Customer Reviews: Panasonic VIERA TC-L55DT50 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV (2012 Model)
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on May 2, 2012
This TV is awesome. Great picture and apps. Hooked to 3d Panasonic Blu Ray player and picture phenomenal. One caveat, the bluetooth for the 3d glasses does not work. Panasonic support has been great working with me in trouble shooting this problem. Panasonic made all arrangements for Tech to come and repair. Will update once fix is complete. UPDATE: Main board was replaced and bluetooth is working now. It was not as bad as it sounds, the Tech brought the right part with him and it took about 30 minutes. I took off 1 star due to the problem but would not hesitate to buy another one of these TVs. I've been waiting for several months for Panasonic to put their 2012 lineup on the market and I'm glad I waited. I have 2 other Panny's and the picture is great on all, but especially this one. Almost forgot, the 3D is spectacular on this TV especially with 3d movies. The 2D to 3D is ok but a little hard on my eyes.
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on November 29, 2012
I got my 47" TV yesterday. On seeing the cyber monday deal, I was also in two minds given Cnet's scathing review. The TV seemed very good on paper. However, I wanted to get more opinions, and noticed that even though many others had mentioned the contrast issue and black levels, the TV was rated very well. Just as some one else mentioned in a recent review, the avforums review seemed very balanced and comprehensive. After that, I decided to just try it out.

I did have some delivery woes with UPS, and their not-so-careful handling of my package right in front of my very eyes! But the TV is great. I hooked it up last night and it looks great! The design is very sleek, the panel is very glossy, and the images are very good. I spent some time looking at the various picture options, and the sliders for contrast, brightness, sharpness, backlight control. Out of the box the colours were great, but with the customization, they were brilliant. Even the black levels are quite good.

Setting up the internet had one small hitch. The TV was not getting an ip address from my router automatically. I manually set it up, and it was online in a flash. I also downloaded the iPad app for the viera remote, and it is really handy. Particularly to type stuff on the iPad and send it to the browser on the TV!

Played some HD content on the youtube app as well as the youtube site on the browser. Both worked great. Setting up the amazon instant video account was a flash as well.

Tried HD channels like AnimalPlanet, NBC, Nat Geo etc, and the rendering of the closeups, the crispness of the images was very good. Dark scenes had excellent blacks as well. The lighting in my living room is average - low light.

I am yet to try 3D and full HD DVDs. Will update if I find anything interesting.

The one thing I have noticed though is that the backlight on the right end of the panel seems a bit "glowy" compared to the rest of the panel, when nothing is on. I reckon it may just be something that may go away once the TV has run-in a little bit. However, it has not affected the images as far as I can tell.

Overall, am quite glad I did not listen to CNet this time around.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2012
Size: 47-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Panasonic VIERA TC-L47DT50 47-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV is a great TV and if it wasn't for a few detrimental flaws, it'd be perfect.

It generates outstanding clarity, brilliant colors, deep dark levels and is sufficiently bright when it needs to be.

In action scenes and sports it excels when it comes to producing fast moving moments. The 240Hz refresh rate is what makes this magic happen, and it's a noticeable improvement over the older 120Hz refresh rate which I had on my previous LG LCD 42" TV.

If you're wanting Internet apps, then this TV delivers that in spades. Not only do you get the biggest favorites like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video On Demand, but you also get Cinema Now, Vudu, Pandora, Skype, Youtube, and literally dozens of other options that you can download and install via the wired or wi-fi network capability. Netflix in particular is much faster and easier to use with this TV compared to my older LG. There are numerous games to choose from, mostly your basic games like chess, but a neat feature nonetheless. There are sport apps such as Major League Soccer, MLB, etc., with most of them being free. The interface is fast and intuitive, very easy to learn and use even if you've never used such a feature before on a TV. It even has Skype so you can communicate with friends over the Internet on the big screen, which is much better than simply doing it on a regular PC monitor.

As far as the 3D aspect goes, it looks great, but personally this isn't the feature that I sought the most, it seems to be more of a gimmick at this stage than anything, but having said that this TV is at the top of its game in terms of that technology. There's also a 2D to 3D conversion feature, but it doesn't look that great. I tested this with the new film 'John Carter' and while the film itself looks absolutely amazing on this screen, the 2D to 3D conversion fell flat.

One downside to having a larger TV like this is that older shows, especially DVDs and VHS films do not look so good on it, and this is primarily because the resolution is so high which makes the low resolution of the older mediums really stand out like a sore thumb. This can be circumvented by using composite or component cables instead of HDMI when viewing lower res shows, but keep in mind they will look grainy when using HDMI cables. This wasn't an issue on my previous 42" LG LCD since it had a smaller picture and therefore the difference wasn't as noticeable. Blu-rays and HD satellite channels on the other hand look picture perfect, same goes for Netflix movies and TV shows that are in HD.

The overall design of the TV is aesthetically pleasing, clearly the creators went to great lenghts to ensure that this is an eye-catcher and will complement any room's decor. What I really like is the thin, minimalistic metal bezel, aka frame, of the TV, which gives the illusion of the display to almost blend in with the background. For such a large TV it's extremely light weight which allowed me to easily carry it around my living room. Its thinner and lighter than any other TV I've seen so it's easy to see that this is state of the art technology.

It's incredibly easy to put together if you want to use the metal stand (it only needs 4 phillips screws), which I recommend because the stand itself is very elegant looking and adds a nice touch to its futuristic look.

Another advantageous feature is the compatibility it has with certain brand receivers, such as Onkyo, which allows the TV's remote control to control the volume of your home theater. The way it works is that you turn on your TV and satellite receiver first, then turn on the home theater receiver and the TV automatically switches from the TV volume to the receiver's volume, which I thought was a nice and useful touch.

For the techies out there, one of the coolest features of this TV is the ability to download Panasonic's remote control app, which works on smart phones and tablets. Personally I've been using my iPhone to control the volume and change the menus. To be perfectly honest though, this is more of a gimmick, it's not as responsive or easy to use as the main TV remote control, but it's there for that coolness factor if you want to surprise and impress your friends and family.

This Panasonic functions like a media center, you can plug your USB drives into it and watch movies, play songs or look at your pictures, or you can even connect it to your PC as long as it's DLNA compatible, which doesn't include all PCs but it's been a fairly common standard for the past 2-3 years. To find out if your PC is compatible, simply go to your manufacturer's website and look at the FAQs or specifications, or Google a review of your PC. The wi-fi is built in so there's no need to mess with any USB wi-fi adapter, or you can run a network cable if you wish to directly connect to your router or switch, but wi-fi's definitely the way to go. It's fast, easy to use and there are no cables to worry about. As long as you know your wireless router's SSID (network name) and password, it's simple to connect, much like connecting your laptop to the wireless network.

My main gripe with this TV is that it doesn't have much shielding/protection against EMI (electromagnetic interference) due to its super thin design. I made the mistake of putting one of my Onkyo satellite speakers too close to the TV on the right hand side and that's left a permanent, large, white/grayish discoloration on the bottom corner. I immediately moved the speaker away when I noticed it but that was a few weeks ago and it hasn't improved at all. I've researched this and according to all the experts, LCD TVs are not susceptible to damage from the magnets in speakers, but there's no doubt about what happened because it wasn't there before the speaker was placed there, and I never had that problem on my previous LCD because it had a much thicker plastic bezel to protect it. Having said that, it's only noticeable during pitch black scenes, which are rare, 99.99% of the time you can't see it because most programming isn't purely black, but nonetheless I think it's important for potential buyers to know this so they can prevent making the same mistake I did. Also I hope that Panasonic takes a look at this to correct this defect in future designs.

The built-in speakers are quite good, but as with most TVs, if you want excellent sound you'll have to get a home theater surround sound.

As far as the menus go, it's quite similar to other LCD TVs, very intuitive and easy to use, in fact it was quite similar to LG's menu interface, so the learning curve is small.

Since this TV has the IPS technology, the viewing angle is extremely good, and the picture can be easily seen from virtually any angle, unlike older LCDs and plasmas which you'd have to be more or less in the center to see it properly.

It has built-in power saving features which you can set to turn it off automatically if there's no activity/signal for a pre-determined amount of time. In general it uses much less power than older LCDs (up to 25% less) so despite its size, it won't cost much in terms of electricity.

If it wasn't for the discolored white spot in the bottom right portion of the screen caused by the speaker's magnet, I'd give this TV a 5/5, hands down, other than that it's picture perfect. I highly recommend it, just beware of your speaker placement, and keep in mind that older DVDs, VHS tapes and older TV programming won't look so good through HDMI (use component or composite for the old school SD (standard definition), but if you have HD satellite, cable or blu-rays, then this TV will impress to say the least.
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on March 12, 2013
I spent several days researching every 3D LED LCD TV I could find trying to not only get the most bang for my buck but also a 3D TV that had all the current features and options available like wifi and smart TV with Internet browser and Internet apps and all those other features and options... The first thing I'd like to say is even though this television is a bit less then other televisions price wise it's every bit as feature rich and beautiful and has an amazing picture as those for considerably more expensive.....

Of course I'm an amazon prime member and with my membership I get certain perks like free one or two day shipping, and the amazing low price guarantee which means if I find the item for less on another website, or if the amazon price goes down within 14 days of the item shipping they refund the difference. I loved the TV so much I was going to buy a second one for our daughters room so I went to amazon to see if it were available in a 42" because that's the size she wanted for her room and I ran on to my TV and the price dropped from $847.98 to $702.41 three days after I got mine so I filed my I found it cheaper claim for $146.00 and change and in a day and a half the difference had been refunded to my account which is amazing and a shining example of Amazon backing up their guarantees and the products they sell...

Now on to the television, I thought about the 50" inch screen size and I am glad I didn't because for a bedroom TV the 47" inch is almost too big but its perfect and the picture quality is amazing, I've been buying Plasma and LCD/LED TVs for a decade now and every new one we buy just gets better then the last but with the Panasonic Viera TVs I am blown away and even though this one didn't come with the active 3D glasses I was able to buy two pairs for around $50.00 each which with the TV was still less then comparable feature models from other manufacturers

we ordered Avatar and The Amazing Spider-Man and a couple other movies in 3D to go with the half dozen or so other 3D movies we already had so we could watch them when the new TV got here, the TV, glasses, and movies all arrived in two days or less from date of order and considering I ordered on Saturday and got everything on Tuesday is another testament to Amazon's customer service and everything shipped free with either one day or two day shipping....

I thought it would be a bit of work to sync up the 3D BluRay player, 3D TV, and 3D glasses and the movies but there was no setup or manual syncing required AT ALL!!! I plugged the BluRay player to the TV through HDMI cable, same with our Directv HD DVR with added 3D service and then I put in The Amazing Spider-Man, turned on the TV and turned on the power on the active 3D glasses and I was immersed in 3D in seconds so there is no painful setup other then fine running the 3D settings if you want to tweak a little, but out of the box everything was amazing, another really nice feature with this TV is that it will convert 2D to 3D on the fly and with the 240 Hz refresh rate it's lawless and you can adjust the depth in settings so now you don't have to pay the extra cash for a 3D version of a movie because the TV will convert them as you watch with no motion blur or flickering at all, I didn't even notice too much difference between a native 3D movie and one converted from 2D to 3D, maybe a little less depth but it was still a really good looking 3D movies that I was watching on our directv satellite system as well as other BluRay movies....

If you buy the Panasonic active 3D glasses they will charge from dead battery to full in 30 minutes or you can do a quick two minute charge that will give you 3+ hours of watching movies so that's pretty fast for charging up the glasses... There are really no cons that I can think of off hand because there isn't any I've seen so far but if I do find a con ill post it....

I'm a technology guy and I always buy the newest best tech for my home and family and if you want incredible picture quality, and an amazing 3D experience with a feature loaded IPS LED/LCD 3D television this is a must have TV and you get a 240 Hz 3D TV for about the same price as other manufacturers charge for their NON 3D 60 Hz or 120 Hz models, and with the higher 240 Hz refresh rate you get much smoother picture quality...... Read through the amazon features description and download the manual from Panasonic to get a full idea of what this television is capable of and oh it's also a smart internet connected TV through wifi too, and has too many features to list here so do your research, the Panasonic Viera 47" IPS LED LCD 3D TV with FULL HD 1080i/1080p is an amazing value and an amazing piece of equipment that you can't go wrong with.. I also purchased a four year extended warranty for it so it lasts long past the factory warranty....

On a side note there was one little thing and I wouldn't call it a con or anything, but we were watching the TV and out of the blue it would just turn itself off every now and then, and I didn't have power saving on or anything but it just turned off, one time when I turned it back on I noticed a message on screen that said something like the TV has been shut down due to inactivity which upon going through the settings menus under ECO/Energy Settings I found two settings for no activity for 10 minutes and one for No Activity for 3 Hours so I turned them both to stay on and the TV hasn't turned itself off since so if your TV turns itself off just remember these two settings and it'll be fine... One thing I must say is BUY FROM AMAZON!!!!! And keep an eye on the TV because the amazon price fluctuates randomly and if the price drops then you should copy the link to the lower price and save them and when you have the lowest price then file your low price guarantee claim and within two days they will refund the difference, and again i filed my claim on friday night and by monday morning the funds had been deposited back to our account, in the end I originally bought my tv for $847.99 which was already a fantastic price, then it went down to $702.00 plus I also got free two day shipping which was actually more like overnight since I ordered it Saturday evening, if you pay out of pocket for overnight or two day shipping it can run upwards of $150.00 to $200.00 or more on a package this large and then I paid less then $50.00 per pair of the Panasonic Active 3D glasses and then got an extra $146.00 refunded to me from amazon.... Another side note, after I found the price on the TV went down to $702.00 a couple days later the price had changed again and was at $784.00 or something close to that, so as an example of amazon prices always changing I bought it for $847.99 and then it went down to $702.00 and then again went up to $784.00 but they refunded me THEIR LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICE on their site so again check daily and copy down the URL and save it along with the price the TV was at on the day you saved the link and then when you have their absolute lowest price then file your claim....

So anyway For $702.00 you can't barely get a good regular 47" or 50" LCD TV, so to get an exceptional IPS LED LCD 3D FULL HD TV for that price, well it's just amazing... If you aren't already an Amazon prime member then look into getting it because not only do you get great deals and lower pricing thats just for Amazon Prime members that regular amazon members don't get you also get free expedited shipping on lots of stuff plus their video on demand service which is like Netflix which by the way with this TV being a smart Internet TV it has the amazon video and Netflix video apps built in for streaming video, we have Netflix and amazon services and we use them both.... Anyway I've babbled on long enough and if I keep going I could find many more things to rave on about with this TV so ill end this now and just say if your looking for a fantastic TV and the great benefits from amazon prime then invest in both because its worth every red cent we spent, we've been amazon prime members for 5 years now and love it and have average savings that add up to several hundred $$$ each year plus all the great prime prices and deals and the video on demand service it pays for itself many times over each year for a measly $79.00 a year

I really Hope this review helps anyone who is looking for a fantastic television for a fantastic price

Billy C


Well now that its been about six or eight weeks since we bought this TV, I still have to say its the best TV we've ever bought and we've bought a lot of plasma and LCD or LCD/LED televisions since they became more affordable and the prices went down and were more reasonable.... So we've been buying this type of TVs for almost ten years, and technology just keeps getting better and better and even with that I don't see us wanting to replace this television with a newer better version, I mean it'll be hard to top this TV even with newer technology, I mean its already incredibly thin and the picture is amazing no matter what viewing light and angle, or what resolution or if your watching 2D, 3D or 2D to 3D conversion, and it has about every feature you could want for the most part and the software can be updated as it comes available so it's hard to imagine them getting much thinner or adding many more options or more hardware to newer model TV's, even the newest models I've seen so far I wouldn't trade for this TV because its pretty close to perfect in every way so far... Another thing I didn't notice at the time I did the original review is that the remote for this TV can control cross manufacturer devices without having to program codes into the remote, it just automatically works with other manufactures devices through the DLNA feature when connected through HDMI cables (I think DLNA is the feature) that allows you to control DVD/BluRay players and other connected input devices through HDMI connections, for instance the TV is a Panasonic Viera 3D TV and our 3D DVD/BluRay player is a Sony and I can control pretty much all the functions of my DVD player without having to pick up a other remote or program a universal remote in order to watch movies or whatever else I'm doing because it automatically works without having to switch modes on the remote or anything else and it makes things a lot easier especially since this is a bedroom setup and I don't like the idea of having to have five different remotes on the bed or nightstand (TV, DVD, Apple TV, Sound Bar, and DirecTV receiver) well it doesn't control my DirecTV receiver, but still I don't need five separate remotes to clutter up things.... Our DVD BluRay player has wifi and the apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, and all the other stuff like that and its always been kind of slow booting up the streaming video and music apps and stuff like that so we had to be patient when we wanted to use these features on our DVD player, but with this TV its all a lot faster and smoother booting up the streaming media apps loading and watching TV shows or movies and I mean its a noticeable difference, with our dvd player it was really slow so we had to sit there for for several minutes waiting for Netflix to load and then another few minutes for the movie to load and start playing, also when fast forwarding or rewinding streaming media you have to wait for it to start playing again so you try not to do it because of that, but when using these same apps on my TV versus my DVD player it's only three or four seconds for the app to load and then for our show to start playing again... I could go on and on about everything this TV has going for it, but I'd be writing for hours...

As I said in my original post, I spent a couple weeks researching TVs and trying to find one that had everything I wanted in our new 3D TV before I decided to try the Panasonic Viera and after buying it we decided to buy another one for our daughters room, we've been waiting for the price to go back down close to the same price we paid for ours before buying it because the price went up several hundred $$$$ since we bought the first one, so we are waiting for the price to go down again before we buy the second one for our daughters bedroom.... I had decided I'd try to find a different model from a different manufacturer that is active 3D and has most of the same features as this TV has and I've still not found another active 3D LCD/LED TV for our daughter yet that has the same or similar features and has the super slim profile like this TV has and I've really been looking hard day after day after day and I cannot find another television that even comes close to this one that I am willing to spend the money on, and most that even come close from other manufacturers is a lot more, but even if it cost a bit more then we paid for this one I'd buy it if I could find one anywhere as close to as good as my Viera TV so it looks like ill end up either having to spending more to buy a second one, or ill have to keep waiting for the price to go down again, but even with the price being so much more then we ended up paying for ours the TV is worth the higher prices its selling for now, so what's stopping me? Well I set a budget for our daughters new TV and even thought its still a great deal at current selling prices I'm having a little difficulty with paying several hundred $$$$ more for the second one then we paid for the first one but if the price hasn't dropped by the time I get paid again ill end up just paying the higher price for the TV even though I could probably find one from another manufacturer that we could probably make work for our daughter and she might be happy enough with it I just can't bring myself to cheat her out of the enjoyment we get from this TV and I know if I did buy a similar TV made by another name brand for her I would end up being unhappy and saying to myself I knew I should have bought her the same model Panasonic Viera TV we have, its saying a lot for me to give in and pay quite a bit more for the same TV we have and I know I would end up being unhappy with a TV a different name brand because even though on the surface the specs read close to the same, anther TV from a different maker won't be as great as this one is... Actually I won't even consider the newest E5 series Panasonic TVs because they just don't measure up to the DT50 model we have, or I would have already bought the newest model available, it's not like our TV is an older model, its just not the most newest off the line 2013 models.. It's kind of funny to think that the newest models are in my opinion not as great as the DT50 model, almost like they went backwards and the newest models are not as nice as the last version? Anyway I hope this information helps someone choose a TV they will love and enjoy as much as we do ours and I know you won't be disappointed if you buy the DT50 model over the E5 or whatever their very latest models are now because they have some of the same features but not all of the same features that this model has

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on September 3, 2012
I purchased this TV last week, the design caught my eye, I really like the style of this TV. The colors and brigtness is really good compared to my previous panasonic plasma, however it has several flaws:

- TV shows yellow hot spots on the bottom of the TV, I guess they made it to slim and thin, so the backlight LED's leak
- Black levels are not very good, TV shows dark grey in black scenes, should be inky black
- TV has flash light effect, and severe lighting issues, especially when viewing at night or on a dark screen
- TV has a large white cloud hot spot on the right/bottom corner, not severe but totally annoying
- TV developed a blue/yellow line in the middle of the screen, which changes colors from time to time, it's blue right now and creates a thin blue line on the screen. I contacted Panasonic support and they have a technician coming next Friday to try to fix it. I'm thinking the display is bad.

- Great Desgin, thin bezel and only weighs about 28 lbs
- Color accuracy and picture clearity are great

I really like the design and the color and clarity of the TV, so I will be giving Panasonic a chance to fix the issues with the blue line on the screen and the yellow hot spot leaks, before I decide to return the TV, since I got such a great deal for the TV. I purchased for $800.00, it's definitely worth it without the problems, but it is definitely not worth $1,300 dollars. No way.
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on November 29, 2012
Part 3 Update 12/13/2012:
New TV just arrived, a day late but that doesn't bother me considering Amazon upgraded me to next day for free, set it up and everything seems to working as it should. There is still some mild buzzing coming from the power supply but this may just be normal for this unit (could someone else please check their TV and verify this for me? Put your head around back and listen to the top right corner near the vents directly above where the power cord is plugged in). The light bleeding is completely gone and dark scenes are beautiful. Tested the 3D and the WiFi to verify they too were working and both work wonderfully. And since this review is meant to be about the product I am going to bump my review to 4 out of 5 but caution anyone who reads this that Panasonic's customer service is lacking severely! They have yet to call me back (it has been over 48 hours now) and neither of the Panasonic reps have called me back (local and corporate). So I guess to sum it up (for now) Panasonic makes one hell of a TV but they simply don't stand behind their products if it requires more than a simple fix.

Part 2 Update 12/11/2012:
So Panasonic sent someone out to my house to look at the TV. While he was here he commented on the bulge and how odd it was. Also listened to the buzzing and told me it was the power supply but shouldn't be doing it. Since the bulge on the back was causing light bleeding and screen deformity on the front the repair man said most likely Panasonic would opt to just replace it. He took some pictures to send back to Panasonic for review and said the next time I saw him he would likely be bringing me a new TV. I was very pleased and had nothing but good things to say about the process. Until I got a call from Panasonic yesterday saying that the "dent" on the back is not covered and was caused by the store I purchased it from and for me to deal with them. I explained again that the unit is not dented but has a manufacturing defect on the back that is causing issues with the TV. I asked if he had even talked to the repair man from A&E before making this decision because the guy that came to my house was in 100% agreement that it was not dented. And that began the ridiculous back and forth phone calls that lasted most of yesterday and a good part of today.

Just a few hours ago I got a call from Panasonic asking me if I was satisfied with the service that was performed on my TV. I asked the lady "What service? You haven't done anything but give me the run around". She then asked if the TV was working and I said "Yes, the TV was never broken but has a defect that needs to be fixed or replaced". She then asked if I was satisfied again. I laughed and told her to have a nice day. I called Panasonic immediately after and gave my case number. I began the back and forth again with yet another rep that I had to explain the difference between and dent and a bulge just to be told that my case was closed. I asked why and was told "according to a survey it says you were satisfied with the service performed". I asked "if I were satisfied then why am I calling back complaining about my TV not being repaired?". I was told that my case would be reopened and someone would be in contact with me in 24-48 hours.


I contacted Amazon and withing 10 minutes my issues have been resolved. Since I ordered it direct from Amazon there is a 30 day replacement guarantee. I have a replacement unit coming tomorrow and they are picking up the defective unit. I knew this before calling Panasonic but I believe that if a product is faulty the manufacturer should be informed and handle the situation properly or else how are they ever going to know there is an issue? Why should Amazon be the one to pay for their screw ups? I am not done with Panasonic and will make it a point to take this up the ladder because they need to know how broken their repair process is.

So as it currently stands:
Product - 4 Stars
Amazon - 5 Stars
Panasonic - 1 Star
Average of 3.33 Stars

I will update once I get the new TV and hope there are not major issues with that one.

*Original Review*
First let me start off by saying this is Part 1 of my review, I am giving it three out of five stars at this time. I received the TV promptly after taking advantage of the Cyber Monday sale for $799 (TC-L47DT50). Unboxed it with much anticipation, took my time setting everything up, re-running cables, moving speakers, etc... I removed the protective plastic from the outside and noticed a bulge on the back of the display near the top (if you look at the unit from the back, locate the center most screw at the top then move to your left about 2 inches). I sticks out about 1/8" compared to the rest of the casing. Almost as if someone left something in there and screwed it together. I wasn't too concerned at first because it wasn't a dent and figured maybe the case was just a little bent when they put it on... I should still give it a try.

I turned the unit on and was greeted by an amazing picture. So bright and colorful, the images were silky smooth after adjusting the motion interpolation from strong to medium (strong had a little artifacting). I didn't really need to adjust the colors so much but did play around with the different pre-sets (cinema, game, vivid, etc...) just to see what Panasonic deemed proper. I had to stop playing and head out to work leaving it for my fiance to find when she got home (it is her early Christmas present after all).

I called her shortly after she got home and was given oh so much praise for such a wonderful gift. She then proceeded to spend the entire day watching TV and playing on her PS3. I got home that night and immediately noticed something I hadn't seen during the daylight. A rather nasty bit of light bleeding through near the top where the buldge was (common among some LCD/LED tvs but never had I seen it to this extent). I then noticed that the screen in that same spot had a hall of mirrors effect distorting reflections. I became very concerned that the buldge I thought may had been just cosmetic was now causing some more serious issues. I went up to the TV to get a closer look and while looking around I began to notice a buzzing noise. I assumed it was maybe a bad connection on my speakers (I did after all move them around) so I turned off the amplifier and the noise continued. I turned off the TV and the noise continued so I kept searching. Not the cable box, nor the PS3, not the battery backup... what was it? I decided to unplug the TV. The noise stopped. Something in the TV is making a buzzing noise that can be heard from about 8-10' away especially if you are near the side/back of the unit, even when turned off!

I waited until the next morning and called Panasonic. After a rather pleasant conversation with a service rep I was handed off to their Concierge center to have an appointment for service scheduled. They are coming out to address the issues next Friday (due to my availability not theirs). I was told that my issues were very odd (bulge rather than a dent, buzzing even when off).

Rather than speculate I would rather wait until I get a decision from Panasonic to either fix or replace my unit and will then be able to better review the product. As this week goes on I plan on using the heck out of the unit I have testing the 3D, internet, etc features and will report back.

And just because it is bugging the heck out of me. Who in their right mind compares an LED TV to a Plasma? Really CNET? Come on! (I obviously chose to disregard the, very biased, review from CNet when I purchased this TV). And to all the people posting 1 and 2 star reviews for a product based on a review from CNET that you don't even own PLEASE STOP! It isn't helping anyone! If I wanted to read the review from CNET I would goto CNET, I want to see what fellow consumers who OWN the product have to say.
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on February 11, 2013
For starters I'm very happy with this TV (799$ i dont belive) , its design features a remarkably slender (barely 1cm) bezel adorned with a lovely brushed metal finish.
Multimedia thanks to three USB ports, an SD slot, LAN and built-in Wi-Fi network options, and a D-Sub PC port. The USBs can be used to record from the tuners as well as playing back a solid selection of video, photo and music files, while the LAN/Wi-Fi options can be used for either streaming the multimedia from networked DLNA PCs or for taking the TV online, with Panasonic’s Viera Connect service.
DT50 performs fairly well but fails to really set itself apart from the LED competition with its oversaturated (undersaturated at times) colors and subpar black levels. On the other hand, DT50 has fast response time, wide viewing angles, low crosstalk for an active 3D LCD-TV and high detailing in both SD and HD content.

• Gorgeous design
• Bright, colourful material looks excellent
• Terrific 3D performance
• Built-in Wi-Fi.
• Powerful audio.
• Black level depth is unimpressive
• Dynamic contrast system is clumsy
• No backlight adjustment
• 3D glasses not included.

My personal Calibration:

Picture menu
Picture mode: Custom
Backlight: +47
Brightness: +52
Contrast: 74
Color: +44
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 50
Color Temp: Warm
Color mgmt: Off
AI picture: Off
Aspect adjustments submenu
Screen size: Full
HD Size: Size 2
H size: 1 [grayed out]
HDMI settings: [no change from default]
Advanced picture submenu
3D Y/C filter: Off [grayed out]
Color matrix: HD [grayed out]
Block NR: Off
Motion Picture Setting: Off
Black Level: Light
3:2 pulldown Off [grayed out]
24 Direct in [grayed out]
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on November 29, 2012
I bought this TV Monday, it arrived Thursday morning. The picture is one of the better Edge lit LED TV's I've seen. Add in the Wifi, apps, 3D and the brand name and this might have been the deal of the year on a 55" LED. The room its going in is quite bright and has windows adjacent to the TV. My plasma never looked this good during the day because of the glare on the screen.

Know what you're buying here. Its not a plasma and the black levels will never be as deep as one, no LED will ever be. However properly adjusted this picture is fantastic and I am completely happy with the purchase. The CNET review was either really poorly adjusted or a defective model or the firmware was updated to fix the issues they were having. They also reviewed it as a $2500 set, not the $999.00 it was selling on here for. Make sure you update the firmware, adjust the picture with a calibration disk and enjoy.

At this point I have not used the 3D feature or the Apps and probably won't any time soon (if ever) so I can't really review that stuff. However the wifi connected with my router without issue. The overall interface is quite straightforward albeit a little slow.

Would I give this TV 5 stars if I bought it for $2500? No, but for a grand yes this TV is worth every penny.
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on September 26, 2013
the panel on the television stopped working after about 9 months. it started to show problems at about 7 months resumed working for two months and now not working. sent it in for repair but panel on back order.

Contacting customer support for panasonic is an experience for one the website would not let you locate a service center and I had to spend 30minutes to get one with the agent online that wanted to diagnose the problem but just has advice to reset the television that I had already done before he would give the service center and guess what the one he gave me had moved. I was finally able to get another with another call and more wasted minutes. call back to find out status through panasonic is an effort in frustration, panel is on back support and from the service center panasonic has not done anything about it so TV cannot be fixed without panel.

Panasonic Customer Service is very good at deflecting your questions, it appears they have no clue as to what is happening and I find them VERY UNHELPFUL.
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Size: 47-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is our first experience with a 3D TV and so far the Panasonic VIERA DT50 has not let us down. It's beautiful and offers an amazing amount of features!

The first thing that I noticed about this television was the clean design and the light weight. It's about 38 pounds, so it's easy enough for one person to pick up - but it's not recommended. Be sure and have someone with you to help you gently lift and put it in place. The brushed steel base is very sturdy and attractive. However, I plan to mount it on the wall. I would never mount my 52" LCD due to the weight, but this LED TV is just 1 inch thick, light weight, and made for the wall! The picture goes all the way to the edges, with just a thin silver border. There isn't an unnecessary wide frame that some TVs add just to make them look larger. It's sleek, and I like that. In fact, the television is so beautiful that I had to repaint my room to freshen it up!

The picture on this TV is very clear and crisp, and the colors are vivid and realistic. Regular HD is fantastic, and the 3D is amazing! The TV did not come with the required active 3D glasses, so we had to purchase them separately. HBO offers 3D movies, and we have watched several and have been very impressed! The detail that popped out was just as good as watching 3D at the theater. However, we tried the 2D to 3D conversion feature on regular movies and were not very impressed with that feature.

This TV not only uses much less energy than other TVs, but it also doesn't generate heat. I feel a lot of heat coming from my LCD tv, but this LED TV stays cool no matter how long it's on.

The TV comes with several built in apps such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. We are already subscribe to these services via a ROKU. Having them built in eliminates the need for a roku box and extra connections that might clutter your console. The built in wi-fi also eliminates more clutter.

The built in web browser lets us go online and everything looks fantastic. However, navigating the web with the remote control takes longer since there isn't a keyboard and mouse. You can download an app to your smartphone to make a remote that you connect with via wi-fi, and it offers a small keyboard among other features. I personally rely on my mouse too much to make this an enjoyable browsing experience, but it's nice to know it's there if I want to share something online with a crowd, or if my computer goes down. Facebook, YouTube, and other popular internet features are built in as apps, with more that you can download. If you only plan to use a computer to go online and not to do anything else, you can easily use this TV for internet access without even owning a computer.

One odd thing about this TV is that it features sponsored banner ads on the bottom of the screen when you turn it on. They only lasts a second or two, but it's kind of cheesy. I've never experienced that on a TV before. Anyway, you can turn the banner ads off if you know where to look. Click the MENU button on your remote, then navigate to SETUP. From there go to the next screen so you can select the ADVANCED SETUP selection. You'll find the option to turn banner ads off and on.

Overall, my only complaints have been the lack of 3D glasses and the banner ads. I have control over both, of course. I am very happy with this TV and when the time comes for me to replace my other TV (Samsung LCD) I'll definitely choose another Panasonic LED.
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