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on September 21, 2010
The unit was a breeze to install on my crew cab pickup. Major problem, though: the transmitter does not have enough signal strength to make it to the cab without noticeable interference. I spent some time moving the transmitter around to eliminate the reception problem, but no luck. Only when the transmitter and receiver were within about 5 feet was the poor signal eliminated. Too much metal in the way, I suppose. The interference is an annoyance, but not enough to send it back.

Also, finding a place to mount the receiver is a problem. Since it is only used briefly during backing up, it needs to be mounted someplace other than the windshield. They need to come up with other mounting options for the dashboard. The camera coverage and screen brightness are good.
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on October 18, 2010
I purchased this camera with the intent on using it to back my truck into tight spaces and for hooking up my trailer. Well it worked great until it rained. Water got into the camera and now I can see very little. A water-tight water proof model would be great. I would recommend not buying this unit.
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on May 18, 2012
My wife bought this system for me for XMAS. installation was straight forward and simple. After less than a month on the vehicle moisture got inside the lens and stayed there. Now its impossible to see anything at all. this unit is not waterproof by any means. the 1st rain ruined it. i waited this long to see if it would ever dry out but hasnt.

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on June 1, 2011
Received product in a timely manner. Spent some time determining where to mount the camera.I did not want to mount it on the license plate as it was designed for because of the inconvenience when changing plates , etc.
The vehicle I mounted it on is a Honda CRV 2004. I finally decided on a lower spot on the black plastic cover over the bumper as the ideal place. Being plastic it was easy to drill the mounting holes for it after I fully tested it for reliable operation. Getting to the backup light on the left side was fairly easy after I figured out how to remove the light assembly that the CRV has. I sealed the camera mount with black silicone calk to stop any water from entering & rendereing the camera useless. The transmitter was mounted to the plastic inside the trunk area to be in line with the driver of the vehicle. I had a small carry-out container from BOB EVANS
which had a clear plastic lid which I cut off & used for protection of the transmitter & its wires. The monitor
was the last thing I mounted. The mount that comes with it is a suction cup assembly which I have no faith in holding anything very secure at all. I did try it after bolting it to a small piece of plywood, but it protruded out from the dash too far & the Vibration was too much to tolerate. I ended up not useing the mounting assembly supplied at all. I found if I took a 1/4" carriage bolt & filed just a bit off both side of the head to let it slide in the back if the monitor mounting slot used for the supplied mount, it would do the job much better & would be flat against the piece of plywood I was useing. Works like a champ, completely out of the way .One wire supplies the power from the lighter socket. Follow the inst. on setting up the options for it . The only inconvience you have to tolerate is the fact it is wireless, it will trigger the screen at times
when you go by someone playing a video game or such. You will not see behind you of course at this time because
it is not being triggered by the backup light as it is when they are active. You have the option to push the power button on the monitor & turn if off if so desired, but it does not interfer with the operation of the unit & is only a small anoinance you must put up with if you leave it on all the time the car is on. The default setting for the monitor is set as such. The night vision is excellent because of the good lighting I have from the backup lights of the CRV. The view on the monitor of course will be washed out in the bright sun
from a sunny day. I still love the whole thing the way I have configured it . I can detect a spray bottle from behind me setting about 10" away from the rear bumper. Vertical & horizontal view is excellent also. I would highly recommend it.
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on January 30, 2010
My new car has a built in back up camera. Once my wife saw it, she insisted on installing one in her minitruck.
This one fits the bill - good screen size and nice picture. Wireless so I didn't have to run anything from the tailgate to the dash.
Picture is nice - occasional interference from other wireless 2.4 stuff, but not really annoying. If you're in reverse the interference disappears when your picture comes on.
Installation hint - get a black license plate frame and mount the camera to the frame with 3M trim tape. Looks much cleaner than mounting the camera directly on the screws. Field of view seems OK.
Can't comment on durability - only had it less than one month.
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on March 4, 2011
This product works very well. I purchased this mostly for backing up to my trailers.
I aimed it slightly down with the included shims so that I can see the top of the ball. If the trailer coupler is just above the ball in height, I can back up until I see the top of the ball disappear under the coupler and I'm good to lower the trailer onto the ball. With this camera I now back up once to the trailer and get out of the truck once. Sure beats 3 to 6 trips back to the trailer only to find I 3 inches too far left, right or too far away to hook up.
Some people have had issues with longer vehicles not transmitting well enough. I have a 6.5 foot bed on my 2010 Supercab and I placed the transmitter for the camera behind the left tail lamp to keep it out of harms way. I still get good signal to the display. I mounted the display in one of the sun glass holders in the overhead console. Out of sight out of mind, keeps the thieves from thinking they are smashing out my windows for a GPS. You can wire in the power to the map lights if you want to do the same. I have read horror stories about installing these cameras, and frankly the instructions are very good, and installation is simple. If your paying someone to install it and they are charging you more then an hours labor to install it, find someone else.
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on July 19, 2010
I purchased the PEAK system from Amazon and took my time installing it. First, in California, we cannot put anything on the windshield, so I could not use the suction mount supplied with the kit. I purchased a mount from ProClip ([...]) that is specific for my vehicle and allows the mounting of a cell phone, GPS or the PEAK on a bracket that is attached on the dashboard without damaging anything, and can be removed if needed in the future. Once I got that setup I had the monitor problem solved. Then the remaing installation was a matter of knowing what and how to remove the plastic panneling in the automatic lift rear door of the SUV (Chysler Pacifica). I found that information online looking for specifics on the Pacifica, and got a pdf from Chrysler that told me what to remove and how. When completed, it is all very invisible, the wiring tucked under the paneling and the wireless connection between the camera in the rear, mounted on the licence frame, and the monitor screen on the dash. Works great, turns on when I shift into reverse, screen lights up almost immediately and shuts off when I shift into drive. Considering that a retrofit from Chrysler costs oabout $600, this is a great unit at a very reasonable price. If you can do-it-yourself, it is a fun project and the resultis every bit as ggod as the factory unit.
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on May 20, 2011
This unit work great until it rained. Has foged up and seems to have water in it and will not clear up. I would not buy again.
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on September 7, 2010
This product exceeded my expectations. Came in a nice sealed package so there was no doubt it was a new item and un-molested.

All the wiring had good length and allowed for a nice quick install. I put this on my 2010 Equinox in about 45 minutes routing wires thru the flex conduit on the hatch so absolutely nothing shows. The transmitter is behind the plastic panel of the hatch and the wireless display picks up the signal just fine.

The display mount is not the greatest but in my case I didn't use it at all. I used some velcro on the top edge of the display. The other piece of velcro is on the underside of the center cubby hole where the 12 volt power outlet is located. Good location in that the wiring to the display is hidden, it is out of the sunlight for good contrast, and it is easily removed.

For less than $100 I have a nice camera system with a bigger display than the mirror deal on the factory option ($300-$400 factory option as I remember).

Had it for a few weeks now with no issues...screen displays blue sometimes for a second or two when another wireless camera or other device on the same frequency is sensed. Would definately recommend at this price!!
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on November 16, 2012
Installed in vehicle fairly easily. When using the camera there was constant static and rolling. Other times screen just flashed off and on. Going down the road the screen would flash repeatedly with a blue screen. Called company and was told that the blue tooth in my truck was causing the problem. No where in their paperwork does it say that blue tooth causes problem with this unit. I was told that they were reprinting their instructions to show that. When I asked about return to them I was basically told that I was out of luck. The only problem that I have with Amazon on this is the fact that I have to pay $5.55 to return it. It was not my error that caused the problem.
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