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on December 31, 2012
I was a little concerned about buying this phone, since it seemed to have an equal amount of negative and positive reviews. But after having it for a couple of weeks, I'm pretty happy with my decision to buy it.

Good alternative if you don't want a smartphone. After all, basic phones seem to be going the way of the dinosaur...extinct. So, the Renue is a good phone for handling the basics, talking and texting. It is possible to get on the internet and surf the mobile sites in 3G fairly well. For the random internet user, to maybe look up movie times or the weather, this phone is just fine. It's easy to use and has the versatility of a touchscreen and a slider. Plus, phone cases are dirt cheap and yes, you can buy one that still allows it to slide open.

Negatively, it is easy to miss calls by touching the touchscreen while removing phone from your pocket. For me, this was easy to remedy by just turning the phone screen inward while in my pocket. That way, I always grab the backside of the phone while removing it.
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on September 22, 2012
Got this phone because it didn't require a data plan. Definitely knew this wasn't a smartphone, unlike one reviewer, and for sure knew this didn't have Wi-Fi, unlike another. This phone has camera, video camera, voice recording & MP3 playback functionality. It has alarms, a calendar, calculator & unit conversion, speed dial, pictures for contacts and more. It's pretty close to being a smartphone without requiring a data plan from AT&T.
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on July 3, 2013
I don't typically do reviews, but decided this one is worth taking a few minutes. If you are like myself, and find paying for a data plan that you don't need or use, ridiculous - then this is the phone for you. It looks and acts, pretty much like a smartphone - with only a few missing points.
To sum it up - here is a list of the things I like vs. the things I don't.

I like:
-being able to mass-delete messages (when you hit delete, checkboxes appear & you can select all, or only the ones you wish to delete.
- when you text, there are two steps - you get to 'preview' the message before sending it. I like this because it keeps me from accidentally sending something before I'm ready - but this may be annoying for some people.
-has a full, slide-out qwerty keyboard
-all screens are fully customizable - you can change the 'wallpaper' for the lock screen, homescreens & even the menu background (though the menu background choices are a tad limited)
-can customize your font - I know that's not a big deal, but I found it fun :)
- if you miss/ignore a call, a box pops up offering you the option of calling back or sending a message to the caller (pretty handy if you want to let the person know you'll call them back when you can)
-touchscreen is pretty responsive - just a tad slower than my smartphone was. Incidentally, I haven't had any trouble accidentally hanging up on people because the send/receive touch-keys are too sensitive. I DO have to be careful when answering a call and removing the phone from my pocket - it WILL reject a call if I accidentally touch the reject touch-key. I've learned to adjust for this by simply making sure to grab my phone by the sides & have virtually eliminated that problem.
-love being able to create my own shortcuts & customize my menu screen to act like a bookmark. I don't even use the homescreens, I just put everything I use most on the main menu screen and they're quickly accessed by hitting the menu shortcut on the main homescreen - simple.
- easy to connect to your computer via the included usb cable/charger
- LOVE the pc suite available for free from Pantech. Very easy to use - I transferred ringtones (which the standard ringtones were nice, I just wanted some of mine) & pics from my old phone with ease. I did have to manually enter my contacts (since I didn't want to bother going into an at&t store) and that too was a breeze, using the pc suite - I just typed in the info on the computer and it saved it to my phone. Very nice feature, since typing them in with the phone keyboard would have been tedious at best.
-the screen is large & bright with nicely designed icons.
- calls are clear, sound-quality is great - seems better than my old phone, as does the volume - can easily hear it if I leave it lying about the house
- love the fact that you can set 'profiles' for indoor/outdoor and at a touch can select which one you want & it will automatically change the volume/vibrate settings for calls & texts, to the selected profile
- can assign individual ringtones to your contacts
- it is an overall good size - not too big for my pocket, but large enough to be comfortable talking & texting.
- SPECIAL NOTE: I have not had trouble with the battery life - it typically lasts me a couple of days before needing re-charged. I was curious due to other reviews on here & let it run without charging to see how long it would go. It lasted nearly 3 days with normal use (calls & texts). What I noticed, is that the battery icon has only 3 bars - when it gets down to one, you automatically assume that it needs charged - as my old smartphone would get down to a small bar & then turn red and I knew it was time to charge. This phone, stays at one bar for a quite a while, then the bar disappears rather than changing color, to let you know it needs charged. Weird, for those of us who have had smartphones, but that's what it does. Perhaps other reviewers have received faulty batteries?
- the price was right, (a penny with contract) since my old phone had taken an unexpected bath, thanks to my six-year-old and hadn't been quite the same since, lol.
- this isn't really about the phone, but rather the service via Amazon. I had no trouble renewing my contract and paid only a penny (the phone was listed for $50 upgrade, with contract on and amazingly - Amazon got it to me NEXT day - and that was with free shipping. Wow. A new sim-card was also included at no charge.

What I don't really like:
- no wi-fi
- not a very large capacity for text messages - though I went a full week without having to delete messages, so it's not really a big issue for me. For a heavy text-er, this could be annoying though. At least deleting messages is simple and non-time consuming.
- keys on the slide-out keyboard are on the slick-side, making it a little frustrating if you tend to type with your fingernails as I do (my old phone was tiny - an Hp veer, so I got used to typing that way). I am getting more accustomed though. :)
- would have preferred actual send/receive buttons instead of the touch-buttons, but if you are careful as I mentioned above, it's not really an issue.
- the screen is very smooth & shiny - shows every smudge (I am getting some screen protectors though, so that should help)
- the build seems a bit on the flimsy-side to me - very light-weight, Hence I will be purchasing a case to add some durability.
- not much variety in cases to choose from - just your standard clip-ons, so I am not very impressed with that.

Overall, I rated this phone a five-star, not because I 'love it' - but because I do like it and I believe that as a basic phone, it's a winner. Very nice design & features. It's just so annoying that if you don't want to pay for data service, you have to go to a 'dumb' phone. Anyway, for a 'dumb'phone - this one's pretty smart :)
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on October 20, 2012
We picked up this Pantech Renue as an upgraded phone through an AT&T corporate store with a 2 year contract. We were aware this is not a smart phone and require no data plan. The phone was returned after one week and we were charge $35.00 for restocking fee. Following is reasons for the return:

1. The biggest issue we have with this phone is its TOUCH end/reject key, I want to point out about the difference between TOUCH and PRESS: with a TOUCH key, you activate it by just slightly touch it with your finger or any part of your hand, while with the PRESS key, you have to press it with your finger and feel a slight click to activate it. With the TOUCH end/reject key of the Pantech Renue, my wife would accidentally touch the sensitive end/reject key trying to retrieve if from the pocket or handbag to answer the call. She would missed 8 out of 10 incoming calls doing that. Of course, she had to check the recent call and call back. Other phones equipped with the PRESS end/reject key would not cause this problem.
2. Its sound quality for voice conversation is not that clear comparing to the my wife's old Motorola Raz2 V9X.
3. We initially charged the phone for 8 hours before the first use. Battery ran low every night with very little use during the day.

The shape, screen size and display of this phone is very good.
We think Pantech should look into the design of the sensitive TOUCH end/reject key of this phone. We did call Pantech support inquiring about how to bypass the sensitive TOUCH end/reject key, its agent could not give the answer and quietly transferred our call to AT&T Tech Support without notifying us that he would transfer the call. Nice service!

Buyers who consider buying this phone should pay attention to the restocking fee if it is purchased through AT&T.
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on June 15, 2013
I have owned several cell phones over the years and this is by far the worst. I don't write a lot of reviews, but in this case, I wanted to warn any prospective buyers about this phone so they don't make my mistake. I have owned this phone for almost a year - I got it when it was just being introduced - and it is a cute little non-smartphone. But the fact that it is cute does not make up for its deficiencies. First, the touch screen is so sensitive, I frequently hang up on callers, or reject the call unintentionally. Second, the processor is extremely slow. I send a text and cannot do anything else on the phone until I get the message that it sent successfully, which sometimes takes awhile. Third, the screen is bright, which is nice, but you pay for that in battery drainage big time. Fourth, it is way too easy to bump something on the screen and it automatically connects to the internet and even when you disconnect, you get charged by ATT. I think this is a scam by ATT because my son also has a different Pantech which does the same thing. So I don't get charged all the time, I have to turn off data services on the phone, but then if someone sends me a picture via text, I have to turn on the data services in order to see the picture, then remember to go back and turn off data services. Fifth, you can't increase/decrease the ring volume on the side of the phone unless you are on the home screen. It doesn't work from any other screen. Overall, this phone has annoyed me over and over again. I cannot wait until my six months are up and I can upgrade. Do not buy this phone; you will regret it. Even if it's free, don't be tempted - you will pay for it in endless frustration.
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on January 6, 2013
This phone is amazing! I love it! I wanted a smartphone, but I didn't want to pay for a data plan. This is the closest thing to a smartphone though. It has nice features, and you can even lock it with a passcode just like the iPhone. The messaging display is great, although I wish it was a bit more customizable. But overall, I'm amazed. Great quick messaging phone. Definately for the kind of buyer that wants a smartphone but not a data plan.
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on November 8, 2012
I traded a smart phone to go back to this type phone. I like it's size,manuvering,and the not bulky-big feel of the load in my hand or purse. Clear tone and works well for me.
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on July 4, 2013
Ilove this Phone I have not had any trouble with it since I had it,it works great and I can leave my Pantech Renue anywhere and it will not call nobody unless I call them so I do not have a problem with mine and I would buy it again I absolutely love it and the only time I use the eject button if I see a call I don't want other than that it works great.I give it 5 stars.
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on July 30, 2013
I had so much difficulty choosing on whether or not to buy this phone due to the mix of good and bad reviews it received. I couldn't get a smartphone so I decided I might as well get this as it looked like this best option. And I'm glad I made the choice to buy this. With power saver mode, the phone battery is pretty long. The touchscreen is great, and definitely a huge improvement in my old phone (pantech laser p9050). I haven't had a single problem with it and certainly not any of those issues that other reviews had. This may be just an all right phone for some people, and maybe I think it is so good because my old phone was bad, but if you need a non-smartphone, this is the one to buy.
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on July 4, 2013
Love this phone. It works great. It is fun to use, easy to text with the slide out keypad. The touch screen feature is very nice. The only negative is the battery. It has to be charged almost every day.
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