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on August 15, 2011
The ads are for panda products, encouraging me to renew now, and save 20%. These spam ads are coming from one place only: Panda Security.
These ads were popping up on the screen all day long, blocking my access to the toolbar. Very irritating.
As I said, I set ALL notifications to OFF. I set all warnings to OFF. I PAID for this security. DO I GET WHAT I PAID FOR, OR NOT??? I set the time out to 3 seconds, but the ads remain for at least 30 seconds, with no possible way to close them.
When I set notifications and warnings to OFF, it means OFF! Panda just kept bypassing the settings to flash their spam ads on my screen over and over again.

I kept my word, I posted bad reviews on Amazon, describing just how poorly Panda has treated their customers since closing the USA support team, and outsourcing support to foreign countries. This decision by Panda was VERY inconsiderate, at the VERY least. I personally classify this decision as: "IDIOTIC."

Since I began my campaign to beg Panda's attention, and sending their tech support nasty e mails, the ads have almost totally ceased. There are still a few panda spam ads popping up, despite the setting to "OFF", but these have been thankfully less frequent. They are still NOT gone, and I want them GONE!!! HEAR THAT PANDA??? STOP FLASHING THESE SPAM ADS ON MY SCREEN!!!
I paid FOR THIS "PROTECTION AGAINST SPAM" Perhaps the word "protection" is meaningless to you? I did derive the indication that your support team DOES NOT SPEAK OR UNDERSTAND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! MAYBE YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND THE WORD "OFF?"

Furthermore, FYI, when activating Panda, we specifically request the no e mail be sent from Panda. However, PANDA IGNORES THIS TOO!!! I have been subjected to a steady stream of spam Panda E mails, sent ONLY from Panda Labs, despite the fact that I told Panda NOT to send them!
We use "opt out- unsubscribe" from Panda e mails. We are re-directed to the panda site. The server freezes, and our request to unsubscribe from spam is NEVER accepted!
HEAR THAT PANDA? NO MORE SPAM E MAILS, and NO means NO!!! When ARE you going to fix your un-subscribe to spam system???

here is another panda user, who is fed up with Panda Spam:

I will never buy your product again!

Postby NeverBuyAgain » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:52 pm
Since my subscription to your Panda 2009 Product has expired I have been having to deal with constant, very irritating Pop Up reminders that appear on the right hand bottom part of my screen every few minutes asking my to Renew My License, Refresh My License Status or Remind Me Later. If I clicked the Remind Me Later button the Pop Up window simply reappears again blocking the other windows underneath that I am using. This is a constant, recurring problem.

As a result of this very poorly programmed annoyance I have decided to not renew my license again. Also, I will never purchase your product again and I will tell everyone I know about this issue and suggest that they never purchase your product either.


Re: I will never buy your product again!

Postby NJZombie » Fri May 13, 2011 9:03 am
I'm having the same issue and after years of talking up Panda to various people, many of which who have gone on to use the product, I'm seriously considering dropping it as well.

trohland, your response to the initial complaint is poor and inexcusable. The problem isn't that the reminders appear at all but the frequency that they DO appear. Remind me later does not mean every 30 minutes. I could even deal with once a week but several times a day is absolutely ridiculous. In my case, I can't afford to renew right now but I have every right to continue using the 2010 IS that I purchased without having to be CONSTANTLY reminded that I can renew. Would Panda prefer I just drop the service altogether in this case and encourage me to tell others not to bother purchasing it in the future or would they rather address our complaints and give us an option to at least spread the renewal reminders out? Pick one.

Re: I will never buy your product again!

Postby AnnoyedbyPanda » Sun May 08, 2011 5:01 pm
I have the same problem!! it is incredibly annoying. I am well aware that the software has expired Panda and will renew when I choose to!

The problem here is there is no option to turn off the reminders!!!!!!!!!! it is a nuisance and I have seen several others complain about this problem on various message boards. Why won't Panda address this issue that is clearly annoying their customers??????? :evil:

Panda Pop Up Wont Go Away :P

Postby Viirkokka » Thu Mar 22, 2007 6:43 pm
I get the Panda pop up every time I turn my computer on, informing me it's all safe and whatnot. I click "Dont remind me again" but it keeps coming back every time I turn on.How can I get rid of it? :)

Panda Antivirus 2010 is most annoying paid software I've ever seen. Pop ups of Panda 2010 on my desktop in front of all windows were killing me. All those promotions, get renew(even though I was stupid enough to buy it for 2 years and 1.5 years left), community news and other spam. I've disabled these messages hundreds of times, but after each Panda update they were annoyed me like new.

I've sent a message to technical support about this issue. First suggestion was to disable those pop ups from settings menu. I tried this already, hundreds of times, I replied. Second (canned) suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall Panda. Great solution and personalized approach. I have to reinstall Panda on all 3 of my computers that I have to "solve" the problem! I didn't reply to this suggestion and I believe that they were very proud of themselves on how fast they have "solved" the problem and got rid of annoying customer.

I had to uninstall Panda and install another Firewall/Antivirus, which, by the way, doesn't slow my computer at all as Panda did.

My friends installed Panda on their computers after I recommended it a year ago. One month before expiration of the product license, Panda started to attack them with pop up message to renew the license once a day. After license expired, pop up message appeared on the screen every 15 minutes telling to renew the license.

Panda Labs claims that they fixed the problem with slowing down the computer this year, 2011, maybe they even did fix their pop up nagging, but I wouldn't recommend it to anybody anyway, and wont install panda on any of my computers.
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on October 12, 2011
I strongly recommend that you do NOT buy any Panda product because of the company's atrocious attitude when it comes to pressing customers to update their version or renew their subscription early, often years early, by the use of pop-ups. Be warned, you cannot turn off these annoying pop-ups that spring up from your taskbar, you can only ease their occurrence by stumping up more of your hard-earned money. Even if you do update or renew early, sooner rather than later you'll start having the pop-ups again, and again they will be asking you for more money. If you ask Panda how to turn off the bulletins they WILL NOT even acknowledge your request, so this is clearly company policy. They push the hard sell knowing most people will give in rather than take a bit of time to look for an alternative. Visit the Panda tech forum and you will see that this is the truth.

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on August 19, 2011
When Panda was first introduced to the U.S. I purchased it and used it with satisfactory results. For some reason it became unavailable in my area so I switched to a different brand. It later appeared in our area again (about 8 or 10 years back) so I once again purchased it. I was using Windows XP at the time. Everything seemed to be okay then Panda began telling me that I needed to do a re-install. This would happen almost every day. Then one day it informed me that a file was infected and had been deleted whereupon my compute promptly shut down and would not re-boot. It would not re-boot because the file that Panda deleted was a vital system file. I was able to boot into Safe mode and remove Panda. I informed Panda of the problem and was told that every antivirus application would do something like that from time to time. Strange but none of the others I used ever did that.
After that incident I used various Internet security applications; Norton, McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky, etc. until Panda's 2011 version came out.
I installed Panda's 2011 version on my wife's computer and my own. We are both running Windows Vista. Everything seemed to be doing fine. Until, once again, I could not boot my computer. Once again Panda had taken the liberty of deleting and/or putting system files into quarantine wherever Panda hides that. This time it was impossible to boot even in Safe mode. I had no recourse but to do a complete drive format, re-install Windows, software, etc. Needless to say Panda was not re-installed. A different Internet security package was installed on our home computers.
Because I had the almost identical occurence on two different computers running two different operating systems years apart due to Panda's inability to recognize system files I could not give Panda even one star but Amazon requires that you give at least one. If I were to rate it honestly I would give it a -5.
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on September 9, 2011
Panda comes standard with annoying "Bulletins" which are nothing more than spam pop-ups originating from your toolbar. Most of these pop-ups are sales pitches to renew. They start from day one get more frequent the closer you get to the end of your license period. They constantly email you the same sales pitch. Despite what anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you can never fully disable this spam. Outside the license period, the pop-ups come every 5 minutes and will force you to click on it in order to continue your work. Pass on this one.
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on June 15, 2011
This is awful. I got a horrible worm with it! With the avast that's free, I've never even gotten a worm. Some protection. This is garbage. I wish I could give it no stars. I lost so much information.
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on January 18, 2011
I've used Panda antivirus software for years and installed it for my friends and clients. As a web designer, I want something to work well yet be unobtrusive. Norton and McAffee get their "code" into everything and it is hard to delete. Zone Alarm did just that everything was an alarm even after telling it not to. Panda works and is easy to install. You do have to delete your previous version of Panda using their uninstall and not Windows uninstall before putting in your new version. Also with the new Global Security 2011 you have to buy a 3 user license instead of a single but now days a lot of people have more than one computer. There are 3 in my household. It is well worth the investment.
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on November 9, 2010
For twelve years I have been using the Panda Internet Suite. I have never had a problem with viruses taking over my computer. Any intruders were blocked and trojans returned to Greece. Over the years the interface has changed, which has caused some adjustment on my part. Considering all the malicious efforts out there in cyberspace lurking to commandeer information, it is a small adjustment for a big problem. In the past year I switched to the Global Protection in order to meet my needs better. The program has been as reliable as all the past versions.
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on February 11, 2011
love it! would buy over and over. very easy to use and setup. very automated. very little user input needed. good for use on three home pc's. plus it has a panda on it, what is not to like about that? just kidding, but it is very good software. have been a longtime user of this company's product.
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on May 25, 2012
I'm from South Africa and had Panda 2010 installed. Since it expired last year around October it's constantly giving pop-ups to renew my license. It gives 3 options to either renew, do some other nonsense or "Remind me later". The remind me later, according to Panda, means "Remind me in 20 minutes". The pop-ups are DAILY, CONSTANT and ANNOYING! These clowns want you to just pay the renewal. Well NO! I'll NEVER purchase your program EVER again. And I'm glad I can finally get it out to everyone else. Don't buy this rubbish, big mistake. And if your Panda is working're one of the lucky ones.
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on April 19, 2011
the best antivirus software out there. I have been a PANDA user for 7or8 years and no complaints I recomend this to every body
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