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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2012
- Good Picture
- Works well with Amazon Instant Video
- slim design with lots of inputs

- Comes with Banner Ads Enabled. They display randomly when powering up set and changing volume.
- Speakers are a little quiet for the size of TV.

- the big balun (cylinder on power cord) doesn't fit in the recessed slot on the TV, making it stick out further from the wall.
- VESA 400 mount (not specified in the description)
- to turn off banner ads, see reviews cnet com/8301-33199_7-57450197-221/how-to-ban-the-banner-ads-from-panasonic-smart-tvs/
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on January 6, 2013
1. Experiment with the picture, don't take anyone's word for the best settings. I ended up with 25 for sharpness - something no one else mentioned. Turn it to High for Motion Setting in Advanced Picture Menu for the football games - I saw no blur - turn it to low or off for everything else. Use Warm for the color setting it looks the most natural. No light is the best way to watch this TV. Pause a video on some clouds or a dark scene to do your adjustments, that is the most important adjustment you will make, I found that you need to turn the brightness up to see darker scenes.

2. Get 2 25 foot cables, an HDMI and an Ethernet to run from your gaming PC and your Router if in the other room, your bluetooth keyboard and wireless mouse can still work, just pick them up and carry them into the tv room so you can play Diablo III, Starcraft, League or Legends etc.

3. Download Serviio, add your PCs picture, music and video files. It plays everything so far including 1080p MKV perfectly - it will show up automatically in the Viera Tools DNA menu choice, then browse by folder to see your stuff and play it - it is free, I use it for videos - negates having to get a Western Digital to stream your mkv and other file types

4. On the Panasonic Apps download Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, and Picasa. Pandora is nice for using your surround sound system to play music, if hooked up to a hifi receiver and speakers. Use your PC or a laptop via HDMI if you need to do Spotify or iTunes.

5. Get the Wii HDMI adapter cable adapter to get the best picture for Mario games

6. Next steps for me, get something that streams Spotify and can mirror my iPad so probably will end up getting Apple TV and Roku unless Apple adds Spotify. For now will use PC with HDMI to do Spotify.

7. When you hook up your TV HDMI you might have to change the HD View under Zoom Options from 1 to 2 in order to see the whole desktop. My Envy Laptop needed HD 1, my Desktop Gaming needed HD 2.

8. You can't adjust the black level from light to dark unless you are using an HDMI, the on line and TV itself gray it out, HDMI on my DVD player lets you change that to dark

9. You will be annoyed about having no analog audio outputs; however, if you have a receiver and some good speakers you will enjoy those more during movies. Don't buy a $50 Dolby Decoder box; get a receiver and use the headphone jack on that to plug in your analog stuff such as good PC speakers or Wireless Headphones, much better DAC and sounds will play that way.

10. Ikea has by far the best TV stands for this TV, I got a low rise black one that was easy to build and has three cubby holes and a little shelf above each and 8 3 inch tall feet to hide all my cables under, they have plenty to choose under $100. It fits the Center Channel, Wii, Reciever, DVD Player and Baskets of disks and controllers so the top has a sleek TV only.
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23 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2012
I received the Panasonic LCD TV last week and have been very impressed by its quality and ease of set-up. I am using it with a FIOS system and my only problem was that when I tried to use the 5-lead component adapter that came with the TV to connect to my combined cable box/DVR, the picture came through in black-and-white. Panasonic telephone service was sympathetic and suggested I use the HDMI connection instead to see if the adapter was defective. I subsequently bought an HDMI cable and it has worked perfectly ever since. I then tried the adapter to connect our Wii system (using only 3 of the 5 leads) and that worked fine, so I'm unsure whether the adapter that came with the TV is defective or not. I suggest that you spring for an HDMI cable (they're cheap - about $7-10) at the time of your TV purchase to save potential frustration.

I also ordered the TY-WL20U Wi-Fi receiver in order to take advantage of the built-in wi-fi capability and to make sure all aspects of the TV worked correctly even if I don't have much current need for wi-fi connectibility (but I'm assuming this will develop into a more important feature as time goes on). That, also, connected very easily and would allow us to stream from Netflix, for example (if we subscribed) through Viera Tools. It did allow an immediate software update from the Internet, which I assume is a good thing and future updates will now be possible as Panasonic expands its Internet repertoire. I downloaded the Panasonic Viera App for my iPad, more out of curiosity than anything as I don't yet see a need, and found it to be a bit flaky. Perhaps with upgrades it will become a more reliable modality for controlling the TV (and providing a more useful keyboard for such entry).

As a TV it functions great and works well with our DVR. I discovered I could add 50 channels of HD service at no additional cost so we can enjoy all the usual channels we used to watch in standard def in HD now. Some officienados might obsess over depth of blacks and so forth, but the settings are so extensive that I don't think any normal person would have a problem with this (or most any) TV. I easily programmed my Verizon FIOS remote to control the most-used functions we need (code 0277, I think), and only use the Panasonic remote for calling up Viera or Internet (or to change aspect ratio, for example, if we ever choose to do that).

One feature I hadn't anticipated that will be nice is that I took a spare flash drive and loaded all of our best photos onto it and plugged it into the 1 remaining USB port (the wi-fi adapter takes the first of 2). Now through Viera I can use the TV as a big-screen picture frame in a slideshow. It lacks the motion detector to turn the power on and off when someone is in the room, so I don't want the electricity cost of leaving it going continuously, but it will be nice when friends or family come over to reminisce over favorite pictures.

One thing I would like to do, but haven't figured out whether it's possible without directly connecting my computer to the TV through a cable, is to wirelessly use the TV as a monitor to show a PowerPoint, for example, on the TV. Perhaps that's asking too much, but it seems theoretically possible. Sometime I will call Panasonic and ask.

Overall, this was a great purchase and I am very satisfied. Also, Amazon got it to us in about 4-5 days, which is amazing.
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on August 4, 2012
I did quite a bit of research on this tv before purchasing. My concern was picture quality, price and screen glare.

Even being a tech person, I had to contact my son before buying. His words to me were "Dad, you don't need 3D - you won't watch it - and you probably won't use wi-fi." He was right!

1. Sturdy stand, great picture, Panasonic quality and reliability. I had a tube Panasonic for 20 years and finally gave it to Goodwill. The tv and the remote were still working! My 32 inch Panasonic LCD is a great tv and still going strong. It does have the annoying habit of occasionally needing to be powered off and on when it gets the blinking red light.

2. No motion problems, backlight bleeding or uniformity problems observed (I'm not too picky about these!)

1. A slightly larger bezel than needed, but still reasonably trim. Looks better than I thought it would. (My tv is not wall mounted.)

2. There is some screen glare, but it is not a deal breaker. It is more an occasional annoyance, but an annoyance just the same. I would rather have a matte finish as I don't need the colors to "pop". I just want them to be accurate. I considered a plasma, but I like the LED brightness and color a little bit more. Plasma would have been a truer picture in terms of overall color and would have avoided any motion issues, but I noticed a bit more glare with the plasmas than the LED I purchased. Please be aware that there are reflection/glare issues from room lights such as lamps with this LED TV for darker scenes but it could be a real issue to you if there are bright windows that are directly in line with the tv (behind the viewer or at the appropriate angle when viewing from the side) so that it reflects in the panel. I set up the room to have the tv on the same side as the windows and I either use a lamp behind the tv or off to the side.

Other comments:
1. The remote is the standard Panasonic remote. Nothing spectacular but it works for me. Only controls the tv.

2. Picture is very good. My wife commented on how good the colors are, especially the natural color of faces.

3. Like others have said, I believe that this is a LG panel. It has a very good viewing angle in my opinion at least on the horizontal(side to side) viewing. I have not looked at the tv from a chair to higher on the wall since the tv is not wall mounted. However from the floor to the tv at about 30 inches, it looks fine.

4. I connect to my network via powerline adapters. Works great! If I want wi-fi, I can get a WD Live TV Streaming Media box or a Roku.

5. Speakers are adequate, but not great. This is on par for thin tv's, we just need to learn to live with it. I was pleasantly surprised when I played music from my LG NAS via DLNA and it sounded really good through the tv speakers! Much better than I would have expected given the sound that comes out for normal tv viewing.

6. I really miss analog audio outputs! It is a waste of a great receiver and IMO a waste of money to have to purchase another receiver just to hook the tv to the receiver with the digital only outputs.

7. If you are thinking of whether to get a 42 inch or a 47 inch tv, my advice is to measure what kind of stand you are going to put it on. I have some vintage (30 year old) Kenwood speakers that are a little too big to put beside most stands and most tv stands are a little too short lengthwise to hold the tv and my JBL bookshelf speakers. TV is about 43 inches wide and the speakers take up about 9 inches each, so they don't quite fit on a standard 56 to 60 inch entertainment center. (I see a pair of floorstanding Polk speakers in my future!) I don't regret getting a 47 inch tv (love seeing more details in movies, sports etc). However, I could have easily lived with a 42 inch tv. If you are wall-mounting the tv, bigger is probably better.

8. I bought the tv a while back when they were still being shipped in the single layer carton. It survived the trip with no damage, but the remote was falling out of the bottom of the box, the styrofoam had been popped on one side and the box looked like it had been through a war zone. It may be worth it to spend a few bucks to get one-day shipping if you already have a Prime account!

Anyone who wants a good tv at a reasonable price will probably be very happy with this tv. No bells or whistles, just reasonable quality and value. I paid $849 for the tv and got a $100 credit as an Amazon promotion. There have been promotions that included a Blu-ray player also. The price will go a bit lower as the sale season gets here. I considered the LG 47LM7600, Samsung UN46ES6XXX models and also the Panasonic TC-47ET5. I decided that in a couple of years, I might want to upgrade, so for now, this model made a lot of sense. I may be wrong, but I think 3D TV is a just a trend for right now and really isn't much more than a novelty. It's a nice perk if it comes with the set you want. Usually it is included on the higher end models as part of the added features and premium panel which you may or may not need. Thanks to all the reviewers here and in the other tv reviews who helped me to make a good decision in purchasing my tv!

23 Sep 2012 Update:

You may want to consider the Samsung UN46EH6000 for a very basic LED TV with a matte screen. It also has an analog audio out. However, you do not get an ethernet port. The tv gets good reviews from consumers, but the professional reviews are critical of it for picture quality and only having 2 hdmi ports. Consumers seem to really like it. It may work for you if reflections from windows or lamps are an issue.

I bought a Sunny Designs real wood (birch) 42 inch tv stand for $169 dollars (about $180 with tax) at a local brick and mortar store. It is all wood except for the bottom of the stand which is a high quality engineered wood and not visible. The top, sides, and shelves are all real wood. The finish is the weakest point, but at this price, it was well worth it. It is light, sturdy, and reasonably easy to assemble. I recommend you consider it if you want a wood stand. It comes in a variety of finishes and in sizes 42", 52" and 60".
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on September 7, 2012
Just in case someone too will find the picture dim straight out of box.
I turned it on in sun-lit room and was starting to have second thoughts about the set...

Turn OFF the C.A.T.S. ambient light sensor (Menu: Picture>C.A.T.S: OFF)
It would allow you to have more breadth in properly tweaking the picture settings.
However, once you like the picture, C.A.T.S. will make the blacks look "less glowing" in a dark-room (C.A.T.S. come out at night :))

So I use C.A.T.S. OFF the most of the time and ON only when watching a movie in a all dark room.

In case it helps, below are the settings I use on TC-L42E50 (based on Custom profile):
C.A.T.S.: OFF (It makes sense to turn it ON for all dark room viewing)
Backlight: +68
Contrast: +86
Brightness: +61
Color: +38
Tint: 0
Sharpness: +50
Color temp.: Cool (Warm may be better for movies)
Color mgmt: OFF
A.I. picture: OFF
Video NR: Auto

HDMI Settings>
Content type: OFF (otherwise Auto may too smart for Blue Ray picture)

Advanced Picture>
Block NR: ON
Mosquito NR: OFF
Motion Picture setting: Weak (Raise according to your tolerances)
3:2 pulldown: OFF (this also depends on the source material)

BTW: If you connect anything over HDMI, it allows its independent Custom profile, so it too can be tweaked for the source. I use the same, slightly tweaking Brightness and AdvancedPicture>Black Level

Overall it's a solid, lean set. I had Samsung E7400 (46", 3D etc, twice in price), a lot more features, yet picture was similar at most, in fact their Noise-reduction artifacts are over-pronounced. Then Samsung's power supply went bad, cutting off picture at random times... For the price of E7400 I got both Panasonic's 42" E50 AND a Blue Ray.

Also getting a matching Blue Ray player can make up for the missing wireless. Works nice through VieraLink.

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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2012
I set out for a new flat panel TV after my aging 37" LCD died last week. It was between this model and one by Samsung and another by LG. I was looking to upgrade to a 42" model that can fit in my TV cabinet (I had 26" of height clearance, and this TV just fits perfectly).

3D was not a requirement and to be honest, I still find 3D technology a little too premature. Regardless of active/passive/etc, I still find 3D to cause eye strain. Having a panel with a high refresh rate was important though, and this display has 120Hz (I know many TVs have 240Hz, but they tend to come with a price). The TV takes refresh rates a step further with the motion blur adjustments in the advanced picture settings ... which is rather interesting. On cable TV content, I found it to make the picture a little too fake. It almost made video quality look a bit amateur and video panning to seem long and drawn out. It even felt like frames skipped occasionally. However, when watching a blu-ray (from our PS3), this setting made the picture feel as if we were right there on the set watching the movie get filmed. It had a real cinematic quality to it that almost justifies never going to the movies again.

... so, I suggest turning off the motion picture setting when watching regular TV content and keeping it on for movies.

I have several components hooked up to the TV all with HDMI. The TV is connected to my audio receiver via TOSLink using the optical audio out on the rear of the TV. I was originally planning on getting an HDMI switch along with a splitter that could split the audio signal off to my receiver. My receiver does not support HDMI. In the end, the TV performs all these functions for me.

I'm very satisfied with this TV.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on June 25, 2013
First impressions -
- Excellent and vivid picture (glad I went with 120Hz and IPS)
- Terrific deal price through Amazon (just six hundred bucks at the time of my purchase)
- Very easy unpacking and set-up (four screws to assemble the base, four more to attach the TV to the base)
- The screen is very thin, the set attractive overall
- The VIERA HDMI connect is smart enough to enable control of my Sony Blu-Ray player using the TV's remote, which is way cool
- Rear connectors are all well-positioned and -labeled
- Digital optical audio output (works great with my non-HDMI AV receiver)
- Well-designed user interface and easy navigation (actually much easier than the Sony Bravia set this one replaced)

- Netflix didn't work properly at first (discussed in detail below)
- I wish the remote had some minimal programmable functions, so I could at least have it turn the satellite receiver on and off and adjust the volume through the non-HDMI AV receiver
- I also wish the connectors were pointed down, for easier routing; as it is, they're pointed to the left of the set as you face it.
- As with nearly all these TVs, the internal speakers are really useless. Every TV manufacturer today is missing a bet by not offering at least a separate sub-woofer to plug directly into the set, rather than having all kinds of 'bass boost' and 'surround sound' audio features which do next to nothing for the sound.

Regarding Netflix: I almost wish I could pull just half a star, and would have pulled a full star if I didn't find a viable workaround to the problem I encountered. This Panasonic VIERA set has the same Netflix problem that I found mentioned repeatedly on the Internet. The default behavior loads Netflix videos just fine and I can watch shows, but they flicker to black for a second every minute or two. The video continues uninterrupted, but the flickering is very distracting. Finally, what I did was to go to the Netflix website and manually dial down my streaming rate from 'automatic' to 'better' (middle setting). Actually, I think I prefer this level of quality anyway, if only to keep my ISP from complaining about my bandwidth consumption. It looks fine, and after watching House of Cards for about 20 minutes, I'd say it probably solves the black flicker problem. At least I hope so.

What I found in my research is this seems to be a buffering problem that is primarily due to Netflix's servers. However, I have a Sony Blu-ray player with Netflix built in, and it always worked fine. Therefore whatever this technical problem is, it's solvable at the hardware/software level, and unfortunately the Panasonic folks haven't managed to nail it. For what it's worth, my Amazon Prime streaming videos looked terrific and didn't flicker or have any problems at all. So there, I'm guessing that Amazon's streaming app does a better job of buffering.

I noticed one negative review here mentioned shoddy shipping packaging. Well, I'm guessing that Amazon must have listened to the feedback, because the packaging used for my shipment was outstanding. It was a large box (with lots of 'fragile', 'screen front' and 'do not lay on side' labeling). Inside was a very strong cardboard spacer in the bottom, the sides completely filled with some newfangled folded triangular cardstock-style packing material (obviously recyclable, but we're saving them to use as kindling for our wood-stove this winter), and more strong spacers on either end and on top. In the middle of all this was the original TV packing box. I don't think they could've made it any safer.

Pro Tips:
- Use advanced picture settings or Game mode to disable that awful 'Motion Flow' feature (it's what makes everything look like Soap Opera video). Even a reduced amount looks better than when it's set to 'Strong'
- Many THX blu-ray movie discs have picture adjustment tools; they're seriously worth using.
- Turn off the C.A.T.S. feature, which adjusts brightness and gradation according to the room's ambient lighting. I actually thought there was something wrong with the set because I couldn't get the brightness to look right, and it kept changing.
- Menu --> Picture --> (scroll to 2nd page) --> Advanced Picture = Is where you can turn off Motion Flow or at least reduce it
- Menu --> Picture --> (scroll to 2nd page) --> Aspect adjustments --> HD size = Is where you can tell the TV not to chop off the outer 5% of the HD signal. If you're running off cable, satellite receiver, or a blu-ray player, there's little to no chance there'll be any noise that needs trimming.
- Note: Picture adjustments are specific to each input jack and will need to be made for each one.

Would I recommend this TV to others? Yes. Would I buy it again? If it holds up, probably. It was certainly a lot of value without the investment it would've taken to get a comparably sized and featured Sony or Samsung TV.
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2012
Update: 07-02-2012:
Amazon replaced the faulty unit for no charge and the replacement came without scratches. I have been enjoying the TV for the last couple of weeks and have found little not to like.

Few observations:

Shipping and Handling:
* Like some other customer commented, If you are buying this TV do yourself a favor and get the 1 Day shipping. The TV is not at all protected to take the toll of ground shipping.

* The Apps collection are limited. I use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon primarily so those are covered.
* Performance is mediocre, launching and navigating through apps is usable.
* Skype: one of the interesting feature of the TV. Unfortunately you need to buy a decidedly pricey Panasonic/Logitech webcam to get it to work. I have not experimented with other models, so if you know of one that works please let me know.

* Remote lacks a dedicated picture mode switch button (its invasive to display the huge picture mode OSD during watching something)
* The included stand is very sturdy - sits on the tv station like a rock.

* Lack of an Analog audio out: I have an older stereo that I used with my TV. It does not work any more because this TV has only digital audio out (in addition to HDMI Audio Return Channel support). Keep this in mind if you are planning to use an older audio system with the TV. An adapter can be used but I still find confusion over which ones will work with this TV.
* Limited analog AV input. The TV has only 1 composite and 1 component input for analog AV. That too can not be hooked up at the same time. (Note: its different from not being able to use both. With this TV you have to physically switch the AV cables every time you need to switch between component and composite.) Not many people use both but good to know.

Update: 06-17-2012:
After using the TV for couple of days I really like it. If only the light bleed was more reasonable (Please see the pictures in Customer Images section to decide for yourself). I requested Amazon for a replacement hoping that its a one unit thing.
I am changing the * rating to more accurately reflect overall experience. I wish Amazon had itemized rating for this. To be honest the rating goes as follows:

1. Picture: *****
2. Packaging: *
3. Styling: ****
4. Sounds: **
5. Settings: ***
6. Amazon CS: *****

I'll again update my comments when the replacement comes around. 5* for Amazon service.

Original Review:
Rated: *
I ordered this TV seeing excellent reviews and sweet price point. BUT

1. As some other customers also reported. The Factory packaging is very poorly designed. Does not protect the set at all. Like may customers, my set arrived with bent back panel.

2. After setting up and turning on the immediate reaction was: What's that butterfly shaped light in the bottom center of the screen? Yes its a very noticeable light bleed. (I'll add some pictures.)

Now having said that:
The TV meets every other promise and expectation - I love the picture, contrast, color and viewing angles are all great. The light bleed is only visible on black screen.
Setup was also painless - very easy to install on the included stand. (it does not rotate.)

I am considering replacing the unit - (in case the back light bleed is a one shot defect). Otherwise bye bye Panasonic.
review image review image review image review image
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44 of 55 people found the following review helpful
on October 8, 2012
I will start out this review by saying I will NEVER purchase another Panasonic TV again. Their customer service is beyond horrible.

I purchased this TV a few months back from Amazon. Once it was delivered I hooked all the inputs up and proceeded to calibrate and test the unit. Immediately after turning the TV on I noticed very bad backlight bleed all around the edges of the screen. I hoped it wouldnt be too noticeable when viewing regular material on screen so I put a bluray in to see how the picture was. I noticed a big issue with what looks like vertical streaks running vertically across the screen varying in width of around an inch or so. When the picture is panning across a brighter area, it looks like the screen is very dirty, so theres a fixed image of darker shadows going up and down the screen when the picture is moving. Its extremely distracting and everytime theres a scene with motion you cant help but focus on it each time.

**One other thing worth mentioning. If you plug in an ethernet cable to use the internet apps, you will get ads across your set when turning the TV on, adjusting the volume, or on the internet apps home screen with NO option to turn it off. I find this extremely insulting and a slap in the face to consumers.

So, I tried to call Panasonic support which is a joke. Every time I call they make me run through this time consuming and insulting "trouble shooting steps" by unplugging the unit and all devices several times. If I try telling them I already did it, or it wont remedy the problem they refuse to listen and then say theres nothing they can do. Ive been hung up on several times by their reps who never made any attempts to call me back, and then was told by a supervisor they would not be sending anyone out to look at my TV because "only TVs 50 inches and larger have in home service". This is an absolute lie, and my owners manual clearly says 47 inch TVs have in home service. In fact it says TVs 46" and larger qualify. They refused to listen and the supervisor then told me its the end of his shift and would be hanging up on me. Appalling.
After several more call backs I was finally told someone would be calling me back to set up service. This never happened.

After finally getting fed up and opening a BBB case someone finally agreed to send a repairman out to see the TV, who agreed there was a problem and it was going to need a new panel. Still am waiting to hear back from the Panasonic field rep about what will happen.

I dont want this TV any longer. Because of Panasonic dragging their feet and giving me the runaround my return window with Amazon is gone.


I got Panasonic to agree to a buyback due to all the problems the TV had and because I had opened a BBB case because of their horrible treatment of the problem. Ended up buying a 47" Vizio 3D tv for $100 less. Could not be happier. Picture quality is better than the Panasonic and the customer service line was quick to connect and friendly when answering any questions I had.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2012
I've had this TV for 2 months now and used it extensively. At the time I paid $1050 which included free shipping and a $200 amazon credit.

Shipping was excellent and easy to schedule. Courier delivered directly into my house and inspected/tested for defects. Courier took packaging with them.

TV Pros:

-Excellent picture. Honestly the screen it perfectly sharp and the picture is just beautiful.
-Since interface, very easy to navigate. You can download the vierra app for iphone to control it but the physical remote is much nicer.
-TV is "internet ready" more on this later and includes vierra connect which allows you to download different apps through a marketplace similar to app store
-TV includes built in media centre however I have an HTPC running XBMC hooked up so I haven't made much use of this.
-Built in manual is a nice feature


-"Internet ready" means that it does not have wi-fi built in and your options are either (1) purchase an expensive proprietary wi-fi dongle or (2) plug into Ethernet directly. I chose to use a powerline plug (internet through your home's power lines) and use ethernet.
-Vierra connect, while it sounds cool, really isn't that awesome. Netflix is a big plus and Skype would be, however you must purchase an expensive and proprietary camera to use Skype. I use XBMC on this TV so I really don't have much need for additional internet connectivity
-The black levels could be better however with any backlit LED LCD this will always be an issue. The only way to dramatically improve black level performance is with a plasma.

General comments:

-Soap Opera Effect (SOE): As with any new TV this can be an issue, one that I am very sensitive to. This TV includes options within the settings to completely remove this effect. Previous reviews suggest changing 'Picture Mode' to 'Game' however I did not find that this fixed the SOE. Under video settings there is a 'Motion Picture Setting' option. Panasonic says that this "improves motion picture quality by reducing motion blur." This setting lets you change the amount of motion blur reduction from 'off' to 'strong.' This lets you customize how much the technology is used effectively controlling the SOE. I have mine set at 'weak' and never notice any SOE whatsoever.
-Panasonic also provides an option to turn the 3:2 pull down off which also helps control SOE.
-TV is very thin profile and has an attractive bezel. Doesn't include 3D but who really cares about that anyways.

I am very happy with this television and would recommend to anyone looking for a brand name, attractive and high quality LED LCD high-def TV.
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