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on January 9, 2012
Bought this plasma in May 2011 it was manufactured in March 2011, it broke the first week of January 2012. Until that time the tv had worked great, the screen is fantastic for action movies and I really had no complaints with the television up until the time it stopped working. I was pretty upset when it broke as I was worried about the annoying process of returning it and getting a new one, but whoa was I in for a horrible surprise. I bought a Panasonic because it is supposed to be the best in plasmas and is supposedly an established, trustworthy company and product name. I contacted Panasonic because my plasma is still under first year warranty. First, I was on hold for 23 minutes and then their system hung up on me. FRUSTRATING. When I called back, it took another 13 minutes to get through, I was informed of my case number and that a technician would come and fix my tv at home. I was then transferred again and a different agent set up an appointment for a company locally to come and fix the problem, again reviewing my model # and serial # and verifying the info. I then received a call from the television repair company that would be coming out and was informed that Panasonic had stated I had a 50 inch tv NOT the 42 inch that I have (even though I provided my model # several times). I was informed this model does not qualify for home service and I would have to drive 30 minutes out of San Diego to go and drop it off and then come back and pick it up. Frustrated again I called back Panasonic. They informed me that they could do nothing about it (they didn't even apologize for entering the wrong model type which I'm sure was a "drop down" choice done in error), I must go out of the city to a small town 30 minutes away (with NO traffic, much longer with traffic) and that they will not pay the extra money to have them come to my home. I am a woman who lives alone and has a very small car, getting this tv into it is going to be a nightmare by myself but then having to drive all the way in traffic to another town is ludicrous, only to have to come back and pick it up days later! So I re-contact the repair shop and the gentleman who is going to fix my tv had offered me to come out and fix my tv for $40 service charge to drive there. Either option I choose is so totally unacceptable. I could understand if the tv was 3 years old but this is 6 months old and obviously defective, talk about horrible customer service. Then I tried to reconfirm the appointment time that was set for me by Panasonic for the tv repair. I am then informed that Panasonic has repeatedly had the policy to set up appointments for people that are invalid. The repair shop stated that they call the client to determine the problem then must order parts which usually takes 1-2 business days then sets up an appointment for the repair. I inquired as to why they do not tell Panasonic to stop setting up invalid appointments and was informed they have repeatedly asked them not to do this and they continue anyway. Obviously, Panasonic doesn't care about what the repair team thinks any better than it's customers. This is unacceptable for a company of this magnitude. I am now forced to pay extra in either money or in gas and time to repair a brand new tv that is defective. The incompetence and lack of customer service from Panasonic was shocking and I will NEVER buy another product from them again as they obviously do not care at all about their customers. Worst return experience ever.
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on July 9, 2011
I did a lot of research before I bought this TV and Panasonic was rated the best for this type of TV. I was considering buying plasma when I bought my last big screen TV about 7 years ago, but didn't because they had so many problems then and were much more expensive than other big screens. I decided to buy a 52" Sony CRT big screen TV that died after only 3 1/2 years. I hope this one lasts longer. Panasonic claims 100,000 viewing hours so we'll see. The problems with Plasmas have been corrected and they have better blacks etc. In fact the salesmen at the electronics store that we checked out all recommend plasma. The picture is excellent and the best thing about this TV is the option to stream video directly from the web. We have watched 2 movies from Netflix and the viewing experience was excellent and very convenient. No more waiting for movies to be delivered by mail and having to worry about late fees from the video store. The TV was delivered as promised (actually it came early) and in excellent condition with a 30 day return warranty (they will pickup). Couldn't ask for more. Overall, I am very happy with the whole experience and will recommend Amazon to all my friends.

It is now almost 2 years since I bought this TV and I have moved 500 miles south almost a year ago since then. I am happy to report that I still love this TV and it was shipped by the moving company with no problems. We insured it when we moved, but apparently we were only able to insure for physical damage, not to make sure it was working when we received it. The company would not insure Plasma TV's for some reason. We had the moving company pack the TV in the original box and store it for a month in a warehouse at very hot temperatures (in July and I know this because some of my other belongings were heat damaged) and it still arrived in good condition. The moving company slightly damaged some of our furniture, but not this piece. I'm impressed!!
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on May 2, 2011
So a new 46S30 was delivered to my house today. Out of the box I liked the look of the set. I have been loyal to Samsung LCDs (LNT-4071 and 46B650) for some 6 years now, but decided to take the plunge into a plasma. Let's just say my feelings are mixed.
First of all, the TV arrived with a flaw in the screen. There are two vertical lines from top to bottom that are one pixel wide in the middle of the screen. They fluctuate in color and intensity depending on the scene being shown. So, this was not acceptable and I am sending it back. I am not keeping a screen with such a flaw but it has granted me a nice little trial period with the tv and wanted to write a review.

I first used the set in the middle of the day in what I would consider a room with an average amount of light. I hooked up my PS3 and put in the Planet Earth BluRay. Initial thoughts were that colors are magnificent and motion is flawless. Previous LCDs Ive owned tend to get blocky/pixelated in the Planet Earth scenes with thousands of birds taking flight at once - that absolutely does not happen with this plasma.

Now for the bad - The dark scenes are completely washed out even in a room with moderate daylight. In fact, when the screen is turned off it looks gray (light gray) - exactly the same gray as the blacks look when it is turned on in a room with daylight. My 22" JVC LCD ($200) has better blacks during the day and it isnt close.

So then it got dark outside. I turned the set back on and played another BluRay. Holy Moly. The difference is like night and day (bad pun, I know). In a dark room this thing is quite amazing. Jet black blacks combined with the same great color and motion. Wow.

So my conclusion is that if this TV was for a media room with no windows it would be VERY hard to beat for the price. I would definitely exchange it for another and be very happy. Unfortunately, in a room with any daylight this thing is worse than the old rear projection LCDs from the late 1990s. This doesnt suit my application (living room with floor to ceiling windows) however, so given that I am returning it for the screen defect I will be moving back to a Samsung or Sony LCD.

Hope this helps anyone considering the move from LCD to Plasma.
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on October 7, 2011
Purchased direct from TV was delivered quickly, setup was easy. Had to fine tune the settings so the picture matched my other Panasonic Plasma (4 years old).

After 2 weeks, the tv now gives the 7 red light blinking problem. I called Panasonic concierge service and after waiting for 20 minutes finally got a service scheduled. After receiving several calls from the repair business, we asked for a loaner. The goods news is that we got one (this took a week), the bad news is that the tech told me that these are failing like crazy and are on at least a three week backorder- so they have my brand new TV.

I feel like returning the TV and buying a Visio or I hope once repaired, it is as good as my other Panasonic Plasma, which is pretty amazing. I will update this once i get the TV returned...

** UPDATE** 10/14

TV was returned, 3 circuit boards replaced at no cost to me (over 450 bucks in parts). Hope is lasts. This TV appears to be less clear than my older Panasonic Plasma - regardless of the settings. Still has a better picture than most and is cheap compared to many so for the price, not bad.

One thing to note, I had to turn off the surround sound effect when watching sports as it muffled the announcers voices and increased the crowd noise.
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on June 29, 2011
Like most people, I wasn't sure if I should go with Plasma, or LED or LCD. My main concern was how does the picture look with standard definition channels. My first TV I got was the LG 42" LED HDTV and had a problem with an HDMI input so I brought it back and they had no more left in stock so my 2nd TV I got was a 40" Samsung 120hz LCD HDTV which was absolute garbage since I couldn't change the aspect ratio on the TV or cable box to display the TV as full instead of a 30" screen with black stripes on the side.

So finally I did a bit more research, didn't listen to all these "so-called" experts at Stores and get another LCD/LED TV and bit the bullet and got a plasma. I figured I'd go with the top producing plasma maker on the market, that being Panasonic. And am I ever glad I did, this TV has it all. Great picture, great sound, great standard definition display, great high def display, sleek design, internet ready with radio access and facebook access, user friendly menu, anti glare screen, and it is thinner than most plasma's.

I will never buy another LED/LCD TV, always going plasma, waaaaaay better.
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on July 22, 2011
The kings of plasma, Panasonic, do not disappoint with this entry-level offering. The picture and black-level performance of this set outdo all but the best LCDs out there, and the overall picture quality is outstanding.

Off-angle viewing does not suffer, as you would expect with plasmas, and color is good, if not 100% accurate.

The warmth and pop of the picture will surprise you for a TV in the $600-700 range. Shadow detail is good, blacks do not get crushed, and the matte finish on the screen resists glare which would otherwise disrupt those nice blacks.

Some items could use improvement - namely the remote control's design (while functional, it doesn't feel so good in my hand); also: if you calibrate the TV (more on that later) or use the Cinema mode (a very accurate mode), the brightness of the picture is somewhat restrained and it can be difficult to see dark images in well-lit rooms in your house.

Calibration options are limited - in the custom mode you can't control the gamma and you can't do much with the color either. This is not a total disappointment for a TV in this price range, and I found myself going back to the default Cinema mode which has the best overall balance of color accuracy, gamma, black-level performance, and overall detail.

Burn-in, or image retention, is a NON-ISSUE with this TV, despite it being a plasma. Very well done by Panny here.

I do like this TV a lot and recommend it highly if you're looking for a cheaper way to get into plasma. You are simply not going to find a better LCD picture for this type of money.
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on January 11, 2012
I bought the TC-p50s30 at Costco on 1/10/12 for a great deal of $629 with an added 60 bucks for an additional three year warranty. That made about $725 for a 50 inch Plasma with 5 YEARS of coverage!!! I was one happy camper!!! Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll.....maybe it should come with 5 hour warranty because that's about how long it lasted. After only 10 minutes of watching a line black line came across the top of the screen. I turned off the set and waited ten minutes. After turning it back on the line was gone so I continued watching. Again, after ten or fifteen minutes the line reappeared. Realizing I probably got a lemon I went out to eat to cool down and relax. When I returned I turned the TV on again for I figured id just watch it some till I took it back the next day. The line was gone and did not return but after twenty minutes the whole screen went black and I got the blinking red lights of death. So all in all, this TV lasted about 45 mins total and thats not even continuous viewing.

In summary...purchased 1/10/12...returning 1/11/12..lasted less than an hour...this Tv is a piece of junk. Id give zero stars if I could because no I have to lug this thing back to Costco....its NOT SMALL!!!! Its a great picture the short time it lasts. Im lucky mine died right away and Costco has a great return policy. I hear horror stories of people trying to get help through Panasonic. STAY AWAY from this TV at all cost.

Costco was great during the returns process. No problems at all to speak of on their end.

UPDATE 1/18/2012****
I returned the set for another P50s30 and so far have not had any issues. I upgraded my review to three stars to be fair to this item. It seems like a good value for the price. I would suggest by a squaretrade warranty on this model. If you are looking for a decent plasma at a good price id look into this one. So far so good but i have my fingers crossed.
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on June 1, 2011
This was my first foray into the flat panel TV world (I know, I'm way behind) and I am thrilled with the purchase. If what you're after is picture quality and 3d doesn't interest you - THIS is the way to go

- Incredible picture quality including excellent black levels and color depth (what else do you want from a TV?)
- Enough connection points for me (3 HDMI, 1 component, 1 composite)
- No 3d (I don't want to pay extra for the feature since I don't see it well, to me this is a pro)
- Minimal web widgets (If I want to surf the net I'd use my PS3 so fewer widgets keeps the cost down)
- attractive looking even when off, in a basic black sort of way
- matte finish screen to cut down on glare
- Price
- Size options
- 600 hertz refresh rate for liquid smooth movement
- Energy star rated - it may be plasma, but it doesn't get hot

- On board sound isn't very impressive - you'll probably want a surround sound system at some point
- No 3d (if you want it, this TV is not for you)
- Glare - the matte finish helps, but it's not perfect
- Not a ton of connection points - it was enough for me, but I can see how someone might need more

--- None of the cons are a major issue to me. I would probably rate the TV as 4.5 or so stars since the sound isn't awesome as is and it has a couple other small issues, but it's better than a 4 star and think since I had to pick one or the other I'm happy giving a 5 star rating. I love it and if you're like me and looking for the best picture you can get without wanting a lot of expensive extras, so will you.
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on September 23, 2011
I bought this TV on 07/18/2011. In 09/11/2011 it was dead. The power led was blinking and I couldn't turn on the TV. I called to the Panasonic Customer Service and opened a Case. The technician went to my home 3 days after, changed some internal pieces and said that the TV could not be fixed. I called to Panasonic again and they simply don't have a solution!
Please, think about my case before you go to buy a Panasonic product. The Customer Care doesn't care about you.
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on November 30, 2011
I purchased this television new from Sears on 9/10/2011. Five weeks later there is a blue line running the entire length of the television, which impairs visibility. Sears would not take it back because it was five days past the return period, so I had to contact Panasonic. Panasonic sent a technician to my house to inspect the set. The technician said that the entire panel needed to be replaced. I asked for a NEW television, but I was told that it was not going to happen. Anyway, the technician took my television to their shop for repair. After three weeks of hearing nothing ( I was told it would only take a week) I contacted Panasonic numerous times, only to wait thirty minutes minimum to speak to a representative who was worthless. As of right now it has been nearly a month, and I am being told, by the actual repair facility, that it will likely be early January before I get my television back as the parts are on backorder. They took my television on November 7 th, and it will not be back until next year. Beware folks, Panasonic's customer support is terrible. There are better options out there. The set itself is decent, but if it breaks...good luck.
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