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VINE VOICEon May 30, 2012
Size: 47-InchVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
~~My Setup~~
The Panasonic VIERA TC-L47WT50 47-Inch is remarkably thin and the industrial design is gorgeous. I did not wall mount the unit, but put it on my media console. For console use, there's a bit of assembly involved with attaching the unit to the stand and you will need two people to do it safely.

I have it hooked up to a Panasonic blu-ray player, TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL DVR (Black),Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) [OLD VERSION], and Xbox 360 4GB Console via an Onkyo HT-RC180 7.2-Channel A/V Surround Home Network Receiver (Black). Because my AV receiver does not support HDMI 1.4 (only 1.3), I cannot pass 3D or audio return channel (ARC) through the receiver. I solved this by connecting my hardware directly to the Panasonic with HDMI cables and using the TV for video switching.

For audio, I am runinng an AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable, 6 Feet from the TV to the Onkyo. I hooked the TV up to the Internet with an AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable (14 Feet/4.2 Meters).

I have a Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures! unit for my XBox 360. I used to attach it to the top of my TV, but due to the Panasonic's thin width and lack of an real bezel, I set the Kinect in front of the TV. It works well there and maintains about a 1-inch clearance between the top of the Kinect and the Panasonic logo at the bottom of the TV.

After the hardware was attached, turning on the unit prompted an initial walk-through that was simple enough for a technology luddite. As a professional user experience designer, I appreciate the time and development that goes into making the user's first experience pain free. And it was.

I tested the 2D picture for a week using all of my video sources and watching a variety of shows, movies, and sporting events. It's exceptional--crisp, clear, and beautiful. The high refresh rate prevents the ghosting you see on less expensive units and the viewing angle is certainly the widest I've seen. I even rearranged my TV room to allow for more seating at wider angles.

I didn't think it was fair to review a 3D TV without fully testing this feature, so even though I'm not a fan of 3D generally, I purchased a pair of Panasonic VIERA TY-ER3D4MU Active Shutter 3D Eyewear. (You can charge these using the 3 USB ports on the side of the TV. Each pair takes about 30 mins to fully charge.) The glasses fit on top of my regular glasses and are light-weight and easy to wear.

I have two 3D channels with my Comcast package--ESPN3D and Xfinity3D. (The channels remind me of the HD channels we had a decade ago--mostly nature shows and sports, not much else.) To test, I watched a college football game, a college basketball game, a nature show, and a concert. One of the sports games was recorded on TiVo and one was live. Both ESPN3D games stuttered a bit, making for frustrating viewing, but I definitely got a sense for 3D sports and as the 3D capture technology improves I suspect these glitches will fade.

To access 3D, the Panasonic will first detect the signal. Then it will ask you to press the 3D button on your remote and follow the instructions for setup. You are supposed to turn the glasses on after the signal comes in (there are quite a few ways the signal can be interpretted and the tv must sync to the glasses and tell them how to "read" the picture).

For the most part, the 3D picture is impressive. I found that the sports images are less crisp than produced videos (which makes sense). The viewing angle is less wide with 3D on (I'd say about 90 degrees for a clear view).

Signal loss can be a problem. If at any point the TV "thinks" it is in 2D, the glasses lose their pairing and you have to resync by sliding a button at the top. Ergo, commercials have to be in 3D to prevent this from happening--so there weren't any commercials (hurray!).

The glasses are annoying if you want to look at your phone, flip through a magazine, and so on. However, wearing them generally and looking around the room is not a problem.

I was pleased that my TV Premiere XL performed so well with 3D.

~~Smart Apps~~
The VIERA Smart apps are accessed from the Internet button on both remotes. You can add and delete apps and customize which screen they appear on. When viewing apps, whatever is currently playing on the TV will still be playing in a small window in the middle (love this!).

Social Networking TV--These feature is exceptional! You can add your Facebook and Twitter accounts and and watch tv while your feeds stream. The television picture is wrapped in a network-specific skin. I am able to watch tv playing from my TiVo while still using the TiVo remote. I can use either Panasonic remote to scroll through feed content. You can even "Like" or "Comment" on streams. With Twitter, you watch the feed of a specific hashtag or handle--great for sports or awards shows. One of my new favorite ways to use this feature is to listen to Pandora (via TiVo) and have my Facebook and Twitter feeds up. This is useful while you're doing other things around the house.

Pandora--The Pandora app for VIERA is excellent. I have Pandora on pretty much all of my devices and this is one of the better implementations.

My only general critique is that the glass screen on the Panasonic is incredibly reflective in the bright room where my TV lives. It reminds me a lot of the screens on Apple iMac. It will take a bit of getting used to and some room darkening shades.

Some people are frustrated that, at this price point, the unit doesn't come with 3D glasses. I think it's a smart choice for Panasonic to leave them out to keep the price a bit lower for consumers who aren't ready to adopt this fledgling technology that doesn't have a lot of content available. You can always add glasses later and they'll probably come down in price over time.

Overall this is an excellent TV. The 2D picture is remarkable and the design is beautiful and unobtrusive in even the most minimalist environments. The Internet features are some of the best I've seen.

I don't expect to use the 3D much until the Olympics. Panasonic is the exclusive TV partner with the 2012 Olympics and this is one of their signature TVs. I expect they will want the 3D capability to shine.
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on March 18, 2013
Been researching new Smart TV's for about 2 months and like most people on a mission to find a good TV you have to weed through all the reviews and opinions found on the web. CNET, Amazon, HDTV forums and even watched the entire 2012 TV shootout videos on YouTube.

I kept going back and forth between plasma and LED/LCD. I was ready to take a chance on Panasonic plasma when my March edition of Consumer's Reports showed up in the mail. In the 55" to 59" category of ratings Panasonic took the top 3 places with the VT plasma, ST plasma and WT LED. It was also very interesting that the Panasonic WT is also the only Panasonic LED TV to make the HD Shootout (which was won by a Panasonic plasma).

So decided this TV was worth a look. Headed to a local Big Box store and must say I was impressed with the picture on this TV hanging on the wall in the "High-End" section of the store with the top rated plasmas and Samsung LED and Sony's top of the line LED's. I was armed with Amazon's online price and decided I would buy this set right then if they would match the price (they were $400 higher). After they decided to let me walk, I went home and got online and ordered it from Amazon.

Two days later I received an email from the delivery company asking me to schedule a time to deliver my new TV. We scheduled a day for the early part of the following week. Can't beat this kind of customer service.

A couple of days went buy and I noticed that Amazon had dropped the price by $100 so I sent them a quick email and the next day I had a response stating they were issueing me a credit for the $100. Great!

Two days later, the price drops another $140 so shot off another email and a qucik response with an additional $140 credit.

TV gets delivered on time and in perfect condition. Could not ask for any better service from Amazon or the company they used for in home delivery.

Now for the details. The picture on this TV is awesome right out of the box in Cinema mode. Vivid is a little too Vivid for me. Black levels seem fine and popped in the Dark Kight Returns just to see if I could witness any of the negative comments from Cnet on this TV. It was perfect, even with my glasses on...........

I then decided to try some recommended picture calibrations found online and after a few hours settled in on Cnet's calibration for Standard mode. I just did not like the Custom mode recommendations.

Viewing angle of this IPS LCD panel (with LED backlighting) are very good and almost as good as plasma.

Now for the summary. This TV is as close as you can get to a plasma quality picture and viewing angle without the worry of potential burn-in if you watch a lot of old programming or news channels with stationary logos. You won't be disappointed.

By the way, this TV is now over $500 more than a paid a few weeks ago.
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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2012
Size: 47-InchVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Viera TC-L47WT50 is Panasonic's 2012 flagship 3D LED-LCD HDTV. It offers a host of luxury features that likely covers every consumer's wish list. Performance is excellent overall, with only a few minor issues.

The menu is the similar to previous Viera menus (and close to Samsung's layout). Most settings are easy to access and the picture settings most users should leave alone are sensibly located under "Pro Settings." All menus are responsive, attractive and easy to read. Most common functions can be accessed with just one or two buttons. The setup wizard takes very little time to go through but also provides substantial guidance. For my personal wi-fi setup, I had to use the green button on the remote to switch to capital letters and also select "open" for "security type"; I use WEP.

The picture on most LCD's is rather good these days, but few models can compete with the Viera WT50. Thanks to LED local dimming, an IPS panel, and IFScc calibration settings, the WT50's picture is breathtaking. Out of the box, colors are fairly accurate, rich and vibrant. The Cinema mode preset works well for dimly lit and dark rooms. Once calibrated, this TV really pops. As with most LCD's, the brightness is more than abundant, making it a good TV for any room. Contrast, gamma, gray-scale, line resolution, viewing angle, and screen uniformity are all excellent. The black levels are good, but don't reach the inky blacks found on high-end Viera plasmas. Switching on the adjustments to improve black levels works, but creates worse problems. Screen is glossy, which I prefer, and does not suffer badly from reflections.

It took me a while to find any issues/artifacts with the picture. Eventually I discovered that certain content with slight gradations of blue seem to form large blocks (like macro-blocking from compressed action scenes). This only happened with content from my cable box (1080i), but did happen with different channels. I viewed the same content on my Samsung B8500 and the artifacts were not present. I tried every combination of video correction settings on the WT50 and did not find a solution. To put into perspective, this only affected the picture for about 30 seconds out of dozens of hours of viewing.

The bezel of the TV is roughly ¼" all around, which is impressive and attractive. The depth of the TV is just 1.1", also impressive. While the bezel itself is minimalist, there is a clear plastic strip on the bottom of the panel with "Panasonic" written in the middle, which by default lights up. The strip is clear and unobtrusive. The subtle white light can be disabled. The stand is not for me, with its two striking, silver projections; it would have been nice in brushed metal instead of plastic. This TV would look amazing mounted on a wall.

The TC-L47WT50 is fairly light at 28.7 lbs. or 35.3 lbs. with stand, making it easy to setup by oneself. The stand seems sturdy enough, but is mostly plastic. The stand doesn't offer any tilt and only swivels +/- 15°. Inputs are streamlined: there is one component/composite input, which requires the included adapter cable. There is a VGA port and 4 HDMI, but no DVI. An SD card slot and three (yes 3!) USB 2.0 ports round out the inputs. The flimsy buttons on the TV are inconveniently placed and will be inaccessible if wall mounted. The back of the TV is impressively all metal, attractive and very sturdy. The touchpad remote seems like a gimmick that I can't imagine most people using more than once or twice. The main remote is responsive and has a good layout. It is similar to most Viera remotes.

==Motion Handling==
One option I always look for right away is smoothing out motion (sometimes separated into blur and judder). Most LCD's have issues producing clear, smooth, flowing video of motion. This is a major disadvantage vs. plasma, which does not suffer the same problem. The refresh rates (240Hz) are used to adjust the way your eyes see the motion on the television by refreshing/adjusting the image on screen. I believe the "1920 backlight scanning" means that the backlight flickers 32 times per second, which is supposed to help motion perception. In the best TV sets, the video is processed so that there is no stuttering and also no "Soap Opera Effect," a problem introduced when there is too much processing that can make any video look unnaturally smooth as the processing tries to correct the normal variations in speed that us living things tend to do so much when we move about. Unfortunately, with the WT50, you have only basic control over the motion handling. I found that using "moderate" or "strong" motion handling produced a "Soap Opera Effect." However, the "weak" setting seemed effective enough at reducing motion blur for all but the most active content. For sports, you may want to use "moderate."

If you plan to calibrate this TV yourself, you'll be happy to find the ISFccc settings for RGB gain (2-point IRE gray-scale) and hue/saturation/luminance (as opposed to RGB sliders used by Samsung) for primaries and secondary colors. These features will mainly interest videophiles with a color spectrometer. Considering the price tag and potential of the WT50, I would recommend spending the time or money on a proper calibration. I was disappointed to find that I could not hit the targets on the CIE diagram for blue and green primaries. This could be an issue with my specific panel or with the WT50 in general. Gray-scale and gamma came in line fairly easily. Pictures of my results are at the top of the product page. Note that 3D mode and Viera Connect picture settings have their own individual profiles that save separately - a terrific feature.

I usually don't bother even reviewing the audio for an HDTV. As TV's get thinner and thinner, so do their speakers. Regardless of how advanced speakers are technologically, small speakers can only do so much. Still, I was completely surprised with the fidelity and output from the WT50's speakers. Even the soundstage projected a basic presence. While I would still recommend external speakers, the internal ones will not disappoint.

==The Third Dimension==
At first I dismissed 3D HDTV as a novelty when it came out due to the lack of content. However, now that content is becoming much more widely available, I do appreciate having a 3D capable HDTV. My wife was particularly impressed by the 2D -> 3D upconverted content and actual 3D content is truly spellbinding. The Panasonic VIERA TY-ER3D4MU Active Shutter 3D Eyewear aren't cheap but I would not hesitate to purchase a pair. Unfortunately, none are included with the WT50. My wife did notice a slight flickering in the left eye of the glasses, but I did not. We both wear eyeglasses and were able to fit the 3D glasses over them. The 3D glasses are more comfortable and light than others I have tried in the past. The TV dims significantly when in 3D mode, but all the picture settings are saved separately for 3D mode (and for Apps), so it's easy to compensate for the differences.

==Other Features==
The feature list of the WT50 is amazing. The internal wi-fi gets great reception and speed on the second floor, with my router on the first floor; it can take 10-30 seconds to connect when powering on. Bluetooth is also included so you can connect a keyboard, audio device, etc. The USB ports give you even more connectivity options (though my third-party webcams won't work). You can also use your smartphone as a remote and interact with your TV through Panasonic smartphone apps. I did not notice any issues with input lag when in Game Mode.

The "Viera Tools" button, located prominently on the remote, brings up the applications. The WT50 comes with many apps pre-installed (Amazon, Skype, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu). I immediately setup the Amazon Instant Video service, which had become the main use of my Playstation 3. All the apps work great and I have no trouble getting HD streaming through Amazon with the built-in wi-fi. You can look up the full list of apps via the Viera Connect Apps Navigator on Panasonic's website.

The TC-47WT50 is priced and performs as a high-end flagship HDTV. It is capable of producing an amazing picture that rivals anything produced in the last 2 years. I'd recommend this model to anyone looking for the best combination of picture quality and features regardless of price. I recommend professional calibration and external speakers, but performance is impressive out-of-the-box.

--My Settings--
Note: I am not a professional calibrator. These settings reflect my best personal judgement and preference. I recommend them as a reference for your own custom settings. Correct calibration settings vary from one TV to the next, often greatly. My CIE diagram and IRE chart can be found in the product page pictures. Please leave a comment if you have questions or advice. UPDATE: I found that pushing colors to the full CIE range caused pixelation as colors approach the pure primaries. So, color accuracy is the only real negative of this tv (especially getting truly blue blues) but should not affect most viewers.

Backlight 20-60 (adjust for ambient light)
contrast 90
brightness 54
Color 50
Tint -3
Sharpness 20 (set higher for SD content)
Color Temp warm
Color Mgmt off
a.i. pic off
CATS off (does not work for my tv's location)

Advanced Picture Settings:
motion weak
1080p pure d. off (set to on for 4:4:4 input)
black level light

high r +6
high b +6
low r -1
low b -2

hue: red 0, green 38, blue -5
saturation: red 3, green 7, blue 30

black extension 0
gamma adjust 2.4
panel bright low
contour emph. off

color detail:
hue: yellow 26, cyan -25, magenta 31
saturation: yellow 15, cyan 15, magenta 0
luminance: red 15, green 5,blue 24, yellow -6, cyan -10, magenta 0
review image review image
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on November 17, 2012
This TV has taken a beating by professional reviewers such as CNET and had I not seen this TV in person, I would not have ever considered buying this TV. If you watch TV in a bright room and never watch movies in a pitch black environment, then you need to consider this TV for your next purchase. This TV is one of the best if not the best performing HDTV in medium to brightly lit environments. The sharpness and clarity of the WT50 picture quality is one of the best that I have seen and the viewing angles are unrivaled among LED/LCD TVs. The main knock on the WT50 is in its black level. When viewed in a dark room, the black levels are average at best but add some light to the room and watch the black levels turn inky black. Panasonic has done wonders with the Clear Pro panel filter in this regard. So in short, if you like watching TV in a dark room, this TV isn't for you. But, if you're like me, and always watch TV in some kind of lighted environment, then you should definitely consider this TV.

Note: I didn't buy this TV from Amazon. The local brick and mortars are selling the 55" version of the WT50 for $1799.00. At this price, this TV is a steal.
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Size: 47-InchVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Wow! I am simply blown away with this Super Slim, HIGH EFFICIENCY LED-LCD 3D HDTV. It has 240hz 24p for very smooth play of rapid sports action. The video quality is absolutely remarkable.

Cloud apps came pre-installed and ready for use:
Amazon Video on Demand (and PRIME!), Netflix, Hulu+, Youtube, etc all came pre-installed on the HDTV. Additional apps , both free and paid, are available with activation of a (free) cloud storage account. This makes the number of apps allowed limitless! We have watched videos on all the apps listed above, very smooth! No hiccups, no streaming issues, no waiting for videos to load, no issues. I activated our wifi on the slower 802.11g channel to test the tv's handling of a slower wifi signal. We also experienced flawless operation on our 2.4 ghz 802.11n wifi connection. Our ISP/home network is a rock steady 30 mbps connection with multiple wireless video streaming devices - again no issues with bandwidth or video loading with this combination.

High Efficiency: the energy label indicates $15 / year cost to operate; well beyond the lowest end of the scale. Ladies, if you are planning a tv for the bedroom and are concerned with hot flashes, this is your tv! We have left ours running a full 24 hours for days on end (the Roku box allows the HDTV to be used as a very large digital photo frame, yet we still cannot feel any extra heat anywhere around this model.

Package included the expected:
* 47" 3D HDTV - superslim and lightweight!
* Power cord, base stand (star trek style...), owners manual
* 2 remotes w/ 2 AA batteries for each - the "extra" remote is a remote touchpad allowing easy web navigation. It appears a blue tooth keyboard will connect as well!! :-)

Package did NOT include:
3D glasses - to my husband's dismay! He wants it all included!

Impressive # of Ports:
Inputs: 4 HDMI*, 1 PC, THREE USB, 1 SD Card, 1 cable/antenna, AND 1 Composite (via included adapter... it's small enough I have left it attached so I won't have to hunt for it later when needed..)

NOTE: the HDMI ports on this model are NOT powered ie will NOT operate new devices such as the soon to be released Roku Stick. Quite honestly, with the cloud based apps we are already considering the retirement of our brand new Roku 2 anyway.

Output: 1 digital audio out

All in all I would give this 3D HDTV 10 stars. It is simply an amazing cutting edge HDTV ahead of it's time. We own two of the high tech, wifi, internet apps Philips 46PFL5705D/F7 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz LCD HDTV with NetTV, Black which are only 15 months old... even without the 3D aspect considered, the video technology upgrade of this Panasonic over even the newer HDTVs is absolutely remarkable.
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VINE VOICEon June 26, 2012
Size: 47-InchVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are plenty of reviews of the technical aspects of this tv, so I'll spare you mine. Suffice to say, the picture is beautiful, the tv is light and thin, and the resolution is amazing (I really love the 'soap opera picture', though others don't).

My review will focus on some of the apps available in the Viera Tools section of the tv's menu. I use a Roku for Amazon tv, Netflix, and Plex (a media streaming program). I own the HD Roku, and HD shows looked pretty great on my Samsung HD tv. They look even better on my Panasonic tv. But, you can bypass the Roku altogether for both Netflix and Amazon if you have a Panasonic tv - these apps are now built in. Should you replace your Roku? For these apps, sure. Because you aren't getting them through a cable from another device (with its own picture limitations), the streaming is directly to the tv, and the picture is better. The interface for Amazon tv and Netflix is also a little better (more menu options). I miss the 'plunk' click noise on the Roku apps, because the Panasonic apps use a really piercing, annoying 'ding' when you click a menu item.

How is load time? Here, the Roku wins. When you click a title in the menu on your Roku, the video loads. On the Panasonic, you click a title, then the tv performs a connection speed test. This takes a few seconds, or quite a few seconds. After that THEN the video loads. My gripe here is the same as my gripe with the Roku: if the tv determines that your internet connection is not great at the moment, it will automatically load degraded video. The Roku does the same. I would like the option of waiting longer in order to load the HD. I don't want to purchase HD, then watch it in SD because my internet spazzed out for a few seconds. I want to choose my connect speed manually. Another weird element to the Panasonic Viera tools is that when you turn it on, it nearly always wants to perform a connection test. Usually mine fails. But if it fails and I skip out of the menu, then open the menu again, magically the connection is re-established. This is a glitch that regularly happens, but doesn't particularly affect the quality of experience.

Plex, however, is not available for Panasonic Viera. Viera charges apps for development and inclusion, so you won't see a Plex app anytime soon, since it's a free app available on a few platforms (Roku, Playstation 3, etc.). So if you care about using this app, you'll still need your Roku. For those of you unfamiliar, Plex is amazing - it allows you to use your computer as a media server, then streams this media to your device running Plex. Some may argue that you can do this by plugging in a USB key to your tv (the Panasonic has USB 2.0 slots), but the number of file extensions the tv will play from a key is small. Plex will play just about any type of media file you throw at it. So I use Plex on Roku to watch downloaded items on my tv instead of my computer. How do these files look on the Panasonic? It depends on your file size, but even with a very large file, you're going to get a mildly grainy picture unless you tweak the tv settings A LOT to soften the picture. The picture quality will basically be the equivalent of an SD network tv option or SD Amazon digital item.

In sum: should you use the Panasonic Viera tools instead of getting a Roku with your tv? Yes. Viera has YouTube, Amazon on Demand, Netflix, Pandora, all things that people tend to use a Roku for, and the interfaces for these apps are better on the Panasonic than the Roku. Unless you are planning to use experimental apps, don't bother with the Roku.
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on January 7, 2013
A TV light enough to hang on the wall like a picture. Excellent clarity, sound and internet features. The 3D is very disappointing. After a couple of 3D movies, I went back to watching movies in 2D. Otherwise, the TV is worth the money.
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on February 17, 2013
I've no actual complaints with the TV itself. It hands down has the most amazing picture quality of any set I've watched and the sound isn't bad considering how thin the TV is. One thing I might note however is it has a highly reflective (I believe it's gorilla glass) front panel. If you have some bright light sources in front of the set, you're most likely to notice the reflections on a dark screen.

The only complaint I have is with the service that delivered and setup the TV. They were clean, curtious and prompt, but didn't know how to install the simple base that came with TV. They only installed the screws meant to hold the plastic base cover (which do attach moderately to the TV, and hold it in place minimally) in place and did not install the screws designed to actually hold the base to the TV. I was very lucky something was not damaged because of this, as the mount was extremely loose and wiggely. Fortunatly I noticed the issue (and found the attachment screws in a bag) prior to anything bad happening. At any rate, I've now ditched the based and have it attached to a cheeta wall-mount, which works excellent for my setup.
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on June 2, 2013
We bought it in February 2013 for $900 from Amazon and it was delivered in 2 days (prime shipping ). There was a 1-day special deal, and I was waiting for one such for couple of months - did lot of research among Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic. The deal expired within few hours, but I was able to grab one for $900.

Overall, we are so happy with our purchase and its amazing performance. We haven't got the 3D glasses yet (there are hardly 2 channels), and we don't have much time to sit down and watch 2-3 movies over the weekend. My wife and I are both scientific/ research professionals, so we do use the TV for blowing up our PPT presentations, practice speech - which is equally brilliant. The amenities such as USB drive, SD card slot, HDMI are terrific bonus! Some 30 min shows, news, business, HDTV, Food/ Cooking channels, NatGeo type channels are what we watch - maybe 10-14 hours per week. We do love the Hulu plus, youtube, pandora and internet functionalities - crisp and clear picture. Overall, excellent!
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on April 13, 2013
I like the TV very much . The 3 d quality is amazing. I watched a variety of movies including the animation, action movies and I always liked the experience. The Viera smart connect is easy to use and has a simple User interface. The 2-d to 3-d conversion was good enough. Browser is as good as in the other tv's but cant expect too much from it. Playing videos, viewing photos from USB is good as well.

I would have given this 5 stars if there was a pair of 3 d glasses given along with this TV.
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