Customer Reviews: Panasonic Best in Class On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 (Black & Silver) Lightweight and Comfortable, Powerful Bass, Audiophile, No Mic, iPhone, Android Compatible
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VINE VOICEon March 14, 2006
If you want value for your money, if you lose your headphones too often, if you wear out the cord, or plug on your headphones, these are the ones to get. I have a couple of MP3 players I use at work daily and with them I wear my headphones constantly. I either lose or wear them out whether they are more expensive or cheaper. I was absolutely startled at the bass that came our of these phones. It is deep, rich and accurate. Overall sound is better than a pair I once had that cost me about 10 times as much. Knowing that I would either wear them out or lose them I bought 4 pairs this time. I will definitely buy more when the need arises. An excellent deal, I highly recommend these phones.
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on March 12, 2009
You've already read from several other reviewers that these headphones have good bass and sound, are extremely durable, and a good price. I completely agree with all these sentiments. Some reviewers have said that they are fragile, and it makes me wonder what they are doing to break them. Are they treating them like ear buds, which have no headband? The band is flexible plastic, but like any other plastic band, too much pressure will make it snap (same goes for the head phones, but I've been able to reattach them a couple of times by just snapping them back in).

What I want to emphasize is the thing that most impresses me about these headphones, which is the reason that they are the only ones I use, and that is that they are EXTREMELY comfortable (for headphones with a band). I've tried several other types and styles: behind the neck Behind-The-Neck Headphones with Fashion Color Caps, extra padding on the headphone speakers Sony MDR-V250V Monitor Series Headphones with In-line Volume Control, even headphones with the same design (wide headband and swiveling headphones so that they adjust to your head size): Coby CVH42 Slim Lightweight Stereo HP &Koss UR5 Stereo Headphones with Foam Ear Cushions.

NONE of the other brands mentioned above can even compare when it comes to comfort! I can use the Panasonic headphones to work on a project or while playing video games for several hours, or ALL DAY at work, and never have any of the issues I have had with the others. The complaints I find with the others are pinching my ears against my head or just pinching the ears in general, experiencing a squeezing feeling on the top of my head, numbing sensation on the ears, and an inability to stay on.

These are headphones that were either comparable in price (at the time Panasonic went for $15) or design, but they really don't compare where I need them to excel the most. I don't use the other headphones unless I absolutely have to because my Panasonic headphones aren't with me.

My only complaint about these headphones is that after a few years the extending part tends to get a little loose (but not so loose you can't wear them) and that the "foamies" (the material that goes over the headphones) eventually need replacing (which really isn't Panasonic's fault).
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on March 21, 2006
These are the best portable headphones in this price range. Good bass and smooth, natural sound. In fact they would probably still be the best bang for the buck at three times the price. If you can afford more, consider the Sennheiser PX100 for about 40-50 dollars. But if you're on a budget or don't want to worry about losing or breaking a more expensive pair of headphones, these are definitely the ones to get.
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on November 8, 2012
Who would have thought that my search for the most comfortable pair of headphones would lead me to these? I sure didn't.

I have tried, and still own, in ear "bud" headphones, behind the neck in-ear headphones, medium cup sized over-ear headphones, and huge over-ear closed style headphones. All have their perks, and unfortunately negatives too.

The in-ear type of headphones would actually cause me physical pain only shortly after wearing them. The little ones, buds, with the little suction type end piece hurt the most. And the portable factor was dismissible once I realized I had to fight to untangle them each time I wanted to use them. The around the neck in-ear headphones, but no "suction cup", would typically yield better results in regards to the length of time before pain commenced. They still hurt after some time, and because the pressure of the band was suppose keep them on your head they weren't very practical for quickly taking off. This also made having them around your neck uncomfortable.

Moving on I then tried headphones with over-ear designs. I ended my search with my Audio-technica monitor headphones (ATH-A700). I love them, for the most part. Audio quality is superb, and the comfort of the band is great, as the wing design fits to your head. They have a closed back design so it helps keep outside noise at a reduced level. These positives unfortunately came with some big negatives though. One, obviously, they are not very portable, and much less practical to use in public. Secondly, due to me spending large amounts of time using headphones for work, school, and hobbies, My neck would start to ache. The sheer weight of the headphones was actually causing pain in my neck around my shoulder area. Keep in mind, I was wearing them for close to 5-8 hours straight, so I'm not knocking the ATH-A700s, I still love them.

Now the Panasonic RP-HT21. I was doing my normal shopping on amazon when I decided to throw these headphones into my cart as an add on item. I thought to myself,

"What the heck, why not? Would be nice to have a pair I could throw around, travel with. They have to be super light by the looks of them, which has a bunch of benefits in itself. They look like the headphones I had in the 90s though, so there's a chance they sound like crap. I mean it's been close to two decades, technology of headphones has to have drastically changed. Ah, for the money, its worth a shot."

Got them, opened, popped into my clip+, hit play. Simply put, I love them. These headphones have obviously exceeded my expectations. They are light, audio quality is good, and the form factor is perfect for traveling and using in public. The biggest plus to these headphones is that they are extremely comfortable, and I mean they are almost "not there" comfortable. Not to mention, the price is fantastic.

I will be buying probably around 2-3 more pairs, so I have backups, and a couple to tinker on. I'm thinking of adding a Rean plug and maybe some braided cord, just for fun not because it's needed.
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on March 3, 2008
Now, I know that may sound cliche, but it's true. I am rough on headphones, plain and simple. I use them at work, shove them in my purse to take home on the weekends, shove them in my laptop case, take them back to work, and rip them on and off my ears all day long. I always kill the cords, and I always seem to lose sound in one ear.

So, when I broke my last set - much to my fury - I set out to find a new one... this set was one of two I ordered. It was the cheaper of the two, initially purchased as a back-up in case the more expensive ones I bought went dead unexpectedly.

Heh. I prefer these to the more expensive ones. I've hardly touched those ones.

Seriously, they have the best bass I have EVER had on a headset. Ever. And, I confess, I'm all about the bass.

These lasted longer than most brands I've had, sound fabulous, and are finally, after almost a year and a half of hard use, are just barely (and I do mean barely)starting to wear down. For me, that's a record. I kill headphones too quickly. I am seriously going to purchase another set, because I was so entirely pleased with these. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and sound amazing.

So, sure, perhaps these won't be your cup of tea if your all into high-tech equipment and sound recording, etc. I'm not. I just want a set of phones that lets me hear every single note and rhythm that my MP3 player or Window's Media Player has to offer. I don't think I can sing their praises enough. They are AWESOME, and I entirely recommend them to anyone just wanting to listen to music and hear all the great sound your player, disc, or computer has to offer.

Muchos Gracias, Panasonic - I LOVE these headphones!
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on October 8, 2008
Value: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Sound Quality: 3/5
Bass: 3/5
Durability: 4/5
Isolation: 3/5
Volume Sensitivity: 3/5

For a $3 pair of insanely comfortable, clear sounding headphones with some bass that you can feel, no other headphones will offer the value you will get for this one.

Yes, for $15 the Koss KSC75 does sound better but comfort goes down quite a lot with those as they're ear-clip headphones that don't want to stay on your head whilst you move and the ear clips are easy to lose, so you're sacrificing durability and comfort for sound quality.

Yes, for $50 the Sennheiser px100 does sound better, offer richer bass, and better volume sensitivity, but it's 15 times the price of these headphones. If you have the money though, they are definitely an upgrade from the RP-HT21.

I like the clear, fun sound from the RP-HT21 and the nice punchy bass that you can feel hitting your ears. And I especially LOVE its comfort. But I do admit the sound is a bit tinny compared to, say, the Koss UR40. Take my advice and take off the pads that come with the headphones and wear them raw - not only does this make the sound clearer and the bass punchier, but your ears will stay cool and comfortable also. I can wear these for 8+ hours and even sleep with them on. It fits my large head without even stretching it to its maximum length. The drivers themselves vertically adjust to your ears to add to the comfort. I once stepped on them and a driver popped out, but you just pop them back in and they're as good as new. I've owned these for a year now and these still sound and feel as great as day 1. Comes with an adequate 4-foot portable cord, and aesthetically looks okay so you can definitely wear them in public. It's a small thing, but I also like that it has an L-shaped plug. Yes, these are open headphones with no noise cancellation feature so they leak a bit of sound, but only enough so that the people really nearby can hear muffled if the volume is too high. And they don't block outside noise too well, but if you want isolation anyway, you have to buy some huge closed geek-phones, thereby sacrificing comfort and style.

Probably the best $3 you will ever spend, and after you take off the pads for these, I dare you to find something more comfortable.
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on June 23, 2009
I bought 6 pairs of these headphones, because I am constantly wearing out the headphones I use for my computer. I have ended up giving all but two of the pairs away to family members, and Have used the same headset for 9 months now. That is unheard for me, I usually pull at the cords too much and break wires, lose the stereo sound, etc... I would reccomend these to everyone. The sound is fantastic, I watch alot of TV and Movies on my computer and the quality is terrific. I barely hear any background noise. My only complaint is that I wish the cord was about 1 foot longer.
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on September 4, 2003
For such a cheap little thing, bass sounds good. It seems to me that the overall volume is not so strong, but maybe its with all headphones. For the price its a good buy.
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on July 31, 2000
These head phones are excellent considering they're so cheap. The only downside is they break easily. The sound is great.
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on June 15, 2016
Nature of sound: It blew the beats completly out the water! Sony and these were close, until I understood the distinction at last doing both sound and bass hip bounce tunes as test demos. At the end of the day, the panasonic earphones are triumphant! This was quite a bit of an unforeseen amazement of conveyance to me as well, as of the cost, and how the sound of these are not sloppy at all like my rep beats, and absurdly clear and fresh yield commotion. Grade: 11/10

Accommodation: Although I didn't go to a rec center, i kept running set up and shook my head around truly hard while listening to music, no volume change, nor did they fall off by any means, as I really thought they would. Can be utilized as exercise center earphones, and are shockingly, more lightweight than envisioned. Weighs short of what all earphones, perhaps 1/3 just about 1/4 the heaviness of my sonys! Can use at school, street treks, or practice as i unquestionably feel too, dampness and sweat won't be a component in them falling off ears while working out since they are made out of froth on the ear cups.Won't weigh down neck or hands by any stretch of the imagination, notwithstanding for the weariness or elderly/injured. Can augment like my other two sets of earphones in spite of the fact that, can't overlap up like rep beats not a major ordeal nonetheless, didn't generally anticipate that them will have the capacity to overlay. Grade: 10/10
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