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on May 6, 2011
I purchased a couple of these devices because I had read a favorable and convincing review on Amazon regarding a roach problem. My own condo had become invested by roaches because of the unit above mine. I had already tried and failed at using boric acid, roach traps, rosemary, borax, etc. In my desperation, I decided to try the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller, and I'm glad I did. The review I had read warned that after plugging in the repellers, it would first seem as though the roach problem was increasing, because they would literally be coming out of the woodwork, even in daylight, in order to escape the sound. Also, he or she mentioned that it would take at least two weeks for the roaches to disappear.

Anyway, the reviewer couldn't have been more accurate. That's exactly what happened. I had a gathering at my home a couple nights after I had installed the devices, and one of my friends jumped because she saw a roach suddenly crawl across the wall. Another was seen running along the ceiling. (I was so embarrassed!) A day or two afterward, my mother stopped by my home while I was at work, and opened the sliding glass door to the patio. Unfortunately, about 20 or more of these roaches fell on her! They had been trying to escape my unit. In the end, after finding and removing some of the dead roaches that were unable to escape, I have been able to live entirely roach-free for five years now.

Actually as I am writing this, I'm sure I've probably written about this before. I decided to write about it again, only because I can't believe how negative some of these reviews are. There's no way a person can judge the devices turning them on for a day and a half. They have to be on for at least a week before you notice a difference, and you're supposed to have one per every 500 sq ft, I believe.

The additional advice I would give is that these devices need to be replaced after about two years. I found that they were good at getting rid of silverfish, spiders and other pests. But when some of these bugs started resurfacing, I bought a couple more, and that did the trick.
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on September 1, 2011
I should have not ignored all the bad reviews. I decided to purchase the AT-5 based on the most helpful favorable review and a couple others like it. After a month of the device being plugged in I still had mice droppings in my kitchen within 6 inches of the outlet being used. I had no problem with ants until I plugged this thing in and within in a week there was a steady stream of ants. Of all the purchases I have ever made and regret on Amazon, this has to be the worst. IF you like to make a habit of burning fifty dollar bills by all means purchase this piece of crap. I finally broke down and bought Decon mouse poison (I didn't want to do this because I had heard sometimes they die in the walls and make quite a stink). After one week of the poison - no more mice. I haven't seen a sign of them since. Why? Why? Why did I buy this when I saw all the bad reviews??? Don't be as stupid as me and flush your hard earned money down the toilet. I would give this product minus five stars if I could.
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on November 20, 2012
We have had 2 of these is our house (@3200 sq. ft.) and not had any major problems for years. Prior to buying these units, we had mice in the attic and garage regularly. I installed 2 of these units on opposite ends of the house - 1 on each floor. Since then, we have had no problems with mice. I have alos used these at my office/warehouse with good results. The only problem is theft of the units from employees. I guess it doesn't work on ALL RATS!
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on November 17, 2008
After a couple of weeks of having the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT unit center of my home according to the instructions, there was no reduction of bugs in my home. In fact, there was an increase. I then moved the unit closer to my front door in order to position it closer to the area of more infestation, and noticed that this unit actually attracted more flying insects to my front screen door than usual. This unit even excited some bugs to the point that they were squeezing through my screen door and into the home.

After complaining to Good Life about it, they stated that it's not abnormal for more bugs to appear in the home within the first couple of weeks, as they're being driven out of the walls. Since I have a new home, I didn't have a bug problem inside my walls. They didn't have an answer as to why more bugs (especially, flying insects, roaches/beetles, and ants) were being attracted to the unit, but asked me to wait another couple of weeks to see if the situation changes.

They also made the suggestion that the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT shouldn't be the only method that a homeowner uses in order to combat pests. Seems as if they should have said this up front instead of after-the-fact. They also didn't have an answer to my question of whether or not bugs just get used to or ignore the sound that this unit emits.

After waiting another two weeks, and not seeing a reduction of bugs in my home, I unplugged it and sent it back for a full refund. I spent $20 in shipping to get it, and another $5 to send it back (not to mention the electricity it took to run this unit 24 hours/day over the past month). Do yourself a favor - save yourself $25+ and find something else. This unit doesn't work on flying insects, roaches/beetles, or ants.
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on December 10, 2010
I bought two of these and as soon as I plugged the first one in my cats jumped up and started running around. Their eyes were squinted and I could see that they were very bothered by the noise. I would NOT recommend these if you have pets. I immediately unplugged it and waited a couple of days then plugged it back in. The cats had the same reaction. I have no doubt they could hear it.

PLEASE do not plug these in if you have kitties or small dogs.
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on August 31, 2014
! Warning!


Bed Bugs are different from any other type of Bug, they don't act like your mosquito or Roach. You can't use bait on them because they feed off Human Beings directly, and you can't use ionic/electronic/sonic/ or any other type of technology that Electronic repellents offer because of the way that Bed Bugs detects food. They detect
food (people/animals) is through body heat.

If you want to combat bedbugs effectively, you must find a professional service that offers Thermal Heating treatment. At 110° Bed Bugs die within 10 minutes, so you need a service that provides thermal heating from 125° - 135° for at least 4 to 6 hours per room/area. This kills the bed bugs because it gets them to come out of all their hiding areas, because of their attraction to heat. They basically get fooled into thinking that food is in the vicinity. Services are expensive however, costing as much as $800 a room. It's worth it if you compare the damage that is caused by Bed Bugs alone.

If however you cannot afford it, you can also use a homemade kit, by mixing 2 parts rubbing alcohol or wound cleaning alcohol, 1 part water, and a little dish soap (I personally recom9Dawn), take a hair dryer, & food grade diamascus earth, dust your box spring, remove mattress, dust mattress, insert a small slit just big enough to place the opening of the hair dryer inside tape it around the opening so it stays attached to the box spring, turn it on, be ready because now you will have to spray everything that comes running out the box spring, and I promise you, they will come by the dozens.

When you are finished, you want to make sure you have something like a Bissell Steam Shot, just make sure it ONLY uses DRY STEAM not wet steam, you will get mold with wet steam. Steam the box spring making sure that you slowly go over everything, and make sure you get one that uses steam with a temp of at least 200°, do the same treatment for the mattress, and pillows, get all your clothes steam cleaned professionally and purchase a few of those vacuum bags that you can store your clothes in, and vacuum the bag to remove the air, and shrink it down. Make sure it says bug proof, because now you can put away your clothes and use them when you need to and make sure that they don't get infested. Also you must remove everything from the room and steam vacuum everything.

Stanley Steamers makes some of the best steam vacuums I've ever seen if you want to rent, but if you want to buy, get a Bissell Steamer. You can't go wrong. They make the best steaming Vacuums I've ever owned, and I've purchased models upto 4x more expensive, it's not the price of a product that makes it good, it's the efficiency, durability, & reliability of a product.

I still recommend getting a professional thermal heating treatment done, but if you rather do this yourself then I hope that I have given you some better advice on fighting this menace then having to waist $50 of your hard earned money only to find out that you were suckered.

If I have helped you, please let know.
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on January 4, 2013
This is my second one of these because after 4 years my original one wasn't working so well which I remember reading somewhere when I bought it. But for how effective it was for four years was totally worth it. After the four years, I saw a few roaches in my apartment, so I knew it was time for a new one. Overall this is a great Eco-friendly product that delivers results. I have a cat and it doesn't affect him at all.
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on August 25, 2012
Was a little worried based on other reviews, but I am so happy I ordered this item. It is a replacement for a previous unit that had no product/item number information on it(can you believe that?!), so I had my fingers crossed that it would work as well. Well, it has. After just 2 days, the ants are gone - ants that I have been struggling against for over 6 months. Also, I can watch TV in peace again since the crickets have vacated as well. And the seller got the item to me in less than 1 week. 100% satisfied.
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on July 20, 2014
This pest repeller works for us. We have a 2500 square ft house and we use two. I will move them around to see where they work best from time to time. We had a terrible ant infestation when we first moved into the house. Did not want to use pesticides so we tried Good Life LLC repellers. For two years, no ants. I eventually stopped using the repellers. The ants came back, as bad as before. Got the repellers again and --no ants. Very satisfied. It is true what the company says: after you first plug them in the ants/pests will become much worse for a few days as they swarm out of the walls. Then they will be completely gone after that. At least that's how it worked for us. I recommend these very highly. Now we have one in the garage to help with mice. Seems to have thinned the mice down quite a lot so far.
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on April 28, 2014
I did not purchase this from amazon. We have had it for years but I will probably purchase another one from here cause my brother has a brown recluse problem. I have a wasp problem. I had three wasp in my room the other day and decided to plug this device in and the wasp flew out of my room. I have not had a wasp in my room since and I have at least 2 end up in my room every day....totally not joking, don't even know how the wasp were getting in, but the device worked. I did here allot if buzzing if I put my ear up to my wall under my vent, but we put a screen over my vent so idk how they would be able to get in.....weird. We used to have it plugged in downstairs and we had indoor cats. My cats would walk right past the repellent and it never bothered them, for people that wrote reports on the device. Maybe you should retry and wait a few days, your cats will probably get used to them. This device is safe. My cats had no reaction to this. Maybe your cats are just super sensitive to the feel of vibrations.
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