to boast about: innovative technology, easy to keep clean, and modern appearance. Unfortunately we were only able to enjoy ours for just over a year. Three weeks after the anniversary of its purchase, it died. We tried every cooking mode, but it shuts itself off after about 2 seconds. Very disappointing for what I thought was a great brand. Our previous Panasonic microwave lasted about 20 years. I know they don't design them to last that long anymore, but I think it should at least survive for 5 years. I read some other reviews from folks who have had similar experiences.
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on July 7, 2012
This unit was my first experience with the "inverter heating technology". I like it so much better than my older units that when on reduced power cooking, it just gave you shorter durations of full power heating. This unit actually reduces the cooking power over the total cooking time. I no longer experience overheated spots on my defrosted meats. I seldom actually cook anything in it, other than fresh vegetables. I mostly re-heat left-overs, de-frost meats, heat frozen dishes, and quickly boil water when needed. However, the "inverter" funtion is about all that I really like about this model.

The things that I was dissatisfied with are: The interior light does not come on when the door is open; it is not a quiet operating unit, if fact, I would describe it as quite noisey; there is a 5 beep alarm that sounds upon the completion of the heating cycle, but no further notice alerting you that food is still in the microwave awaiting to be removed; you cannot use the timer function if your heating something in the microwave; and finally the opening and closing of the oven door is very hard to do. The force required to push the "door open button" is quite excessive. I doubt children under the age of 15 would be able to open it, and you cannot just push the door closed, you nearly have to slam it closed. So, in short I have very mixed feelings about recommending this unit to anyone.

(An update after two years of use) The microwave still operates, although, lately I'm starting to notice the machine stopping during the heating cycle and clearing the control panel settings. So if I'm there at the time this happens, I have to guesstimate the remaining time needed and re-set the control panel accordingly. I suspect that with all of the door slamming's I've had to apply to close the door, it has had an effect to the door safety switch contacts. I have doubts that it will last out the rest of the year.
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I generally like Panasonic products, which is why when my GE microwave gave up the ghost I decided to buy the NN-SN651W as a replacement. This product has several pros and cons, but on balance I would purchase another model if I had to do it over again. One thing that is excellent is the instruction manual: it is quite thorough, and if you happen to have issues with yours, it's a great place to start and is well ahead of competitors. The oven itself is quite powerful and cooks food very quickly. Having said that, despite the turntable feature my experience is that the food cooks somewhat unevenly (especially true for defrosting or reheating products with meat in them.) I find it to be on par with the Amana and GE products I have owned in this area, maybe a tad more uneven. I do think on balance that it's an effective microwave. My biggest objection by far is the noise it makes when operating. It is very loud, and is far louder than any other microwave I have ever owned including a first-generation Amana. The noise is the primary reason that I gave the oven three stars, and also the primary reason I say I would not buy this oven again.

Despite Panasonic's reputation for quality, I think the NN-SN651W is a mediocre microwave at best. It cooks food mostly adequately, but has some annoying ergonomics and is much louder than expected. Unless you are dead set on a midrange Panasonic microwave, I think you are better off looking elsewhere.
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on January 29, 2014
I did something that I've never done before. This is my third Panasonic (same model) that I bought. Never again. Each lasted 1 year or less. The inverter died on the first one after a year. The door stopped closing properly on the second one after about 6 months. Now, the door doesn't close properly on the third one. This model has been around for a long time, seems prone to problems, and Panasonic continues to sell it. There are enough negative reviews to indicate that many of these units are lemons. This will be my last Panasonic Microwave Oven. Save your money and your time. Buy a different brand.
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