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on May 18, 2012
This camera is a member of the 1080p/60fps club. I expect that in a few years, that spec will be pretty standard as the high end moves to 4K video. Until then, the X900M provides the most detailed and smooth recording available in amateur camcorders. If you plan to shoot it in a lesser video mode, it's advantages over other models diminishes. I plan to do all of my shooting at 60p. It has 32GB on board memory plus a 64GB SD card I have installed. It is sized nicely for my large hands. If you plan on recording mostly in 2D with the occasional fun 3D shoot, this camera is a good choice as it shoots superior 2D and decent 3D. Where the Sony and JVC 3D models have 2 dedicated lenses and sensors (one for each "eye"), this model uses an optional ($269) add-on splitter lens which feeds left and right info onto a single sensor array where it is either recorded as split screen 3D or recombined for AVCHD 3D (better). But is is NOT 2 full HD frames like a true dedicated 3D model (i.e. HDR-TD10 or GS-TD1). The effect is still quite good -- just not class-leading. The problem with the dedicated 3D models is the typically poor 2D performance. So your purchase should depend on how much 3D you intend to take. I'll probably be 80% 2D and 20% 3D, so this was the right camera.
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on July 30, 2012
This little jewel should be called the "uber-light, do-everything-camera for the frequent traveler". Panasonic replaced all the chrome and high-impact shiny plastic housing found on the glamorous TM-900K with thinner and lighter plastic and reduced the weight by almost 2/3's to bring the 900X in at a tad under a pound. Amazing. The various control switches are a little funky but the end results are the same.... superb 60p video. After five years of lugging around my old Sony HDV (a brick) my shoulder starting aching from the get-go, but now I barely notice this camera is in the bag. THE CONS: As with every other camera on the market today the LCD is unreadable in bright light. In my opinion the image-stabilization doesn't quite live up to it's hype .... but I'll let Vegas 11 handle that. If you're just shooting scenery with added background music the built-in mic doesn't play a big role.... BUT, if you're videoing people talking to the camera farther than 10' away the built-in mic sounds tinny and almost worthless. Bite the bullet and plan on a wireless mic ..... no question. When shooting in 1080/60p (that's all I use) this sucker gets VERY warm and draws down the battery at a mighty clip. Get some bigger batteries and a couple extra SD cards. And finally, the author and editor of the user manual need to take a crash course in "Technical Writing for the Masses 101".... the manual is very poorly written. With all the nits I've just picked you might think there's something better out there for the same money. Could be, but I'm loving this little feather-weight.
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on January 5, 2013
I have to say that this is one of the best camcorders I have ever used in my life. The video quality is stunning and the low-light performance is extraordinary. I have to say that the three sensors this camera comes equipped with give it a huge advantage over other camcorders in the market right now. I don't know why so many people gave low ratings for this product .. to me it is excellent. I'd highly recommend buying this product if you're looking for an affordable camcorders with some great features and video quality. The only problem is that to manually control the setting you have to use the touch screen which I don't find very touch responsive.
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on June 4, 2012
It is somewhat difficult to write a review on a camcorder with so many possibilities and so many functions which you have to learn to handle, when you received the camera only 20 days ago.
This is not my first camcorder and perhaps from this point of view the learning was faster then I thought, but I am still finding new functions after reading more carefully the instructions.
I like very much the LEICA Dicomar lens and enjoy the Superb Quality. On the other hand using the camera as a still camera with 16.0 Mega Pixels and flash included makes me think twice whether I should take my still camera along or not. With this camcorder you have All in One. The 32GB built in memory I am using for filming and bought another 32GB for still pictures.
I find it handy to use an external mic, cutting off the internal mic, for commentaries you may wish to make to your filming, because of the wind noise, although the camera has a "wind noise canceler".
It is wonderful to be able to choose between the LCD touch screen monitor, which in bright light is completely useless and the viewfinder. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and as I go along, will learn a lot more about this camcorder, such as the manual use of shutter and speeds etc..
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on May 6, 2012
Bought this camera a few months ago. It shoots amazing video quality and decent stills (while rolling video). Very pleased with overall quality. Easily transferred to Mac and FCP. You can easily transfer via camera or via SDHC card. It has an external mic and earphone jacks which are nice features. You can add a light with the adapter provided. (I purchased a $35 LED light) Price has increased since I bought mine or I would have purchased another one!
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on September 15, 2012
An excellent camcorder. Next step up would be to spend $2K on a semi-professional camera which was not in the budget. If you are looking to get the same results of a professional videotaping this would be an ideal choice. I've not spent too much time with it yet, but from the first test runs I had with it so far it performs up to the challenge and the picture quality looks fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone serious about video.
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on March 22, 2013
I upgraded from the Canon Vixia HF S200, and I am extremely happy! I have mostly used it for snowboarding videos so far, but will update the review when I use it for other purposes this summer. The main reason I got rid of the HF S200 is because I couldn't find a setting on the camera that worked good in the lighting conditions for snowboarding and I couldn't find a setting that could keep up with the fast motion.

The Panasonic HC-X900M immediately worked great for snowboarding. I just hit the 1080p60 button and let the auto iA mode run and I was filming great lighting and crisp videos. This is one of the very very few cameras that can record in 60p framerate. When I drop those videos in to Sony Vegas Pro, I can get amazingly sharp slow motion. The 60p can make it difficult for some computers to watch the raw files, but with a little practice and editing it is amazing. The x900 also has a wider angle lens compared with the vixia hf s200, although it could benefit from just a tiny bit wider angle, but this is just being picky.

I briefly was using the previous year Panasonic TM700, but had some issues with the camera having error messages and some fan noise. I have not experienced any of that yet with the x900. I also very much like that there is a viewfinder on this camcorder. The colors seem really good to me, and I think this camera is just amazing with indoor recording. Where my old camera was grainy, the x900 is crisp and peoples faces and color look perfect.

I do wish it came with a wall charger so that I don't have to charge the battery in the camera. Also the fact that you have to open the lcd screen to access the power button and batter is odd.

Amazing camcorder! I would recommend it for those with knowledge in video editing and those wanting some professional looking quality and slow motion.
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on November 30, 2012
I've been testing out this camcorder for several days now and I am impressed. Video quality is excellent as well as the still photos. Night time shooting is amazing as well. The added 32GB internal memory is a big plus! The 3.5" LCD screen makes recording under sunny skies very easy. The view finder is also very handy, but when shooting video through the view finder, it can be a little laggy even though the video is shooting smoothly. I highly recommend this camcorder for anyone looking for excellent video quality without spending a lot of money!
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on December 7, 2013
So far I have not used this a whole lot, but am impressed as I was with the TM900. I will try to update this if I have problems. I rarely give anything 5 stars.

I have been doing photo/video for over 40 years and the Panasonic TM900 although not perfect (white balance and mic noise 2 issues but with workarounds) is a small camcorder and the video it can produce if used properly can rival much larger and more expensive cameras (like some that are 3-4 times as much money). I have 5 computers, one has a 19" monitor, one a 27" and one is hooked up to a 42 inch Plazma TV. I have seen reviewers often describe the video from the TM900 as "Stunning" and watching video from this camera or the TM900 on the 42" screen, that description fits perfectly.

I have had many cameras... still cameras from a Mamiya/Sekor Auto XTL1000, Ricoh, Pentax to Canon Rebel SLRsand most recently a Panasonic FZ200 (after having the FZ100, FZ150 and about 8 other Panasonic cameras)and Video cameras from Sony to Canon to Sanyo and Panasonic. This camera can do incredible videos if it isn't defective and you know how to use it. If it wasn't so good some sellers would never be asking $1500 for a camera that was originally roughly half of that. (I have seen recent sellers of the TM900 asking $2000 while I paid about $700 for mine new about 18 months ago).

The X900M improves on this with better stabilization and some other minor tweaks and once again the results can surpass many other cameras both in color, clarity and many other characteristics. One bad reviewer on here was complaining about image stabilization... I have not seen any better than this, they must have had theirs turned off... check some online videos to see for yourself.

I might have considered the X920 which is a newer "version" of this camera but unlike the TM900 and this one the X920 does not have a remote control. It does have the ability to control it using a smartphone instead. I prefer the IR remote.

This camcorder might not be the best choice if you want something simple for point and shoot, it's more than you need for that and although you don't need to use all the options it might be confusing.

The only thing so far that I preferred on the TM900 was that on the left corner of the LCD display there were record and zoom buttons. The X900M does not have these although it does have them on the touchscreen as icons. I read somewhere that Panasonic decided most people would not use those buttons, but I often do while holding the camera at about waist height. Not a huge deal, however.

This camera has a very slightly wider lens than the TM900. It also seems to be a bit slow adjusting white balance in some conditions when it is set on automatic and I have not yet noticed any fan noise which was a complaint of the TM900. These issues can be pretty much worked around when you know about them if you know how to use such a camera. I don't imagine any camera at any price is perfect for everyone in every way.

As far as Panasonic customer service I can't really comment on that because I have not had a need to contact them.

For camera reviews I usually check BH Photo Video because a lot of professional photographers/videographers shop there. Or as others have said check youtube videos. They are pretty much downgraded from original output but will give you a better idea what the camera can do than Amazon reviews.
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on March 19, 2013
I've been on a quest to find a great camcorder. I have a large HDTV, and need/want my videos from the camera to look great on my TV.

This camera was easy to use, the picture quality was fantastic, but it died in the middle of my vacation (roughly 20 days after purchase). It was very disappointing especially since I chose to record to the camera's internal memory instead of a SD Card (Primarily because relay recording only works from the internal memory to the SD Card and not vice versa).

Previous to this camera I tried the Sony cx260v (poor image quality in low light, colors weren't vibrant)

After this Camera, I tried the new Canon G20, fantastic image quality, but lacked 60p which made any fast motion blurry.

I am now waiting for the X920 to be released and hope that I can finally put my project to find a great camcorder to rest. This camera received high ratings so hopefully my experience with a bad camera doesn't happens again.
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