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on December 1, 2005
People who say that this movie is a ripoff of Blue Lagoon either haven't seen Blue Lagoon or haven't seen this movie. I suspect that they are merely quoting Leonard Maltin or some other uninformed source who doesn't bother to watch movies before reviewing them.

The only thing this movie and Blue Lagoon have in common is atrocious dialogue. But whereas Blue Lagoon is atrocious dialogue all the way, in this movie the idiot-level talk occurs only in certain scenes. If you copy the scenes that are NOT idiotic onto a blank videotape, you'll have a five-star movie that is one hour and twenty-three minutes long with no story elements left out, no love scenes left out and no nudity left out. The stupid scenes are brief but numerous, so fast-forwarding over them is tedious.

The story of this movie is actually pretty good. It contains action scenes, love scenes, playing scenes, scenes of people being human. And all of it is quite credible, given the time and society. The nude scenes are also done quite naturally. There is no teasing, no three-second breast shots, and no shoving in the nudity for its own sake. Also, there is a fair amount of nudity, not the usual throwing in a single shot to get the R rating. And it is not drenched in hostility like the so-called "art" movies or other pretentious fare. The crisis and resolution are believable and satisfying. The music is far above average.

As to versions, if you have the videotape, there is little to be gained from buying the DVD. It's semi-widescreen, but that adds little. Both are mono, even though the DVD claims to be stereo. The sound and picture quality are quite decent on both media.

Bottom line: with the idiot-talk scenes cut, this is a rare movie, exciting, touching, and satisfying.
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on January 26, 2011
Having been fooled by the so called Korean "unrated" yet blurred out censored import DVDs before I was very apprehensive. Thankfully the only thing blurred out in this was Willie Ames' "willy" when swimming. We are left to see the beautiful angelic Phoebe Cates totally nude including full frontal with no censorship. The sound/video quality was excellent so I can only assume this version was remastered unlike another reviewer who claimed it was barely above a VHS quality. This was an excellent nostalgic movie from my childhood that I'm glad was brought back on dvd.
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on April 15, 2000
There are 3 ways to enjoy this movie. Either you love bad movies, want to see one of the most beautiful girls to ever walk the earth naked, or both.
This movie is so awful that I could just as easily have given this movie 1 star instead of 5 stars. The acting, dialogue and plot are so embarrassing that you will be blushing and groaning while watching it, realizing that you are of the same species as the people who created this piece of trash.
If you just want to see Phoebe Cates naked and scantily clad, turn down the sound and put on some music (preferably 70's porno movie music), and have your remote control at the ready. The shower scene alone is worth the price of admission although it would be nice to have it on DVD with an AB repeat. Quite frankly, even if you also love bad movies, you'll want to have the remote at hand for subsequent viewing.
It is a "must-see" for lovers of bad movies, but I would recommend renting it rather than buying it if seeing Phoebe Cates naked at her most gorgeous doesn't appeal to you. But if you want the definitive "Phoebe Cates naked" movie, it's worth buying even if you don't like bad movies.
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on September 10, 2005
Several images are blurred out. Do not purchase this unless you want a censored version. The VHS version from Astro Video is uncut with no images blurred and has the original music.
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on March 23, 2000
Okay. Let's be real for a moment. This movie was made and watched for the same reason--cheap titilation--and to review it under other pretenses, with any other value system in mind, is ludicrous. This is a five star film because it accomplishes what it sets out to do...give you Phoebe Cates--proof of God's existence if there ever was--NUDE. She is absolutely lovely. She is showering naked in a waterfall! And keep in mind she was only 17 when she did it. This is what these movies are made for--the budget, the script, the cast were all assembled to achieve one goal and one goal only: Get this gorgeous teen to strip and get wet for all of us to view. They did it. We watch it. We ought to love it and be thankful. Five stars, gentlemen.
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on September 3, 2005
This DVD is an edited version of the movie. To create the widescreen effect they simply cut of the top and bottom of the original fullscreen VHS version. They also added computer generated blur in the nude scenes. I already have this movie on VHS and I was looking for a more durable version on DVD. My old VHS version is much better.
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on March 24, 2005
First of all, the movie is really a Blue Lagoon rip-off, with unbelievable plot. Even the situation leading to the nudity is unbelievable!

The DVD itself is badly done. The cover looks cheap. The transfer is bad. Some parts are purposely blurred. No extras. It surely doesn't warrant the price of $19.99 but more like $4.99!

The extra star in the rating is just because it's a Phoebe Cates debut. If you're not her fan, don't bother buying.
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on June 22, 2002
Simply stated, this is a makeout movie. An attractive couple are brought together in a romantic setting in hopes of appealing to hormone-driven young people of both sexes. The problem is that Willie Aames is not attractive and charismatic enough (or a good enough actor for that matter)to make his target audience swoon. No such problem with Phoebe Cates. SHE IS GORGEOUS...RADIANT...ANGELIC!! The details of how these 2 got stranded, then escaped from the slave trader to get back to civilization are of secondary importance. Phoebe is the entire movie. Without her, this is an unremakable retread of "The Blue Lagoon". But just as she makes being stranded on a desert oasis not merely bearable, but highly desireable, so she raises this otherwise pedestrian effort to a true aesthetic experience. The stoyline gets 2 stars, but Phoebe gets 5 stars for the most breathtaking debut in movie history.
P.S.--According to THE BARE FACTS a body double was used for the love scenes, but it is Phoebe everywhere else--including the underwater scenes.
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on February 17, 2006
But it's downgraded to four becuase the movie itself is very ordinary.

It starts off interesting, and the first half isn't bad, but it gets more boring as it goes along, and the ending is a bit of an anti-climax.

I have the Korean import, and the only thing censored is Aames's genitals, which concerns me little, and probably doesn't concern you.

It only actually runs for 90 minutes, but there's already plenty of nudity and sex in it (more than I expected), so I'm personally not too fussed about the 'uncut or not' issue...
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on October 28, 2008
The Premier Classic DVD Collection version of "Paradise" lasts for 90 minutes and has no extras. Leonard Maltin writes it is a 100 minute movie; IMDB says 100 minutes ordinarily but only 90 for the USA. There are optional Korean subtitles and no extras. The DVD cover is a mix of English and Korean and has stills from actions not in this version, including a wedding scene. The picture and sound are good. There is some controversial blurring of the genitals of the David McBride/Willie Aames character. I can't compare this version to others.

There are natural comparisons to "The Blue Lagoon", with an attractive young couple living undressed and unmissed out in the middle of nowhere. In "The Blue Lagoon" the protagonists are shown figuring out how to get along in the wild and having to decide how much effort to make to escape. In "Paradise" the protagonists seem content to remain where they are and move only when The Jackal chases them out. There is no time spent on how to find food or how worrying about how to get home. "Paradise" is a much faster paced movie but raises fewer questions and is not as well acted.

I speculate that for those who are looking primarily at the bodies, those looking at the women will prefer "Paradise" (Phoebe Cates) and those looking at the men will prefer "The Blue Lagoon" (Christopher Atkins).

"Paradise" is entertaining fluff with superior eye-candy.
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