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Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch
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on December 13, 2009
I have a 2 year old collie x lab mix. He's got webbed lab toes with long hair in between the toes. It's been a nightmare in the winter with him, especially since we love to go to deep snow areas with no trails. He'd end up with snow above and below the webbing, trapped in the fur, which he then licked till it became ice blocks. I'd stop every 10 minutes of our walk to break out bloody snow blocks, and his poor paws would hurt so badly.

Enter Pawz! I bought them at the Natural Pet Market near me, and we went for a walk three hours later. I put them on him in the car in a matter of seconds. I led him straight out of the car, and after he looked at them once, he ran off to play in the snow. This is a dog who kicked off all other boots I tried on him, and who would not move in regular boots. The website states that dogs that won't tolerate anything else on their feet will tolerate these because they can feel the ground under their paws. It's true :0))

The best part is they STAYED ON! We were in deep snow in an IL prairie. It had been mowed to about a foot tall, so there were sharp stick and branches and burrs, but the Pawz stayed strong. No holes, no tears, and no lost boots. My pup did not stop running once on his forty minute walk.

To those considering these, I offer these words of wisdom:

1) If they're floppy-looking or fall off, they're too big. They should fit rather snugly around the paw and not look like giant floppy clown shoes. My dog is about the size of a border collie or Aussie, and he wears a size medium. Those are a dark blue. I think most of the issues people have with these come from being improperly sized.

2) Stretch the opening really wide, and pop them over the dog's foot while someone else is holding his head. Do this in an area with distractions and lead them into a walk right away and they won't even realize they have them on.

3) Yes, they look like party balloons. No, they won't last forever. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but they're worth it if you get the right size and you have manual dexterity and can put them on your dog. Complaining that they are cheap-looking without using them is not a very good way to review them. Use them correctly and you'll be glad you used them!

If these lasted through the roughest terrain in this area, they should last in any cold harsh terrain.

I look forward to using these again, and I hope they help other pups, too!
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on February 14, 2010
Color Name: OrangeSize Name: X-SmallVerified Purchase
Yes, they look like balloons! But so what, if they work!

My Lucy is a 12 lb rescue Poodle from the south, this was her first snow experience and she didn't love the snow at all. I got these boots, and she runs around leaping and playing and running as hard as she can, having a ball, with no problems at all. I had to learn the best way to put them on, but after a couple of trys, they go on very easily. I've had 1 box for a month, and she's still using the same 4 boots that I started her on, so they last forever. I rinse them every time I use them. Don't leave them on after you come inside, moisture can build up inside the boot.

I can imagine that the larger the dog, the more boots you would go through, but for small dogs, these are fabulous. She's not at all bothered by them.

Putting them on, if you are right handed:

If possible, put the dog on a table or counter. That's easy with little guys.
Using both hands, put 2 fingers of the left hand and the middle finger of the right hand just inside the lip of the boot and hold the opening open.
With your thumb and index finger of the right hand, snag a foot and insert in the boot. Make sure you insert far enough so the boot goes up as far as it can.
Give a treat
Repeat for the other 3 feet.

If you are left handed, I would imagine you would use the same instructions but opposite hands. They pull off relatively easily with a tug and a snap. Rinse the salt and sand off the outside, and drain til dry. If you need to rinse out the inside, be sure to let them dry completely upside down so moisture doesn't collect and stay inside the boot

Last a long time
Don't annoy the dog so they don't try to pull them off
If one gets lost, so what, they are disposable and inexpensive
Easy to put on once you try a couple of times
Everyone comments on how adorable she is in her boots (she's adorable anyway, but I'm okay with people smiling and enjoying it)
No salt in her paws
Keeps ice out from between the pads

Can't think of any
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on January 29, 2009
We live in the Chicago area, and our dog has a long winter if he can't walk. He hates walking without foot protection, because the ice and salt really bothers him. We've tried all kinds of dog boots, including ones with little suspenders, ones with velcro straps, etc. The dog stands stiff legged and doesn't really want to walk. And we can't keep them on him -- they often fall off. Pawz have been a major improvement. They are simple: as others have noted, they are like miniature balloons. They don't look like they would have much thermal protection. But the rubber lip of the balloon really keeps them on (we've never had one come off), and our dog loves to walk with them. My impression is that the dog feels like they aren't there, because they are so thin. They last longer than you might think. Our dog gets dozens of walks from each set, before he puts a nail through the rubber, or the rubber lip separates.
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on January 4, 2009
We have a 15 year old Aussie with arthritis and a house will all hardwood and tile floors-- not a great combination. We've been through at least 5 other brands of dog boots, but all of them slipped around on his feet and actually made him even more prone to slipping! We tried socks with treads-- everything! These seem to be the solution, as they are very lightweight and are made entirely of non-slip material. When you receive them, you will be shocked at the similarity to the common party decoration otherwise known as THE BALLOON. That's essentially what they are... a thicker variety of the common party balloon. But props to the guy or gal that thought this one up. Downsides I can see are 1) they seem to be a bit snug around the leg, and it would be a shame to cut of an innocent pooch's circulation 2) They could potentially be a danger to a dog who has a curious palate. Ingesting something like this probably wouldn't be a good thing, so I would suggest supervision if your dog falls into that category 3) I would have preferred BLACK, but the size we needed only came in BLUE. Ah, here comes my little old dude now, hobbling into the living room in his fancy blue balloons!
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on December 22, 2012
Color Name: BlackSize Name: LargeVerified Purchase
I have spent almost over $100 trying to find the right booties for my dog over the past few years. They have either been too stiff, too uncomfortable, fall off after one block of wear. My dog went to the Vet last week after limping for a week on her front right leg and he told me that her pads were cracked because of the harsh weather conditions. It wasn't until I purchased these "Pawz" when all of the previous problems stopped. The booties don't fall off, they are comfortable enough for my dog to move around freely when walking or running, she can jump into snow drifts and go on pavement, and I have never seen her happier to go outside. It's also great for me to not have to worry about looking down every few minutes to make sure the boots are still on. I definitely recommend these for any dog owner who lives in a colder climate or their dog has dry pads and needs the extra protection. This is a great product and I would totally buy them again.
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on December 10, 2011
Color Name: OrangeSize Name: X-SmallVerified Purchase
There are a lot of mixed reviews for these, They are basically heavy duty balloons. I live in Maine and I adopted a 6 lb chihuahua-terrier mix and want to protect his feet from road salt and from getting cut on the ice on our daily walks.
I opted to try them for 2 main reasons - 1) my little rescue dog (to my knowledge) had not worn boots before so I didn't want to invest a ton of money in something he would reject and 2)I read somewhere that dogs get nervous if they can't feel the ground under their feet, so I thought the softness of these would be helpful to break him into the "feel" of something between his paw and the ground.

Here are my thoughts after trying these with Rusty:

1)I have an AMAZING little dog - VERY patient with me while I struggled to get the last balloon on his front paw, it just didn't want to go on! Once they were ON I carried him immediately outside and didn't have any hopes of going anywhere. I was just "practicing" but was ready if HE was. I waved his favorite toy around a few times and after a couple of crazy donkey kicks, he forgot about the boots, took his toy in his mouth and off we went for our walk! We walk about 2-3 blocks routinely.

2)Consider the task of putting these on your dog as a 2-person job if you have a reluctant pet or one who is fussy about his/her feet. My Rusty was not thrilled but is SUCH a cooperative little guy that I managed to get them on by myself.

3)If you have a pet with LONG hair or THICK fur, these MIGHT be impossible to get on... my dog has long hair but had just been groomed and I still did have a little trouble. its like trying to stuff a ponytail into a balloon - the stretchy latex wants to stick to the fur and resists pulling up over the dew claw.

4)Puddles! I think to assume that your dog's feet will be completely DRY if they wear boots is a mistake. The boots really ONLY block ice & salt and maybe MOST of the water, but NOT all of it. Someone suggested using some of that self sticking athletic tape to pre-wrap the dogs ankle BEFORE putting the balloon on their paw, this might solve both the sticky hair problem AND the moisture getting in. I don't know for sure because we didn't try pre-wrap

5) (HERE IS ONE I DID NOT CONSIDER AND I FEEL VERY STUPID!) Imagine putting your bare feet into balloons and walking through a puddle.
Got that picture in your mind? OK - now imagine walking out of the puddle and trying to cross a patch of ICE... OH boy! SLIPPERY! Those little legs were flying everywhere! My dog was a MOST excellent sport and kept on going!

Bottom line THINK about what you really need/want these for before you buy them. They aren't a fashion statement, that's for certain! They look REALLY silly and are a hassle to put on, but they DID work out OK. For me, they are "training" boots and I will probably go with the UltraPaws traction boots after we are completely comfortable with these.

GOOD LUCK! I will try to get a photo of Rusty out trekking in his booties and post it later...
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on September 7, 2009
Have used the PAWZ boots for more than 18 months now on my 85 pound german shepherd and love them. They keep his paws dry and free from mud and water. I only use them when it's wet and/or muddy and one pack lasts at least 4-6 months time it seems. Not good to put them on dogs with untrimmed nails that are real long as they can punch through the boots. Also, would not leave them on for long periods as they seal off the feet and can be snug around the leg. I have no complaints as I use them as they were designed (to keep the paws dry and mud free)and they work fabulously for that.
Am purchasing some more as I type this review.
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on February 4, 2011
Color Name: PurpleSize Name: LargeVerified Purchase
I purchased the large PAWZ (purple) and medium (blue) for my two dogs.

I was looking for some way to protect my dogs' feet from the ridiculous amount of rock salt and other ice melter used during winter. We use Musher's Secret, which works great but sometimes wears away before we're home. Canvas boots from a local pet store were a lost cause so we decided to try PAWZ.

They're basically extra thick large balloons.

The good: they work. Our dogs walk right through piles of rock salt and snow without any problems. We also went romping in a foot of snow for an hour and all of the boots stayed on. Impressive!

The bad: putting them on is a two person job. One person holds the paw still while the second guides the rubber on. Our dog's nails went through the rubber on the first use. This didn't turn out to be a problem though, as the pads were still protected.

The ugly: they're actually not that bad. And they bring a smile to everyone who sees them.

As far as sizing goes: the large work well for our 85lb lab mix and the mediums are good enough for our 62lb mystery mutt.

If you don't want to invest in expensive booties that may fall off I'd recommend PAWZ.
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on April 21, 2008
Dog Boots Pawz Set of 12 Medium

My 12 1/2 deaf, blind, with a heart condition and developing neurological problems in his legs adorable Tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Clyde- has had an awful time slipping particularly on the wooden and tile floors in our apartment, for a year now. The slipping has contributed to the aggravation of his emerging neurological leg problems.

These are the first dog boots I bought for him and they are absolutely fantastic. They are easy to put on; easy to clean; they offer just the right amount of anti-slip quality and have helped Clyde stabilize his walking. The difference is so noticeable that all my friends have commented how impressive his stabilization has become. The quantity of 12 in the package is ample and takes care of losing or misplacing a boot. Care should be taken to take them off at night since the ring at the opening sort of effects the blood circulation a bit and leaves a mark on the hair that soon goes away when taken off. They do not come off on their own unless Clyde takes them off when they bother him :-)
I highly recommend them! You will be thrilled!!!

There were only two drawbacks: 1)I was expecting them in red as per picture on amazon and they came in black- but since Clyde is black-white-tan it is ok; i just wish i had been notified of the color i was going to receive, and 2) the shipping and handling fees for Europe more than doubled the end cost for a product sold at an excellent price in the USA.
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on January 16, 2012
Color Name: RedSize Name: Small
The biggest complaint about walking dogs in winter is that the salt used on roads and sidewalks can really hurt a dog's paws from cutting the pads or getting stuck in between the pads. These are great and the red boots are the perfect size for my 30 lb corgi.

It takes some practice to get them on, but after a while it's really quite easy (and this is only the 3rd day i'm using them). This also depends of course on how well your pup is behaved; my corgi lets me use the electric dremel to trim his nails, so he's pretty ok with me handling his feet. If your dog is not well behaved, you'll need a second person to hold them and their paw while you put on the boots.

The boots are basically thick balloons that you slip on the paws. I put the "PAWS" logo facing up, but i'll try it facing down; perhaps that offers more traction? My corgi has no problem walking around with them; he found them weird at first and would lick them, but when we head out on our walk he pretty much forgets they're on his feet.

I always rinse them (opening down so as not to get water inside) after each walk and let them dry before our next walk.

My only gripe with these is that after the 3rd use (which is really 1 day, if you walk your dog 3x or more a day) the balloon starts to fold on itself and stick to itself. I just peel it apart again and it doesn't seem to fold during our walk, but I'm not quite understanding why it's doing that. It could be the water, but seeing as these are water-proof boots, it seems odd that water would make them stick.

Will buy again.
review image review image review image review image
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