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on April 23, 2012
Size Name: 47-inch
As a programmer and a gamer, I have my share of expensive monitors (just ask my wife!). And the regular LCD TV never satisfy my quality standard; colors are either too cartonish, black is not black, and white is tinted blue. So I have only used plasma as TV. It's warm, have rich real color, it's perfect for movie night, there is no argument there.

So for my second TV, which in my study and music room, I want to try something else, since I keep hearing the LED LCD are the bomb nowaday (even most of them still do not look as life like as good plasma to me), the energy usage is low, thin and light. So I try my first LED LCD with this model after researching the latest 2012 models within my "2nd tv" price range.

Sales person kept pushing LG (got magic wand, apps, thin bezel.....), but for me, IPS is the magic word. For people who do not know what it is just google "IPS panel", if no time, just know this, IPS is supposedly the best panel you can get as LCD panel (I believe all big Apple monitors are IPS, no exception), color is more vivid and the view angle should be a perfect 178.

Got the baby home, set it up, hook up to my 15TB home server w/ HDMI, play some 1080p clips. Wow, it's so clear and real looking, this is some great monitor/TV I told myself. Flipped to the movies folder, open Avatar, wow, so this is 120hz, looking real smooth, real clear.

IN FACT, it's so real and clear, I double check my refresh rate (at 60hz from source) all the codecs. The images looks like a pre-rendered animation, totally flawless. But after the first 5 minutes, it feels kind of weird to me as the movie somehow look much smoother, but "cheaper" at the same time. Then I remember the stuff I heard....soap opera effect.

I never consider my eyes to be sensitive in any case (if anything, years of looking at multi 27" monitor should have desensitized me...), so whenever I heard SOE, I'd just brush it off as some people's sensitive eyes. IT'S NOT, it's very much noticeable to anyone, albeit some people just don't care about it when watching movies in the first place. In 300, all the grains are gone! Now it's really looking like animation, watching them fighting the monsters.

By now, 2 hours after I unpacked it, I'm panicking and start looking at all the menu items. After much google, some site suggested to use Game mode, so the TV wouldn't add additional frames by itself to smooth out the frames. BINGO, the movies are looking absolutely stunning, got the good colors, no bleeding, black is pretty black (not as black as the best plasma...but blacker than most mid price monitors out there, which is a tall order for this size and price). So I open up some calibration graphic test for monitor and tune it abit, I'm pretty much set -- happy.

BTW I have not try any apps in there, but I tested the iphone app remote, works great.

So to sum it up, if you just want picture quality with a good price in a LED LCD, not gimmicks like 3D, apps, hair thin bezel, this is it.

Make sure you understand the usage of GAME MODE, tune the brightness/contrast/color to watch movie, and use all the other ones for TV, personal videos, then it's good. OTOH, if the SOE do not bother you, doesn't matter then. The color and contrast will win you over in no time.

Thanks to helpful reply, the setting to turn off the SOE is under Advance Picture->Motion Picture Setting. Good stuff.
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on May 30, 2012
Size Name: 42-inch
I bought this from a big box retailer, but have always found the Amazon community to offer great non-pro reviews of mid-level products often skipped by online review sites. Panasonic has picked up the mantle of plasma king since the demise of Pioneer and I hoped the TC-l42E50 would have close to the same impact on LED/LCD market. I have tried LED displays from other major brand names with a 3rd the performance quality of the Panasonic. Let's get this out of the way right now if you are expecting plasma level PQ (picture quality) namely black level performance out of this TV then pack it up and ship it back, because it is not happening. Panasonic has taken the Samsung/Sony approach to this television and offer a screen that pops with intensity, one of the sacrifices being black level performance. You gain a plethora of features that with the right adjustments can make this display outshine it's competitor's. Panasonic has taken great measures to ensure great motion performance with the addition of the 360 backlight scanning feature. This feature breaks the screen into 3 section in which a smart dimming function on the LED's switch them on/off very quickly (120hz frequency) to improve pixel response time and alleviate motion artifacts such as judder, trailing and ghosting/streaking. The math breaks down like this 3 sections x 120hz = 360hz (simulated) for the 360 backlight scanning. They offer an additional motion smoothing technology when set to weak offers no artifacting or Soap Opera Effect (SOE) often seen with this technology, but if gaming on this TV recommend turning off or set to weak due to potential controller lag. Speaking of gaming if you are a gamer than I cannot recommend this TV enough from racing games too first person shooters(FPS)this set can handle anything you can throw at it. I have tried everything from 120hz-480hz televisions and none can perform a third as well as the Panasonic at a about 50% less to the of the main competitors equivalent. Don't let all the fancy jargon confuse you it is all marketing speak. All TV's including plasmas are 60hz with scene interpolation of some kind that inserts frames in between existing frames to give the illusion of a higher refresh rate whether it is Panasonic's:600hz sub-field drive or Samsung's:Auto motion plus they are still a native 60hz. While shopping for a television let that be the last deciding factor, but let your eye's be your guide. Visit a big box store ask for a remote and immediately take it off the Vivid picture settings and set it for Cinema,movie or natural setting in the user menu to get a better idea how the set will function in the real world. This will turn all the post processing nonsense off in most case and let you see the true performance of the display, so you can make an educated decision. If you prefer the look though the Panasonic E50 can still deliver that performance, although adjustments aren't as robust as it's competitor's they are sufficient. Let's break it down.

Picture: While not as deep as a plasma display still impressive for an LED/LCD. Black levels are good, but not great colors are natural and accurate making movies and games really pop. Could use a few more adjustment option like a THX or pro mode for better white balance control, but certainly not the worse I have seen.

Sound: Like a few of the review have said nothing to write home about, but again not the worse I have heard. If you are in the market for home a theater and gaming set-up most likely a quality surround sound is already a consideration. Since I have a pair of wireless surround sound headphones TV audio quality is not a concern for me.

Connectivity: While wi-fi ready this display is not wireless out of the box, an additional dongle is needed for internet connectivity.

Build Quality: While this TV doesn't have the paper thin bezel made popular by LG & Samsung it would be right at home on a wall mount or traditional stand. It sports a 1 inch glossy black bezel with a quarter inch clear boarder around that for an all around attractive frame. Panasonic has manage to also avoid some of the pitfalls associated with Edge Lit LED technology namely light bleed and flashlighting. In a completely dark room the screen is solid black or really dark blue through the entirety of the screen with no areas of backlight bleed on any of the sides. There is also no pooling of light where the LED's are unable to reach certain areas of the screen. I have seen $4000.00+ LED TV's not be able to achieve this feat, so very impressive.

I hope I was able to give an overall impression of the Panasonic TC-L42E50 television.
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on July 12, 2012
Size Name: 47-inchVerified Purchase
This is my first HDTV purchase. I waited a long time for them to come down in price, and am very happy with this TV so far. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and it is working great. I've watched various movies, the Euro Cup games, MLB All-star game, etc. As many have pointed out, it has a great picture, but may need some tweeking to get it how you want. This isn't hard to do if you have basic technology skills (i.e. finding the "Menu" button on remote and going to "Picture," then playing around with settings). Again, as others have noted, sound is okay. I'm not an audiophile or anything, but like good audio. I'll probably get a sound bar at some point, but it's just fine for now. I would not let others criticism of the sound deter you from buying this TV. I have not used the internet ready features, but will once I get a wifi blue ray player hooked up so can't comment there.

The biggest issue with the TV is what others have noted - Panasonic's shoddy packaging. This really surprises me considering the quality of TV. Spend a few more pennies to get an extra layer of card board in there! My box had several holes punched right through it (thanks Fed Ex), fortunately they were all in the back which had more room for error (extra inch or two of depth) than if it were in front where the screen was. If the holes were in the front, whatever punched through the box probably would've damaged the screen.

To summarize - excellent TV that I'm very happy about. Great price, especially with no tax and free shipping. I got the TV, the Mediabridge HDMI cable, and a 3 year warranty for less than what I would have paid for just the TV at a local big box store before tax! Not sure how Amazon does it, but I'm happy to benefit from their methods. The only thing here is you are rolling the dice having such a large item shipped. Be home when it arrives, inspect the box, give it a whirl. If it doesn't work or has damage then send it back. From the feedback I've read, Amazaon is very good about this. Fortunately I did not have to deal with it. I did take pictures of the damaged box though as a precaution.

I'll update this in the future if anything changes, but otherwise am very happy! Wait for it to go on sale and Prime it!

8/2/12 UPDATE - I've begun to notice vertical banding - vertical, translucent lines that almost look like shadows, and range in width from 1" to 4" across the entire screen. This is PARTICULARLY noticeable when I have been watching olympic soccer or baseball games with the green background when the camera is panning or following the action quickly. You see it at other times when there is a bright background and the camera is moving. I've also noted when objects move quickly in movies or shows there is some serious distortion. Other 95% of time picture is great. It is not an HDMI cable or input issue. This is a 120hz TV, so it should not be a refresh rate issue IMO. Here are some links on the topic as it appears to be a common problem w/ LCD and LED tv's.



Unfortunately, I'm past my 30 days to return it to Amazon. I bought the Square Trade warranty and talked to them first. They were very friendly and helpful, recommending that I use the Panasonice warranty and if they denied me to call back as they would service it. Initially Panasonic DENIED my claim for warranty service as their customer service determined it was not a "serviceable issue." They gave me information on how to dispute the decision. I ultimately asked for a supervisor, who cleared it to be serviced w/o me even talking to them. Technician is coming to my house next week and I look forward to seeing what he says b/c according to the links above it may just be a chronic problem LED/LCD tv's. Even if the tech says it is working properly, I'm still pretty happy with this tv. Panasonic's customer service is more up in the air at this point. I'd love to hear if anyone else has seen this problem with this TV?

I'll post again once I get it serviced and update this again...

8/7/12 UPDATE - I see they wouldn't allow me to include my links from my last update...oh well. So the technician came to my house today and noticed the problem right away. I guess that does make it a "serviceable issue." We enjoyed watching some of the Brazil and S. Korea match for a while. He tried a few things. We reproduced it on other channels and on a DVD. He said it's not the panel or backlight as he put it to a blue screen and everything was perfect. His best guess was something is wrong with the refresh rate for whatever reason, and noted that since it is a 120hz TV it should not be happening. He said he has not seen this particular issue before, and it looked comparable to what most 60hz TV's look like. He called it in and described it as a "noisy background." The person on the other end of the phone tended to agree so they are replacing the "main board" on the TV. On the receipt it is noted as a "Main PCB," and is a $262 repair. The part is being delivered to my house and repair scheduled for next week. I'll continue to update as it happens.

8/16/12 UPDATE - Same tech came back today and replaced the main board. This did not solve the problem. He tried adjusting settings, called into his office to talk to technician who is particularly knowledgeable about settings and calibration, still no luck. He did say that issues like this are not uncommon in LCD/LED TV's. Next step is to call Panasonic and see what they say. Problems seems undetectable to some, others notice it immediately.

9/23/12 UPDATE - Wow. Where do I begin. I'll start out with this - Panasonic's customer service is an epic nightmare. That's a pretty good summary. I'm now a month and a half into dealing with them. I've made 5-6 calls to them since my last post in August, spent hours in discussion with them, hours on hold, hours being disconnected, hours being re-routed to the wrong people and the wrong department. In a word, incompetent would be putting it nicely. The service company who came out to service the TV declared it non-repairable back in August. Panasonic claimed they never did this. And around and around we go. There are so many stories I don't even know where to begin. On one call I was told that I could not speak to a supervisor and that I could not leave a message for one. End of phone call. Seriously. It's just insane. This past Friday I spent over an hour with them on the phone as they told me my "TV was working to specifications and would not be replaced." It really took them over a month to determine this? When I asked for a full clarifcation as to why, again, they are cherry picking information from the repair company. The TV is working to specs, however, it also still has the screen issue and they have no idea how to fix it. This is clearly noted in the report. I was told I would need to call the repair company as they would not replace the TV unless the repair company changed their report. I called them (A&E Repair) and they were responsive, friendly, and competent. What a change. We now have an appointment for the same tech to come to my home on Wed. to verify the problem is still occurring (which it is). Then we are going to call Panasonic together and tell them the TV needs to be replaced. A&E said this way Panasonic cannot claim that the TV was never called in as unrepairable, again.

At this point Panasonic is at least guilty of incompetence in their customer service and warranty department. At worst, they are disingenuous, lying, and not standing by their product in an attempt to get me to give up my attempts at getting a working product. What they have yet to learn is that I'm pretty persistent and they've chosen the wrong customer to do this to. I've yet to decide if I will report them to the Better Business Bureau yet. That will depend on the outcome of my experience on Wed. Regardless, I will continue to update this post, my post on CNET forum, I plan to write a personal letter to Panasonic Corporate, and publish a lengthy post to their public Facebook page. That will be a start. To all others who are having the same problem from Panasonic (many of you have contacted me personally), I suggest you document everything - the dates, times, names and ID #'s of all employees in every interaction you have with them. Demand a supervisor as they are slightly more competent than the typical person who answers. And good luck, because you will need it. I will update again as this develops.

10/6/2012: I've now dropped my rating of this product to 2 stars. The TV has begun to have serious backlite bleed through - blotchy and ligther in some spots than others when on a black screen - especially in the corners. For the type of LED TV this is, my understanding is that this shouldn't be happening. I wish I could attach pictures. Maybe a video review is in my future to prove all of this. The original banding issue is still occurring. It's also down to 2 because of the overall terrible customer service - unexcusable.

Anyway, the technician never came to my house. He was in contact with Panasonic techs who told him that this problem is "normal." They even asked the warranty technician why he was still in contact with me and that he shouldn't be speaking with me anymore since the case is closed. They basically told the one person trying to help me to stop talking to me. Can you believe this?! I've never experienced anything quite like this. I actually spoke to someone at Panasonic that seemed to know what they were talking about in customer service and it's as simple as this - unless I can get someone to claim the TV as unrepairable, there is nothing customer service can do. Since my TV is "working to specs" and the problems people have actually acknowledged exist are "normal," nothing is going to happen. My last ditch effort is an email to the Panasonic technician dept. he was speaking to, along with attached photos and videos of the problem. As always, I'll post their response.

This review has become a book and is silly by now, but for me it's the principle of the matter at this point. I'm glad to see the time I've taken to write this has actually deterred people from buying this product. Hopefully more of you continue to comment.

Happy Halloween. No trick here, I'm actually getting my TV replaced. So I was able to take video and photo proof of the problems on the TV. I emailed it to Panasonic at the address they requested and surprise, surprise, no response after 2 weeks. I then filed a Better Business Bureau case and had a call from the North American branch of Panasonic within 48 hours. The employee that called me was friendly, professional, and re-assured me right out of the gate that my TV will either be replaced or my money back - my choice. I was informed however, that my current one could not be repaired. I asked them how that could be when they were willing to replace it, but yet other staff had told me it was "working to specs." This is no lie now - I was actually asked if I was recording the conversation. I reassured them I was not. I was then told that it is known internally that there are problems with Panasonic LED line of televisions. REDEMPTION!

The employee said that they could not repair the issue because techinically it was within their accepted specs, and that they could not comfortably replace it with the same model as it would be likely that the replacement would have the same issues. In talking to a friend who works at out local Best Buy, he told me that they had not received any Panasonic LED shipments in a while and his guess was maybe they are actually doing something about this now.

Anyway, I was offered a full refund, or an upgrade to a Panasonic plasma TV that was much nicer, larger, and a lot more features. I took the TV and I talked them into giving me the next model up from what they offered me an even exchange for due to my troubles. Basically I'm getting a $1200 TV for my orginal price of $750. My Square Trade Warranty also transfers over. I have the employee's direct line so I will be dealing only with them for any future issues - another reason I was willing to take another Panasonic. I'm waiting for the TV to be delivered to a local business who will be delivering it to my door and taking away the "old" one. Hopefully I'll only be writing one more review after this professing love for my new TV. If you are having the same problems that I had, save yourself a lot of stress and wasted time and just open up the BBB case if Panasonic is dragging their feet.

I win...maybe

I've had the replacement for almost 2 weeks now (got delayed due to demand and Hurricane Sandy...seems right for my luck in all this). I talked them into giving me a TC-P50ST50 plasma unit as an even exchance. A regional repair company sent a technician out to pick up the old one and set-up the new one. The replacement TV they gave me is absolutely stellar. The plasma picture is far superior to the LED I had. The sound is also much better. It truly is a pretty spectacular TV. Unfortunately, the stock Netflix app is not working on it. Fortunately I do not have to go through Panasonic anymore. The repair technician from the delivery company is in direct contact with their tech dept and is handing it. Panasonic tried to say it was b/c I have too low bandwith - something I thought was plausible considering I only get 3mbps to my house. So I had my cable company bump me up to 15mbps (plenty of bandwith for the app) for a day to see what would happen. I verified via a speed test that I was up and running at 15mbps. It did not solve the problem. I think the app was corrupted on install or something. The technician is awaiting a response from Panasonic at this time. The fun continues...

The Netflix issue was resolved without repair, but rather by some help from the Amazon community. It actual was likely happening due to Comcast intentionally restricting bandwith to the TV (apparently something they readily admit they do to other on-demand competitors). Once I changed the IP address on the TV to the public Google server, the app has worked just fine since then. The replacement plasma TV I received is fantastic. I'm very happy with it.
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on April 9, 2012
Size Name: 42-inch
I picked this TV up earlier this month to take the place of a disappointing LED set from another brand, and I couldn't be happier that I made the switch. This Panasonic model is the sharpest I've ever had and a few quick adjustments to the picture settings were all I needed to ensure a consistently solid (if not better) picture. In a TV, I wanted something that would be especially reliable when it came to sports, but also worked well with movies and other everyday programming plus the occasional video game session, and this TV has certainly delivered on all counts. I'm able to see the picture clearly from just about every angle imaginable, with no blurring and only a negligible amount of artifacts.

I didn't set out to buy a TV equipped with Internet capability, but it's definitely a nice feature to have. The setup in the room is such that I don't need the wireless capability and the added expense of an adapter, because I'm able to simply connect an ethernet cable to my router from the TV and I'm good to go. So far, I haven't had any connectivity problems or real lag. While all the subscription services included in the Viera Cast have their own advantages and uses, the Twitter software is what may give me the most utility. I'm still trying to figure out how to tweet efficiently, but that's secondary to following my feed by the hashtag of whatever event or show I'm watching. I've tried out a few Netflix movies to test the functionality and didn't experience any problems. It includes a pretty simple interface, even for beginners.

Setting up the TV was very easy, and I especially like that there's a fitting that the TV slides onto while you secure it to the base with the included screws.

4 HDMI ports may be a little much for some people, especially if the VieraCast software takes the place of a Roku or other streaming media device, but it's nice to know that I have ports to spare in case I end up needing them later. I'd much rather have extras than find myself switching out a device every time I want to use something different. The stock speakers are just fine (no tinny sound, as can be the case with other LED TV's, including the one I had before this one), but if you're an audiophile, I wouldn't blame you for hooking up something a little nicer, be it a soundbar or a multichannel surround system.

While I didn't pick it up on Amazon, the price was in the same neighborhood as it was new on Amazon and its affiliated retailers - a great buy for an LED TV with streaming media capability from one of the best brands out there. As for the 42" size, it's ideal if you want something substantial but still small enough that it won't dominate the room if you don't want it to.
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on June 23, 2012
Size Name: 47-inchVerified Purchase
I usually prefer plasma for the quality, but since I needed a TV for a bright room, I took a chance on this LED and glad I did. I also considered the Samsung LN46D630, but can't stand the ugly "touch of color" bronze strip on the TV.

The picture quality of the Panasonic is nice with some tweaking. The blacks aren't super dark, unless you turn on a black level filter, but that makes the picture too dark and blackens any shadow detail. (I wish there were a setting in between high and low for blacks, but you can keep it on low and tweak the other picture settings for decent black with some shadow detail.) I didn't notice the wide viewing angle touted by IPS technology. I guess I'm just used to plasma and not having that problem. I did notice some brightness or light leaking around the bottom left edges of the set. I also noticed 2 blown/dead pixels on the screen, which I can live with since I can't see them from the sofa. I was a little concerned about the "soap opera effect" but that can be eliminated by turning off the motion settings in the advanced menu. The screen is not very reflective. It is a little more reflective than the Samsung LN46D630, when I saw it at Best Buy, but not as bad as the plasma displays. It looks great in a bright room, and the reflections aren't an issue.

4 HDMI inputs is pretty generous for a TV at this price point. It has an optical audio output, but I wish it also had RCA audio outputs so I could use it with an older amp. I couldn't find a way to turn off the red power light at the bottom of the TV frame. I find that distracting, so I might have to put tape over it.

If you can connect the TV to an Ethernet port, the web enabled apps are a bonus. (I don't know why other smart TVs charge a premium for this when they are readily available in cheap blu-ray players.) I did notice a few black frames appearing occasionally while watching Netflix (I think others have reported this problem too). Other apps: Pandora, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, etc.

I like that you can insert an SD card to watch photos and videos. (I don't know why other TV makers don't add this.) There's also a Viera remote app for iOS and android that allow you to stream photos and videos from your phone to the TV. Pretty convenient.

Considering some minor complaints, the picture quality is still excellent. For the money, this is a good value.


Very good picture quality (with some tweaking)
bright picture
not very reflective
Great value
Pretty thin
web apps
SD card slot to view photos, video or music
App for iOS (iPhone) and Android to stream media to TV or use as a remote control
4 HDMI inputs
attractive design


black levels are so so
some light leakage
some blown/dead pixels in my case
built in speakers (audio) is a little weak
persistent red lamp on front
no RCA audio outputs
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on April 10, 2012
Size Name: 47-inch
As with previous Panasonic blu-ray players, this TV flashes a black screen every so often while using the Netflix app. Panasonic knows about this problem and has so for years with their other devices according to the tech support forums and Amazon reviews. I am returning the TV this week for a Sony Bravia. Otherwise this TV is awesome and I'm truly disappointed that I can't keep it. Just too annoying when the screen is flashing black every few minutes. This doesn't happen with any of my other TVs (Sony and Samsung 32" LCDs) even while they are both streaming HD content, so it's a Panasonic problem and needs to be fixed. I anyone can help with a solution I'll be glad to keep this TV and rate it 5 stars, or maybe 4 for the trouble I've been through with it.

Update 4-16-2012: Added two stars as the TV is the best I've found after excessive shopping around. I've gone through 5 TVs and this is the best. We got a PS3 to resolve the Netflix issue for now and even with that awesome machine the combined price is comparable or cheaper than the comparable Sony and Samsung smart TVs. The LG was great in most respects but the picture was not as good. Was NOT impressed with the Samsung - cheap-feeling hardware and lousy software too. The Sony Bravia was good but the menus are blurry and the picture suffers from bright corners ('flashlighting' I guess.)
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on April 26, 2012
Size Name: 42-inch
Finally decided to upgrade from a bulky and heavy 27" Panasonic CRT TV in my smallish den (11x13x8); I spent three days researching and comparing models, rejecting 3D outright (can't stand it). Since the light in that room can go from rather bright to almost dark, I opted for an LCD with LED backlighting over Plasma (which is what I would have chosen if I had a need for a larger monitor and a "home theatre" type of room to put it in). I computed the requisite distance I would need for the room to be optimum at 39"s. One poster in my travels indicated that you should ideally go slightly larger: get the TV home, and wait a week and then see if you think his advice good. I remembered that advice and when I got this 42" home it at first seemed a tad large. A few days later and voila - perfect for viewing 11-12' away. YMMV.

I selected this Panny over costlier models from Samsung and LG after comparing the features. I had read that Panny is the way to go "if you really want accurate flesh tones." The most recent advice from the experts (C-NET for ex.) is get 4 HDMI inputs (check); 4 or more adjustable "settings" for the picture including an automatic (but defeatable) adjustment for changes in the ambinet lighting (check!); 1080p resolution (check); a 120 Hz Refresh Rate (check + an enhancement as well); USB and Component (check); "Smart" feature for internet via ethernet or wireless (check: Viera Smart and Wireless READY).

I used the Disney WoW Calibration (Blu Ray) DVD and found that the ideal for late night viewing (i.e., completely controlled ambient lighting) was very close to the calibrations I had made without the DVD. Still, do get this calibration disk, it's worth every penny, and is very easy to understand and use - every action is explained to you prior to the instructions on how to accomplish each setting.

I have been using this TV for over a month now and I simply love it. Do get to know how to operate all of the Menu Settings for the picture, but I like to turn off all the enhancements, set it to "Normal" (not "Warm" or "Cool") and focus on the big 5:

1. Black Level, found on the Brightness control
2. White Level, called Contrast
3. Sharpness
4. Color Saturation labeled Color
5. Color Tint

THEN, I try the enhancements and decide from there. ALL of the settings can be altered and memorized or easily re-set to the default (they are: Standard, Cinema, Vivid, Game and Custom).

There are a number of apps (and an internet button on the remote to take you there), including NetFlix, YouTube, and Skype. (DNLA is also available on this TV, but I have not looked into that; there is also USB and a SmartCard for displaying photos).

The only complaint I have is that on occassion the image will blur when the movement is super fast, for example a woman's hair in an animated film. I have gotten used to seeing this, but it is still distracting at times. I'm told it will happen on occassion with most if not all LCD/LED's. Rare, sure, but worth a mention.

To complement this choice I picked-up the latest Panasonic Blu Ray Player which also has ethernet into my wireles router, and of course HDMI straight into the TV. It's the xxx320, with the keyless remote some hate (I love it, you just have to spend some time learning how to use it). You may want to look into that as it is a VieraSmart product.
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Size Name: 47-inchVerified Purchase
I finally set out to buy a flat panel TV for my bedroom. I wanted an LED TV because I like the brightness of it compared to other LCD or plasma. I didn't want a 3D TV and I spent a lot of time looking for a TV without 3D. I don't want to pay extra for it and I won't lay around in my bed with 3D glasses watching a movie so I don't see the point. I did want an internet capable TV to stream Netflix movies. I previously streamed them through my Wii. This TV does not have built in wireless, but I bought a Netgear XAVB5004 Powerline Network Adapter and it works beautifully. I plugged my wireless router into the adapter and I have four ports to hook up an ethernet cable. I think I get better streaming performance this way. I have watched Netflix almost every day and never had a problem. The picture is beautiful. I found that I go back and forth between the picture settings from standard to vivid to a custom setting depending on the time of day and how much light is in the room. It's a nice feature. I have an HD cable box and all the channels display great. I love the extra apps as well. I was considering getting a Google TV but all I thought all I really wanted was the Netflix stream. I am finding that the twitter app is a lot of fun as well. I love watching the Sunday new programs or PBS special using the hashtag for the show and seeing all the comments others make. It is a truly integrated experience, and better then looking at twitter on my tablet while watching TV.

Since I loved having such a great picture, I also upgraded and got the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player for watching movies. This blue ray player does have wireless, but I plugged in the ethernet cable anyways since I had it setup. I tested Netflix and other apps through the blueray player as well but I probably won't use those features since I have them on the TV. The sound is a bit low when I play movies, but I don't think that is due to the TV. I am thinking of getting a soundbar to enhance the audio.

Overall, I love this TV! I probably shouldn't have put such and nice setup in my bedroom. Way to easy to lay around too much!
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on June 14, 2012
Size Name: 47-inchVerified Purchase
I started my HDTV buying journey a little over a month ago. The first model I bought was a Panasonic TC-L42E5, which in retrospect was a fine TV. It was my mistake to order something too small for my room, so I returned it in favor of its bigger brother, the TC-L47E50.

When the box arrived at my doorstep, everything looked fine upon first inspection. The cardboard was in good shape and all the styrofoam blocks inside were right where they should be. Still, I was surprised at how little structure the flimsy box provided.

I thought the TV looked great once I had it set up in my room. Panasonic's styling is pretty nice and understated. I also liked the rear metal panel of the TV. It conveyed quality.

But when I turned it on for the first time, I immediately noticed a light bleed pattern around the center of the screen, which was only visible with the backlight on in a dark scene. It's worth noting that the 42" E5 model that I returned prior to receiving the 47" E50 did not exhibit this problem at all, so I was very disappointed to see it.

I owned the TV for a week before deciding to return it. I really wanted to like this particular TV, but there were a few other flaws in addition to the light bleed.

One of the flaws had to do with some minor banding. There were two faint 2" wide vertical bars on either side of the screen that appeared a bit darker than the rest of the scene. These were visible on solid-color backgrounds, and they were noticeable during certain panning shots as well.

Another flaw (not a deal breaker in itself) was the whole Viera Connect experience. I found the user experience to be extremely slow and clunky. The Netflix and Pandora apps worked well enough, but nothing else was useful for me. Pulling up the UI could be painful as well. If I tried to launch Viera Connect within the first minute or two of the TV turning on, I'd get a "No network connection could be found - retry?" error that didn't like being told to "retry."

Also, why does Panasonic include things that resemble banner advertisements in the Smart TV experience? Sure, the startup "Viera Connect" banner can be turned off, and maybe the ad spot in the upper-right corner of Viera Connect won't get in your way, but I found both of these to be pretty tacky.

But the biggest quirk was when I noticed that the light bleed pattern could be manipulated around the screen by applying gentle pressure with a microfiber cloth. After I wiped some smudges off the screen, I noticed that the light bleed pattern looked totally different. Then I realized I could move around the light/dark areas sort of like pressing bubbles around between two pieces of thin film. Yikes. This is when I decided to return the TV.

Afterwards, to make matters even worse, I noticed that there was a 3-4 inch long creased dent on the rear panel. It was right in the top/center area and ran vertically. It's almost as if the entire TV was bent or bowed during shipping. I can't be totally sure if this was the reason for all the screen defects, but it obviously wasn't a good sign.

I've noticed that other reviewers and commentators here have experienced similar problems with the OEM box that the TV ships in. It's a shame that Panasonic didn't do a better job with that.
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on October 5, 2012
Size Name: 47-inchVerified Purchase
- Good Picture
- Works well with Amazon Instant Video
- slim design with lots of inputs

- Comes with Banner Ads Enabled. They display randomly when powering up set and changing volume.
- Speakers are a little quiet for the size of TV.

- the big balun (cylinder on power cord) doesn't fit in the recessed slot on the TV, making it stick out further from the wall.
- VESA 400 mount (not specified in the description)
- to turn off banner ads, see reviews cnet com/8301-33199_7-57450197-221/how-to-ban-the-banner-ads-from-panasonic-smart-tvs/
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