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on March 8, 2013
Pandigital made acceptable digital photoframe products - we own several. They also made a full line of Android Media Tablets, Color eReaders, Personal Scanners. Be advised the company closed its doors in July 2012 and liquidated its assets under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceedings and terminated all warranty and service support for its products.

If you buy this product, you will have NO manufacturer warranty support. We had a power supply fail and we had to buy a universal product to keep one of our digital photo panels operating.

Correspondence from Pandigital:

"You are receiving this email as you have recently been shipped a warranty replacement for a Pandigital product.

Please be advised that Pandigital, Inc (the `Company'), executed a General Assignment for the benefit of its creditors in favor of Credit Management Association on July 13, 2012 (the `General Assignment'). A general assignment is a common law means of concluding the affairs of an insolvent debtor as an alternative to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Pandigital is currently in the process of liquidation by the Assignee.

Due to this liquidation process any further requests for warranty replacements cannot be honored."
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on November 26, 2010
Like many others, I purchased this frame to upload photos as a Christmas gift (for my 84 year old mother-in-law). I've just uploaded about 200 photos and it is working so well. (I plan to add lots more pics, just wanted to see if and how it worked). This is the 2nd digital frame I purchased. The first was a Philips 8" frame from Walmart which froze on me while I uploaded pics (aurgh!!!!). Returned that and found this one on sale for $50 at KMart. I find the 8" screen a nice size, not too big or small. One big "must" for me was it had to be something that my MIL could easily work to get the slideshow started. This one seems like it will. I found the remote and the menu much easier to understand and work than the Philips frame.

I used a mini USB cable from my Canon camera to upload pictures from my computer to this frame. I found out you don't use the remote for that process, but it was easy enough. I just opened the H port file on my computer, had Facebook photos stored in my Picasa pictures, and exported them to the H port file. (a copy of each pic still stays in the Picasa folder). It went so quickly, which made me happy.

I like the random viewing option on the slideshow, and it has nice random transitions from photo to photo. I'm not too picky about picture quality, hey, these look fine to me. They will be perfect for my MIL who will love this gift. (Score one for me, finally! lol) I'm a little skittish about messing too much with this since I had a problem with the other frame I purchased. I just want your basic frame with slideshow with the above named options. Happy with the purchase.
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on December 8, 2010
I bought this frame to fill it with pictures for my mother-in-law of her first international trip to Japan. My digital picture frame model PI8004W01B has 512 of internal memory. After reading the descriptions here and for the PI8004W01 model I was a little nervous. You cannot organize the pictures on the device itself, but I think few, if any, frames let you do that. I have an old PowerBook G4 Mac with old iPhoto 6.06 software and I had combined photos from two different cameras, an iPhone, and some scanned pictures in an iPhoto album. Within the iPhoto software, I dragged photos around in the album to coordinate the different cameras so that it was all chronological. I cropped and rotated and adjusted brightness etc. I hooked up the powered-up PI8004201B to my Mac with a USB cable I have, the icon for the Pandigital appeared, I opened its photo folder, and in my iPhoto software I just hit "select all" and dragged the photos over to the pandigital photo folder, and they all saved within minutes. It maintained the same order and settings in the digital frame that I had on my Mac. I didn't have to rename the files. They all displayed, in the same order, with the same changes, no matter which of the four sources they had come from.

Works fine by me!

Only thing I wished was that the internal memory was bigger. I had to do a lot of deleting to shrink the collection down to 512 and couldn't include any video at all.

Next techie dream: I wish my iPhoto software had a way of creating a caption for each picture and that Pandigital had a "display caption" button on the remote and the housing so that a forgetful viewer could cue up the text for that photo and be reminded of date, place, event, names of people in the photo, etc.
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on May 9, 2011
I've had my Pandigital Panimage PI8004W01B 8-Inch LED Digital Photo Frame (Black) for a week now and so far I am very pleased. (I purchased it from OfficeMax for $49.99) Setup took me all of 5 minutes, if that long, to do. I found the remote easy to work with once I figured out how to use the keys. I can understand some of the frustration the other reviewers have had. I've owned other Digital Photo Frames and I may be old fashion when it comes to digital images, but the viewing aspect ratio 4:3, and the 800x600 resolution LCD panel is the way to go. Pictures are beautifully clear without them being "shrunk-to-fit" as with my last digital frame did (GiiNii 7" photo frame which cratered on me in less than a year which is the reason for this purchase)

The features I like most are:
* On-screen time display
* On-screen photo time stamp display
* Sleep function. I keep this frame at work so I set the sleep feature for 8 hours and about the time I get ready to leave from work it shuts down. Next morning, I press any key on the remote and it wakes back up.

As far as down loading pictures, I don't bother. SDHC Flash Memory Cards are so cheap these days, I keep all my pictures stored on them. I simply copy the ones I want from my computer's hard-drive on to the card, then slip it into the slot on the side of the frame and "Let the slideshow begin". That simple (However, I did have to set it to random). So if (or should I say when) your frame craters, you just pop it out and stick it in a new one.
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on December 29, 2011
I purchased this frame as a gift for my mom for Christmas however I set it up & used it & tested it before presenting it as a gift to make sure everything was ok. Keep in mind I have only owned this for a week, whether this matters or not I do not know. I purcahsed this from Bed Bath & Beyond in the Espresso frame color, 8 in. frame with 800x600 pixels, same model as advertised here. This is not a touchscreen frame. I have not used a memory card on this, I imported straight into the internal memory from my desktop computer. Importing directions in the included instruction manual weren't the greatest, the manual seemed to favor using a memory card & was very vague pertaining to importing to the internal memory but after playing around with it I was able to very easily import to the frame, my comp instantly recognized the frame so no trouble there. Once I dragged & dropped my photos into the file & disconnected the frame that was pretty much it. You need to read the manual for anything else but I instantly had a slideshow. The picture quality is fantastic & I'm picky when it comes to those things & I can recognize the slightest defect, I chose to go w/ the 800x600 pixels instead of anything lower for that exact reason & it was a good choice. I added not only digital camera photos but some very old family paper photos as early as the 1920s I had scanned & it looks phenomenal. You can adjust the brightness & picture quality etc easily if needed. Ease of use is wonderfully easy & that's an understatement. There are other features such as a calendar & recipes but I have not messed with that and even though it is a gift if I purchased it for myself I probably would not use those things anyway. There is a clock as well & it plays videos both of which I have not used either, I purchased this just for pictures. My mother is not tech savvy at all & this is a foolproof frame if I've ever seen one. It comes with a black mat & a white mat you can interchange if desired, as well as a remote control & power cord. There was not a USB cable in the box but I had one from another device I own & it worked fine. Even though I have not used the other features this frame provides if you're looking for a frame for just pics this is a great frame, very easy to use, very simple to use as well & not very complicated at all, I didn't find myself getting frustrated at anything or getting confused & I have a short temper when it comes to electronics, I lack patience! My desktop is an Acer with Windows 7 but the manual says this frame works with Vista & XP as well. Your photos HAVE to be in the JPEG format or it will not work although most photos will already be JPEG anyway. You can tilt the frame vertical or horizontal & it will instantly recognize this & switch the photo to fit which way the frame is sitting, a neat feature I didn't expect. The stand for the frame is adjustable you can extend it to make it longer if desired, another nice feature. I do not know if you can hang this frame on a wall, I have yet to check this out but my intention is to sit it on a table. You can set how long the interval is between transition from photo to photo, this frame also will shuffle the photos if you want it to or you can choose to not shuffle, it plays music but I have not tried this feature, it also plays movies but again I'm only using it for pictures only. Overall it is a great frame for personal use or a gift, for the price ($89 at Bed Bath & Beyond) I am very impressed, the screen is also nice & large for an 8 in. & I'd swear it's bigger. I also never shrunk down any of the photos in my computer or resized them & it works just fine & imported easily. I've read some people had issues with the pixels but like I said I'm a stickler for picky details like that & I've seen nothing but a crisp bright display which looks great. I do think the manual could be a little more descriptive with instructions but it took me all of maybe 20 min. to get it from box to a full slideshow, I kid you not. I'm also impressed it has an internal memory of holding up to 6,400 photos. Nice frame, great product does what it's supposed to. I don't feel anyone would be disappointed with this product, especially if you're like me & a nit picker with details.
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on January 11, 2012
I just received this frame today. The transfer of photos was easy, but the frame displayed them all sideways! When I contacted Pandigital I was told I would have to "reformat" my brand new frame following the directions that would be emailed to me. The following is the email I received which was totally ridiculous. I shouldn't have to go through that much work to make a brand new frame functional. I boxed it up and am returning it for a refund.

Email from Pandigital:

Thank you for contacting Pandigital Customer Support. Please see below for steps on how to reformat your digital photo frame.
1. Take a blank SD card (less than 8GB in size) and format it to FAT32.
2. Insert the SD card into the frame and turn the frame on.
3. After the frame is completely powered on you will connect it to your computer. Make sure that no other drives are connected to the computer.
4. From your computer, click on the Start Menu and go to the "Computer" or "My Computer" folder. An external drive should appear in this section; this should be the SD card drive.
5. Right click on that drive and choose the quick format option. Once again you will format the drive to FAT32 format.
6. After the format is complete remove the SD card from the frame and turn the frame off and back on.
7. Go back to the start menu of your computer and to the "Computer" section. Again, right click on the drive and choose quick format to FAT32.
8. After the format is complete drag two pictures to the frame's drive. Right click the frame and choose the "Safely remove" option and then disconnect the frame from the computer.
9. Turn the frame off and back on and it should have both of the photos on it.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to call our support line at 1-800-715-5354. Our support hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm Central Time and Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm Central Time. Please refer to the case number listed in the subject line of this email when calling in.
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I purchased this Pandigital Panimage PI8004W01B 8-Inch LED Digital Photo Frame back in December 2011. It has been running in my living room for the past one year with absolutely no problems. Recently I purchased another frame with larger screen (ViewSonic VFD1028W-11 10.1-Inch Digital Photo Frame), but the new one only makes me appreciate my old Pandigital frame even more.

The common problem with most photo frames in the market is that: they have the wrong aspect ratio. Take the ViewSonic frame for example, it has a screen resolution of 1024x600 (width x length). This gives an aspect ratio of 1.7 to 1, which is same as that used by wide-screen TVs. However, this ratio is BAD for displaying digital photos, because images from most digital cameras have an aspect ratio of 4:3 (or 1.33 to 1). When you display a digital photo on a 1024x600 wide-screen frame, only the central 800x600 pixels are used, while the left and right edges are blackened.

This Pandigital 8-inch photo frame has a screen resolution of 800x600, which means it has the correct aspect ratio of 4:3. Digital photos are displayed correctly without distortion or blackened edges. So in effect, image displayed on this 8-inch frame is about the same size as on the 10-inch ViewSonic frame.

There are several other features I like about this Pandigital frame:
- It has the capability to play MP3 music files. This is useful during holiday sessions. Good thing you can also disable it during normal days.
- It has a remote control that makes navigation much easier. Plus there is a magnetic storage space for the remote so it won't get lost.
- The frame can be placed in either landscape or portrait mode. The frame stand can be adjusted for best viewing angle.
- It can display 'photo taken date' while in slide mode. This is most useful when viewing photos in random order.

In slide show mode, the photos can be displayed in either sequential mode or random mode. One problem with sequential mode is that: images are shown in the order which files are written to the memory card, NOT in alphanumerical order of file names. That means photos are not necessarily displayed in the order they are taken. The solution I found is to run a free program called 'FatSorter v1.0.4' on my memory cards. This program re-orders the File Allocation Table to make sure all files are written in alphabetical order. That way, the sequential order of the slide show also corresponds to the photo file names.

Overall, I consider this Pandigital digital photo frame to be a very good product. As a footnote: Pandigital seems to have pulled out of the photo frame business, so don't expect any technical support - not that I actually needed it, anyway.

[Side Note]
The photo frame consumes 4W of power when on, less than 0.5W when off. So if I leave it on 24 hours a day, my energy cost will be around $5 per year (assuming 15 cents per KWh).
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on July 23, 2015
Bought one of these a while back and decided to get another one. Wished I read the instructions better and not saved the pictures to the frame itself. Should have used an USB instead. Unable to copy pictures from the frame back to the USB.
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on November 28, 2010
I noticed after ordering that this is essentially the same product as PI8004W01 listed in Amazon. Same price with only difference being the "B" (that presumably stands for "Black") at the end of the model number. There is a difference in the description. The description here says that the product only has 256MB. The description of the PI8004W01 says it has 512MB. The description on the manufacturer's site says it has 1GB of memory. Therefore, I probably would not order the PI8004W01B but instead order the PI8004W01 and confirm from Amazon that it actually has 1G of internal memeory.
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on October 23, 2010
I've just spent all evening loading photos into this lame photo frame. But I've decided it is going back to the seller tomorrow. I bought it b/o the 4:3 ratio screen, USB-PC connectivity and the remote. Basically, like a lot of hardware these days this thing is HALF-BAKED. Why the engineers can't actually complete a project when it comes to software and hardware is a modern mystery.

1) There is option for a file system for the internal memory just a large basket of files so forget trying to group by themes unless you rename all the files to say friends or travel, etc.
2) No way I can see to pick the order of play it is either alphabetical or random.
3) About a dozen of my first 200 files would not pass muster with this poc machine, i.e. corrupted.
With some experimenting I found that resaving the files and unchecking the "progressive" option in my photo editor
would allow them to be displayed. This problem of non-display of perfectly good jpg files seems common in these DPFs and is a great example of the complete lack of common sense of today's breed of software engineers and why I say this toy is half-baked.
4) The remote will drive you mad. The buttons don't respond reliably. Also it doesn't allow one to jump down a long list of files nor can you scroll a list. You have to mindlessly click a "down" button over and over and over... I spent an hour searching for the "corrupt" files to delete them. More often than not, after each delete, on exiting the menu I was sent back up to the top of the long file list by this malevolent software! Can't imagine anyone managing hundreds of files.
5) No option to change the frame orientation! Strange too because the support arm on the back swivels for landscape or portrait mode! But you are stuck in landscape mode. The software automatically crops portrait pics in "optimal" mode but frequently does a bad job with cut off heads and no way to fix it short of manually cropping the original photo or by selecting "original" mode. What then is the point of the "optimal" mode?
6) Colors are not vibrant a bit muddy and no adjustment of the "LCD color" menu item would fix it.

I really wanted to like this photo frame. It has potential but it just isn't ready for prime time. It seriously needs a remote that works and allows one to maneuver in a long file list. It also needs a file system to allow some modicum of order. When will a manufacturer (other than Apple) understand that they could really clean up if only they would THINK before sending out this sort of junk?
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