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on April 7, 2012
Bought this from Amazon about a month ago. Did A LOT of online and in store research looking for a 32"-40" LED TV.
Looked at Vizio, Samsung, Sony, LG in addition to Panasonic.
After a month - I'm very satisfied with my selection.

If you have read the reviews on this model here on Amazon you will see overall very good comments.
Have seen some silly complaints about short power cord, and have seen some about the wifi adapter(I'm using ethernet cable). And some average comments on the sound, but the major points of the TV are Great.
There is one reviewer (C Reach) who claims to have gotten video settings online - THIS IS TOTAL BS. I HAVE SEARCHED AND SEARCHED - Does Not Exist.

Below you will find a Pros and Cons list and my picture and sound settings. My settings were done using my eyes and ears no calibration equipment.
Everyone's taste and environment are different, so these are what look good on mine. I will eventually test further with my calibration discs, but for those looking foe a good starting point from which to fine tune - this should help.

Non Gloss screen reduces glare
Amazing viewing angles
Good overall contrast and color quality
Low power consumption
Smart (Flat) input layout on back
Good assortment of connections* (*Component video needs to use the included adapter - no biggie)
Price / Performance Ratio is BEST in Class
DNLA and Internet Features
Build Quality
No Spotlighting from corners like the Samsung sets (That was a dealbreaker for me)
Easy Setup

Sound could be better - Sure, but is equal to or better than most in this class
Could have more extensive picture adjustment settings, but has enough to obtain a quality picture.
Remote should be Illuminated and have a dedicated Sleep button. (Many people will use this for a bedroom TV)
Some complained about power cord being short - But I had no problem with this at all. (It is detachable)

OVERALL I Give it a 8.8 out of 10.

Were set by eye averaging several different chanels and subject matter in a room with no light other than the TV.
You will probably want to fine tune based on taste and environment. Keep in mind this was done without calibration software, but I'm in the industry and have color experience. Hope it provides a good base...


TINT: -3
C.A.T.S: Off:


BASS: +5

HDMI 1 in: Digital
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VINE VOICEon March 5, 2012
This TV provides an excellent picture, with a very wide viewing angle (for an LCD). However...

On page 63 of the manual, it says "The TV's internal software was designed to work with Panasonic's wireless adapter model DY-WL10." After trying three non-Panasonic wireless adapters just to see if they would work (they wouldn't), I purchased the Panasonic adapter, but, as the other reviewer discovered, the TV would not recognize the DY-WL10. Panasonic's Netconnect site covers only 2011 television models--nothing about 2012 models.

When I called Panasonic Support today, I was told that, no, the DY-WL10 isn't compatible with any of the 2012 Panasonic models. The model that the support rep recommended is the DY-WL5, which isn't available yet; I can't find it on Amazon, or even on Panasonic's own site. B&H Photo lists it for pre-order with a March 31st availability date. So, at least until that date, this TV cannot use a wireless connection.

Backup plan: I used a powerline ethernet adapter to connect the TV to my router. The TV recognized it easily, and it works fine in my house. But, as with all powerline products, your house's wiring must be pretty good for it to work well enough for video transfer.

[Edit 03/08/2012] As a commenter pointed out, the appropriate wireless adapter for this TV (and I assume all 2012 Panasonic WiFi-ready models) is the DY-WL20, not the DY-WL5. Of course, I can't find that model for sale either as of this moment.
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on March 4, 2012
Really great tv. Perfect size for my office/studio. Picture quality is excellent. I calibrated the tv using settings I found with a quick google search. Sound is ok, but as with most flat screens it lacks a really impressive on board audio set up. Xbox 360 games look incredible. I've been playing Skyrim and Battlefield 3 and am blown away by the picture. I fired up amazon prime (through Viera Cast) and watched Troll Hunter in HD. Again, beautiful picture (and awesome low budget Norweigian movie).

And now a more niche consideration. I am an illustrator by trade and use a Wacom tablet and photoshop in my day to day work. I purchased this tv with the intention of utilizing it as a third, large scale monitor for certain projects. A big reason I went for this particular tv is the LED screen. I find it is much easier on my eyes when I am painting on screen for hours on end.

So there you have it. Beautiful image quality, a decent service lineup (Netflix, Prime, etc.), customization, great aesthetics, light weight, and it won't make your eyes bleed when you are painting an event poster at 2 in the morning.

And yes, it says wi-fi ready but it needs an adapter. Otherwise it would say built in wi-fi. so the option is either buy a tv with built in (an extra $200-$2000) or buy an adapter ($60.. I agree it's a rip off. I ran a wire.). Same reason the E3 model had only 4 stars, from what I read in the reviews. So if you can get past that, this is a really excellent buy.
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on April 5, 2012
I was initially inclined to buy a last year model tv, luckily I lag the TV purchasing process and came accross this puppy.

It had the key features I wanted: LED, 1080p, and the viewing angle, and most importantly to have the right dimensions as it was going to be mounted on the wall.

I was initially bummed out that it was "wi-fi ready" rather than "build-in wi-fi", nevertheless, that issue was easily solve as I boughta thePanasonic DMP-BDT320 blu ray player that has "build in WIFI."

The TV performs superb with the blu ray player and image is AMAZING! I havent even touch the color setting thus i know i am not getting the full deal yet.

I will be buying the 37" model in the near future for family.

Do me a favor, just buy the damn TV you wont regret it.

{AUDIO ISSUE that exist "supposely"(EDIT)}
AUDIO IN: Some of the reviews are innacurate about the RCA jacks. There is no direct RCA jack on the TV, HOWEVER, the TV comes with a special cable that once you plug it to the special jack it has, you will NOW have composite or RCA connections.This connection is for VIDEO/AUDIO in from another device.

AUDIO OUT: The TV does have a Digital Audio Out. If you want to hook up an older stero or other decive with Red/White RCA cable, you need to buy a "Digital Coax & Optical Toslink to R/L Stereo Audio Converter" which @ the low end should run you about mid $20, check the monoprice website (i buy all my video/audio needs from them).
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on March 26, 2012
My family always buys Japanese brands. We have never been disappointed. In fact we have had to repair only one product - a microwave made in 1997. The "Add 30 Seconds" key became loose after 14 years of abuse!

I bought this TV to use as a monitor. At first I could not figure out how to solve the overscan problem (the edges of the picture are cut off, so the TV displays only a part of the picture). So I almost returned it. The solution is very simple. Menu --- Picture --- Aspect Adjustments --- HD Size. The default is size 1. Just change it to size 2.

My setting is Vivid, with some modifications:

Color temperature: Normal
Backlight: 100
Contrast: 100
Color Intensity: 60
Brightness: 60
Sharpness: 0
Color mgmt: On
A.I. Picture: Off

The IPS-Alpha panel is great. Sharp's panels offer somewhat better picture quality, but Sharp TVs are big and expensive. For an affordable small TV, this is the best choice. There is a competing product from Samsung. Do yourself a favor and buy this TV or some other Japanese brand.

The TV enhances blue and green color. I am watching an anime called Squid Girl. There is a lot of blue color. It looks really good on this TV.

The panel is made in Japan. The TV is assembled in Mexico.

Colors are natural and accurate. Viewing angle is almost 180 degrees, as advertised. There is no ghosting when playing games.

There are only two cons, (1) no RCA audio out. The only audio output is toslink. I have to use a toslink-RCA converter. Now the sound is coming out from a Sony SRS-DB500 2.1 speaker system. (2) Playing computer games may cause more eye strain than a monitor.
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on May 5, 2012
After spending several days looking at different TV's, we decided on this 42" Panasonic LED LCD. I am an electrical engineer and I understand the difference between an traditional LCD and an LED LCD. I liked the lower power usage and light weight of this TV. I have also had a Panasonic TV (tube type) for over 15 years and it still looks great. Consequently, I had a high degree of confidence with Panasonic. Unfortunately, the picture on this TV seems washed out. The darkest dark value is really grey. I tried changing the settings as much as possible and it never really made a difference that was acceptable. Also, I found we were pegging out the operating variables such as backlight, contrast, brightness, and others in trying to improve the picture. I tried many different combinations and we just could not improve the sense that the picture was washed out. Also, I have to wonder whether a TV is worth buying if you have to do so much adjustment to its default settings to get an acceptable picture. Unfortunately, this TV is going back to Amazon. I am glad we purchased it from Amazon directly so we got the 30 day return guarantee. We will return it immediately.

Update: We bought an LG 47" LED LCD TV after we returned this one. Beyond the fact that it is bigger than this TV, one thing to note is that the picture was much better--no washed out look to it. This was with the default settings, not after extensive adjustments as was needed with the Panasonic TV. We are very happy with the LG at this point.
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on April 6, 2012
This is my first HD TV (yes I know it's 2012 but hey TV is a low priority on my spending list), so I can't comment on the picture other than it looks awesome to me.

I connect to a cable box and everything seems pretty responsive, changing channels isn't bad, ~2 seconds (I was worried about lag, at work there is a Vizio TV in the gym that I swear takes almost 10 seconds just to change channels. It's not connected to a cable box, so maybe there is a difference.)I'm a channel flipper so this was a concern.

I connected the TV to the Internet via the Ethernet port, not wireless.. for me it was easy to just move my cable modem and wireless router near the TV. I've been through the "which wireless adapter will work" game with Tivo and didn't want to be doing that again, plus wanted to make sure streaming would be fine.

So far, streaming from Netflix has been perfect.

The Amazon site doesn't label the TV "Smart", but the Panasonic site does. I guess it depends on how you define Smart, but this TV can not browse the Internet or download apps, it can only access the five pre-programmed streaming services. Not a big deal to me though, I was just slightly misled.

I was pleasantly surprised, when I clicked the Viera Tools and the DLNA option, it magically found my computer and I was able to play music and play a picture slideshow from the data on my computer. Kind of neat, not sure if I'll ever use it or not.

Speaking of sound, I thought the sound from the TV speakers was pretty weak. From other reviews, I set Treble -10 and Bass +10 and that helps, but it's still not very good. I'm planning to add some speakers soon, probably the Panasonic speaker bar and wireless subwoofer when the latest one comes out.

Overall I'm happy with the TV, awesome picture, the TV is beautiful, and it has a lot of features.
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on April 22, 2012
We bought this TV as a bedroom set, for cable/DVD use, and for that purpose it is a nice buy (Amazon prime, no sales tax, free shipping, made it a good buy for us). However, one caveat, when we bought this in April, Amazon listed the specs as a 120 HZ flatscreen, we bought it based on this information, now the same set is listed as only 60 HZ, which is obviously a lesser quality product. This was a replacement for our much more expensive Sony Bravia, which developed terminal picture problems after only 3 years that rendered it unwatchable (FYI, another relative's Bravia is now doing the same thing, as is a good friend's, don't buy Bravias, or at least get long extended warranties for Bravia's, they don't last!!!) The default picture settings on this set are pretty gaudy, definitely need to make adjustments, we found configurations that now give it a much better picture than the default settings. I've seen other reviewers make recommendations for picture settings, I want to offer my choices, this combination of settings gives a darker, better contrast, with a more lifelike saturation to the color, along with a good sharp picture:

COLOR: +33
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on November 11, 2012
Like most flatscreen TVs today, the only thing I didn't like about this TV is that it didn't have analog audio outputs (RCA jacks). It does allow for analog audio and video input using a proprietary cable that plugs into their own jack. So I had to get a digital-to-analog converter so I could feed the audio to my stereo receiver. The picture is great just like my older 32" Viera I bought for my living room. The internet connection works without having to use Panasonic's own wireless adapter. What I did was use a Netgear wireless adapter that plugs into the wired LAN port of the TV (the TV won't know the difference that it's actually connected to a wireless adapter since it's coming into the wired LAN port). Now, according to most other reviewers, a wireless adapter connected to the USB port won't work so you need to make sure you get one that connects to the LAN port, not the USB port.
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on April 6, 2012
I am just a few days into using my 37" Panasonic, but will give first impressions. I especially like the picture quality. With some small adjustments for personal preferences, the colors are life like, rich, and sharp. I do some graphics work and may use this for a computer monitor at some time, which is a plus. Set up was easy and good documentation. I think the compact design is slightly smaller than other 37 inchers I was considering which is good for my small TV space. The Enerstar tag gives this an approximate annual operating cost of $9., which seems pretty amazing.

Like others have mentioned, if you want to use wireless for internet movies you will need the adapter that costs $60 or so, or some other device. It is slightly misleading in the way this is promoted in the product description. The sound is thin to say the least. The only sound out terminal is an optical out, which nixes using my old home stereo system like I had done with my previous set using RCA outs. I've started looking for a simple relatively inexpensive sound bar that will use the single cord optical sound connection, but have not found anything yet. So it looks like I'm stuck with the sound quality until I learn more.

Compared to my old Toshiba that died after five years, the screen is sort of mat finish, but slightly more glossy and picks up more distracting room reflections. Probably not a huge deal, but slightly different from my old TV. I suppose reliability is sort of a spin of the dice, but after having my last TV go south after five years I tried to find a brand with a low rate of repair and based on Consumer Reports and other reviews, Panasonic looked to me like it was among the more reliable brands. I might have gone Samsung, otherwise.

I'm not the most technically savvy person and may learn more later, but that's where I'm at now. There are a number of features I will probably never use. A nice TV for the money that could have been a great TV with better sound options and slightly less screen gloss.
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