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on February 19, 2014
I've purchased hundreds of products from Amazon for over the last 6 years and this is the first time I took time to review.
That's how much I love this battery!!
I received my battery on 02/07/2014 today is 02/19/2014, it took me 15 minutes to install but that's only because I had to take the battery out and re-install.
After the battery was completely installed, I had the same problem as several other reviewers. My mouse pad was hard to press down on the lower left corner and it took a very hard push to get it to react, so I decided to remove and inspect the battery in comparison to my original MAC battery.
What I found was on the underside of the battery there are 3 tiny square rubber feet along the front edge of the battery.
On the original battery these rubber feet were flush with the surface of the battery and the rubber feet on the replacement
Anker battery are not flush, they are slightly higher so I simply peeled of the middle rubber foot ( which is the one located under the mouse pad) and VOILA! The mouse pad was fine. As a matter of fact it works better than when the original battery was in.
In short
I RECOMMEND REMOVING YOUR OLD BATTERY AND COMPARING THE RUBBER FEET TO THE NEW ONE BEFORE INSTALL or just remove the middle rubber foot right off the bat and all will work well.
The re-install took less than 5 minutes and my macbook pro works better than it ever did with the original battery which is great because I always felt like the macbook pro was just OK as far as performance but with the new battery I now understand what everybody loves about this machine.
Highly recommend this battery replacement for for macbook pro or any other compatible macbooks.
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on November 25, 2014
After five months, the battery started swelling. Because the battery is immediately below the trackpad, the swelling puts pressure on the trackpad. The result is that the trackpad can't be depressed to click/select an item, rendering the laptop functionally impaired. Not a good deal.

*** UPDATE 16-Dec-14 ***
Within a day of leaving this review, Anker contacted me directly via Amazon to work out a replacement. The customer service was prompt and professional (and friendly). A new battery was shipped out to me, which worked great (time will tell I suppose). I was actually impressed that Anker sent a shipping label to get the def-x battery back. That they would spend money to analyze the old unit spoke well of their commitment to product quality.

I've used other Anker products over the past 3 years and this is the first time I've encountered a problem. The way it was handled reflects well on the company. Defects can happen in manufacturing from time. Finding a company that follows up and corrects situations is a whole lot more rare. I'll have no hesitation about ordering an Anker product in the future.

Thanks Anker.
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on July 18, 2013
Im very impressed. I have had great experiences from Anker purchases in the past, and this product proved no different. Installation was a breeze- (all that you need to do is take out 10 screws from the bottom of the computer with the included tool, and then take out 2 screws that hold in the original battery.)

This replacement fit very nicely, and after about 5 minutes I had a brand new battery installed in my laptop. Please note that you are supposed to charge the battery overnight before your first use. After charging the battery fully, I unplugged the laptop and gave it a test. Here I am a few days later, and I didnt even need to charge my laptop until now. Obviously I wasn't watching full movies or staying on my laptop for hours at a time, but this was the longest that I remember my battery lasting since it was brand new.

Overall I am very satisfied with this battery, and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a quality product. If its your first time doing this install, here is a simple 3 minute video to help you out! (Thank me later :])

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on July 17, 2014
Real quick a little background info about my individual situation when purchasing this battery:

I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro and I have always been disappointed in the battery life of my Mac. Even when my computer was brand new the battery life would last a maximum of 2-2:30 hours. After about a year it would only last about 1:30 hours with all power saving options (screen brightness, keyboard brightness, multiple apps running) taken into consideration.

Recently I received the "service battery" message and noticed substantially decreased performance in my machine. I reset the battery and fan settings and the proceeded to install Mavericks OS X, which you can download for free from the app store, and installed this battery; I could not be more pleased. I now get around 6 hours battery life when running a single browser or app such as Word or Pages. I could not be happier with my purchase of this battery. It also seems to charge just as fast, if not faster than the original and vastly out performs it.

I'm not sure if the original Apple battery that came in my MacBook Pro was a dud or what, but this battery vastly outperforms it. Highly recommend as you can't beat the compared to buying a replacement battery directly from Apple.
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on August 4, 2014
I bought this for my MacBook Pro mid-2010 model. Like the other reviewers, I had trouble with the trackpad clicking after installing this battery. Removing the rubber feet did not solve the problem. I had to completely remove the thick black sticky plastic cover to reduce the thickness of the battery. This area was directly under the trackpad. However, after removing the black cover, the trackpad works as normal. The battery cells are exposed now and I am concerned about the heat and any other impact this might have on the internals of my MBP.

The battery came with 1 charge cycle and with around 60% charge, out of the box. My old battery had over 600 charge cycles and lasted around 2.5 hours. This new battery seems to last only 4 hours comparatively. It definitely does not deliver the battery life of a new battery. Just to rule out software issues, I did a clean installation of OSX Mavericks and there was no improvement in the battery life.

I am considering returning this, but I'm not sure if Anker/Amazon would even take it back as I've ripped off the plastic sheet on the battery.
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on November 26, 2014
Nov 26, 2014
I have a 2009 macbook pro, whose original battery lasted for about 3 and a half years in decent condition and then it started deteriorating very fast. Until about a month ago it used to hold about 20 mins worth of charge and then the laptop would shut down abruptly.

The battery came with the screwdrivers required to replace the old one. Installation was very easy, it took me about 10 mins. I have had it for about two weeks. With the new battery my macbook can go for 4-5.5 hours on moderate workload on OS X Yosemite. Although the product description gives the 5800mAh as the initial max capacity, the actual max capacity is 6000mAh. So far I am happy with the purchase. I'll update the review in case I start encountering any problems.
review image
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on July 20, 2015
I purchased Anker battery for my Apple mac book pro early 2011 edition. I purchased this battery after a number of days of research. If I caould let me share with you what I have learnt.
1) Apple does not make battery they have certified OEM manufactures. So if you everything you are getting an original apple battery, I feel you are not.
2) I live in the UAE and I shipped my battery from the US to here.
3) If you are in the UAE and you google apple battery, in the first 8 result you get a website that supplies you apply battery at 120$. He will come to your house/work area and replace the battery for you. Please be careful he claims to provide you with warranty but his invoice is fake as in home made. He does this business out of his house.
4) If you got to an authorized apple store you will get the battery for 150 USD and they will take 20 days to fix it. I have tried.
5) Removal of the apple battery is extremely easy. I thought it would be complicated at first. But it is extremely simple. Anker supplies you with the necessary screw driver and the instruction manual in their battery kit. I repeat the battery removal is extremely easy you do need to worry that you ruin something. Just use some common sense while replacement and you will be completely fine.
6) After googling you will find option of battery on ebay. They have both positive and negative reviews. But I havent heard of any of the brand so I didn’t not purchase it. I brought an anker battery because I purchased an anker product couple of months back. Hence I was familiar with their brand name. They packaging is good, they delivery on time and is good value for money. I have heard their customer service is also very good (note: I haven’t had the need to use it yet)
7) So far my battery works perfectly, it hold the charge for over 4 hours. Again it depends on how you use it. I am usually a power user. I use it for work.
8) If you are in a dilemma on which battery to you go for this one you want be disappoint, and do not be worried about replacing it yourself.
review image
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on July 16, 2014
Anker sent me a replacement battery after I had issues with the first one disabling the touchpad. The second battery is the same. Anker makes great batteries, but they do not have the dimensions figured out when it comes to macbook pro computers. I will continue to recommend Anker to PC laptop users, but I will never purchase another anker macbook battery.

P.S. I tried adjusting the rubber feet, as they are different from oem batteries. This has worked for some people, 0 for two for me.
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on April 26, 2015
Battery lasted no more than a year. In the two month's of use, a full charge would hold for a half day of use (not bad, but not great). After a few more months, we would get about an hour of use per full charge. In the last few months, we got about 5 minutes of use per full charge.

More importantly, the battery actually came misshaped, with a bulge right about where the trackpad is located. I should have sent it back then, but did not think it would matter. I was able to make it fit on initial install, but one of the screws was hard to put into place. It definitely made the aluminum case flex a bit on initial install. Not a big deal initially. However....

Over the lifetime of the battery use the bulge became bigger. In fact, it became so big that it made the bottom of the laptop wobble when placed on a table. More importantly, it pushed up the trackpad by a few millimeters on the left side. In essence, the bulge made the trackpad unusable until we removed the battery from the case and bent the trackpad back into its natural position.

I would not buy this again.
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on March 5, 2016
I purchased this for my late 2011 13" Macbook Pro. It came with instructions and both special screwdrivers necessary to install. The entire install took roughly 10 minutes. Now, I am an IT person, but my 2 year old daughter could have installed it in the same amount of time. This battery was a perfect fit. I know there are other reviews stating trackpad issues due to the rubber feet, but I don't have that issue. I examined the new and old batteries side by side before the install and they were identical. The battery came about 50% charged. Make sure you follow the instructions and bring it down to about 7% before charging it for the first time. Leave it in overnight (12 hours or more) to make sure the battery holds the optimal charge going forward. I have purchased Anker products before and have been very happy with everyone of them, including this.
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