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on April 25, 2011
Joyce called me to the center of the circle. I walked up to her, my heart pounding in my chest. Our eyes locked. She said, "Adelina, have you chosen your deity pair?" I answered, "I have." She continued, "Who have you chosen?" I took a deep breath, bathed in the energy of this holy gathering and stated for all to hear, "Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Magdala."

If you're reading this from a Christian perspective, may I make a suggestion about how to approach this book? Don't read critically. Suspend disbelief, set aside your arguments, and enjoy the journey of this Christian-turned-Witch-turned-ChristianWitch as if reading a fantasy novel. As you approach the end of the book, gradually let it sink in that you've been reading a biography, the life-journey of a real person.

I know little about the Wiccan religion, but my take on the book is this: Adelina St. Clair, the book's author, discovered two basic truths in life. Christianity is real. Wiccan magic and practice is real. Both are good, both are healthy, Adelina needed the connection both to Christ and to nature's rhythms, but the two religions are oil and water. Christians teach that witchcraft is evil, and Wiccans are polytheistic in practice. So what did Adelina do? She embraced Wiccan truths, but chose as a patron deity the Christian God and His pantheon (Jesus, Mary, the saints, the patriarchs, the angels).

God is Love, writes John the Apostle. As a witch, Adelina agrees, saying "I believe in love, always and above all," and hopes for a "new community of people, who will cultivate their light in a new-old way and spread a new wave of love into the world."

She turned to me briefly, let out a sigh, and said, "The answer is to love." And she went on her way. There was something special about the way my angel told me the greatest secret of my life. She did not take on airs of mystery or make dramatic pauses to emphasize the importance of the message. Her attitude seemed to say, "There. You have it. Why are you so intent on finding something else? That's all there is."
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on June 24, 2010
I loved this book. It spoke straight to my heart. For quite some time now I've been trying to honor two paths that seemed impossible to reconcile with one another. I wanted desperately to be able to express my love of Catholicism and my Pagan path together as one cohesive whole. This was always a challenge as my Christian friends feared Paganism and my Pagan friends vehemently were opposed to anything hinting of Christianity. I felt all alone, and then I found this book. Part journal, part instruction manual, Ms. St. Clair has managed to do an amazing feat and bring together two very different spirtual traditions and meld them into a working path. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes a way to bring Christianity and Witchcraft together.
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on April 24, 2011
Pagans, Witches, and Christians alike all say that a combination of Christianity and Wicca/Witchcraft is impossible. This book seems to have found a way to reconcile some of the fundamental differences between the two faiths but in reality its not that hard to do... The basic Wiccan model is generally a polytheistic one in which the practitioner calls upon whatever diety is required or that they feel most comfortable with. So why can't a Witch call upon the Holy Trinity? God the Father, Mother God, and Jesus Christ... Why is this so unspeakable???
Instead of calling on the old and dead names of the past why not call on the living names of our God? I'm not saying that God won't answer you if you call on one of his/her former names but what is wrong with a Witch calling on Jesus?
People need to get over themselves,and learn to Coexist... Spiritual Growth should be the reason for religion, not seeking out superiority and control. Have we learned nothing from Humanity's long history of epic failures as a result of using God to control others?? Par Example, in our more recent history the Mormons got involved in California politics to strip Gay Americans of their civil and God given rights to equality....Who is going to stop this??? This is a more modern witch hunt! When will it end? All in all shut up people! Live and let live. Worship your way and get over it, if someone tells you that your wrong just smile and say thats a nice opinion and keep doing what you feel is right, what God tells you is right. I hope that this is going to help someone somewhere and that they will have been touched and given aid by God through my words. Thats my goal is to help with Healing and mending the burnt bridges of Olde. Blessed Be.
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on March 11, 2015
This is an interesting book of how one person blended two seemingly contradictory religions into one spiritual path. Reading it made me feel that such a blending is definitely possible, but it was clearly written from the pagan perspective--likely because pagans would be more likely to be open minded to such a blending. I realize that as a Catholic it would be taboo to bring up practicing some paganism on the side to Church officials, but there are many Catholics who do combine other religious practices into their personal spirituality--they just keep quiet about it. I suppose I wanted to see a little more Catholicism in the book--to see how she puts the paganism into Catholicism instead of putting the Catholicism into paganism.
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on December 19, 2014
I purchased this book because I am in a few pagan groups on Facebook and there has been heated debates on whether one can be a Christian witch. Since Christianity is not part of my path, I figured that I would see what a Christian witch hadto say. I personally think that being a witch is easier within the writer's Catholic tradition than other sects simply because there is a lot of paganism in Catholicism but I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who was struggling with reconciling the two traditions.
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on July 29, 2010
K.C Larsen, I can feel your rage even through the monitor in my office.
How sad that you live in a world where the majority of the population that are religious, are Christian.

Perhaps one day your rites and rituals shall help in healing your fear for being out numbered.

The "Old Ways", are a phrase so often cited by "Neo-Pagans" and yet they're not new at all. Most Wiccan practitioners subscribe to the teachings of Scire, aka/ Gerald Brousseau Gardner. It fascinates me to no end when I meet Fundy Gardnerian Wiccans. They raise their heads, look down their nose, proudly boast they're this degree or that and confide that if one is not their equal in that way, they're not ready to know those mysteries that await. Initiation into the degree system of Wicca helps to make some feel superior to others. As if they're graduated from a secular University and now clutch a Masters in their hands.

Gerald was a liar, a fraud and a Plagiarist. He manifest what L. Ron Hubbard had said would cause one to live forever;He created a Religion. And in his wake, he gave life to countless faithful in it who are very often just as arrogant and angry as are the most ardent Fundamentalist Bible thumping exclusivist Christians.

How refreshing that this book page after page, alleviates all that petty nonsense.

Yes, the God's of the old religions become the Devil's of the new. Yes, the Christian faith in her early time superimposed their holy days onto the Roman Pagan Calendar, so as to persuade the Pagan people to recognize the celebration in that familiar time frame. But the God's of the New Pagan faith, because the ancient practitioners for the most part, didn't keep a written records,are revered and worshiped today by those who candy coat their veneers as God's and Goddesses of light. When in truth they were very often anything but.
When a faith declares, "And it harm none do what thou wilt", it is the one copying the Christian tradition and it's Golden Rule.

Harm is relative. Performing a magical rite so as to obtain a job for instance, will be perceived as harming that Cowan who seeks to acquire a job, or that same job one is working the magic to obtain the old fashioned non-magical traditional way. Because they applied. Because they're qualified for the spot. Because they need to eat and keep a roof over their heads,just as much as that Magical worker who seeks to give their desire a supernatural boost, employing rites and ritual so as to achieve their goals.

This book bridges the anger and separation and brings peace. It joins two magical faiths, as the Christ was the Magician of the age in the image and likeness of Solomon himself, and declares to the reader , the believer, that if one's path speaks to one's heart and makes them to be a better person to share this breathtakingly beautiful world with, it's a blessing in itself.

One way to help assuage the rage, thinking Christians took the old Pagan traditions when today's new pagans are not practicing anything ancient in their own rites at all but are following the imaginations of 20th century author$, is to consider the spirit of the true ancient polytheistic lifestyles (they weren't religions they were a way of life) , and realize that if one first believes the Goddess changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes, then the new religions that superimpose themselves upon the old are keeping the Goddess alive through the centuries to come.
The Goddess of ten thousand names can not be destroyed by any new faith that comes down the pike. She's alive in the face of Mary the Virgin (Originally translated so as to define a single unmarried woman and not actually what Virgin describes). She's alive in the rites and rituals that pay her homage in the Catholic tradition for being the temple, the vehicle, for bringing her Sun to life on earth.
Instead of bending knee to hate exclusivism and bigotry in the name of a nature religion, why not stand tall and recognize the Goddess and God's are alive behind our eyes and Omnipresent the world over.

Why war over what amounts to Semantics, when we are here but a short while and shall never be here again. While the Goddess, the God's ,The Powers,The Energies, that manifest what we believe worthy of praise because we can give it a name, will live on without us. For we are of no consequence to them.They are indifferent to our fate, as we are but another manifestation of their power. We live and we die just like everything else does. We are not especially afforded a boon or their attention because we can erect altars and declare they are special to us. Rites and rituals feed our psyche. And as that occurs we re-cognize our power and the potential to manifest our will on earth. The Goddess, Gods, Energies, Powers those rites invoke are eminent. One does not have to "find" Jesus, the Goddess, the Gods. One is alive with them inside from the moment we are born.

You are the living temple of creation. Experiencing and learning from that sacred journey that unfolds beneath your feet, that walk upon the altar that is Earth. Every breath is magic. Every goal, dream, pursuit, act, is rite and ritual dedicated and sworn to a power filled life. As you look in the mirror see there Goddess, God and know you are holy! Then perhaps you will know, there is nothing to fear and thus no thing to hate. Because hate defeats the hater, while the target of such discontent lives on and can choose to ignore such pain as is sought to be inflicted upon them, so that that hater has to live with it inside themselves. Where it festers and breeds and whittles away at that temple self.
How tragic a loss and how it weakens the magic, to do that to one's self simply because one first chooses to hold faith someone else deserves to share their pain, of being so unhappy on the inside.

This book will help lead you to find your way. But you'll have to save yourself.

Live the Peace,
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on October 4, 2012
Well, I got this book to answer some of my own questions about being a Christian Witch.
I read this book once and I loved it so much that I ordered my own copy of it. I will give it many reads.
It answered some of my troubling questions about being a Witch and if you can be a Christian Witch. The answere is YES.
For those out there who have unanswered questions in this line of thinking and don't feel comfortable asking someone about it I highly recommend this book to answer your personal questions of this nature.
This book is very easy to read and follow, and it is very well written and done in a way to make it easy to understand.
I never felt lost at all while reading this book.
I absolutely love this book.
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on May 12, 2015
She does a good job of including Angels, Guardians, Elementals, and the Quarters. Relates prayers to spells, etc.. It works for her. Helped me "see" how Jesus (could be) God and Mary is the Goddess. Really like how she related the Archangels to the Elements. It was a nice read.
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on June 18, 2014
Written in a memoir format. For someone with Christian beliefs but who always felt something was missing in the way Christianity is practiced in the US... This was the missing puzzle. This book really spoke to me.
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on August 15, 2013
I read a quote from this book on a blog somewhere, and was dumbstruck. This was exactly what I had been looking for!! A friend was kind enough to surprise me by buying the book for me, and I have read it three times in the past month. I love it from A to Z. The authoress shares some of my experiences within the Catholic church (male-dominated, anything flesh is a S-I-N etc), and we both have a longing to see unity and equality within the Church - whichever church that may be. I salute Adelina St.Clair for writing this book, and highly recommend it!
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