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on February 11, 2011
This comes in a sealed box with 2 push up bars. Not one, like I read in another review. The box is built so that it has to have 2 bars, otherwise the box will collapse.

I have a regular push up bar in the shape of a coil, and I thought nothing of it. But once you try these, there is no turning back. The reason is,the handles are real wide, so it distributes your weight over a a greater part of your palm making it feel comfortable and even reduces discomfort to your wrists because the base swivels as you raise an lower yourself. I was worried about stability with a rotaing base, but it turns out to help with comfort and even allows you to excersie a wider range of muscles.
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on June 1, 2011
I bought these because I decided to cancel my gym membership and start my workout at home. At the time I was limited to only the pull-up bar I had and when I got these, I was doing more pushups and was healthier and stronger than ever before. The Perfect Pushup V2's provide excellent range of motion, especially vertically, so you can add a greater range of motion to your chest and arms. Since these leave so much space between the floor and you chest, you can go all the way down and really target those hard to reach muscles. Even the workout provided alongside this product helps target those muscles and provide excellent instruction to make sure you are doing it right.
The only complaint I can possibly mention is that they might not be suitable for people with small hands. I have small hands for a guy and sometimes, since the grip is so big, experience pains between my thumb and index finger. Everything in this workout tool functions perfectly but the grips are just a little too big for the general population especially if women with smaller hands want to use this product.
Either way, I would highly recommend this product. It provides a great and unique workout.
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on June 13, 2011
I normally don't write reviews but this is a special situation. I was looking for a good set of push up handles since doing it on the floor is hard on bad wrists; also, I am pretty muscular and come in a bit over 225 lbs. I seen this type of equipment that is made to be sold on late night television; they are never very well made, always use cheap materials and end up breaking, becoming non-functional or too dangerous to continue using.

Then things changed, the Perfect V2 Pushup handles seemed to be the best available but I still wasn't expecting much. Sure, they are still just simple devices but when I opened the box... I was stunned by the quality (which is why I have to write this review). The fit and finish was impressive both in implementation and design; there was high impact plastic where it was sufficient and metal parts where the strength was needed. The metal pieces had a gorgeous metal-flake paint job like a hot rod might have and rubber around the grips were ridged and carefully molded; there was none of that feeling like someone just cut a piece of pipe and ran it through a section of rubber. No, instead this was of a quality I have never seen on this type of item; it was like the Porsche of fitness equipment. Even the pads on the bottom were special. It wasn't enough to use a high-quality rubberized surface pad but it was thick and has a spiral gripping pattern molded in and the mechanical rotation action was smooth and flawless. I seriously doubt that I will live long enough to wear these babies out, although that's my plan.

The bottom line is if this is the type of equipment you are looking for, the Perfect V2 Pushup handles are the very best; just buy them.
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on February 7, 2012
The Perfect Pushup V2 markets itself as being superior to doing regular floor pushups based on the idea that it makes it easier on your wrists and harder everywhere else. Well, it delivers.

1. Wrist soreness - Anyone who has ever done pushups using pushups handles knows that not having your hands flat on the floor makes it easier on your wrists. This is basic elementary. The handles themselves are also ergonomically comfortable.

2. Increased pushup difficulty - The claims of the manufacturer state that the rotating action of using these pushup handles gets more muscle groups involved, which increases the difficult of the pushup, and thus, the quality of your workout. First, look at the mechanics of a pushup. It works the chest, triceps, shoulders, as well as some of the smaller muscle groups in the upper back. Due to the nature of the way it is performed, it allows the chest, which is a much larger and stronger muscle group, to make up for the fact that the other muscle groups mentioned above are weaker. The rotating action of the Perfect Pushup V2 splits the load evenly across these muscle groups so that the chest is no longer able to make up for the apparent weakness in these other smaller muscle groups, forcing them to get more deeply involved in the work and grow stronger as a result.

Before I bought the Perfect Pushup V2, I could do about 20 "normal" pushups with no real problem before my form started to suffer and I had to take a break. On the Perfect Pushup, however, I had to go back to doing pushups from my knees because I could barely manage one. THAT is how much more difficult it makes pushups. It's no joke and if you buy it, your body will thank you in the form of functinoally stronger triceps, shoulders, and upper back.

There are other, cheaper variants of the Perfect Pushup out there such as the Basic and the Travel variatons, as well as a similar product made by a competitor (the Jack Zatorski Push Up Pro). The V2 has the smoothest rotating action of all of them which makes the exercise more fluid, and is definitely worth the money.

I knocked off one star because I would have liked the ability to lock the stands in place and use them as regular push up stands. I bought them under the impression they had this feature because it seems only logically that a product like this would have such a feature, but this is not the case. It's all rotation all the time. You're going to have to buy separate fixed pushup stands if you want those.

In any case, go out and get it. You won't regret it.
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on July 18, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I like the new PERFECT PUSHUP ELITE (V2) paddles just as much as I enjoyed the original ones that I bought about 4-5 years ago.

These new PERFECT PUSHUP ELITE have a streamlined design over the originals and work about the same, but I do notice some improvements.


* Gripping Handles * - have more cushion, it seems, and they now have texture, so it provides a good non-slip grip.

* Bottom Plates * - also feature a larger non-slip surface for more traction on carpeted surfaces.

* Rotation Ball Bearings * - at first I thought this was a design flaw because the rotation of each PERFECT PUSHUP PADDLE sticks a little -- you can actually feel the grinding(?) or movement over the ball bearings, whereas my old set rotated smoothly and easily (almost too easily), but upon using it, I found that this actually provides better stability, so that you do less time trying to keep the paddles aligned and can use that extra power to do a few more reps and focus on your form.

* Additional Exercises * - there are new and more challenging exercises that have been added to the PERFECT PUSHUP repertoire, but I haven't tried them because I've done some of them with P90X DVD Workout and they're hard enough to do just on solid ground.

* Instructional Videos Online * - this is a plus and minus because my old set came with an instructional DVD, but this new set does not. Perhaps it's to lessen the company's carbon footprint or to save money or it might be because I received mine as part of the Vine program, I'm not sure, but you can access the videos online, which is very helpful. The written instructions, though they provide pictures, can be confusing so watch the videos to get a better understanding of how the apparatus actually works.


* No Exercise Chart/DVD * - again, I'm not sure if this is because my set were given with the bare minimum through the Vine program, but you can download the workout chart from the PP website as well as watch the instructional videos for each exercise. My original set came with a workout poster/chart, plus a DVD.


* Challenging But Not Impossible * - doing pushups with the PP is definitely challenging and you'll feel it not only in your chest, but in your arms and shoulders as well. If you don't have the upper body strength to do them normally you can also do them with your knees on the ground, rather than on your toes.

* Use In Place Of Ground Pushups * - I've been doing P90X and I use the PERFECT PUSHUP ELITE paddles when the P90X program calls for doing regular pushups.

All-in-all I think the PERFECT PUSHUP ELITE are a great buy to add to your home gym. I've included some pictures above that compare the original to these new ones. If you can afford to upgrade them, then I think the new ones warrant the spending. But if money is tight, the original will do just fine.
review image review image review image
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VINE VOICEon July 5, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wanted to talk a bit about the Perfect Pushup V2. These fitness devices were invented by a Navy Seal, so you know they are built like a tank. And the Navy Seals know something about getting fit, working hard, and doing lots and lots of pushups, so let's take a look.

While pushups are a staple bodyweight exercise, many people have trouble doing plain pushups because it stresses their wrists. The Perfect Pushup has a padded handle that many find alleviates their wrist issues when doing pushups.

A second feature is that the unit can rotate while doing the pushup. This added degree of freedom in motion helps engage more muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, chest, and abs than the plain pushup.

I found the product to be very sturdy and really set muscles on fire that normally just sit around when doing plain pushups.

There's no extra magic though--they don't make doing pushups easier, but they do make you more fit by doing pushups.

On the product's website, they have a 3-week exercise program available that tells you exactly how to increase your pushups and strength, no matter what is your starting fitness level.

Note that the perfect pushup is meant to supplement your exercise routine, not replace it. You should view the perfect pushup as one essential component in a well-rounded fitness program, including full body strength, conditioning, and flexibility training.

For the price, this piece of exercise equipment should be a no-brainer--incorporate it into your workout program and you'll soon see the results. Your body will thank you.
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on October 5, 2012
Works just as expected- easy to use, great results. Pushups no longer strain my wrists. I have been following the workout routine provided on the included poster for 60 days and have noticeable (visible) results. Excellent purchase
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on December 20, 2012
I just received this item today in the mail and I could not wait to open the package up. First thing I see is a nice little box with a handle, I guess intended for traveling purposes. The guides aren't that necessary, but they're nice to have.

The Perfect Pushup V2's themselves are very nicely built. They support my 250 pound body like it's nothing at all. The rotation is very smooth. There's a little resistance. Enough so that your wrists don't slip around when preforming a pushup. The handles themselves are very comfortable, and they add an extra 4 to 5 inches to your pushup. The pushup bars take a load of stress of my wrists, and they do indeed make pushups harder, but much more enjoying to do.

The design of the pushup bar is pretty cool as well. The grip is made of rubber, and it has a ripple effect for increased grip. The bottom of the V2 also provides a lot of traction so the device doesn't slip around on the floor. As I said, it's very strong, and it's a nice weight as well. The dark red and black colors also suit me.

One of my favorite products to work out with so far. I will update if there are any problems.

EDIT: First day using it seriously. Wow. They really work your arms more. The rotating action and the added height makes pushups much harder. I found that the rotating action does a fantastic job working your forearms, triceps (a lot), and more chest.
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on April 11, 2012
These are definitely helping me get better at doing pushups. I started a new workout program that calls for a lot of them. I tried the older version of the perfect pushup a few years ago, the grips on these are way better. I hope that building up my wrists with these will help me get better at pullups too.
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on June 15, 2011
The perfect pushup is well suited for two types of individuals:

1) Those who can't perform pushups due to injuries or issues with joint rotation
2) Individuals who incorporate pushups as part of their regimen and are looking to refresh that part of their workout.

I don't happen to have any issues with my wrists or shoulder, but do fall into the latter category. What I appreciate about the perfect pushup is that the rotation element forces you to balance your weight as you extend, putting stress on muscles you would not ordinarily work doing a regular pushup - it feels more like a reversed dumb bell press. For this reason, I found I could only do 75% of what I normally knock out at first try. However, as time draws on, my body is compensating and I am gaining quickly on my max.

My only criticism is that for $40 I'm not changing that much of my exercise routine. While I appreciate the fact the perfect pushup has made it much easier on my hands due to padded grips, and it's made pushups a lot more interesting, I'm not sure I'd miss them terribly if they were to disappear tomorrow. For example, I was working out in my garage and had left these upstairs in the bedroom. Rather than fetching them, I chose to do pushups gripping my dumbbells on the floor.

That said, I really do enjoy using them and will continue to do so, but don't feel they are integral holistically for a workout. If however you fall into the first category where wrist/rotation issues are a problem, or unless pushups makeup the core of your workout, I could see these making more than a modest difference.
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