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on January 26, 2002
When me and my brother in law decided to build my house, I started looking for something to help us out. Neither one of us ever owned any kind of nail gun or phneumatic tools. I asked around and read the reviews on your web site. I went to LOWE's and Home Depot to get a closer look at all of the various guns. I decided to try the Paslode Impulse, so I bought one for each of us. I saved... on both by getting them from Amazon. These things are great. I even dropped one twice, once about 6' on a sidewalk. Never missed a beat. They are practically maintence free. Even though they didn't need it I cleaned them once just to make me feel good. The breakdown and cleaning was a snap. They sure made the job go faster and saved a lot of wear and tear on our arms. Not having air hoses laying all around was a big plus. I strongly recommend the Paslode Impulse. I even used the generic nails with no problems.
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on December 4, 1999
I work with a company who employs over 100 union carpenters. We have used Paslode Air tools for the last 8 years with great reliability. The impulse framing nailer, however, certainly had its share of problems until Paslode came out with the improvements in last year,s model. The over-heating and freezing is no longer a problem. Paslode has made this product good enough for us to rely on everyday under extreme conditions. Keep in mind: this tool does require routine maintenance which takes very little time, but it must be done for the gun to function properly and last. Bottom line, if you are interested in an nail gun with convenience and reliability this really is the one. (I do not sell these things...they make us money.)
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on November 21, 1999
We have never found any tool as helpful as this cordless nail gun. It cut down our project times by more than half and saved my hands and wrists from pain (carpel tunel sufferer). Purchasing this was far more economical than purchasing a nail gun, compressor etc, where we would not use the compressor with anything else except for the nail gun. It doesn't take up a lot of storage room and its great not having to worry about triping over hoses or cords. We haven't had any problems with it and haven't had any jams in the 2 cases of nails we've gone through so far. This is a real timesaver!
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on March 25, 2000
We've used Paslode Impulse Nailers for our framing crew since they first came out. We still have some of our first guns, from nearly ten years ago. Our crew is not easy on tools, so the tools have not been babied. The newer guns are not as good and the service sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. When I have complained to the reps I'm told that the tool is not for everyday framing, just for occasional use where pnuematic tools are inconvienent. This is what the retailers don't tell you when you buy them. They are not supposed to be a primary tool -- but that's how we use them anyway. We've learned to implement most repairs and cleaning on the job. It would be nice if Paslode would make the guns so they SHOULD be the primary tool.
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on July 30, 2000
I've had my Paslode for about a year and a half now. I have to say,"I'm pleased." It's great for small jobs. If I know I'just building a few walls or something else that's only going to take a few minutes I go straight for the orange case and get this baby out. Why ? It has plenty of power to sink nails in new lumber. You might have a little trouble every now and then in old dry studs but you can always finish beating the nail in with a hammer. It doesn't happen very often.The time saved in not lugging a compressor and hoses around is priceless.They designed it so that it won't dry fire when you are out of nails which I wish everyone did. One thing I don't like is you can't bump fire the thing. You have to have the nose safety engaged and then pull the trigger. Then for safety you have to let off the trigger and place the nose again and pull the trigger. At least it's impossible to double fire. Another thing is that it doesn't hold much more than one clip of nails so you have to reload often. For these reasons I don't use it for anything that's going to take more than an hour. If I have a lot of nailing to do I want to be able to hold the trigger and bump fire the nails. It's so much faster. It's not as safe but much more productive. For remodels and pick up work ,this gun is great. For framing a house this is not the right tool. You need a pneumatic nailer and lots of hose. When mine decides to quit or it walks off a job site I will definitely replace it.It's just too handy to be with out.
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on December 17, 2004
Working on a residential/commercial framing crew that uses the Paslode Impulse almost exclusively and nearly every day of the year, I can honestly say this tool has held its own. We've owned around 14 or 15 of these guns in the past 4 years so we've had a broad range of experience with them. We have run thousands upon thousands of nails (both smooth shank and ring shank) through each of the guns before having any severe difficulties. I will say if you frame every day with them like we do, they do wear out, just like any nail gun (or tool for that matter).

We've worked in the nastiest conditions imaginable with them. 100 degree heat in the summer, and 20 below zero (-40 wind chill) in the winter (that's Minnesota for you) and they still work. Snow, rain, ice, mud, our guns have seen it all.

You can go quite a while without cleaning them, but not forever. Because they run off a combustion chamber (the gas is ignited) and not air pressure, they get carbon buildup. But unless you're working in Iraq in the sand, you don't need to clean them every two days.

The guns are durable! In terms of dropping or abuse, they are much more durable than the Pneumatic nailers because they are plastic. We've dropped them off of roofs two and three stories up, shook the dirt out of them and gone back to nailing. We've accidentally dropped the pneumatic guns 3 feet onto the concrete and broken the cast housing. In this case, plastic is better.

But having built dozens of houses with them, I can honestly say they are a tool worth the money. So for all you weekend warriors, with a sizeable project to accomplish, the Paslode Impulse will hold its own.

Look at it this way. A coworker and I framed up a 30 x 40 garage with a 10 foot ceiling, 1 access door, 2 garage doors, and 3 windows in a weekend using two of these nail guns. That includes trusses, wall and roof sheathing, house wrap, and the windows installed. I bet you can't do THAT in a weekend with a hammer and nails.
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on January 21, 2003
A great multi-purpose framing nailer. The consumables can sometimes sneak up on you, expense-wise, but the convenience far outweights that. It's a lot lighter than it looks, and will shoot a 3 1/2" ring-shank nail through wood with ease. For deck and dock work, there's really no better tool. Mine has been maintenance free, but I do follow the instructions on cleaning it. Also, make sure you're aware that this gun doesn't include the 'No Mar' tip. The gun has a 4-prong nose that is the safety; i.e. you have to depress this on the wood before the gun will fire. Paslode designed the prongs to work well in toe-nailing situations, but be warned: If you're doing top-level deck work, you'll need the 'No Mar' tip so that you won't leave behind 4 little marks at every nail shot. The 'No Mar' tip is a simple replacement nose piece that has a piece of rubber, instead of steel prongs, for it's bottom. No biggie, just wanted to make everyone aware of it. For pure framing, you won't need it, though.
Very good, very reliable tool that has served me well.
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I would like to inform anyone going to buy this tool to think about it very hard. I've had this gun for 2 years now and it's been back to the company 6 months out of the time I've owned it. In summer, when the temperature is above 90, it over heats. In winter when its below 20, the gas cylinder freezes. Dont get me wrong it's great when your nailing off roof sheeting, no hoses to trip over, but I think paslode has a lot of work ahead of them to make this a practicle tool for contractors.
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on October 9, 2001
I own 7 nail guns and decided three years ago to purchase the Impulse nailer. It is a very convenient tool, however I do not recomend its use for prolonged periods of time. For one Its not available with sequential trip, which means it fires one nail at a time for every trigger squeeze. This can be tiresome espescialy if you are using it for sub floors. It is not as powerful as its air powered bothers sometimes leaving nails out and not as durable and maintenance free as they are. You have to disassemle the unit to clean and oil the piston after 5000 shots as recomended in the manual. That is definately a pain. So if you are thinking of using the Impulse as high production tool you will definately be disappointed. This is not a knock, it's just advice, it does rank as one of my most useful tools.
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on December 7, 1999
I have worked with the Paslode impulse nailer for the last 6 months and found it to be a boon for piecemeal work. I built a number of decks with it and appreciated its portability. I wouldnt recommend it for large framing projects as it is a bit expensive ($/nail) but for smaller jobs and repair type work it cant be beat. I also found it to be quite safe as it is a single impulse per trigger pull. (No rapid fire nailing).
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