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on June 23, 2011
We've had this product since our son was 11 months old. At first he pushed it around--he wasn't tall enough to sit on it and have his feet touch the floor--and it worked fine. The wheels move very easily in any direction, which is a bonus for a very practiced cruiser (freedom to go where they want), but makes it slip away easily for a child who needs help with balancing. I wouldn't recommend this for the stage where they are just beginning to cruise--you'll want a sturdier push cart for that. This small limitation shouldn't discourage you, though, because for us, the real joy of the bike came when my son could start to "ride" it as a bicycle. He was 13 months old before his feet fit firmly on the ground with his bum on the seat and then it was true love. At first, he couldn't quite go straight from one point to another, but he zig zagged around like a little speed racer, smiling and laughing the whole way. After a few weeks of seated riding, he could begin to maneuver it where he wanted to go--even if he was outside and his desired destination was 20 yards away. This was especially fun for him since he wasn't quite waking yet. It is hard to have a crawler outdoors, but this helped him play on rough surfaces without sacrificing his knees.

I am UPDATING this review at 15 months old. My son is now walking very well, and still loves his little bike. It works very well indoors and out, and it is hands-down his favorite toy and has been for the last couple months. It is so much fun that it attracts all sorts of attention from other children and parents. Whenever he sees it, he points to it and lets us know he wants to go outside and play. It seems like a great toy to keep him active and challenge his balance and coordination, and is definitely sturdy enough to survive multiple children. Much older children have ridden it, and I, myself, have sat on it with him. While I obviously wouldn't do that all the time, it did not crack or show any stress from the extra weight. I do think it helped him become an independent walker a little bit faster than he would have otherwise.

For reference, my son was 27lbs and 31" at his 12 month checkup, and he grew into this at about 12 months and 3 weeks, after a bit of a growth spurt. I assembled it myself in about 15 minutes. He began walking somewhere around 13 months, 2 weeks, and he loved it before and after.
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on June 12, 2013
I know the product says to use it on a flat surface, but it should say not to use on carpet or in the vicinity of any non-flat surface, since any bump could cause disaster. My 12mo old daughter tipped twice (both times head first) a few minutes into her first use. Although she has a slight black eye, I consider her lucky to have fallen on carpet both times (the second time she was using it on hardwood but bumped into a small rug). I can see a walker promoting balance by being a bit tipsy, but this one will tip all the way forward in an unnatural way while both hands are on the front handle. Complete face-plant. This could cause a serious injury if used outside on cement. I am surprised that only a few reviews have mentioned this huge issue.

I rate 1 star to highlight the danger issue, but also because I think this a design issue that could be remedied with either the seat moved back or longer front legs. When she was not smashing her face on the floor she was really enjoying it!
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on November 20, 2013
This product is very dangerous to be used by toddlers, unless it is on a completely flat floor. My 13 month tipped forward on it and lost a front tooth and chipped the other one badly. Spare yourself what we need to deal with due to this product.
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on November 20, 2011
I purchased this for my grandson. He is approx. 19 months old, he crawls like a maniac, but has been a bit behind in walking development. He will pull up and walk around furniture, cabinets, etc. I honestly think he is afraid of falling down, so he tends to want to hang on to things. We are a little concerned, and have had him checked at a local childrens hospital (no apparent problems), but also know he will walk when he is ready. Grandma says he is just very cautious in approach to walking and I agree. We have purchased different ride on/walk behind toys and he likes them all but has difficulty turning them because the wheels only roll forward or backward. I suppose that is ok at first and works well for walkers for the elderly, but little guys like this are just learning and want go every where, in all directions, fast. That is what attracted me to this device. The ability to go any direction, quickly, because of the swivel casters on each of it's four legs. GENIUS IDEA, I thought to myself as I made my order. I received this yesterday and promptly put it together (very easy) and was quite impressed by the design, sturdy construction, component fit and finish. Called the daughter up to bring little man over to see his new "thing". What transpired once he was introduced to this was truly remarkable, and awesome. He seemed to like pushing it around while standing, walker style, and did quite well on our hardwood floor and rugs. But what he really liked to do was straddle the seat and walk it around, bike style. Not really sitting on it, but it appeared he liked the security of having a seat under him. After that it was unbelievable how fast he discovered his way around our home, "walking" and not crawiling. It was truly amaizing. When they got ready to go, I told his mom to take it with her to their home. This morning she reports that he took his dad around the house showing him every room. If he gets it in a jam he backs up, spins around and goes another way....on carpet. He actually calls it his "bike" when pointing at it. The YBike Pewi gets 5 thumbs up on PopPop's must buy list. Even if your little one is not having problems with walking, this thing is really least that is what I would think if I was little.
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on June 6, 2013
Cute bike, good concept, but major issue with tipping forward. One tiny bump on the sidewalk, a crack in the tile, and the kid will go facefirst over the handlebars. Forget riding on carpet. I'm nursing my toddler's bloody chin as we speak. The other issue we have had is when he tries to go "fast", the back wheels bump his feet as he tries to run with the bike. Nice idea but not safe with its current construction.
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on January 30, 2015
This little contraption is amazing! My little one is still getting used to it but at 10 months he's walking with it to get places. The description says it's great to help little ones learn to fall which I agree. Our little guy has spent so much time in his traditional walker not having to worry about balance and although he will make a pouty face when he falls, I know it's good for him to learn balance. Assembly was quick and easy with good directions and pieces are numbered. Love the amazon price! It was $25 less than the price at our local toys-r-us. The wheels have a rubber padding so it won't mess up your hardwood floors and rolls VERY smoothly. However, it does make it go a little fast sometimes so I like to be close to my little guy so he doesn't face plant while he's still learning. Overall a great buy that I am very happy with!
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on May 29, 2014
My wife got this "bike" for my 14-month-old son. Ever since he was very young, he has always been right at the top of the percentiles for height and weight. For this reason, I think it took him longer to walk than some of the other kids we knew around the same age. He simply had a bigger body to deal with, and needed the strength to get to that next step.

We got this bike around the time he was able to hold himself up along side a table. He was getting the courage to take a couple steps, but not more mobile than that.

In less than 48 hours after purchasing this bike, my son was zooming around our living room. Imagine my surprise, coming home from work to see him laughing and giggling as he was doing circles around our furniture. Simply amazing, and I feel like it gave him the confidence to learn how to walk. You could tell he just felt liberated, being able to get around on his own. My son is now 3, and we have kept the bike in storage while we await the birth of my baby girl in a few months.

I never read the reviews on here before and was surprised by the number of 1 star reviews. I can completely see the scenario where a kid could fall forward with it in the right circumstances. We never experienced that with my son and he constantly rode it from our carpeted living room to our tile kitchen over and over. However, every kid is different, so I'll definitely keep these warnings in mind when my daughter uses it.

That said, our experience with's an awesome product. One of the best purchases we made in my opinion.
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on January 9, 2012
My 8 month old granddaughter was beginning to pull up and take steps while holding on. I wanted to get her someting to hold on to. I bought my oldest grandson a Radio Flyer Turbo Turtle 4 years ago and absolutely loved it. I especially liked the casters rather than wheels that only go forward and backward. Its price has tripled and I didn't like that so much. With a little looking, I found the Pewi Ybike. A bit odd looking, but it does have the all-direction caster/wheels that I was wanting. She loves the thing. She's too little to ride on it, but has mastered the art of pushing it around. It was funny watching her try to get a toy that was on the other side of it from her by going under it. Talk about problem solving! Can't wait to see her riding around their house on it. They have one of those great circular paths through the downstairs rooms. She should have a grand time.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon August 22, 2011
What a neat product. My parents bought this for my daughter who just turned one. She crawls, cruises, and has taken a few steps but definitely uses the walk behind products a lot right now. The design is ingenious. She can walk behind the "bike" and even turn (which is something she hadn't been able to do with other products). Or she can ride and push the bike. She really seems to enjoy the freedom of movement and is all smiles when scooting around. The wheels are like rollerblade wheels and move easily on the carpet but when she gets on tile she can really move without falling. Assembly was a breeze and the bike seems very sturdy. I do not anticipate any issues. Overall I would definitely recommend this product for a child learning to walk.

Update-While I still think this product is neat it does not work well on carpet. My daughter trying to push it through the carpet has toppled headfirst over the front when it tips because there is too much resistance. I have reduced my 5 star rating to 3. I wish it were more stable.
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on June 24, 2013
I did a lot of research before buying this product and thought the structure looked safe. My son LOVED it and used to zoom all over our house (terrazo tile). Last month he tipped twice face forward and had to go to ER for dermabond. He is 19 months and has had this since one year birthday. At first I thought his teeth had gone through his lip, it tips very easily, beware!!
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