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on August 19, 2012
I was going crazy trying to figure out how to get my two cats across the country from MA to CA when I came upon this item at Amazon. One of my cats is a nightmare in the cat carrier and the car, immediately voiding his bowels and then vomiting a few minutes later. Not to mention that awful cat howl the entire ride. After reading the reviews about how other people have taken their cats across the country or for long distances using the pet tube, I knew I would have to try it. I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised at how large it was. It fit very nicely in the backseat of my Pontiac Grand Prix. We had the pet tube out in the house for about two weeks before the trip so the cats could get used to it. We also purchased the Comfort Pet Pillow that goes inside and I put a blanket in there as well. I was heartened when the cats started sleeping in it.

So the day of the move came and it was time to put the cats in the tube and go. I will say that I have never have such an easy time putting cats inside of a kennel. They didn't fight at all, although occasionally one would hop out when putting the other in. The tube is quite roomy and my cats were able to walk around a bit and change sleeping positions as they desired. We had two comfy blankets in there and a cat bed as well. It took the cats a few days to settle into the routine, but by the end they would lay down and go to sleep almost immediately. In ten days of driving, we heard at the most ten meows, once because one of the cats was carsick (don't feed them the morning of travel). What a difference from the usual car trips!! I honestly could not believe how well the tube worked. The cats were calm, with no meowing and no "accidents", and in fact they slept 90% of the time they were in there. We did have a sheet that we put over the entire pet tube, for transporting them into and out of the hotels, and we kept the sheet either partially covering or completely covering the tube while we were driving.

I also purchased Pet Naturals Calming Treats and Comfort Zone with Feliway Spray for Cats for the trip. Each day before we left the hotel, I would spray the inside of the tube. I did forget once or twice and it didn't seem to make much difference. I would also give the cats a few calming treats, but after a few days they didn't seem to like them anymore and wouldn't eat them. I didn't see much difference in their behavior but I can't say for certain they didn't work. Oh, and I also bought "puppy pee pads" to line the entire bottom of the tube just in case of "accidents". I only had to change it once when the one cat was carsick and threw up, but it was so quick to clean up. I just pulled out the dirty "pee pad" and put down a clean one. I highly recommend doing the same.

I saw that some people put a litter box and other items inside. I did put some water, but they never drank it so eventually I stopped putting it inside. Also, they never had an accident in ten days, nor wanted to use the litter box when offered, sometimes even with 12 hours of confinement, so for my cats it was not necessary. They would eat, drink, and use the litter box at the hotel at night. (Some good advice is to check the hotel room before bringing your cat/s in. Most hotels now have a barrier so it is impossible for them to go under the bed, but we did have to disassemble a few to get the cats the next morning. Not a huge deal, but obviously you don't want your cat to hide somewhere you can't get to them. Oh, and my two hid every morning).

Overall, I was very pleased with the pet tube and highly recommend it. The cats did better than I ever imagined they could. I won't say they loved being confined inside the pet tube, but they definitely tolerated it and it was the safest and best way to transport them to our new home across the country.

Some notes:

The tube will roll if it is not supported, so we had to kind of sandwich it between two things (like the bed and a chair) when it was not in the car.

Also, my larger cat took to laying against the front wall of the tube when it was in the car, which would slowly roll it a little forward so that the floor of the tube would become titled. The positioning of the straps did not prevent this from happening. My cats did not seem to mind.

My spouse and I carried the cats to and from the car using the handles handles on the ends. It was a bit awkward and I can't see one person doing to alone, but it did the job.
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on August 18, 2010
This product is a MUST have. What it didn't show (or at least I missed) is that these velcro into the carrier, so they aren't just free floating, and what might be hard to see, they have a cover that looks / feels waterproof (I think it is).

I took 3 cat's on a 2000 mile 4 day trip. They all loved the fact that they had a flat serface to sleep/sit on.
Also it allowed me to put water, and a small kitty litter tray in there.
If you get the carrier, I HIGHLY recommend you splurge and buy the pillows.
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on June 20, 2015
Most of my cats did not wanna sit inside while driving across country. The 4 months old slept inside and under the tube. It took10 days before two of the four cats wanted to sit in it for more than 5 minutes. It may be because I had to put them in there when we stopped for gas ,association with being traped may have disuaded the cats to use it very often.The tube is cool convenient and necessary driving with cats. I am glad I have it!
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on August 29, 2009
We have a large black labrador and a Ford focus. Having no kids, we do not use our back seat; the pet tube fits snugly and safely across the seats, secured by three sturdy straps. Our lab can see out through the mesh, but is totally contained and secure - she loves it and often does not want to get out! This is the second tube I have bought - the last one lasted 5 years and we are only replacing it because it got a bit whiffy.
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on January 8, 2014
I ran across this product on another website (but ended up buying it on Amazon) after, literally, laying awake nights worrying about how we were going to get our two housecats (indoor-only) from Miami to Boise by car--which ended up being a five-day, 3,300-mile trip, in part because of snow. Our cats would, well, caterwaul when they were (not very often) in the car; just moving them from our house to my parents' house (stage one of our trip), a distance of about seven miles, was horrible. It was pre-cat-tube and they whined, cried--the whole deal. Also, the older one is cagey and will not get into pet carriers. He just won't. The younger one used to but has caught on and resists mightily. So I had my doubts. Well, we set off on day one of our cross-country trip after I surprised the older one and pushed him into the tube (which I had already secured to the car seat). I don't think he knew what it was or what I was doing. He was silent/stunned and we set off, with the younger one on a leash. Within an hour we had to stop and put the younger one into the (small-size/18-inch) tube with the older one--he was trying to roam. Well, that caused some whining, but it died down within an hour and they stayed quiet during our first (12-hour) day of driving. We stopped after about four hours, let them out (in the car) and tried to feed/offer them water, and a litter box, but they were not interested in doing any of that in the car. After the pit stop, my husband got them both back in, with little resistance from them. Each night, we carried them into our (pet-friendly) hotels in the tube itself. This necessitated unstrapping the tube from the car seat each night, then strapping it in the next morning, which was a bit of a pain, but we couldn't just let them run free in a hotel where dogs might abound, they could spook and run off, etc. (though we did let them out of the tube once we reached our room each night), and we didn't have--nor would they have agreed to enter--a separate carrier. Each morning, they allowed us to place/push them into the (mostly-zipped) tube, very placidly. Only on our last day did our older cat show resistance by hiding under the bed, but when we got him, and placed him in the tube, he didn't put up a fight. Once in the tube, and in the car, they would fuss each morning for about an hour or two, then settle down to snuggle each other and sleep (thus, I actually think it's better they didn't each have their own tube), and stay that way unless we went over rough roads for the next 12 or 13 hours a day. I have to credit the tube with making moving two car- and carrier-shy cats cross-country almost easy.
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on June 16, 2015
We bought the Pet Tube to use on a five-day cross-country drive. While we do have soft-sided carriers for our two 12-pound cats, those carriers are sized to fit under airline seats and don't provide much room. In contrast, the Tube gave them each ample space to sit, stretch, and change positions, with enough room for a travel-size litter box too. We did order the cushions, and added a fuzzy throw blanket inside, with a towel draped over the top to provide shade. We had the usual day one vocalizations for perhaps an hour...and not a single peep the rest of the trip. Happy kitties, happy pet parent!
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on September 21, 2015
Was trying to find a solution to transporting our new very hairy puppy (Samoyed) in my 2016 WRX STI. So far very impressed with this car kennel. Easily collapses to fit in trunk, easy to setup, solid when expanded, fits the dog perfectly and keeps all hair/dirt contained. Dog doesn't mind being in there either. Highly recommend it if you care about your seats/car.
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on July 29, 2013
We recently moved from Mobile, AL to Kodiak, AK.. The last leg of the trip was a ferry from Washington state that was 5 1/2 days long. During that time my two cats (one adult one kitten) were not allowed in our stateroom. They had to remain on the car deck in our vehicle.

We set this pet tube up across the back seat of my sedan (a Saturn, Aura). We had the cats, a small litter box, food and water bowls set up. While this wasn't the best setup to have I firmly believe it was the best we could do given our space and circumstance.

The pet tube is not water proof so keep that in mind. I also advise buying the cushion that goes with this (sold separately) to provide you with a FLAT surface for food, water, and a kitty box should you need a similar setup to what we had to do.

Overall this was a VERY good buy. Stood up to the heavy use it got over our month long trip across the country and then marathon 5 straight days of use on the ferry. No holes, No escapes and NO MESS in my car =)
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on January 7, 2013
I absolutely LOVE the Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel. I ordered the one in large and the cushions that go along. Anyone that considers the price, believe me, it's WORTH every penny!!!! After traveling with my 4 dogs, I always felt that the big, boxed crates were hot for the dogs, and I never felt they were very safe. I used to have to put down the back seats to fit those big, boxed and hard crates into the car...and they were never very secure at all. The Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel is PERFECT. It's soft and secures to the seats making traveling safe with my pets, and I can easily see out the back window unlike when I'd have the big, boxed crates in there. The quality is nicer than anything I'd ever expect. It is a mesh netting with a strong canvas layer that can be easily wiped clean, and it is much more ventilated than those big, boxed crates. It fits PERFECT in the back seat of my Honda. My dogs don't get anxiety when I put them in it. They sit comfortably in these, and they can see me in the front seat. In the old boxed crates, my dogs would pant and whine. This product really is a dream come true for me and my pets!!! I would highly recommend it for anyone traveling and wanting to keep their pets safe, secure and comfortable. Finally, I can't wait to rid all those big, boxed crates that took up storage in my garage. The storage on this Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel is remarkable....folds up and yet when you unfold it to put it in the car, it props open without any sagging. I can't say enough good things about this product!!!
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on September 14, 2009
This is one of the most useful things I have bought for my dogs and my car. Not only are the dogs kept contained and safe, but my seats won't get scratched, dog hair doesn't get all over the car, and they can't smudge up the windows. It fits just right across the back seat and straps in place. I didn't buy the optional pads that fit it, but you don't really need them because the material is strong enough to protect your seats. If you want to though, you can just throw an old blanket in there for your dog(s) to lay on. I have a pug and a boston terrier and there is more than enough room in there for the both of them. It folds down flat and zips shut so when you don't need it, you can collapse it down and store it in your trunk and it won't take up any room at all. As the other reviewer wrote, the mesh sides ARE a little dark, but they are breathable and do not cause any problem at all for me or my dogs. I'd recommend this product to anyone who asks, it will really save your car.
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