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on January 23, 2014
I purchased this item thinking, "What the hell. It's less than $7. If it doesn't work, I wouldn't be surprised." The car charger part feels a bit lacking in build quality/materials, but the product works much, much better than I expected. Nearly zero static at all, even at high volume. For the price, this is, hands-down, the best deal available .You do NOT need a $49.99 FM Transmitter. I can't express that enough. I was skeptical as well, but this turned out to be no-brainer.

If you purchase this item, I promise you will not be disappointed.
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on May 9, 2014
The transmitter works very well and works much better than one I had in my car previously (which was specifically for iPhone 4 models and prior). This one plugs into the headphone jack so it will work with a large number of devices, although I did buy it specifically for an iPhone 5s which it is listed for in the product name. I found there to be minimal distortion and carrier wave noise unlike the transmitters I had used in the past (which also cost quite a bit more). Overall I am quite impressed and pleased with the way the transmitter works. I used it in my car in Oakland, CA which has a very full spectrum of radio waves. From experience I know to usually pick a low end number, and I was able to dial into 88.1 with no problem even though there is a college station somewhere that I often pick up when I don't have my transmitter on. It trumps that crosstalk and the music comes through about as good as you can expect for a tiny little FM transmitter. I also used it to stream to my home stereo (as a test only since I do have AirPlay) and this morning I turned on my shower radio, heard that my local NPR station was still in pledge drive mode, and decided to broadcast AC/DC to my shower radio instead. This I could not have done with my previous transmitters which were strictly designed around car cigarette lighters. That you can go for a few minutes without any power source for situations like this is also a win.

So five stars for the radio transmitter. It's great. Easy to use.

This could very well be a gray market product. It says nowhere on it the place of manufacture, has no UL listing. Does not even list a manufacturer name. It could be made in Indiana or Liaoning for all I know but I'm guessing more likely the latter. In fact the only writing on the product at all is on the top of the transmitter "ON < > OFF" and on the cigarette lighter adapter which says "Out put: 5V-1A In put: 12-24V BL" yes, there are spaces in "input, output" so that probably confirms my above suspicions that it wasn't made in Indiana. When you turn it on it displays the battery charge with a 3 LED indicator, and the frequency it is tuned to. Pressing on the arrows on the front of this surface changes the transmit frequency across the FM band. It comes with a cable, the lighter adapter and the transmitter. None of these say where they are made, have a company logo, or anything else to indicate who made it or where. The packaging is a bag with a barcode label reading: "X000JOE7 Patuoxun 3.5mm in-car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter for iPhone 5S New" and that is it. You can now go to your Internet search and look up Patuoxun as I did and draw any further conclusions you wish to draw on your own.

On this Amazon page are specifications along with the claim that it includes a built in microphone. I don't see a microphone or a hole for one. This is fine for me since I have no intention of using this to talk on the phone in my car. I just don't do that and people can wait until I stop my car for me to call them back. If you are hoping to use it in this manner what I would do is stop reading and find another product. Maybe it will work, but if you need any help know that ...

There is no documentation. Or instructions. Or warranty. No tips for optimal use. Nothing at all comes with this besides the lighter adapter, the cable, and the transmitter. So if you were hoping to get a little pamphlet with the specs listed on this page and instructions you are going to be disappointed.

Also this lists specifically for an iPhone 5S for marketing positioning only. It is in no way an iPhone5s specific device for both good and bad. But it is clearly designed for devices with the headphone jack on the top. So when you do plug into an iPhone 5 the screen is facing the back of the phone. And is upside down, too, of course.

So bottom line: if you're looking for a cheap transmitter that works well and has absolutely no frills then go ahead and grab this. If the caveats I list concern you know that there are many other products which do the same thing and you may wish to keep looking.
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on July 30, 2014
This transmitter works much better than anything else I have tried in the past. Transmissions are clear.
However, the one point which bugs me just enough to take one star away, is the battery life.
The battery drains fairly quick (about 1 hour of use), and, once it is empty, it takes about 4 hours to recharge.
You can avoid the discharge by keeping it plugged in during use, but then you have to deal with the charger cable, while the great feature actually is the wireless (and charger-less) use of this transmitter.
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on August 4, 2015
The transmitter works pretty well. It can get a little static when the volume is too high, but other than that, it's great!

The battery lasts for a good while for not needed to have it disconnected. I'd recommend leaving it connected since it will keep it from discharging, but if you must disconnect it for any reason, it does last long enough for you to enjoy listening to your music until you can connect it again.

I keep mine in the car at all times and living in a place that gets 120 degree F summers, you think that would be a problem.

Nope. As long as you keep in the glove compartment or any other shaded place, the transmitter should be fine. Once on a very hot day they numbers on the device didn't want to come up, but it was still set on the same station number so I didn't have to worry about that. It still worked and the numbers came back on their own once it cooled down.

Overall, it is perfect for anyone looking for a FM transmitter in a value price that can get the job done and that is durable enough to last a long time.
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on July 3, 2014
Everything you see described in the info is what you get. Very easy to use. Very easy to charge. It's worth buying if your looking for a basic transmitter that does not cost 80 bucks.
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on August 16, 2014
i've been buying fm transmitters since the original ones cost $45. they have come down in price but still can't find one that will last more than a year. [and some still cost $45, steer far away from these, not worth it]
not all fm transmitters are created equal. some transimit better than others. usually the first thing to go is the cord. which is why i bought this one. no cord. it will charge with a cord but then you can unplug it. charge lasts about 1 1/2 hours. i've read some reports that it would die after 10 minutes. so what? you can still replug it like the typical corded ones.
the true advantage: when the cord goes bad you can replace it. [albeit it's not a standard 2.0 usb cord, it's more of a samsung cell phone cord, but it's replaceable! therefor the tranmitter could theoretically last forever or at least longer than the ones i have been buying.] i've read other reports that it spins around and hard to control. really? didn't you look at the picture before you bought it? i put my ipod on velcro and attach it to my dash, so i don't get the spin. i realize you may not want to velcro your phone but c'mon it can't be that bad? the bad news: the transmitter is a bit weak. some static more in the form of hiss. the cause is a big city where all the channels are full or close to full.
i drive a truck at night and travel alot of distance i get good luck with mine because radio stations are required by the FCC to turn their signal down at night and i'll be out of the city most of the night. i notice most of my interference comes when the sun rises, stations turn their signal up, and i'm back inside the beltway near the radio towers.
i use mine with an ipod, but notice slightly better results with smart phones. i'm an audiofile, so quality sound is important to me, i find regular radio to be an inferior sound quality compared to a CD, so if you're just looking for something to fill the dead air in the car, this ain't too bad, it's like one step below radio, but if looking for all the subtle nuances of a CD you'll be disappointed. but what are the alternatives?
so the pluses: chargeable, replaceable cord, on/off switch, compact size. less distortion in sound as you turn up volume on unit [not radio].
the negatives: not powerful, [but kind of adequate] poor daytime performance, poor performance in a major city like LA, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Denver, better to acceptable performance in smaller venues like des moines, boise, joplin, spokane.
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on May 6, 2016
I've wanted a way to connect my phone to my car for quite a while now to allow for handsfree talking and so I can listen to all the music I have downloaded on my phone. Years ago I had a cassette player in my car but my new car obvious doesnt have one, haha! I don't know why I didnt think of getting one of these sooner! I let it charge for 4 hours like the directions say then plugged it into my phone and went for a drive! It was so nice being able to listen to my music! Driving is my escape time that I can recharge my batteries and think. I got a call during my drive and it was so easy to answer it, talk, hang up and go on listening to my music. This was able to connect to the same station as i set on my stereo and the sound was great. no complaints here!
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on June 19, 2014
I got this for my iPhone 5, as I don't have Bluetooth or aux input. As with most FM transmitters, it can cover empty channels and weak frequencies well enough, but there are times during my commute where a station will bleed over if it gets too strong. There is a sound, almost like rhythmic popping in the background that's audible when listening to speech (out of area radio, audio books, newscasts, etc) but it isn't noticeable to me when playing music.

My issues with this product as two fold. For starters, there is not auto-off, so if you forget to turn it off, it will die. Secondly, the internal battery isn't that great. I commute, on average, about 2.5 hours. If I fully charge it the night before, it will work for the entire morning (1 hour) and maybe, at most most, half of my afternoon (45 minutes). I have to connect it in the car to top off and charge it at work daily to ensure I get a full commute's worth.

That being said, it's inexpensive, seems reasonably well made, and does what it should.
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on December 21, 2015
I used this paired with a FM receiver to install rear speakers for my surround sound. I didn't want wires in the ceiling or along the baseboard. I matched the frequencies, connected the speakers, plugged it in, and hid the amp behind the couch.
It worked great once I had everything dialed in. The distance was about 10-12ft from the transmitter to the receiver.
Eventually the receiver died, so now I have this attached to my computer to make an in-house radio station. It sits upstairs and I broadcast the NO AGENDA live stream. I can turn on the radio and listen to it anywhere in the house.
The only negative I can think of, is the charge time. Its short but, its to get you from power source to power source. The charger is cheap and sits in a drawer.
This definitely gets the job done.
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on January 6, 2016
1st Review - At first this product worked great - we were super surprised at how well it work for the first month until the charge port sunk into the device which leaves us with a dead transmitter because we cant charge it. The quality isn't so great but if you take very good care of it and are super gentle, it may last a bit longer?

I am so pleased with this company. After leaving this first review, they sent us a new transmitter and it has worked great! The new transmitter came in the mail about a week after our review and we never asked for it. My husband thought I had bought a second one and I told him that the company sent us a new one. Like I said, for the price - this transmitter works great with clear sound!
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