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on December 3, 2013
I bought this TV (50") from Sears a day before thanks giving for $599+ taxes + recycling fee. Very few people must have got this deal on this amazing TV. I had spent a lot of time researching TV on line and in store. I have spent hours in best buy looking at TVs.
This is my very first foray into HDTV, and I am glad that I made this purchase. The picture quality is amazing, the rendering of colors is very natural as opposed to those LED tvs.

1. TV is treat to look at, sleek design, nice metallic accent on top and bottom.
2. TV is really easy to set up.
3. Picture quality is really good as compared to other LED TVs (Not as good as 4K, which no one care at this time)
4. Watch a blu-ray movie in dark room with home theater speaker system, you will never go to Theater again.
5. I like the fact that it is not a full smart TV (it just has internet apps). I like to have pure TV experience. I have PS3 or WIDI for internet access and apps.
6. Natural rendering of all colors.
7. Blacks are really deep which makes it really good watching experience in dark room condition.

1. TV is little heavy, which is not a problem for me, but might be for others.
2. I use antenna, and this TV does not have good channel info feature.
3. It does not show what programs will be coming next on my TV. (it used to show on my Samsung TV)
4. Watching movie in bright lit room, gives you reflection.
5. Netflix app is buggy(ask in comment why is it bad)
6. Other apps are also not as good as they are on PS3.

All in all very happy with the purchase.
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on December 22, 2013
It's a plasma TV. We chose it over the LED model because it is more easily viewed from an angle. LED units must be viewed "head on" for best picture quality. We still have not explored all of the features in the set, but we like what we have seen so far.
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on September 20, 2013
Things to consider when buying any TV.

Do you care more about the TV's relative brightness or ability to see shadows in dark scenes of movies?
If you care more about the 1st then get an LCD. If you care more about the 2nd get a plasma.

I had an Samsung LCD for the last 5 years. It had a good picture quality for sports and regular shows. However, when it came to watching movies. Especially movies with dark scenes. I could not make out anything in the picture. (think the Dark Knight).

I bought this TV a month ago and I am very impressed. I read the reviews and went with the S and not the ST. Here is my feedback on the reviews.

Is the screen glossy/reflective?
Yes it is glossy, but I personally do not find it distracting at all. The picture quality is amazing. This TV sits in a room with windows on three walls and lots of lamps and I have never once been distracted. I think the people who see reflections on the screen out showing the TV's picture are wanting to see the reflections. My wife and I have both tried and focused so as to get distracted and the TV just wins out. In fact I am sitting in front of it right now as I write this review with a lamp turned on and the sun out and the picture is as clear as day.

Is it very bright?
No its not as bright as my old LCD but it looks great the picture is much more accurate, real to life. Things do not tend to look neon or blind you when the TV is on in a dark room.

Black Level
Infinitely better than my last TV or any other LCD I have ever looked at myself. The big problem with LCD is even when they get close to plasma in black level they cost $2000-$3000 more and they still do not look as black. This TV essentially looks like it is off when it is at black screen. I know that CNET has calibrators that can tell how much light comes out but if you do not have one you will not notice that it might not be as black as the VT.

This is the part I cared about the least. I was very happy it had amazon instant video as I am a prime customer and this made it much easier to access. However, I do not care if my TV runs tons of apps. That is what my Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Laptop... etc. are for and it always seems the TV versions are clunky. If I really want to run those things its easier and faster to just use airplay.

Bottom Line
If you want a big TV with excellent picture quality for not much money... this is your TV. If you want to spend more for an LCD be my guest. You will not be sorry you purchased a 65" TV. I was nervous at 1st to get a TV this big. It has double the area of my old 46" but I have not once regretted it. My wife who could not possibly care less even said that the TV is a good size.
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on October 26, 2013
I purchased this 50" S60 for quicker/easier Netflix connection. This is my second Panasonic plasma and, once again, the picture is near perfect. The first plasma is simply going to the den for continued use. The only complaint I have about both TVs is that there is no audio output connection. This means I can watch a Netflix movie but can't use my surround system. If anybody has any ideas I would love to hear them.
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on September 6, 2013
The TV arrived quickly. Great price, no shipping charges and the delivery crew set it up and turned it on to make sure it was working for free. Some reviews have complained about the reflection. Yes, there is some reflection but I don't consider it any worse than others TV's I've seen in stores. I adjusted the settings to some that I found online and the picture is crystal clear viewing with Blu-ray.
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on November 27, 2013
Spent a lot of time researching TVs. Attracted to plasmas due to excellent black levels and good motion handling. Ideally you will want your room to be dark and not have a lot of lights reflecting off the screen. Picture quality is excellent, make sure to do some tweaking outlined on various avs forums. Panasonic is the Plasma of choice on the market right now, its sad they won't continue making them. Got this when it was $650 and don't have a single regret. Make sure you feed this the best 720/1080p content you have access to.

Oh yeah, buy some bookshelf speakers and a receiver. Don't use the built in speakers! Try Dayton or Micca for cheap loudspeakers and a lepai 2020a+ as a cheap stereo amp.
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on March 17, 2014
I'm so glad that I purchased this when I did as Panasonic announced that they were getting out of the plasma game. Since that time, the price for this set increased by 60%!

The picture quality, internet connectivity and speed to navigate menus on this set are second to none.
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on August 5, 2013
Just sent back my Samsung LED LCD TV and picked this up instead. The Smart TV portion of the Samsung just wasn't there, and no point in paying extra for something I won't use when a HTPC/set top box will do it better.

Saw the amazing reviews here and decided to give it a shot.

If you have a choice of getting the S60 or S64, get the S64 it has an anti-reflective add in the S60 doesn't. Otherwise it's the same panel.

My impressions:

- The most amazing thing about this is the blacks. This is my first plasma but I never knew how much the LCD backlights ruin the blacks. If you ever watch a movie with the black bars on the sides, in a lot of LCD's you can see the backlight shining through (usually from the edges). However with this, it literally blends into the darkness in the room if you watch at night. Most of the time I forget there are even black bars on the sides for my old content. The night time scenes in a lot of movies are taken to a whole new level and everything just looks better with darker blacks.

- Colors. I swear my movies never looked this good before. It's like they've been replaced and upgraded themselves. I don't really know how to convey it, but everything just looks richer (not saturated) from what I am use to seeing.

- The size is great. This is my first 50 inch TV and it's almost too big.

- Reasonable price. I don't need Smart TV bull built in to add to the cost when I already have a HTPC and Roku that does it better.

- Input lag is low due to the plasma technology. Gaming is responsive.

- Remote isn't backlit. Minor gripe.

- It's grainy closer up. The plasma has lots of sub pixels constantly being moved (I assume to avoid picture burn in) that creates a noise effect throughout the entire screen. I could see it from about 4 feet away and the effect diminishes as you get further away. (After about 7 feet I couldn't see it), so make sure your TV sits that far away. I was told this is inherent in plasmas. It's not the source as it does this even in the OSD.

- Has banding problems, which I was told is normal in most plasmas. This is the "Shades of Gradation" that they have listed. (Search 'gradient banding', for an idea on how this will look.) It is noticeable.

- Buzzing. The TV has a buzz coming from it. Not that noticeable, but if you are sensitive to such things, it might annoy you. Apparently normal.

- Dithering problems. Again, normal with plasmas.

Note: You have to 'break' this TV in so to speak. For plasmas you have pictures or video playing constantly for hundreds of hours to get the plasma to properly adapt it's colors. Not really a con, just kind of a note.

All in all the picture and colors are amazing, but there are a lot more cons with this plasma TV than I thought. I wasn't completely blown away like All in all, for someone putting this in a living room and over 7+ feet away, and don't mind banding, this is an amazing television that you should get.
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on January 8, 2015
I sold high end TVs for 2 years while in college, so I knew exactly what to buy when I went to purchase a TV. This TV is incredible. Here we are almost 2 years later and the picture on this TV is better than most of the high end LEDs on the market today. It has always been true that plasma TVs have the best picture- the only reason people switched to LED was for energy efficiency and clever marketing.
Panasonic is the leader in plasmas, and the best picture is obtained on a plasma. This TV was the best $600 I ever spent. Still better than anything I see in the store today for any amount of money. Would buy it about for twice the price I paid.
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on April 29, 2014
Amazing tv, has to be in very dark room. Black out curtains during day, etc. The color and clarity is fantastic. Grab them if you can while the last! no burn in issues, over 500 hours on it so far easily.
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