Customer Reviews: The Peacemaker (Widescreen Edition)
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on September 30, 2004
I never get tired of seeing this movie. I'm so glad I bought the DVD. This is a model what an action-suspense-politcal thriller should be.

Basically Clooney and Kidman are trying to track down stolen nuclear warheads ripped off by a formenr Soviet general and for sale on the open market.

I can't think of anything I disliked about this movie. The plot was chilling, it made "Sum of all Fears" look like a kids cartoon in comparison. Clooney and Kidman had spectacular chemistry and played their parts to the hilt.

By the time you finish this movie you'll be out of breath. It has a nightmare inducing beginning, the most spectacular car chase I've ever seen in a movie with Clooney ending it with a cold and hard finish as I've ever seen. Watch Kidman through this whole thing, her reactions are perfect.

Plus the terrorist villan was not some faceless unknown manic bent of gratuitious destruction. You actually felt for the villan, maybe even understood what drove and motivated him. What a great change for the normal way these guys are portrayed in films.

The ending is pulse-pounding sorry to overuse that phrase but it fits perfectely. Not only that it was the most accurate portrayal of defusing a bomb I've ever seen, it was truly edge-of-your-seat stuff. They did none of that "red wire - green wire" sillness you see way too often in films. This was realistic folks, believe me it was very authentic. So much so I can understand if the less technically oriented viewers would be confused with the climactic ending as to what actually happened. But it was realistic.

I rate this even a better film than Black Sunday, and for me thats saying a lot.

Heck I think I'll watch it again later.
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on February 21, 2002
Man, I don't know how many times that I have seen this movie, but every time I watch "The Peacemaker", it gets better and better and so on! "The Peacemaker" is the very first film from DreamWorks SKG, the motion picture studio that was developed by Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg. And I just have to say that DreamWorks did a brilliant job in bringing this adrenaline-pumping thriller to the big screen! This is also the first time that stars George Clooney and Nicole Kidman have shared the screen together (Clooney starred in "Batman & Robin", Kidman starred in "Batman Forever"). "The Peacemaker" focuses on the event about a train carrying atomic warheads being mysteriously crashed in the Soviet Union, and U.S. nuclear specialist Dr. Julia Kelly (Kidman) discovers that the crash was not an accident, it was a cover-up due to the fact that the warheads have been stolen. Unexpectedly, Julia is teamed up with a gruff and brash U.S. special forces Colonel, Thomas Devoe (Clooney). And of course, Devoe and Julia must put their personal differences away in a race against time to find the remaining stolen warheads that leads to a final showdown in New York City! The fast-paced direction by Mimi Leder ("Deep Impact") was outstanding! To me, I think that Leder should direct more films like this one day, even though her directing in "Deep Impact" was just as powerful as this film. And also, I think that "The Peacemaker" is the absolute best apocalyptic thriller ever, filled with action, suspense, and surprises at every turn! "The Peacemaker" never lets up on the action for a second! To anyone that hasn't seen "The Peacemaker" before, then I urge you to go out, buy it, and get ready for George Clooney and Nicole Kidman's best film ever!
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HALL OF FAMEon July 14, 2002
Although it moves like it came from the pages of a Tom Clancy techno-thriller novel, it is really just a terrific action film that pays proper homage to the well-proven formulas of great story, fast paced sequencing, and bankable stars. Nicole Kiddman does a real star turn in this one, showing she is a very versatile and saucy type, as well as a femme fatale. yet this really is George Clooney's movie, one that shows he can safely leaves the environs of TV land for the silver screen for good. Playing the part of a street-hardened veteran who understands the way the world works outside the Washington beltway, this is a Clooney tour-de-force!
He meets one's expectations for an action hero easily, showing he can talk the talk and walk the walk. When they need to get information from a sophisticated European businessman-crook, Clooney first asks nicely, and then simply terrorizes him into giving them the information, advising Kiddman on the side that they just don't have the time to fool around with this guy. Shortly thereafter, he shows just how crusty, clever and murderous he can be in one of the most imaginative car chases and set of action scenes yet filmed in the streets of Vienna.
And the movie has barely begun to cook, with some terrific high-tech elements as well as good old fashoned skullduggery and suspense, as well, as the film reaches its climax and denouement in the streets of the Big Apple. This is a handsome film, one that is well traveled and extremely easy on the eyes. It is also plausible, given all that we have learned in the last year or so about the dangers that suround us. I can highly recommend this. Enjoy!
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on March 26, 2015
Spoiler Alert

I am not an aficionado of action films and have seen few of them, but even I had a pretty good idea of how this one would turn out. After all, you can’t credibly nuke NYC except in a distant future – if it had already happened, even our media would have reported it, albeit after an extra-long tranch of commercials. Actually, that didn’t bother me, as this wasn’t billed as a whodunit but rather as a howdunit. There were lots of chases: car chases, train chases, helicopter chases, foot chases; no surprise there either – an action movie is about chases; you don’t want chases, you watch Singing in the Rain. George Clooney was a perfect action hero performing improbable feats of bravery with aplomb. Nicole Kidman was, I think, miscast – she’s beautiful and intelligent but lacked the demeanor of command required by the role, which allowed Clooney, whom she outranked, to pretty much take charge. For the rest, the acting, especially by the men in secondary roles (Russians, Bosnians, &c), was superb. The scenery and special effects were likewise extraordinary – Dreamworks spent some $50 million dollars on this film and it shows. All in all, in my inexpert opinion, Peacemaker is what an action movie should be.

But there was something more here, something which certainly put it on a higher plane than say the westerns of an earlier time, where huge powerful men pummeled each other over and over without breaking a jaw, losing a tooth, or mussing a hairdo. There was to be sure a lot of extreme violence in Peacemaker, but it was not without consequences. People bled, people were clearly grievously hurt, people died; and while there were good guys and bad guys, even the bad guys were human with human emotions and understandable motivations – the guy trying to nuke NYC had watched his much loved daughter killed in an air-raid he blamed on the UN in general and the US in particular. In some respects this film took on an aura of tragedy, where inexorable forces generate pain and suffering and death all around – there are no winners, only losers. Of course Steven Spielberg is not going to let an American movie end on such a note, so the boy (very handsome and in his 30s but apparently unattached) gets the girl (very beautiful and in her 30s and apparently unattached). Whatever; it’s a good movie.
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on April 15, 2015
Excellent in terms of suspense, plot, acting, location scenes, music soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (adds a LOT to the drama!). George Clooney is believable in his role as an action guy, a military-officer-who-gets-things-done. Too bad he didn't follow that persona in subsequent roles (maybe too militaristic/James Bondish for his obligatory Hollywood Leftist views?). Nicole Kidman is not bad, but she strains credulity as a nuclear scientist - former nuclear weapons designer- now a White House adviser. The title does not exactly fit the story line,which is about stolen Russian nuclear weapons being sent to Iran nor probably the book by Alexander Cockburn upon which it was based. But no matter, it's a suspenseful and exciting movie that will grab your attention and hold it!
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on October 27, 2015
Cliched plot line of the bright, good looking, hard working female in a male dominated environment, (Nicole K.)being upstaged and undermined by the handsome, edgy, go-to hot dogger, played by George C., playing George C. I'm sure a computer program wrote the first part of this story, causing even these two fine actors to seem less talented.
The plot picks up somewhat when they start closing in on the villains, who were unknown to me and who were much more credible in their roles.
Back at the computer generated script; Kidman's and Clooney's characters' instant, glitch-free access to their higher-ups while pursuing the bad guys, reminded me of a typical CSI scene in which every piece of high tech equipment and staff are almost always, immediately available. It was too formulaic to recommend as other than a, "Honey, there's nothing else on tonight" movie.
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on November 28, 2015
This movie is not great. It is moderately entertaining. The writing is very much formulaic. The lead characters are terribly cliche. Clooney's guy is the hard and tough real world soldier who knows that violence is sometimes necessary, Kidman's character is the wide-eyed academic who is "shocked" that people could get violent over a nuclear device. I love both of these actors and have great respect for them. You have to wonder that was left on the cutting room floor. It just goes to show you that a hack playing a strad is still a hack.
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on February 17, 2015
I have seen this film a few times and have always enjoyed it. The basic story line is very plausible with many aspects which are close to fact. Clooney puts in a memorable performance and Kidman is believable. In a pre-911 world, this story was more or less something to be thought of as more fiction than fact. However, in today's world, with the actions in Ukraine by Putin, this story takes on a new meaning.

Overlook the slip-ups (as one should do in any film) and enjoy the intense action.

One does have to wonder how close to fact this story line is in today's world. I am not sure I want to know how many times such a plot has been thwarted by the US, NATO and even Russia.

The car crash sequence is well-done and being a Mercedes owner I am glad the old W140 did its job as a tank of a car (it was supposed to be a safe car with bullet-proof features) and really destroyed the 5-series BMWs. :-)
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on July 9, 2015
Milk scale? 2%. I'm assuming the movie was intended to be believable, but toward the end I found it psychologically punishing. Coney plays a hard core, very experienced CIA/military type who ends up in hot pursuit of the bad guys all the while Nicole Kidman who plays a scientist/ nuclear research type is right there with Coney running down down the bad guys. There's a point during one chase that takes place on the streets of new York City and of coarse traffic is at a stand still Nicole manages to "persuade " some guy out of his box truck and shags down the bad guy totally unimpeded by traffic. To say the the last 9 hours of this movie (it felt like it would never end) was hokey would be a compliment. Do yourself a favor and instead of watching this movie go see the dentist.
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on May 30, 2016
The first half of The Peacemaker was pretty good, especially the great scene where they are transferring the nukes between two moving trains. But the movie "jumps the tracks" when it gets to NYC. Running through crowded NY streets to find a guy with a knapsack nuke just didn't cut it for me, in terms of story-telling and believability. Also, it is very weird and sad to see the twin towers still standing in the background and realize they were making this movie in 1997 without any clue as to what was going to befall the city a few years later. Another big problem is the terrorists in the film are blaming the U.S. for Kosovo. Check wikipedia article on Kosovo War for the real history. Cheers.
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