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on January 17, 2005
In my mind, this will always be the best Megadeth CD. I know that Megadeth had bigger commercial successes but to me...this is their finest hour. This album has Chris Poland on guitar and in my mind, this is the best Megadeth lineup. Poland's playing on this album is incredible. I love Marty Friedman and Rust In Peace is a favorite too but for me Megadeth's "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying" with Chris Poland is and always will be the quintessential Megadeth CD. I don't have the one with the remixes but I can see myself checking it out if I wear out this CD. Hell, this is such a great metal CD I might buy it again with the remixes for the hell of it. I'm sure there aren't a lot of people familiar with Chris Poland but he is an incredible guitar player. I recommend checking out his Return to Metropolis CD too.

I'd say that the songs Wake up Dead, Peace Sells, Black Friday and My Last Words are my favorite tracks. How could you not like a song like Black Friday that starts out with this lyrical gem:

"Killer, intruder, homicidal man.

If you see me coming,

Run fast as you can.

A blood thirsty demon

Who's stalking the street

I hack up my victims

Like pieces of meat."

Yes sir, it don't get any better then that there!!! And belive me...the lyrics just keep getting better...but check it out for yourself. LOL

Wake Up Dead...great opening track...I love it when Dave sounds really pissed off.

The Conjuring...good track...not my favorite but still a good listen.

Peace Sells...the most known track on this album...I love the lead fills by Chris on this one.

Devils Island...great song.

Good Mourning/Black of my personal favorites on this CD...I memorized the lyrics when I was younger.

Bad Omen...this song isn't among my fav's but it still kick azz.

I Ain't's a old blues cover song but nothing like the original done by I think Howling Wolf...LOL, I thought this one worked great.

My Last Words...great lyrics about playing Russian Roulette...OK, I'm twisted but this CD isn't for the Britney Spears crowd.

This is a must own if you like Megadeth. It's a hungry and pissed off Dave Mustaine. It's a great guitarist like Chris Poland on top of his game. The lyrics are great. The playing by the band is great. Get this CD !!!
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on January 3, 2006
God, I love Megadeth. They are truly without a doubt one of the greatest metal bands to form in the 80's (I'm not talking about that worthless hair crap like Cinderella, Warrant, Stryper, Bon Jovi, Poison, etc). I even had the privilege to see them perform at Rock Fest in Cadott over the summer, and boy, they put on a real kick ass performance. Their second album entitled "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying" released in 1986 (the same year Slayer and Metallica both released Reign In Blood and Master Of Puppets respectively) is a true thrash/speed metal classic, and I love it. This is also the band's second best album as well while "Rust In Peace" being their all time best album. Every song on here a true classic in every way. This gem truly has everything a true thrash freak can ask for: Kick ass vocals, awesome guitar riffs, lightning fast solos, wicked bass lines, and intense drumming. Dave Mustaine has very cool vocals, and there's tons of awesome jaw dropping leads and solos from him and Chris Poland. You've also got great bass from David Ellefson, and great drumming from Gar Samuelson. Here are the ratings for the songs (please note that the ratings apply to the older version of this CD).
themetalbeast's song ratings:
1. Wake Up Dead - 5/5
2. The Conjuring - 5/5
3. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying - 5/5
4. Devils Island - 5/5
5. Good Mourning/Black Friday - 5/5
6. Bad Omen - 5/5
7. I Ain't Superstitious - 5/5
8. My Last Words - 5/5

See every song gets a 5 out of 5.
Grade: A+ all the way!!

If you're a true thrash or metal fan like myself, you must own this album, get it now. MEGADETH RULES!!
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on August 9, 2004
Peace Sells but Who's buying is definitely a great thrash masterpiece that deserved a remaster.

The thunderous guitar riffs are a lot clearer now. They still sound fast, distorted and feroucious. The drums also are more clear now that all the reverb from the guitars has being taken off, still fast (as on The Conjouring), aggressive (Wake up Dead) and very driving (My Last Words). David's bass lines sound a lot more prominent and reverb-less also (check the song Peace Sells), maybe it's the instrument that sounds the best after the remaster compared to the original. Mustaine also re-recorded new vocal tracks on all the songs which makes sound better in the sense that first of all they are not sunk in reverb, and second the slight diferences offer a more mature Dave Mustaine as a singer (Devil's Island as an example), yet still as angry and pissed as he was 20 years ago, and the recording can show.

In general the sound is more clear, and more "digital" per say. These can be considered a good thing or a bad thing depending on where you stand. In my honest opinion the tracks sound A LOT better. Yet i believe that this remaster is not worth buying if you already own the original records. It's a good thing and I am glad to be able to listen to my old favorites (this is my favorite Megadeth album) finally sounding as they should.

Highlights: Wake Up Dead, My last Words

Lowlights: not worth the money if you own the original.
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on April 3, 2006
I actually think the remasters are better than the original recordings!(though the original recordings kick major ass as well). As you can tell, Megadeth is my favorite band. Here's some information for those of you who are trash talking Megadeth because Dave Mustaine remastered their entire catalog:


The original recordings disappeared. Megadeth had to painstakingly re-record their ENTIRE CATALOG. And you people have the gall to say that Dave did it because he sold out?! Would you rather have remastered CD's, or none at all? This is Megadeth's 2nd best CD, beaten only by the work of art known as Rust in Peace. Dave vocals definately suit the style, and his soloing and riffs kick ass. There's plenty of dual shredding with guitarist Chris Poland. Dave Ellefson is an awesome bass player, and Gar can drum with the best of them. Make this a part of your CD collection!

I love fallout boy can eat the peanuts out of my s***. When you see his review, click "No".
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on September 14, 2004
This is amazing! This is exactly how this cd should sound.

The remix and remastering make this cd sound SO MUCH better than the original.

I'm very glad I bought it.

I only really get into the first three Megadeth albums, and my favorite is Killing is my business...,so I wasn't sure I wanted to buy Peace sells... & So far so good...(because I have the old cds),but I bought Peace sells... and now I have to buy So Far So Good..., because the remixes and remastering make them sound a hundred times better!!!!

Listen to them and compare the difference(esp. in the drums)

I wish Gar Samuelson could hear this remix, I'm sure he would love it! He was Amazing and very underrated. And SO much better than Lars.
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on June 4, 2005
This album came out in 1986 and is truely one of the greatest as far as thrash metal goes. Its somewhat political and has strange lyrics. Anyone who likes metal and/or likes metal from the 80s should pick this up. The songs are as follows: Wake Up Dead is a great song. The video is great also. The guitars are heavy and at the end of the song, the sorta slow riff is awesome, and a guitar with a sweet solo comes in. The Conjouring is pure madness. Peace Sells is easily the best song on the album. Great opening bass. Guitars are great. Awesome lyrics. Next is Devils Island. This song is weird because the chorus is consisted on only 2 words repeated. Still a great song and helps the album remain fast and heavy. Good Mourning/Black Friday I think adds the rawness to the album. A lot of people like this one. Bad Omen is what you listen to when you want to listen to sweet guitars. Easily the worst song on the album. I Ain't Superstitious is a great song. Love to opener. Last is My Last Words. Great closer. I listen to this almost daily. Truely great overall song. So overall, this is a great album and highly recommended. Worth some space on your shelf.
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on August 7, 2004
This was always a kick ass album. But now you can hear it in a way that makes it seem timeless. The classic album will now meet new fans. As will make up for those little mistakes in Mustaine's budget for this and other Megadeth albums.THE ALBUM itself is classic thrash masterpiece. With songs like Peace Sells, Wake Up Dead, Black Firday, and Devil's Island. But now the songs seem even better with the Remakes. You can now hear the album the way it was met to be heard
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on October 22, 2004
Dave as always has a masterfull way of making people listen, case in point this new and awesome C.D. dont get me wrong I like the old version but it has such a clearer sound to it. I would say this is the best record in the arsenal. Get it and enjoy!
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on September 14, 2004
The original "Peace Sells" is rough and raw. That quality makes it great. It also makes it awful.

I understand why people detest an artist's choice to remake an album: why mess with perfection? The material on this album makes it a Metal masterpiece!

I've been waiting since the late '80s for a remastered version of "Peace Sells" because the CD sounds like a stylus scraping against a worn groove... inside a steel drum... while water rushes loudly outside.

There will always be a rash of people upset that the remastered sound is cleaner, more polished. They do make a good point since the songs will obviously sound different than the original. But I can't enjoy listening to 96Kb MP3s, so why should I tolerate hissing noise from the original recording?

I'm also glad to hear a version of this great album that brings me to center stage instead of stranding me inside a car on the side of the highway opposite the stadium where one of my favorite bands plays "Devil's Island." Another classic metal CD that badly needed a remaster was Queensryche's "Operation Mindcrime," and that finally happened too.

I'm going to listen to this remastered version of "Peace Sells" for the next month on my drive to work. On a good stereo.
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on December 2, 2005
The inspiration on this album is more relevant today than when it was released in 1986. Mustaine is often underlooked as a songwriter and even dare I say political analyst? Anyone who is familiar with late 80's early 90's MTV will remember his views and opinions regarding anything from his hatred for Metallica to The Gulf War. As we venture towards the end of the second Iraqi crisis Dave's words ring strong in my head. Peace Sells.. But Who's Buying... Iraq? Sadly it doesn't seem to be the case. "If their's a new way, I'll be the first in line." I long for a new way myself and would be right behind him loud and proud. These lyrics are timeless. If he ever lyrically nailed a song on the head he did it with the title track on this album, and that's just one of the eight ass kicking songs.

1. "Wake up Dead" is a killer opening track. It starts out with Dave telling a story regarding an adulteress affair one might have, and the certain doom this person will encounter if he wakes his sleeping partner at 4am when he gets home. The rest of the song is an instrumental, and a damn good one at that. With tempo changes, mind blowing solos and melodic swings this track seems like 3 songs in one leading up to the "Wake Up Dead!" chant at the end.

2. "Conjuring" keeps the energy flowing with a dark almost "trippy" solo/fill intro. The tune gradually picks up speed and agressivelly comes out to being one of the better songs on the album.

3. "Peace Sells... Brilliant, Aside from the afore mentioned statement this is one of Dave's most popular songs and a live staple of a Megadeth encore. This is in my opinion Megadeth's greatest song.

4. "Devil's Island" Inspired by John Hagee's novel, this song tells an apocalyptic tale to the tune of a descending chug of riffs. Great riffage throughout, I love the intro when the power chords meet the tapping solo

5. "Good Mourning / Black Friday" - My God, where do I start with this one! The vocals on this track don't come in for about two minutes. After first hearing this you may wonder where the hell could Dave progress to after the vicious multi-part onslaught that he just treated your ears to. Of course he finds a way to do it, and do it he does indeed. This song is like a multi-part rock opera that should take an hour but is sped up to the ball busting pulse of 6 1/2 minutes. It takes several listens to fully grasp this one.

6. "Bad Omen" Similar to Conjuring (track 2) This is a dark minor scale based song that starts out dark and slow and builds to a all out thrashball. Cool song

7. "I Ain't Superstitious" Short, cool riffs, nothing to special I usually skip over this one.

8. "My Last Words" Killer, Starts out with a clean (finger-picked?) riff and busts into, yes believe it or not an all out thrash metal attack. Great way to close out an incredible album.

Megadeth rules, as for the remastering in question.. I say go for the remastered version, I've heard both, and the newer one is still incredibly raw it just has better production. Worth it for sure. Later
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