Customer Reviews: Patriot LX Series 8GB High Speed Micro SD HC - Class 10 UHS-I - Up to 48MB/sec Transfer Speeds - PSF8GMCSDHC10
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on November 16, 2015
Works as advertised. Verified capacity with h2testw.exe. Benchmarked performance with CrystalDiskMark 5.0.3 x64. Excellent sequential read. Good sequential writes. Mediocre random read and write. This makes it ideal for media storage. I have recorded 4K video at nearly 90Mbps that wrote successfully to the card.
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on July 29, 2012
I have a bit of experience with storage of various types and I also do Android development. So despite the reviews to the contrary, I decided to purchase one of these cards for my new Galaxy S III since I really like Patriot for their RAM. I have had absolutely zero problems with this card. The performance is excellent and, so far, I have had absolutely no problems with reliability. I am storing application data for development on the card as well as a lot of miscellaneous files (ebooks, music, photos, et cetera). Just make sure to verify that your device is SDHC compatible before purchase and format the card before you use it. Details follow.

I did consider the card's negative reviews and came up with a possible explanation. I decided that I was okay with possibly not having a working card at this price point. My hypothesis was as follows: It is possible that Patriot has an anomaly in the factory formatting that is causing a problem. I thought that this was a reasonable hypothesis as formatting issues can cause the symptoms described, with special emphasis to locking up, slow performance and crashing. I have had issues with the factory formatting on flash drives and other media from various manufacturers before and have since made it a practice to format all media before use. I figured it was worth a go. I formatted my card before inserting it into my phone and then formatted it on the phone through the storage settings. I have not had any issues and the card has been installed for about two weeks now. In my experience, tech problems related to defects in or other issues with new hardware, like compatibility, usually arise within 72 hours so I think I am probably past the threshold of issues. So, the solution appears to be as follows: format the card before trying to use it. Do this on your computer first to destroy the factory formatting and then once again on the Android phone to make sure the formatting is correct.

IN ADDITION, make sure that your phone or other device can support at least a 32GB card and works with SDHC (in before SDHC being the same as regular SD, there is a slight hardware difference in more recent version of the SDA specification); SDXC devices are okay as well. If you device does not support at least a 32GB capacity card and SDHC or SDXC, you will probably have issues. I have verified that this card works in the Galaxy S III (Android 4.0.4 at the time of writing) but it is possible your mileage may vary. As a side note, the Galaxy S III can work with SDXC cards up to 64GB.

I also need to debunk a bit of recurring disinformation. A few reviewers state something along the lines of "the manufacturer even says that this card doesn't work with my __________". I was skeptical of this so I went to Patriot's website and read the entire product site on this card. I did not find any material from Patriot of the sort, in fact, the information they do have supports my hypothesis that this is not a hardware problem specifically because the card "Complies with [the] SDA 3.0 specifications". This means that from a hardware perspective, if you have a device that supports SDHC (and is compliant, to be precise) then there is no reason this card should not work unless, of course, you received a defective card but Patriot gives you a 5 year warranty so that really isn't a problem. The problems people have been having are probably software based or they do not actually have compatible devices.

In conclusion, For a 32GB class 10 card, this is a pretty awesome deal with the price Amazon is selling it for. Contrary to other user experiences, I trust Patriot's build quality and never actually doubted that the card would work but, nevertheless, decided to investigate the problem some.

Card website: [...]
Spec sheet direct link: [...]
SD Association Card Formatter: [...] Use the "Overwrite Format" option in this application or your favorite operating system's formatting application. Then reformat the card on your Android device through the Storage settings.

A small note on classes. The class number of the card denotes the card's sustained write speed. Class 10 cards are really designed for video, audio and photo usage as having a high speed card helps those devices record better (in a nutshell). I use class 10 cards in my DSLR specifically because the photo gets written faster so I don't have to wait as long between photos. This is good for high speed shooting but it is definitely overkill for an Android phone.

If you still have apprehensions about this card, I have also had good experiences with the following manufacturers' flash memory in one product or another (in no particular order): Kingston, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, OCZ, PNY, Corsair and SanDisk. That is all that comes to mind now. I do highly recommend PNY, OCZ and Corsair in addition to Patriot.
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on March 31, 2011
According to the manufacturers of this card on their own forums, this does not work properly in Android or Windows phones. I guess it is a problem with the way this card is partitioned or formatted. Symptoms of the problem are regular freezing of the phone you put it in (requiring a battery pull to reset) and the card eventually becoming corrupted (losing all the data that is on it and requiring a reformat). On the official acknowledgement of the problems posted to their forums they give no indication of what we are supposed to do with these cards that don't work. It might be possible to repartition and reformat this card yourself to get it to work but I haven't been successful at that yet.

I'm not sure how a card that fails in the vast majority of devices you would use it in gets released and hasn't been recalled yet. It is too bad as Partiot is usually a decent manufacturer. I have contacted support asking them what I am supposed to do with my defective cards but have yet to get a response. I don't want to return them because these will be great cards when the problems get sorted out (they are very fast), but right now they are worse than useless as they make any device I put them in unstable and corrupt any data I put on them.

I definitely can't recommend this card right now unless you don't plan to use it in a phone or tablet (which is about the only reason I can think of to buy a microsdhc card).

Update: Patriot support was not able to help me but they said they were willing to RMA in exchange for a class 4 (which will hopefully work). Sure I paid for a class 10 and a class 4 would have been cheaper in the first place, but I just want something that works at this point so I am willing to swap for something slower if it fixes the problem.
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on January 24, 2011
I was a bit skeptical when getting this card, because it is priced significantly less than other 16GB Class 10 cards on the market, but since it's a new product and it's for my phone, I was willing to take a bit of a gamble after seeing a couple of other positive reviews around the web.

I'm glad I did! This card performs great and gives me plenty of storage space. I ran one of the many available free benchmarking tools on it (you can find plenty on Google) and it wrote to all of the storage space to verify there were no problems with the card. It clocked the write speed at 11.6MB/sec, and the read at 17.5MB/sec, so the speed claim by Patriot holds up. I popped the card into my HTC Evo phone and it was great seeing how much faster applications stored on the SD card were loading up.

Note: I ended up buying the card on Newegg because it was quite a bit cheaper there than Amazon's current price, also with free shipping. However it looks like Amazon has accordingly dropped the price, so I recommend comparing the two before buying.
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on August 1, 2011
Ordered this card about 3 1/2 months ago to use in my phone. In that time, had to reformat it 7 times due to it showing up as corrupted. On June 22nd, the card was corrupt again but could not be repaired. Contacted Patriot to start the RMA process. That part was fast and easy. Patriot signed for my card on July 1st, where it still remains. I have been told 4 times now, that the card would be shipped out in a few days. In fact, just received an email this morning stating the same thing.

My advise, go with a different brand. Just not worth the hassle having to deal with this process.

Update- Received an email a few minutes ago. They have no ETA on when they will send me a new replacement card. They were nice enough to offer me 2x16gb cards. Really? Kind of defeats the purpose of buying the 32gb in the first place. Let alone 2x16gb cards being cheaper then my original purchase. Awesome!

Update- Finally received a new card on Friday, Sept 2nd. So after waiting 61 days for patriot to RMA the card, lets see how long this one last. I have already moved on to a different brand and will just use this card in my mp3 player.
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on April 16, 2011
If you're looking to buy a Patriot Signature MicroSDHC card then don't buy this. The description is wrong. It is in fact part of the LX series. Nowhere on the packaging is there any mention of Signature, which is what I paid an extra ten dollars for. There is, however, a giant LX label on it. I searched NewEgg's wares and there is a big difference in packaging. LX is supposed to be Patriot's lower-grade line and that's why I went with the Signature. If you search the model number you will find results with pictures that show it is clearly LX. So if you plan on purchasing a specific type of sd or microsd card then I suggest you search the model number before you commit to buy.
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on May 23, 2015
I bought this product for use in my new android tablet. I had encountered many of the issues that other reviewers of this product blame this card for, but as it turns out - it was an android update that messed a bunch of stuff up. As of Android 4.4, they put in a a limitation that governed how Apps could write to external storage. After some outrage, namely for messing up File Explorer types of Apps, they created a work around that would allow users to approve access to external storage. Sounds great, but that involved implementing a new 'intent' in the application, which didn't do much for Legacy Apps that aren't actively updated or supported anymore. So, after unlocking & rooting my new tablet, I installed an app called 'SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroD' and ran it - Eureka! This thing works like a charm. It came formatted as exFAT, which is exactly what is needed for the android operating system. Read/Write speeds fall within the advertised rates. Overall, it's a great expansion of storage for my new tablet.
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on January 23, 2012
Read speed seems to be good. Write speed is not really good. Sure it "meets" the sequential 10MB/s write speed claimed by manufacturer, BUT Amazon's own (branded as "Amazon basics") 16GB Class 10 microSDHC card gets at least 2x faster write speed, and is not significantly more expensive. Plus, after 9 months of usage in a car video recorder I started getting unreadable files (files with correct name and size but totally unreadable by any video player) with this Patriot card, not sure if it is the card's fault or not, but I still replaced it (with Amazon-branded card), just in case. I will be uploading the image of CrystalDiskMark benchmark of this card for people interested in such info.
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on April 3, 2011
Worked great when I first received it; read/write speeds just as described. But after less than a month my phone would start locking up and I would have to pull the battery to get it to reboot. Soon after it would lock up whenever it tried to access the card. Now neither the phone or my laptop will recognize the card at all. My data is now lost (and unrecoverable since nothing I try will even see the card is there.) Not the only one who is having this problem from what I can see on forums around the 'net. This is going back... recommend you stay away from this card!
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on March 24, 2011
Bought this Patriot 16GB Class 10 microSDHC memory card from Amazon. On 3/21/11 I ran 3 benchmark tests on it. Write speeds: 17.4, 17.6, and 17.6 MB/sec. Read speeds: 19.4, 19.8, and 19.8 MB/sec. Wow! Excellent speed performance!
2 days later I inserted the card into the card reader, and no response! Tried 2 other card readers on 2 different computers -- no response. Then I tried 2 Sandisk and and 2 no-name brand microsdhc cards on the same card readers and computers, and they all worked fine. Of course I tried the Patriot 16 GB once more, but no go.
Boo hoo, my speedy Patriot 16GB is dead, after just 3 days! Buyer BEWARE!

P.S. This is not a negative review of AMAZON. They've already given me a prepaid return label. I've only had OUTSTANDING service from AMAZON. Thank you, Jeff Bezos and Company!
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