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on September 23, 2011
I found the website for this product by searching about anxiety and panic attacks. I tried to find online reviews, but the creator of panic away has made dozens and dozens of websites with fake reviews that have links to Panic Away all over the site. There were TEN pages of fake review sites when I did my search and they have many different site names that use the words anxiety and panic. If you search online for "panic away scam", he even has sites that say panic away IS a scam in the title but then when you open the site it's an advertisement for the product. It's the most clever marketing scheme I've come across in a long time. I own a web based business and the amount of money and time they have put in to bury negative reviews on this product is astounding. Every review site has the exact same style of writing, many of them containing grammar and syntax errors.
I also found different names for the author. Sometimes he is called Joe Barry. Other times he is called Craig Joe Barry. Then there is Barry Macdonagh. What is his REAL name? Or does he really exist?
The mere fact that I couldn't find real reviews on this product because he created about 20 or 30 websites linking back to the Panic Away site makes me leery. Be careful with this one.
It says on his description that he "discovered" this $129 "cure" while he was getting his undergraduate degree... in what??? Get a program by a psychologist or psychiatrist who are experts in this stuff, not some guy.
I cured my anxiety with two things. I started taking Magnesium supplements. The National Institutes of Mental Health have abstracts on studies done with magnesium versus drugs and the magnesium performed as well or better. Magnesium costs me a few dollars at the store. Dr. Mercola, Dr. Oz and Dr. Hyman all have articles on their websites about it. Within 24 hours I had relief from months and months of anxiety and panic attacks. I take it daily, a half dose and if I get anxiety in the afternoon I take the other half but I generally don't. My favorite brand is Mag Ox. It seems to work the best for me. Calm is also good but it's a drink and I don't really like the taste.
The other thing I did was read Unstuck by Dr. James S. Gordon- a psychiatrist, not some dude with an unknown bachelor's degree. He is against drugs unless it is an extreme case and instead he gives you exercises to do that are easy and powerful. I spent less than ten dollars on that book.
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on August 20, 2011
The Panic Away people ought to catch up on Unethical Business Practices Away first.
The vast majority of the glowing reviews here are so obviously a sham - it's an insult to one's intelligence. To complete the obviousness of the sham, all 5-star reviews are dated back in Nov and Dec 2010, except two that are dated - what coincidence! - on the same June 7, 2011.
The reviews are peppered with stuff that has BIG FAT LIE stamped all over them ... "For anyone who is suspicious and doesn't think I am real person" ... "I'm not exaggerating" ... "I rarely write reviews ... trust me" ... As Caligirl has pointed out, the 5-star reviews are by 'people' who have never written another review.
To know such deceitful, unethical business practices are being practiced ... it's enough to GIVE you a panic attack.
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on January 5, 2011
These appear to be "shill" reviews.... all are glowing 5 star reviews, several reviewer names look very similar to each other, and when you click the "see all my reviews" links, most have only a single review. Extremely suspicious.
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on September 8, 2012
This product is not worth $130. I would suggest against paying for it. If I let price influence my rating as well as just content, I'd give it a 1/5.

The writing style is a little simplistic, with occasional errors (that's a minus in my book). The "case studies" seem to be fictional accounts written by the same author as the rest of the book, with similar quirks of speech. The author also frequently says things that don't sound much like a really anxious person, like, "If you get checked by a doctor and they tell you it's just anxiety, you can rest at ease knowing there's nothing physically wrong with you."

All in all, the advice given in the book is fair, but it's nothing new or special. It's mostly the same stuff you'd hear anywhere, minus the personalised help you'd get from a therapist. And although self-help books may help a bit, as usual, your best bet is to find a good therapist. Try a few different ones before settling on one you like.
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on December 6, 2015
I'm disappointed to see all the 1-star reviews for this product based solely on the advertising. I agree that the advertising is a bit ridiculous, and I was skeptical when I bought this program (just in the ebook format, never with any CDs) about 8 years ago. But what can I say; I was desperate.

The thing is, this program works. I still use the one move technique whenever I start to get a panic attack. It just plain works. Generalized anxiety disorder is what took me much longer to come to grips with, but this Panic Away stuff really helped to get me out of the worst of it. Solid techniques, and I remember that I liked the visualization techniques too.

It also helped me to feel like I was not alone, and not crazy, and I can't tell you how much that meant to me.

Other books I recommend, that also helped me a lot: The Joy of Living, How not to be Afraid of Your Own Life, and Hope and Help for your Nerves. For depression (I can't imagine not getting depression after having anxiety for a sufficiently long time. I know I did) I recommend Feeling Good.

For anyone reading this who is struggling with an anxiety disorder, my heart truly goes out to you. Anxiety is by far the worst thing I have ever gone through. I even realized one day that my worst fears coming true would be less painful than the fear itself. Please know that you are absolutely not alone, and that you absolutely can get better. It takes a hell of a lot of bravery, but you can do it. And it's worth it. Looking back, my anxiety disorder changed my life for the better. I'm a more compassionate and brave person than I would have ever been without it. You don't need this program, especially if you can't afford it, but it is a good one. Maybe try to find the ebook which might be cheaper.

One of the things that helped me get through anxiety was knowing that I could help people in the future overcome their own anxiety. If you want to reach out with any questions, please do.

With love,
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on September 16, 2015
I would like to add a belated review to this product. I purchased this product in 2012 and actively used it for 2 years. At that time in my life I had so much anxiety that I felt like I was stuck in one long panic attack that just wouldn't end. At night I would shake uncontrollably, I was losing weight because I was so anxious I couldn't eat, and sometimes I would even wake up in the middle of the night with my heart beating out of my chest. I would go on walks at 2 am, terrified that I was going to die, praying for my heart to relax. My mom actually bought the program for me as I was mostly in a catatonic state on the couch. She said, "this website looks like one of those scams, but what if it works?" I don't know if the Amazon version is the same, but the internet version she bought through the website included a private user's forum, weekly phone calls with a licensed therapist, and unlimited messaging to the therapist. So I read the book and messaged the therapist what I soon learned was almost the same message that every new user messages: "Your program seems interesting, I can see how it can work for some people, but MY anxiety is so intense that I don't see how it could ever work for me." She urged me to just keep up with the exercises. I was definitely resistant in the beginning, but part of the beauty of buying a package that included personal phone calls and message was that she was able to rephrase the Panic Away concepts in ways that each individual participant could understand. Some of her analogies made sense to some people, while other descriptions and stories made sense to others. Also, the forum is filled with people from all over the world sharing their own stories of anxiety, their successes with the program, their obstacles and fears - it actually built my confidence just to see that I wasn't alone. It was also such a blessing to have a community. When I was anxious I locked people out of my life, and to suddenly have an online community of people who supported me even though I was "flawed" was miraculous.

I am so grateful that my mom purchased this program for me. Yes I still get panic attacks, but they now come every few months instead of every few hours and when I get them I know how to address them so they become just an isolated event instead of an all consuming fear. I now also have the confidence to talk freely about my anxiety because I can see that it is not the embarrassing personal flaw I believed it to be, but rather it is just a human experience that I endured. I don't know how this product measures up to other anxiety products because this is the only one that I tried, but I can affirm that Panic Away is a solid, well-researched program that helped me get through a season of horrific panic attacks.
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on April 14, 2014
Panic Away is the real deal. It helped me so much that I contacted Barry McDonagh and asked him if he would be interested in writing a book for children utilizing his technique as there was nothing out there quite like what Barry's program offered. We have since written Scaredies Away together. I personally and professionally highly recommend the Panic Away Program.

Nationally Certified School Psychologist
#1 Best Selling Author Scaredies Away
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on April 15, 2012
As opposed to some of the other reviewers for this products, I have actually bought it, read it, and tried it. I was very impressed the first time I tried the technique when I felt an anxiety attack coming on. It stopped immediately! Also, implementing the ideas for general anxiety over the past few weeks has helped me feel much less anxious and for shorter time periods. Even with diagnosed ADHD, the book was easy enough that I could get through it in a reasonable time. I am now feeling better and more positive than I have in a long time. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because it is so pricey, but I guess it was worth it to feel better.
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on November 9, 2010
The best review is a thank you letter. This is a thank you to Barry, who helped me free myself from something I haven't been able to do my whole myself from panic attacks.

I am a 57 year-old woman, who has suffered from panic attacks since I was 26 year's old - maybe even before that, and didn't know what they were. My mom was a victim of the same thing, and died at 66 year's old, after a miserable life suffering from panic attacks. She thought she was losing her mind, perhaps even suffering from a mental illness. As you say in one of your letters, as if suffering from the panic attacks isn't bad enough, no one around you can possibly even begin to understand how you feel. They cannot relate. And, it makes the isolation of this even worse. As a child I never understood my mother's fear, she was never at my school events, never watched me play sports, or sing in the choir - she couldn't leave the house. I never understood until I suffered my first panic attack while driving at 26.

If you've had a panic attack, you know how it goes - you yell at yourself, think you are losing your mind, and suffer a terror that makes you think you could drop dead on the spot. And, sometimes, dropping dead on the spot would be just fine, if it released you from these feelings.

I am writing this review because I accidentally stumbled across your website. While typing an email to a friend, on gmail, when I put the word panic in my email, the link to your site came up along the right-hand side of my email. Curious, I thought I'd check out one more website - one more claim to "cure panic attacks" - and was extremely skeptical. I have managed to live my life, getting rides from everyone, avoiding situations that made me panic, (just about everything) and panic attacks ruled my life.

I am amazed, and very happy to say that I suffer from panic attacks no longer - and better than that, I no longer fear them. I didn't sign up for the materials right away, but I did receive Barry's emails. Each one touched me - it was unbelievable to me that someone finally understood. Even in ways that psychiatrists and counselors never did. (I sought help there too, but never stayed with it, as they never truly understood.) So, I signed up to download these materials. I read them at one sitting, and so many things were such a comfort. Like, I wasn't going to die, I wasn't going to "lose it", and the events I thought I was afraid of, i.e. driving, etc. wasn't what I was afraid of at all - I was afraid of being afraid. Oh my gosh, it seemed so simple.

As I'm sure you are aware, putting it to the test was not as simple. You must conjure up all the courage in the world to take that first step. But I heard Barry's voice in my head, reassuring me. There was good times and bad times, successes and what I deemed to be failures, but undeterred I moved forward. I yelled out loud several times while driving "bring it on!!" Experiencing each small success was so wonderful, it made me keep trying. My life is so different today. I am freed.

Words fail me when I try to say thank you. How do you thank someone for giving you back your life? There are no words that are good enough. All I know is that you deserve a place in heaven for all the help you are giving people like me, and all the hope you are giving people like me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
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on July 17, 2015
I had a series of severe anxiety attacks and panic attacks this is the only program medication free that solved my problem....I was kiss the ground happy to be back some what normal
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