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on January 22, 2011
This is the best purchase I had in my life. I just fell in love with this TV. Before Christmas I was in Costco, they were displaying Sony, Samsung and Panasonic 3D TV's. I've tried all 3D TV's with 3D movie clips playing. For comparison Panasonic was my favorite, I made my mine decided to buy Panasonic. I checked they had the best package deal W/ DMP-BTD100 3D blue ray player & rechargeable 3D glasses W/ Avatar 3D movie. Thanks to delivery was smooth & timely, it was during the weekday. First day I hooked up to my exterior roof antenna, I was stunned with beautiful picture even with low resolution broadcasting TV channels, 720p & 1080p were superb. At the weekend I hooked up TV and 3D player to my home theater system. That was it, my first 3D TV experience with 3D Avatar movie, I almost tried to reach & grab the objects looks like flying in the room. My opinion 3D is real, not many 3D movies in the market but it's getting there I've seeing new oncoming movies are almost all on 3D. My suggestions if you are looking for 3D TV, Plasma 3D is the way to go & my favorite is Panasonic. By the way I purchase another 2 sets 3D glasses w/ 2 3D movies as bonus from, so whole family experience the same thrill.
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on April 4, 2011
Recently bought a Toshiba LED "40 and was soooo disappointed in the edgebleeding, rotten colors and 120hz effect. Returned it and bought this guy.

I haven't seen the 3D content on this TV (and don't really care to), but the 2D is stunning. The TV can be a little dark during the day and the glare is a little much. However, when the sun goes down this thing really shines. Watching 720p Star Trek the original series and their uniforms never looked so crisp and vivid. Not a big fan of 120hz look, so this truely is the TV for me. I also mounted this mother on the wall and it is looking real nice.

Although I have updated to the WD Plus box for Netflix and whatnot, when I was using it the app menu is clunky, ugly, and doesn't have many good apps. I just wish everyone would implement browsers!

Plenty of inputs, including composite RCA for old school gamers like me.
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on May 25, 2011
Well, I'm a gamer. As a gamer my primary concern for an HDTV was input lag. After doing research it came to my attention Panasonic plasmas have quite low input lag(16-20ms) while not in game mode and as a result have high PQ with low input lag. I was concerned about Image Retention and Burn-in. After further research it became apparent that Burn-in was hardly a concern for reasonable use. Image Retention however seemed to vary from user to user and could be attributed to user error(some had the mode on Vivid and pixel orbiter on default) or variance between panels or panels manufactured in different factories/months. My personal experience is that I've only experienced noticeable IR from Gears of War which is my primary game of choice which I spend many hours playing. Sessions can go from anywhere between 2hrs to 10hrs. I have pretty nasty IR from the weapon Icon(very deep black against bright environments) but although it lingers it's not noticeable in normal viewing and it fades so it's not burn-in. The icons in Gears of War do not have any Opactity which is the primary reason the IR is so bad from it. Halo:Reach has opacity and no matter how many hours I played I received no IR from it.

The PQ on this tv is amazing. The THX preset gives such life-like color accuracy without any calibration. Blacks are not bevel black but they are really quite deep. High definition content is clear and flawless. Standard definition content however does not look nearly as good as it could(lack of scaling in the tv can prob be offset with a receiver) and suffers from noticeable grain. Yet, who buys a plasma to enjoy SD content?

I have 835 hours on my GT25 and couldn't be more pleased. The PQ is incredible. The input lag is extremely low. The IR is bearable and wouldn't even occur if there were hud opacity options. The best part however is that I got this on sale when it was $750! By and large I don't think I could have made a better purchase and probably won't feel any actual 'need' to upgrade until Oled hits or there's some major break-through in LCD which gives low input lag+high PQ+deep blacks.
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2014
The picture is great, but I'll never get another plasma tv. This thing runs so hot that I can't even use it during the day in the summer.

When I first got it, I used the smart tv features a bit, but eventually switched to using my roku or xbox, which had the same apps.

The 3D works beautifully, but I don't use it nearly as much as I thought I would. There just isn't enough content available.
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on February 18, 2011
This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've only owned the T.V. for a few days but all of my expectations have been met. The 2D picture on this set rivals anything I have seen on any TV period. The 3D mode is an awesome bonus when you have the content to use it. Gaming, movies, netflix, 3D all worked perfectly and I can't believe how good the picture looks.

One thing that I would like to point out is that the 2D to 3D conversion worked much better for me than the other reviews I read. Instead of images that pop out of the screen you will see much more depth than 2D. I was pleasently surprised.

If you are on the fence about this TV I say you have no worries. I have had zero problems so far and my jaw has been on the floor since I pressed the power button.

Update (2 weeks later). I'm so impressed with this TV that I believe it's worth much more than I paid. After talking to a lot of people on forums they have helped me fine tune the TV and take advantage of all the options. The result is the best picture I have seen on a home television. Videogames, movies, and pictures have been given a makeover. This is the best money I have spent this year.
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on April 6, 2011
This tv was pretty much everything I expected it to be. Bought it to replace my two and a half year old LG 32 inch. Both tvs are 1080p however the color and quality of this plasma far exceeds any LCD I've seen. Blacks are blacker and whites are whiter. Blu-rays look awesome and couldn't be better. Gaming is a million times smoother with the 600 hertz over the standard 120 with LCDs. And you can't beat the price compared to LCDs and LEDs. The only cons I have with the tv are small and include: low sound quality, preset display properties could be better, and only three hdmi inputs. I hear it's pretty typical for HDTVs to have poor sound quality because they expect you to purchase surround sound, the settings take awhile to figure out (it's worth playing around with to get perfect settings, however), and three hdmi inputs isn't really a deal breaker. All in all, I would recommend this tv to anyone.
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on April 11, 2011
I actually ordered the G25 model from Paul's TV (via Amazon), but received an email that they were out of stock and would send me the GT25 instead, which I was fine with given the positive reviews and 3D capabilities. This is my first HDTV, and after a ton of research I decided to go plasma, mainly for picture quality and to avoid the bizarre soap opera effect that I've seen on 120hz LCDs. I was drawn to the G25/GT25 model because the glowing reviews, reasonable price, anti-reflective screen, and internet connectivity (I don't have a Blu-Ray player or Playstation with that feature). It may be partially because I've been late to the HD party, but I have been blown away by this TV.

I'll start from the beginning. The assembly was fairly easy (be sure to put the stand inside the TV and then screw it in--took me 20 minutes to figure this out), and the TV setup process was a breeze--just plug an HDMI cable from the TV to your cable box and you're good to go. There's a quick set up menu for the features, including the picture settings, VieraCast, etc., and then you're ready to watch. Initially I thought the picture had a bit of a faded look, but I played with the pre-set picture settings and before long the quality was apparent. I still tweak the settings depending on the light in the room, but you can rely on the pre-fab setting for a terrific picture at any time--just be sure to move it off the "standard" setting, which is pretty dull. I've read some complaints about the sound, but in my medium sized apartment it is completely fine, I rarely have it over 10 or 11. I also appreciate the anti-reflective coating on the screen, which dulls the light but does not diminish the picture quality. Sports look amazing (the Masters was freaking gorgeous in HD) with no motion blur whatsoever, and nature shows like Planet Earth look great too. SD programming looks mediocre, but that's not the TV's fault, and you can easily adjust the format to display SD in 4:3 (with letter boxing on the sides) so it doesn't get that stretched out look. I've only had it for 2 weeks, but so far no image retention issues whatsoever, nor have I heard any buzzing or any other sounds that some complained about in the G25 model. I also have a fairly bright living room during the day, but the picture never looks washed out. If you like it particularly bright, you can customize the settings to automatically adjust to the light in the room, which brightens it up considerably. At night, it is sparkling no matter the settings. In my biased opinion, this is a far better picture than I've seen on any LCD set, night or day.

Other features: I haven't used the 3D yet, but the option is there if I decide to take the plunge and buy the glasses. VieraCast has some good (but limited) options, specifically Netflix (which is easy to link to your account and use) and YouTube. I plugged an ethernet cord into the TV so I didn't have to purchase the wireless adapter. It doesn't provide an internet browser like GoogleTV, but I don't know that many TVs at this price point provide that functionality.

Bottom line--If you're in the market for a 42 inch or larger HDTV, I'd highly recommend that you look into plasma, and specifically the GT25. So far I am thrilled with the purchase.
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on April 3, 2011
Excellent picture quality. We bought this TV for a darker room where most of the seating is not directly in front of the TV. It's exactly what I had hoped for and the Viera cast, which gives us access to Netflix and other online content, is a nice bonus.
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on April 30, 2011
This TV is a top of the notch model with a very good pitcher right out of the box. After using a calibration HD disc the pitcher is excellent. I haven't tried the 3d yet, but other wise this is a great set. Amazon deleivery service was the best.
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on March 19, 2011
I originally ordered the TC-P42G25, but got a complimentary upgrade to the TC-P42GT25 due to the one I ordered being out of stock. This is the first plasma I have owned and can tell you that I will never go back to LCD/LED. This THX certified plasma produces a superior picture with blacks that cannot be matched by any other type of display! I can actually see (in detail) what is going on in those "dark scenes" that I had to guess about on my previous LCD T.V. (you know, you can hear the sounds, but can't see any image, so you have to use your imagination). I have reviewed many of my horror/suspense movies and found out what was going on in all those dark scenes; made them all seem like watching them for the first time and understanding what actually happened in the "blank spots" due to LCD. I have also watched many action/sci-fi movies on it without an ounce of "blur". I have not experienced any of the problems that I have seen a few others comment on, so put your worries to rest. Plus, this unit is easy to set up and has many features and options to choose from to give you the desired picture, etc. according to your room's environment. Glare protection works great; have not seen a single reflection on my screen. If you had worries, but had thought about this television, put your worries to rest and go ahead with the purchase. You will NOT be disappointed!!!
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