Customer Reviews: Persona 4 Golden - PlayStation Vita
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on November 25, 2012
This game deserves no less than a 5-star review. Every single aspect of it was perfect 4 years ago, and now, WOW, there are no words. You HAVE to play this game with your headphones on, so that you can truly appreciate the music, the audio, and the voice acting, which are all TOP-notch. It's a game that you want to pace yourself while playing too, so that you can get the most enjoyment out of it. There is so much to do, after all, so playing for just an hour or two every day after school or after work can be very satisfying. The story is rich and engrossing, and you'll probably find yourself thinking about it even while you're not playing. And the gameplay is fantastic as well, of course, but can be quite challenging. I recommend you select Normal difficulty if you're a newcomer, and that you grind a lot, buy a lot of useful items to increase your HP and SP at any time, and keep your equipment up to date too. Oh, and SAVE. Keep multiple save-files because there are other ways that you can get a Game Over in this game besides being defeated in battle.

Overall, this a MUST-OWN for any self-respecting Vita owner. It's almost worth getting a Vita over, even if it's been out on the PS2 since forever. Don't hesitate and buy yourself a copy of this game ASAP, either physically or through the PS Store for the same price but at an added toll of 3.5 GB or so to your memory. Either way it's totally worth it. So BUY, BUY, BUY!!!

And encourage others to do the same of course! This game is life-changing stuff folks!!! LIFE-CHANGING!!!!!

P.S.: I almost forgot! Bring your philosophizing cap you guys! This game has a serious ability to make you think, consider, and look at things from a totally different perspective than what you might be used to. If you pay attention, you will certainly be rewarded with a fresh and new outlook on life... Don't believe me? Play it then, and see for yourself! :)
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on November 26, 2012
I played the PS2 version of Persona 4 last year and still I eagerly found myself downloading this title on launch day. Why? Because it's that good. So good I couldn't wait to jump back in and solve a mystery with my friends in Inaba.

And here it is. It's back, and better than ever. We all know the graphics are much more crisp, but what actually took me by surprise is how much additional polish they put into the game. Menus are rife with color and I love watching the opening cinematic everytime I turn on the game. It's like a bag of Skittles exploded, yet somehow all of the colors blend well together. And the soundtrack is spectacular, and yes, there are some new tunes in this updated version.

One of my favorite new features of the game is the updated Shuffle Time post-battle. Instead of randomly choosing cards, you're given chances to score multiple prizes and go for a Sweep which will give you further bonuses on your next Shuffle Time. It's ridiculously addicting.

The skill cards are also a great addition that make it much easier to customize your favorite Persona to your liking. Want a Jack Frost with Bufu, Garu, Zio, and Agi? Farm the cards and knock yourself out! I recommend giving them to the all new NPC, Marie, however. That way you can get the skills whenever you want for a monetary fee.

My only knock on the game is Chie's new voice actress. I understand they couldn't get the original back, and while the new VA does a great job, it's hard for me to shake the feeling that something is off. This is probably because her old voice is still fresh in my memory from recently playing the PS2 copy. Teddie's VA is also new, but I think he comes really close to the voice of the original, and it was much easier to adjust to him. Of course, if this is your first time playing, you don't have to worry about this paragraph at all. They do a great job, it's just different from the original!

Overall, I think everyone with an interest in JRPGs and turn-based combat should play this game. It's a unique adventure with amazing personalities, and you'll have an unforgettable good time!
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on December 1, 2012
This review is from the perspective of someone who has played the PS2 version of Persona 4, P3FES, and P3P.

Of the 4 games that I consider the modern SMT school RPG's, Persona 4 Golden is hands down, the most polished experience. In fact it is the best Shin Megami Tensai RPG... actually it is the best RPG on the VITA.

Wait, no that's not quite right. P4G is actually the game of the year.

Story: the basic storyline is the same as the first iteration of the game. You are involved in a circle of high school friends gathered together to try to solve a murder mystery in a small town. While not the most innovative, the plot in P4G is far removed from normal fantasy/sci-fi quests in typical JRPG or Western RPG games. However, the plot twists and discoveries made throughout the game about the central mystery greatly extend the intrigue and will have you pushing forward just to find out what happens next.

Characters: Perhaps the most important aspect of RPG's is the characters. Persona 4 Golden maintains the excellent cast from the first game and extends it by introducing Marie, a new character reminiscent of Elizabeth from Persona 3. Marie is sarcastic, poetic, and feisty. She's awesome. For those new to Persona 4, the characters really bolster the story and make the game not just about leveling up to become more powerful in battles, but also about developing relationships and really interacting with the entire cast.

Gameplay: The excellent gameplay in Persona 4 (which I consider much superior to Persona 3 FES) returns. In addition, you get multiplayer !!! (that's right) elements introduced with the SOS function. This is kind of reminiscent of Dark Souls or Demon Souls, where the multiplayer element is not required to finish the central story of the game, but adds depth to the gameplay. In general, Persona 4 Golden is a turn based game based around mastering elemental attacks, conditions, combinations (including paired attacks when using certain characters), and smart usage of items.

Video/Audio: The graphics are simply stunning. On the VITA's OLED screen, the amount on which P4G improves upon any other SMT game is absolutely awesome. Now all we need is a true 1080p+ home console SMT game (Persona 5 on the next gen consoles, please?) Audio wise, the excellent score and very good English voice casting returns. I'm going to have to chime in like others and say one thing about Chie's voice actress -- she really could have used a bit more restraint.

Replay value: A lot.

So why is this the game of the year? Persona 4 Golden will provide you between 60-70 hours of gripping storytelling, engaging gameplay, and fascinating discovery. You will be glued to the beautiful OLED screen of the Vita passing long hours without realizing it. You will miss classes, call in sick to work, ignore you girlfriend, and forget to eat. You will love this game and realize just how shamelessly inadequate the polish of nearly every other JRPG released on current gen consoles and handhelds has been.

If you do not have this game, and have a VITA... Why? Click the cart link on this page and if you have Prime, pay the $3.99 for 1 day shipping. You will simply not regret this decision.
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on January 30, 2014
I might not be a typical gamer, I have a demanding career, kids, gym, piano lessons, DIY, business trips, etc. My "me" time is limited and precious. I have chosen to spend close to 50 hours of it on this game and I don't regret it at all. Buy it now at asking price. The cost per hour of exciting entertainment is ridiculously low. You'll also learn a bit about Japanese culture and Esotericism, plus it has no calories, no sodium and won't get anyone pregnant.
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on August 22, 2015
I pulled over 125 hours of solid gameplay with this one. I played it every day for weeks, day and night, whenever I had free time. You can say that I was addicted, because I WAS--I couldn't put this game down. It is one of my all-time favorite games. I bought it on a whim; I got my Vita cause, why not get one? I needed games for it, got a few random ones, including P4:G. At that point, I'd never played a Persona game in my life, I had no idea what the games were like, either. I wasn't a fan of turn based combat and "comic booky" like dialogue--I was used to a lot of fluid motion and action, like Kingdom Hearts sorta. This game was entirely different for me, and changed my gaming life forever!! It opened so many doors and gave me such a broader array of games to enjoy! I will honestly say that this game was more than a game, it was an EXPERIENCE. An experience full of tears, racing heartbeats, sweaty hands, head scratching, cursing, laughing, embarrassment and shock: I LIVED in this game.

The story: 10/10. Without going into much detail, the story is incredibly dynamic and in a way, realistic. Of course the evens that happened in the game could probably never happen for real, but it was REAL in the game. I actually felt scared for the city, and scared for the people. You get this sense of dread and being trapped and having to delve deep within yourself to pull out the hero inside, and save everyone. The game hurts, it can hurt you emotionally--you deeply feel for everyone involved. A spoiler free synopsis is that people are being killed mysteriously. You've got to go to another world to uncover the truths about the murders and disappearances before it's too late. And that's exactly what you'll be driven to do, too! And at the same time, you've got to balance saving the world with being student--studying, building skills, etc. You can have jobs, hobbies, and most importantly, you've got to build up your social skills and make new friends. This was a lesson in real life for me as I ironically shut myself in all day to play this game, I realized that I need to actually work on my real life as hard as I work on my life in the game! See I told you: this game is an experience.

The characters: 11/10. The story follows eight heroes, all meticulously and wonderfully dynamic in their own ways--as are all of the characters you encounter in the game. Every single character is unique and has their own story to tell, their own feelings and struggles, and their own life for the overall Persona experience. Not a single PERSON in this game is flat. And I mean it. The characters in this game are like your real friends, you see them, hang out with them, go to movies with them, get into trouble with them, and so on. You feel for them, and fear for them as well. And as you build your social circle, you understand that that random person sitting on a bench could teach you a real lesson in life. Nearly everyone in this game is important: be sure to talk to as many people as you can!

The gameplay: 10/10. As a person who would have told you that turn-based combat is for chumps, I can bravely admit that I was ignorant and borderline stupid to believe that!! The combat is AMAZING. It is quite similar to the other Persona games (I'm playing through P3: FES as we speak) so if you've played the previous ones, you've got a good understanding of how it works. I will say that I have never played P4, so I'm not sure of how similar P4:G is to that one, in terms of gameplay. But there are some differences from P3 to P4:G, and the differences are all MUCH, MUCH better! First off, you can use any of the 4 characters you can equip at a time, or you can use all 4. You can CONTROL your characters. That is a major annoyance in the gameplay of P3: FES; the characters oftentimes make incredibly stupid decisions and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. You don't have that issue in P4:G, you are in control, IF you want to be. (when I fought lesser shadows I'd allow the computer to take over, but I'd control all my teammates when fighting bosses). Everyone has access to your inventory, so if you die, (YOU as in the main character of the game, who is untitled) your teammates can revive you (if you die in P3: FES it's GAME OVER). This allows the fights to go much more smoothly, because using your HUMAN brain you can use bufu (ice) against an enemy that is weak with ice, even if you don't have any Personas or items that have bufu (Use Teddie or Chie!) Another thing, being charmed in Persona is no longer a death sentence (being charmed is literally being CHARMED haha, where the enemy puts sort of a love spell on you and you heal the enemy and attack your teammates. It sucks!!) because you are able to control your teammates, you can give yourself or anyone else an item to "un-charm" them quickly, before you inflict too much damage. This is extremely important and useful because as I said before--being charmed in P3: FES is a death sentence--you actually have to wait until the spell wears off, that is the only way you can be dis-charmed. It is possible to have null-charm too, though.

And yes, Persona has it's very own arsenal of terminology for elements and other attacks. Ice (bufu), lightening (zio), fire (agi), wind (garu), and so on all have different names. You will quickly learn those other names, so don't be intimidated by having to learn new words.

Shuffle Time is also much better in Persona 4: Golden. Shuffle Time is when you fight the shadows in an awesome way haha, you are rewarded with some random cards. Some cards have Personas, some have other level ups and life and SP (MP in most other games) and so on. Most of the cards are beneficial to you. Shuffle Time is good cause you can choose what card (sometimes cardS) you want, (in P3: FES, the cards are literally shuffled [hence the name] and you gotta recall on your memory to get what you want).

There are also assists in P4:G (unsure if they are in the original Persona 4). Because you have 7 fighters to choose from, sometimes randomly a character that you don't have equipped can assist you and knock down enemies or something. It's always very fun and funny! Likewise, your teammates can work together and take down shadows--Chie and Yukiko have an awesome assist together. And your teammates can also do assists separately. My favorite is Chie's, where she literally kicks a random shadow completely off of the field, only to blink as a far distant star, Team Rocket style!

The fusion of Personas are simple--you can choose by arcana or level and so on. I usually chose by level, and it was as simple as pie.

Other than dungeon crawling (which is a large part of the game) the other gameplay is just as sweet. The dialogue is presented in text boxes and you just push X to "flip the page" kinda. The characters always speak so you can just wait until they finish, or just hit X and read yourself quickly (I loved the voice acting so I didn't mind hearing them talk!) There is third person roaming too, you can roam around your city and also in the dungeons in third person. You can build stuff, fish, read, catch bugs, and so on, all with their own set of controls, but they are all very simple to learn. ALL of the gameplay is simple, and effective.

Overall interest: 100/10. This game was like crack--it was so, SO addicting. I love every single microsecond of it too. I haven't played it since (finished it maybe a year or so ago, only now writing the review!) and I'm actually afraid to play it again, in fear that it will swallow my life once more. But, isn't that the best compliment you can give to a video game? Haha! P4:G is a masterpiece, it should go down in history of one of the best games of all times. It is no wonder that it tops the charts of nearly every "Best Vita Games" article you may read, and also no wonder that it has 5 stars on Amazon. IT. IS. AMAZING. You can feel this game, you can be this game, you can make it your own.

Would I recommend it? Heck yes, I will! But be warned--and it SHOULD come with a warning label!! It will swallow you whole. And one more word of advice, which may be unclear to someone who hasn't beat the game but THEY should listen closest: pay attention to detail. Nearly EVERYONE you meet is important. ASK QUESTIONS in the game, especially so near the end. There are multiple endings of this game: a good one, a bad one, and the Golden Ending. In order to get the Golden Ending, ASK QUESTIONS.

Overall, one of the best darn games I've ever played. Get it.
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on December 5, 2012
Persona 4 is awesome! This is the first persona game that I've played. I recently got a vita and heard everyone raving about this game and since I love RPG's, I figured that I would give it a shot. Let me just say this...seeing a game that is this polished is very rare! The level of detail in this game never ceases to amaze me! Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

- Steam coming off of food when characters eat and accurate sound effects when they pop open containers, etc...
- About 80% of all dialogue in the game is voice. The voice actors are amazing and you get a lot closer to the characters in the game because of that.
- While listening to the dialogue, if you miss something or happen to zone out, you can hit select at any time and the entire conversation history will pop up! In this history you can not only read things again but if you hit x on a certain piece of dialogue, that character will speak that part to you again! This feature is really cool and something that I have never seen in another game. Really smart idea!
- The load times are amazing! They are still present...but so short that I find myself happily jamming out to the cool soundtrack as the game speedily loads to the next scene.
- The interface (menu's, control scheme) are perfect for the vita. I haven't come across any touch features really...but that's okay. The menu's are very pretty and sharp on the Vita's OLED screen.

While the whole game is amazing, it's these little extra details that I love because a lot of developers either don't do these things, or don't take the time to do them right. Any who, I'm not going to make this review massive or anything. In short, I also love the story and game-play...but now I want to get back to playing the game! ha-ha I just had to tell people that I very rarely play games that have this level of polish to them (and I have been a gamer ever since I was I've played a lot of games)! This game is great and I would recommend it to anyone that has a vita!!! You've got to play this game!

5 stars, two thumbs up, etc... etc... :-)
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on November 28, 2012
So, I have never played any of the Persona series. However, this one grabbed my attention so I picked it up. This is the first RPG that I have played on the Vita that I truly enjoyed. I Love the Anime cut scenes, the story, and the fighting. As I said, this is what the Vita needed. I am only a few hours into it, but am thoroughly enjoying it.

Update: So I am still playing the game, haven't beaten it yet, however, I have been doing the quests, building social links, and just enjoying the game. This game, has you like the c=haracters, fall in love with them because of how deep and emotional the game can be. This is by far one of the Top 10 games. After playing this, I went and purchased the rest of the persona series so I can start from the beginning.
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on January 5, 2013
I wasn't really sure what to make of this game at first. It didn't look to interesting based on the pictures.

The reviews across the internet compelled me.

I have to say, this game is very different than other rpg's, but still very fun. It's more of a mystery/sci-fi rpg that involves jumping into a tv world to do battle.

This game is absolutely a MUST HAVE for the vita.

This is the game that's going to be talked about for years and set the benchmark for all future vita games.

Don't miss Persona 4 Golden.
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on December 2, 2014
If you've played Persona 3 and loved it - get this game.
If you enjoy RPG's - get this game.
If you enjoy JRPG's - get this game.
If you love and appreciate thorough and extensive story lines, deep immersion in characters and dialogue options, and tons and tons of player choice, various activities, and both action and social experiences - yep, you guessed it... get this game.

P4G is the ultimate way to play Persona 4 as it adds additional characters and story line depth. Additionally, the game itself is astounding. I easily put in 57 hours into my first play-through and I am preparing to give it a new round in New Game Plus.

The battling system is extensive and reminiscent of Pokemon. The social link aspect is hilarious, captivating, and ridiculously enjoyable. The amount of player options and choices is ridiculous. I really can't praise this game enough. Furthermore, the menu's and overall aesthetic of the game is of the highest quality. The graphics and animated cut scenes and, in my opinion, the voice acting is excellent as well.

I've been gaming for over 18 years now and P4G is without a doubt in my top 10 favorite games of all time.
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on November 26, 2012
I've imported this game and it works without any problem here in Europe. What is left to say about Persona? About one year ago i bought "Persona 3 Portable" for the PSP just because of pure curiosity... a mixture of RPG and "The Sims"? What?!?! But when i started playing it, it hit me like a thunder: this is such a great, deep and emotional game, it is hard to believe if you do not play it for yourself. I still can remember every NPC, i can remember things they said and things the have done. The characters in Persona may be heroes on the battleground, but during the rest of the day they are normal people with normal problems. This is so special about Persona: you really do CARE about the characters. After i finished P3P i knew that this was maybe one of the best games i ever played. Now back to Persona 4: It is like Persona 3 but with improved graphics, more features, a new story and new characters. Simply said: i love it like i loved P3P! I really can recommend this game to everyone out there, give it a try! It is worth your time and maybe one of the best games for the Vita.
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