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on February 14, 2008
Haven't used this material yet but just wanted to be helpful since Amazon customer service couldn't tell me whether this kit has tapes or CDs. ISBN 1572296569 is the kit with CDs, even though the description mentions tapes (and notes that the description is for a different edition).
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on June 3, 2007
I followed the steps in the book and I took my 12 year old daughter on an unforgettable and wonderful weekend. We laughed and we talked as we listened to the tapes and followed along in the books. We went to a spa for an afternoon and my gift to her was a music box with tiny framed photos of myself and her dad inside. She got a bit tearful as we were finishing up and I know the weekend left a positive and profound impression on her. I will be taking my next daughter this summer for her passport-to-purity weekend. I recommend this to every parent!
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on December 8, 2009
I saw a lot of parents review this product for girls and I would like to add that it is good for boys too! My husband used it with our twin boys. He thought they would think it was lame and embarrassing, but they did not. They enjoyed the CDs, the workbook, the projects and especially the time away with my husband! We did opt not to do the last two sections of the CDs and workbook. We have some very conservative ideas about purity and dating and felt that the section on "drawing a line" gave ideas that didn't need to be discussed and the chapter on dating doesn't fit into our view of an appropriate relationship between a boy and a girl in the teen years. However, we did address these issues with our own material, but used the projects from the lessons, because they fit prefectly!
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on May 12, 2010
Just completed my Passport2Purity with my precious 12 year old. She will be 13 in 5 days. We had the most amazing weekend. Wow it was great! I HIGHLY recommend it for all parents and their children (boys & girls). There just aren't words to describe the memories that were created this past weekend that I will treasure forever. So many have told me that they don't "need to do this" because they have already shared this information with their child. I tell you ... this is different! My daughter felt a connection with the Raineys. I can tell that she feels as if she has 4 people in her corner...not just my husband and I. The Rainey's voices' are so a grandma and a grandpa. Their illustrations can only come from years of experience which I certainly do not have. So while my husband and I have shared our hopes and expectations with our daughter, this weekend solidified her decision to trust us and follow a plan that will bring joy and not heartache when praying for a husband. She was so excited with the weekend, she asked if I could do this with all her friends because "they all need a plan". :) My 10 year old son is already planning his weekend...he has no idea the content of the lessons...hehehe...
By the way...our fun activity was riding a horse on the beach on Amelia Island (AMAZING)and her gift was a hand picked out purity ring chosen and presented by her daddy. That is my feeble attempt at describing what these 5 cd's and book gave us.
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on August 23, 2007
Comprehensive, professional and right on the money. This approach; with the teaching, story driven examples and hands on projects coupled with a weekend away to focus and play is unbeatable. Talk about a memorable weekend - this will be hard to beat. I highly recommend this program for every parent and teen.
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on December 7, 2011
My daughter and I recently went on a Mother/Daughter weekend, and we used some of the material from this weekend kit. In my opinion, it focuses more on the 'typical teen dating scenario', and less on God's beautiful plan for marriage in the future. I would highly recommend listening to all the sessions and reading through the student's journal before using this material. There were some things that we did not discuss as we do not believe in 'teen dating', and therefore, have trained our children to not view this behavior as normal from a biblical perspective. So, use caution, if purchasing, but know that there are some nuggets that can be used for a wonderful weekend.
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on March 9, 2009
I used this material on a weekend getaway with my 10 year old son. If your child likes projects and surprises this is the material to use to introduce them to peer pressure, choices and purity. Appropriate for boys and girls that are pre-teen. The CD's are fun and easy to listen to with your child. Five great object lesson projects that help make the lessons tangible. The material and topic opened up lines of communication that will benefit our father son relationship for the teenage years.
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on January 12, 2007
Excellent weekend with my 11 year old daughter, thanks to this kit. It covers so much I wouldn't have thought to cover, and gives a truly Biblical basis for her plan on how to relate to boys in her teen years. After the weekend, she said it was the "best weekend she'd ever had!" I'm one grateful mom.
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on June 11, 2007
Great program helps parents and kids bond while deciding major life decisions before the situations come up in life. Covers peer pressure, growth, dating from a Biblical point of view.
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on April 25, 2008
I had high hopes for this weekend based on reviews from others I know who have completed their weekend retreats with their daughters. Our weekend didn't go nearly as well as I had hoped, mostly because my daughter didn't want to talk afterwards (no discussion-bonding for us). Also, I didn't have time to read through the parent book and prepare properly. You really need to do this beforehand!

The teaching is excellent once you get past the music. Barbara and Dennis Rainey present the material in such a straight-forward way that you just sit and listen and offer to answer any questions after. That's it. The projects that correspond to each session are creative and help to demonstrate the lesson learned. About the cd's: Barbara talks sort of soft so you may have to adjust the volume up and down depending on who's talking.

The songs are awful! They grate on your nerves like a fingernails on a chalkboard. However, the music does what it needs to: presents Bible verses and gets them stuck in your head like a bad 80s song. But at least they are bible verses. They should be stuck in your head, right?

I ended our "retreat" by giving my daughter a purity ring that she really loved. She didn't want to talk after any of the sessions. She was a little obstinate about it all, but I think that when I gave her the ring, she saw that this was important to me and I believe that what she heard she will think about, and possibly talk to me about later.

Also, my girls (I plan to do this with each of them - even though the other two are stepdaughters) attend a private Christian school now, and they aren't being as bombarded with sexual issues and peer pressure as much. I am hoping this is preparing them for public high school. And when they get there, they may find that because of this weekend, they are comfortable coming to me with questions or concerns that they face.

I highly recommend Passport2Purity to moms AND dads!! In fact, I would suggest getting the other parent involved at the end... maybe a special dinner together, presentation of a ring, etc.
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