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on September 7, 2011
This TV is amazing. I had no clue about the whole VieraCast feature and now I can't live without it. I'm not sure why I didn't read about it from other reviewers. Vieracast is a system installed on the TV & it's like icons on your smart phone. You click on it & tada! You can see the weather in ANY city in the world, use NetFlix, watch Youtube videos. . . If you get this TV you need to be aware that to use VieraCast, you DEFINATELY need to upgrade your WIFI Internet access & purchase the MAXIMUM BANDWIDTH. If not, you'll be watching a movie & it will suddenly stop & you get the HOURGLASS!!!!! AFTER I upgraded my internet service, my router, & my modem I get all the features. If it sounds like a headache then don't bother but you'll be missing out of a ton of extra stuff. I even get this German channel called BIL.DE. Pandora is also pretty amazing! You can hear any music from just about ANY artist on the planet whenever you want!
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on September 12, 2011
can't say im one of those people who anaylizes every aspect of the TV but I will say this, its great. I go over to my friends house and can tell a noticeable difference between theirs and mine. Its just awesome. For those of you looking for that deep review by a TV buff, this is not it. But you want an opinion of a guy who has had 6 HDTVs (dating all the way back to the first HD Mitsubishi) this is hands down awesome, easy to use, easy to setup and great. Only thing I wish I could do is stream netflix directly from it rather than amazon tv (which I think sucks). But I have a PS3, so its whatever.
OH and on a side note, I thought the whole 3D tv was a huge scam and worthless, I actually tried to find a TV that didn't have it just because I thought it was such a rip. They basically told me that all higher end TVs have this feature now so I just gave in. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised when watching avatar in 3D. Very cool. Can't say much else about it since thats all I've watched in 3D, but it was cool.

Also, just a quick dig at samsung if thats what your thinking about getting it and on the fence between this one and a samsung model. I owned a samsung plasma and it died in 2 years. My buddy owned a samsung LCD and it died in 2 years. When I was shopping at best buy to just view the TV (wasn't about to buy it from them) I started talking to a guy who was looking to buy a new one as well. Guess what TV he was replacing, a samsung, which lasted him 2 years. My buddy bought a Panasonic Plasma 6 years ago and its still going strong, no problems at all. I dont care what people say about samsungs great picture, and stylish design, and everything else. They wont last for you, period. Now I say that based on my experience on the others I mentioned, but seriously, if your in the market for a TV, buy a Panasonic. Way better quality when it comes to Plasma and just TVs in general. Unless that is you enjoy buying a new TV every 2 years or so and need an excuse for your wife to do so.
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on April 17, 2011
This tv is by far the best electronic investment I have made. I had to upgrade from a Sony sxrd that was going bad, and was solely concerned with a good 2d picture. I had seen CES previews of this set and had decided this was going to be my Panasonic option. My other option was the Samsung D7000 LED. I demoed the D7000 and was fairly impressed. After all it was light years better than what I currently owned. I ended up waiting for this TV to come out, especially since it was about $500 cheaper, however I never had a chance to see it in person. But i have to say that i am very happy i went with this over the D7000. The picture quality of this set is superb, with much more accurate colors than the Samsung. This TV has the deepest blacks I have ever seen, and the shadow detail is spot on. The 3d is the best I have seen at home or theatre, although I think it is riduculous that at TV of this caliber and price point ships without glasses. Hopefully Panasonic takes a cue from Samsung and puts out some lower cost glasses. I did get a chance to play Killzone 3 in 3d. Those unfamiliar with this game need to know it is a FPS for the PS3. Gaming in 3d on this set is incredible. There is hardly any crosstalk and the sets game mode is the best I have ever seen. If your are looking for the best plasma for your money, look no further than this set.
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on February 12, 2012
Got this new plasma set about 10 months ago with a March 2011 build date.
Most of these earlier builds prior to July 2011 have a floating brightness issue which
is corrected under warranty by replacing the A-board.
Once this was done the picture is just fantastic!
The warranty service call was pretty painless and happened within about two weeks
of calling Panasonic Service. These A-boards are sometimes on back order.
The newer build dates after around July 2011 apparently do not have this problem.
The picture is very good and more film like than LEDs/OLEDs. You should break in the
pixels for about 100 hours to avoid screen "burn in". I am running this on the Zoom setting
and have had no image retention problems whatsoever.
Great value from the "like new" selections at Amazon Warehouse!
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on August 5, 2011
From the moment I unpacked my 50" Plasma (TC-P50GT30) from Panasonic I was impressed by its quality of construction. I immediately compared it to the iphone, solid weight, not flimsy with a glass face. 3D quality is beautiful but I may have even been more impressed by the quality of the 2D blu-ray movies. There is just something different about how a 3D tv plays blu-ray when compared to a traditional HD, LCD or LED. I might also not that the system is loaded with applications like Facebook, Netflix's, YouTube, etc.

In reading other reviews I came across comments about shifting in blacks that was annoying for some. I did notice this as well but after a short firmware upgrade the problem was fixed. Ultimately no problem...

My only mistake is that I wish I had purchased the larger model. Overall this is a beautiful TV with excellent picture quality and a sound investment. Two thumbs up... way to go Panasonic!!!
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on December 28, 2011
Some panels show gray snow artifact in dark scenes. Panasonic says this is not covered by warranty and wont fix or exchange. If the panel works theres nothing better, if it doesn't you're out of luck (and time and money too.)
Panasonic is one of the companies where wait time to speak to customer support is >30 minutes, which makes fixing problems hard.
A call back from a supervisor takes 72 hours.
When the TV was still malfunctioned after repair they said to talk to the repair company and repair company points back at Panasonic

Great TV if you get lucky, otherwise get a Samsung or a Sony. Both have awesome TVs, better quality control, and good customer support if your investment fails you.
review image
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on December 1, 2013
I loved this TV, however it died after 2 years. I bought this in July of 2011 and it died as of November 2013. Apparently it happens with Panasonic Plasmas. See the forums or search for 7 blinks of death for Panasonic.

I am in the midst of trying to repair it myself however I wasn't expecting something like this for at least 8-10 years.
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on May 31, 2014
Before you purchase any Panasonic TV, do a search for "7 blinking lights of death" and you will find that Panasonic is putting defective parts in the TV that will fail within 18 to 24 months. For a TV at this cost, there is no reason to expect that the TV will fail in such a short duration under normal use. Like everyone else that reported this issue, just outside the warranty, the SC board will fail. Ours failed around 24 months.

A quick thought on the TV. Yep the picture looks nice, and the sound was great. It was cool to be able to connect to Amazon Prime or Netflix or show videos from the internet. Given all the features and that the video looked great, I would say it would have been a 4/5 star; however, this TV and all Panasonic plasma TV's are defective. Before you decide, you must do a search and you will see that many people are reporting this issue, each and every time, just outside the warranty.

Given that this is a defective product, it doesn't deserve anything beyond a 1-star rating. In fact, Panasonic should own up to its responsibilities as a manufacturer and publicly announce that their product is defective and replace the failing components. Since many people have already stated that Panasonic gave them the cold shoulder on this issue, Panasonic and their products should be avoided.
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on July 4, 2011
After reading reviews about the GT30 I was convinced of two things, the first is that it was the best tv on the market outside of the VT30 and the second was that there was a chance I could be having to deal with floating blacks or buzzing issues with the TV.

First let me say that the first part is true, it is the finest display I have ever seen. It does SD, HD, 3D and everything in between. The colors are perfect and warm. It's not too dark in a bright room, and the black levels are phenomenal. You could play almost any movie on this tv and it would be an enjoyable experience. THX mode out of the box and the TV looks great. So far I haven't adjusted or calibrated it at all.

As far as the other issues go, I haven't seen any floating blacks or gamma shift issues. I watched Sucker Punch last night and the screens were nice and dark. I watched the bars at the bottom of the screen and they never changed color, brightness only shifted when it was appropriate. Secondly I haven't heard any buzzing from the unit at all. I've been trying to keep brightness and contrast down for the first 100 hours to break it in gently, but as of yet I haven't heard the tv make a sound that I didn't ask it too.

Sound is a bit of an issue at this point, it's not great, but it's not horrible either. Most people who would pay for this tv would probably shell out for a surround sound system as well.

Internet options for this tv are pretty good as well. Viera Cast has some interesting options, I haven't really explored everything yet, but I was pleased that the tv came packed with a wireless adapter.

I am so pleased with this purchase. Amazon's 24 month financing is great if you are considering it. I got this tv with glasses and avatar for a massive discount over anything I've seen the big box stores do, so if you are considering it watch for specials (this was the second time they ran the free glasses promotion, I'm positive there will be a third).
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on December 29, 2011
I did many many months of research. All the reading I had done said Plasma was the better buy for your dollar. I wanted a large tv and this works great. We have not tried the 3D yet on it, but I read that the 2D on a 3D is a better picture. We are very satisfied with our television. Some of the other reviews talk about a fluctuation in the lighting, I saw it for about one minute than it was gone. I updated the software and have had NO problems at all.
My boys play Xbox and love the picture! I watched this price for months and on the day after Thanksgiving I got a great deal! Thanks Amazon I purchase from you often and I knew I could trust you with my 60" Plasma Panasoni too!
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