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on May 31, 2012
This is the best TV I tried out over the last 30 days. I wanted to stay around $800 which is fairly easy these days if you dont need a smart/3D TV. I have Google TV and love it.
I took advantage of Best Buy's 30 day return policy with no questions asked.
I went into the store and every geek squad guy said that Panasonic Plasma is the way to go.

I went against their recommendation due to brand loyalty and got the 50" LG Plasma Model 50PA5500. This TV was fine, but the white levels just couldnt hit the mark(seemed dirty) without compromising the blacks.

I then returned it and wanted to try a LED TV. I bought the Samsung 46" LED Model UN46EH6000FXZA. At first glance the LED was great (esp when there wasnt fast movement), then the picture started to annoy me. I went through multiple picture adjustments and could not get rid of the tracers, and the picture seemed a little jerky. Im sure a LED with a higher refresh rate wouldve be a lot better, but Im not paying for it.

After those 2 a came back and got this Panasonic, and couldnt be happier. After testing the market I realized I initially over reacted to the reflection of the Plasma glass screen(mainly because I was aware of it being an issue so I would stare at the reflection at every dark scene). This TV did not require hardly any advanced settings tweaking like the hours I spent on the other 2 models. I have 2 settings I currently like; one for sports and one for movies. Eventually Ill get it to one picture.
This TV has very good whites, very good blacks, and the onscreen movements are extremely fluid. My wife was enamored with the brightness of the LED, but we found a good meeting point. The life-like crisp picture definitely makes up for that.
I could care less if this TV uses $3 more a month in energy over the LED. Im not worried about missing the passing fad of 3D and its early technology, or if the TV is "smart". Im also not worried about this TV lasting 20 years, even though they say it will.
I highly recommend this TV.
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on May 10, 2012
Sorry Amazon, I didn't buy it online, picked it up locally at Sam's Club for less, but hopefully what I have to say will convince more people to buy this model the Panasonic P50U50. It's the newest Plasma technology, my build was April 2012, it used Panasonic's Brand new Nano Plasma screen which is absolutely amazing, it runs cool uses 100 watts, the Nano Screens are rated for 100,000 hours and has none of the problems of the older Plasma screens and when you compare this to an LCD or LED it's striking the difference, even the cats are amazed they keep trying to touch things on the screen. Have to wipe their paw prints off my new never had that problem with my old DPL TV it replaced. This TV does NOT have WIFI or 3D built in, however almost all of the new Blue-ray players have all of that built in and if you want the Internet go with a Ruko or Google TV box for less that $100.00 you will have more Internet applications than you know what to do with and the ability to search the Internet unlike the proprietary apps built into the expensive TVs which are very limited. Now let me tell you about the features Panasonic forgot to mention that this TV has ....guess they are trying to play down the less expensive TVs, it does have Picture Presets and Color Presets and a lot of Audio adjustments including Surround Sound which I'm using, gives a wider sound effect, now it's not going to shake your glass in your windows, but we found it to quite good, it has plenty of HDMI and component hookups and a Panasonic exclusive the SD card reader, we like that feature, it has a Light Sensor and Volume Leveler too, keeping those commercials from blasting you out. Overall a very nice THIN about 2" thick TV and well worth the $748.00 we paid for it at Sam's Club which BTW you must pick-up in store, so unless you have a big vehical, I'd recommend having shipped free from a reputable online seller like Amazon. PS get ready to share it with your cats.
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on November 3, 2012
I shopped around locally & on the internet and could not beat the price for this. I liked that it is a name brand and also it offered free shipping with my Prime membership. I was concerned that the description did not list it as "wall mountable." None of the reviews mentioned anything about this so I hope my experience will help any future buyers who want to wall mount their set.

After some research I found that it is wall mountable but that it does not conform to the Vesa standards. Vesa makes it easy to buy a wall mount for your television. If the television lists the Vesa bolt pattern you can then easily pick out the correct wall mount. I went to the panasonic site and it lists the wall mount model as TY_WK5P1RW. Great, but I could not find a place to buy that model! A Google search for it brought up the "Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65-Inch Plasma LED LCD TV" here on Amazon. Its description states it is a universal type mount that will fit most bolt patterns. I ordered this wall mount.

There are bolt patterns on the mount that did line up with the bolt holes on the TV. The catch is that none of the bolts that came with the wall mount fit into the holes on the TV itself! I had to go to the hardware store for them. So be prepared and buy these first. You need M8 screws, 4 of them. "minimum depth of 0.67" (17.00 mm) maximum depth of 1.46" (37.0 mm) I consider this more the fault of the television manufacture than the wall mount manufacture. The VESA standard is common these days and if they can't use that they should have at least included bolts that fit into the television. However, that may be the reason they did not advertise this set as wall mountable.

As to the actual performance, I was very pleased with the sound on this set! Some of them these days have such horrible sound you then have to spend a hundred more dollars on a sound bar. Our living room is not large but I think if you are using this in a large entertainment room you would probably also be hooking it up to a sound system anyway. For use in a living room the sound of the television on its own is great! Picture is great too. There is a VIVID setting that makes the picture much brighter than the other settings or of course you can go in and manually adjust the settings on brightness & contrast. My father is visually impaired and needs the most vivid picture possible. This set is a great improvement over the old rear projection TV we had before.

There are only 2 HDMI inputs but on another televison set I own, I bought a simple adapter that provides more connections if needed. For my fathers needs, 2 are just fine.

If you just want to use the stand that came with the set, it is easy to put together and seemed to hold the televison sturdy. However, we did not have it on long before we went to the wall mount.

Very happy with the set and would recommend it highly, just be aware of the wall mount issues!
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on September 20, 2012
When the ancient CRT in our playroom FINALLY died I went looking for the biggest flat-screen I could afford without 3D or any of the other bells and whistles. I had a Roku for the room already so I didn't need a "smart" set, it could be as dumb as they come as long as the PQ was excellent. I'm an old fa#t and the idea of wearing 3D glasses and staring at a set didn't make it. 2D is just fine with me so "get off my lawn"! I had bought a Panny plasma for our living room about four years ago and it's still hanging in there and I still love it, mostly for the great PQ. The 50" version of this set, the TC-P50U50, had gotten great reviews from people wanting something simple and good and then I found out that this 60" version was just released last month.

So I pulled the trigger and ordered it from Amazon for $999 with free Prime shipping, promised the be delivered in seven days, but how nice, it came in five. The nice delivery guy rolled it in, pulled it out of the box, turned it on which gave me a chance to check for dead pixels - none. After a few days here's some impressions:

1) Big! BigBig! BIGGG! Make sure you've got the room. I looked up the specs on the Panny website and made a template with cardboard to be sure.

2) After some calibration this set shows the best picture quality I've ever seen, bar none. It's absolutely amazing, sharp, clear with perfect colors. Perfect blacks like a plasma should have. I looked up the calibration settings that the owners of the smaller TC-P50U50 used and posted on AVS Forum then just tweaked them a little for my tastes.

3) Like most high-quality plasmas there is no lag or pixillation at all, even with fast sports like football or hockey.

4) The speakers are more than loud enough for me to be able to ditch my extra wireless speakers, and I'm half deaf.

5) Only two HDMI ports but I picked up a 5-port splitter for under $10 on Amazon that works fine.

6) Remember that plasmas can be shiny in a bright room with bright light behind the viewer, and this set is no exception. I'm in a dark room with little uncontrollable light but if you view a lot during the day with bright backlighting get an LCD or a DLP.

7) If you get any new flat-screen - first thing is to Calibrate, Calibrate, CALIBRATE!

This is an amazing set for the price, and if you don't need the extra features it's a no-brainer buy. Wal-mart has it for $948 + tax and you have to schlep it home yourself. Save yourself the headache and get it here.

11/23/2012 Edit: Another poster asked for my calibration settings, Here's my reply:

Hi Scott;

I got most of my calibration info about the 60" from the below discussions on AVS about its little brother 50" since they appear identical except for screen size. Below I also included the settings I've settled on for my darker playroom. Make sure you start in Cinema Mode! You may need to tweak your brightness a little for a lighter room. These settings make the set look awesome to my eyes for everything, especially sports! Hope this helps.


My Settings:

Picture Mode: Cinema
Contrast +97
Brightness +62
Color +61
Tint 0
Sharpness +10
Color Temp Normal
Color Management Off
C.A.T.S. Off
Video NR Off

And In Advanced Picture:

Block NR: Off
Mosquito NR Off
Black Level Light
3:2 Pulldown Auto
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on May 24, 2012
I was skeptical of this set at first, when viewed in-store at Best Buy and Walmart it seemed dull and dim compared to the much brighter LCD's on display. Those employees, like a couple reviewers here, just have no idea how to properly set it up. Crank up the brightness and contrast, this is the most amazing picture quality I've seen in my home(make the employees set it to "vivid" for a quick way to compare). Gamers swear by Panasonic Plasmas, and this model is no exception. The deep blacks add layers of color I never saw on my previous TV and the lack of LCD lag make all my games feel so much more responsive. 3D is a fad and "smart" features can be added just by hooking up a PC, or are delivered by the PS3 or 360 already. Skip those unneeded costs to grab this giant plasma for a great value.
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on May 17, 2012
If you, above all other things, put picture quality above everything else, then this plasma is the flat panel tv for you!

No smartv or 3d functionality, but if you don't care about that or have a ps3 or htpc then you're all set. Sure it might only have 2hdmis, but your advanced AVR can take care of that, so all this tv needs is 1 hdmi with that being said. It does have an optical audio out, toslink. It does have (arc) on hdmi input#2.

Gamers will love its very low input lag.

Black levels are as good as its 3d cuz, the UT50, and CNET said the UT50 matches the ST50. Like the UT50 there is no AR coating, so you'll need a somewhat light controlled room for viewing. Viewing angles, as with all pdps, are killer!

If you're on a tight budget & have the other goodies or even a smart blu-ray device you're in like flynn! You will not find a better 50" hdtv for <$800.......
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on November 17, 2012
The Panasonic TC-P60U50 is a beautiful Plasma TV and in my home outperformed the Samsung LED UN60EH6000. I was fortunate to have both the Samsung LED TV and the Panasonic Plasma TV in my home at the same time for the comparison.

Comparing LED TVs first, Samsung UN60EH6000 is a great TV. The nice black non reflective screen reveals some of the highest quality scenes that I have seen with an LED and has wonderful color and resolution. If you want a high definition LED and don't need the gimmicky 3D or wireless, the Samsung UN60EH6000 TV is one of the best LEDs, at any price. By the way, the Samsung is a back lit LED, which appears more attractive than side lite unless you plan on watching from the side. (FYI, if you didn't already know, LEDs are LCD TVs with LED back lighting).

HOWEVER, what you may see in the showroom comparing LED TVs to Plasma, may not at all be what you see at home. I definitely preferred the Samsung LED in the showroom over Plasma TVs where the default settings of the bright LED Samsung handled the bright showroom environment better than the Plasma TVs - which hadn't been set up right for that environment and all appeared relatively dark and dull. However, when at home away from the bright showroom lights and with the TV settings adjusted properly, I easily preferred the Panasonic Plasma TV over the Samsung LED.

I have a base Panasonic model TC-P60U50 60" plasma TV (well reviewed), and in my opinion its picture bested the Samsung LED. The Panasonic Plasma seemed to have more beautiful rich natural skin tones and color balance, superior dark black contrast and backgrounds, and in general appeared warmer and more natural and was every bit as resolving and high definition. Not at all like LED TVs which can in comparisan appear slightly artificial, digital & pixelized, and a little stark and fatiguing after continuous viewing unlike Plasma TVs. It appears to me that for my preferences, Plasma TVs have an inherent advantage in general over LED TVs.

Be aware that the glass picture screen of the Plasma TVs is highly reflective compared to LEDs. However, their viewing angle is superior and although they use more electricity, the cost difference is probably less than $15 per year. I was able to get a nicely bright picture at 50% brightness in the daytime from my Panasonic plasma at home, so I can't imagine visibility in a daytime environment being an issue if the TV settings are adjusted properly. Heat with modern plasmas is not an issue as the front picture screen is only slightly warm to the touch (no more fans) and no perceptible heat is given off into the room, plus they are almost as thin as an LED, and are only a little heavier. When standing right behind my Plasma TV, I could hear no buzzing. The sound from the Panasonic plasma is OK, but is a little lacking and sounds a bit weak and lacks richness as is the case of most thin screen TVs. However, I got a huge leap in the quality of sound with a clear and rich sounding Yamaha YAS 101 sound bar (which came close to a sound system and bettered a ZVOX 220 sound bar). Costco sells the very same sound bar as the Yamaha YAS 101 for less than Amazon at $180 (Costco calls it a Yamaha ATS 1010). If you like quality sound, the improvement in sound with a sound bar over newer thin screen TVs is well worth the price in my opinion.

I have heard some rumbling about reliability and speculation from some people that the modern plasma TVs in order to be more competitive, have had some of their internal power generating electronics compromised with cheaper and undervalued capacitors, etc. than what was put in earlier plasma TVs. A friend of mine with 35 years in electronics agrees with this and pointed out how Panasonic as of late has resorted to using printed circuit boards in their plasma TV power supplies and often uses undervalued caps where higher valued ones were needed. If you suspect that there may be some credibility to that as I do, I think it might be wise to offset the lower price of plasmas over LED TVs, by buying the extended warranty to be on the safe side. My Panasonic purchased in November, was made in October of the same year and has a -2 by the model number. Perhaps some of these problems have been addressed in the newer model.

My personal preference for settings is Contrast 47%, Brightness 74%, and Sharpness 24%. Be advised (if you don't already know) that Contrast actually adjusts the White Level, and Brightness adjusts the Black Level. The picture of Plasma TVs tend to be a little darker and richer than average in the blacks, hence the reason for a higher than average setting for brightness (black level). You can turn the Black Level up even higher, but my observation is that even though the black levels become more distinct, that some richness is lost from the picture in general elsewhere.

No doubt, others may prefer the Samsung LED TV which is also very nice and has much to offer. Again, the thing that really made me prefer the Panasonic Plasma TV over it and stood out the most, was the better representation of color and and an almost 3D real-life texture, how it presented a picture which seemed warmer and more natural, and how the picture of the Panasonic Plasma TV was less inclined to appear a little stark and fatiguing, artificial, and digital as LED TVs in general can. The Panasonic Plasma was simply more comfortable to watch and much more pleasing to the eye overall.

As a side note, you can get a Panasonic plasma smart TV with a picture quality which, although close to the Panasonic P60U50 plasma, has a slightly better picture with an anti-reflective coating and the capacity for a brighter daytime picture with the ST and higher series. Be prepared to spend at least 50% more though.
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on August 4, 2012
I'm giving it 4-stars because I've only had this set for 3-days but I am initially very pleased. I ordered this set ($720 at the time from Amazon) for my basement recreation room so the added mask filter of the more expensive models was not needed - plus my Blue-Ray player already had the internet connection. Note: I have recessed ceiling lightning fixtures in the room, so I simply unscrewed the flood light nearest this TV to reduce ambient light - this worked fine.

As for the (2) HDMI ports, do yourself a favor and order the Ultra High Performance HDMI 3-1 Switcher from Enjoy Gadgets via Amazon for $8.99 - it is as good as advertised. My experience: I hooked Cable TV and XBox to ports 1 & 3 on this Switcher and it switches between these two devices automatically. Example: I'm watching Cable TV and I turn on the XBox, and the picture automatically switches over to the XBox. Then when I turn off the XBox, the picture reverts back to Cable TV automatically - which is quite nice. For the time being, I have my Blu-Ray plugged in directly to HDMI 2 on the TC-P50U50 and the switcher plugged in to HDMI 1 on the TC-P50U50

As for the limited control settings on this set: I'm using the Custom Picture selection, and the following settings recommended by a user on AV Forum: CONTRAST 81, BRIGHTNESS 58, COLOR 50, TINT 0, SHARPNESS 30. And it looks great.

How does it compare to LED? I have a 55" inch Samsung LED upstairs (around $1,400) which I bought last year, and I love it. This Plasma picture is different but if you asked me which set I would prefer watching, I would honestly have to say that it doesn't matter. But for $720, I am very pleased.
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on August 29, 2012
I just got this TV delivered five days ago and love it.

- The screen is huge.
- Colors are realistic.
- Resolution is top-notch.
- The set was CHEAPER than anything else this size.
- It turns on almost instantly when you hit the power button. That's actually a huge plus to me because the Toshiba it replaced in my TV room seemed to take ages to click on, like it had to warm up or something. This Panasonic is blazingly fast by comparison.

- The screen is highly glossy, and thus reflective. If you have lights on that face the front of the TV screen, you will see those lights reflected on the screen. So this is not a great choice if you keep the viewing room brightly lit. It works for us because we like to keep the TV room rather dimly lit anyway, and have soft lamps beside the TV so they don't cause the same reflection problems mentioned above.

Considering the price and Panasonic's reputation for quality, this has got to be one of the best TV values ever. Certainly it's the best deal I've ever gotten.
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on August 16, 2012
The Panasonic TC-P50U50 plasma TV is a middle level plasma but it has a great picture unsurpassed by the more expensive models from Panasonic and other mfgs. The sound is very good using the on-board speakers but I have a surround sound system so I don't use them. I don't use it to access the web so the web features offered by Panasonic and others is not a factor for me.
There were no dead pixels, set up/fine tuning was idiot proof and the delivery service was outstanding. The delivery person was not just a driver. He was a tech who actually unpacked and did a basic installation of the TV in my family room.
I bought the TV from Amazon because the total price including delivery was several hundred dollars less than I would have paid locally.
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