Customer Reviews: Pflueger Fly Kit, 8-Feet 0-Inch
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on November 29, 2011
Buy this fly rod and reel kit; it will make you happy.

It has been a while since I've written many Amazon reviews, but I am going out of my way to write one now. Why? Because this is a darned good Fly Rod and Reel. In fly fishing, especially true for 99% of beginners, there is this myth thinking that goes like this: if I buy the best and most expensive of everything, then I'll catch oodles of fish. But it simply isn't true, and deep down we all know this. But indeed we get hung up on website after website and scores of reviews of higher end fly fishing products thinking that IF ONLY we had the $500 fly rod, then I could catch more... well, put that thinking out of your head and buy this Pflueger fly rod and reel kit. You WILL catch all the fish you want--whether to eat or catch-and-release.

Quite some times ago, I took a fly fishing two-day intensive course at the Orvis flagship store in Vermont. Then I went out fly fishing with some professional guides. I also logged many hours by myself and with friends in some streams and rivers in the NY area. At first, I used a very expensive Orvis fly rod and reel. I also used an LL Bean setup (equally good and light, but half the price).

Then along came this Pflueger kit, and I thought I would give it a try (especially because the price dropped to $25 that day on Amazon Prime). WOW was I surprised. It feels VERY nice in the hand, and casts wonderfully. A size 8 brown wooly bugger in fall nabbed a fantastic 18" brown trout; a size 14 olive scud nabbed a 15" rainbow. And countless panfish flies worked wonders on largemouth bass and bluegills in NY lakes. ALL on this humble fly rod that many scoff at.

It is nearly as light as the Orvis or LL Bean rods, but seriously guys, you are NOT going to feel the difference of a few ounces--don't over-analyze ounces here. And OK, the reel has a 'set drag' that you cannot adjust - it is FINE. Don't kid yourself into thinking that if you buy a $300 reel it is going to make an iota of difference in catching that brookie. Instead, choosing the right fly will help in that case.

To repeat: this rod casts very nicely, the action is good for a 5wt-to-6wt. It is NOT an Orvis Helios level rod, but it is darn close as far as beginners need to know. Let me repeat: a beginner will not know the difference between this and a Helios. And you WILL catch lots of fish with this Pflueger rod and reel.

The ONLY shortcoming on this kit are the flies--they are OK but as you may know by now, you should be trying to "match the hatch" and the six flies this comes with are limited. Also, the 4X leader it comes with is just OK; get yourself some Umpqua or Orvis Super Strong leaders (yes, you can survive without Orvis Mirage leaders): Umpqua Trout Tapered Leaders - 3 pack

If you absolutely have money to burn, purchase this kit and then upgrade the fly line by buying a new WF-6WT (weight forward, 6 wt) for $20 or so, and tie it on yourself (nail knot to backing). You will feel very proud after doing this. For instance, Scientific Anglers Supra Fly Line, WF6F will do the trick and although it is not a SA GPX Taper line, it will be wonderful for you and this rod. Spend your time learning to double haul instead of dreaming that a pricier fly line will help you cast an additional 50 yards.

I like this kit so much, that I am going to use it as my main fly rod just to prove the point (and yes, I own an Orvis Hydros). That way, when you or some less affluent kids see me at the lake, they can see than for $40 (or less) you can get a perfectly good fly rod and reel kit that catches puh-lenty of fat fish.
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on October 20, 2011
To start off, this is a pretty good deal. I bought it so I could present light poppers and flies to the local panfish population, and to learn how to cast a fly rod. As such, it works well. The fit and finish of the rod and reel are great, with a comfortable cork grip, a fine shine on the rod, and a metal reel. The kit also included everything I needed to hit the water on the first day.

You get what you pay for however, and there is at least one thing that you may wish to upgrade before you even get started. The biggest problem is the included fly line. It is level, which is more difficult to cast than tapered or weight forward line. It also sinks in the water. This is desirable for some situations, but if you let your fly sit on the water for any length of time, you will have to pull most of your line in before you can make another cast. Sinking line also makes the roll cast very difficult for all but the shortest casts. Finally, the line has memory, meaning curls prevent easy shooting of line while casting. I rate the line a 2.

The rod is fiberglass, and has a pretty slow action, which means it bends all the way to the reel on the cast. For short casts that's fine, and pretty forgiving of inexperienced users, but when you want to cast for distance, the rod is too highly loaded to go much beyond 30 feet. I rate the rod a 4.

The reel is made of metal and so I expect it to be durable, but it does not have a drag adjustment. Therefore when casting, occasionally I accidently pull out a little line with my line hand. This is not a problem because with small fish and short cast distances, I could fish without a reel altogether, and it does a perfectly fine job of holding the line once I'm through fishing. I rate the reel a 3.

The tapered leader is pretty lightweight, and although perfectly adequate, I think I nearly broke it pulling the knot on my fly tight because I'm used to 8-lb mono. You are going to need a few spare leaders, because you will put casting knots in it and break it several times when you first start using it. The flies are decent, aimed at mostly smaller fish. I give the leader and flies a 4.

To summarize, I think this is a good deal and it met my price/performance target to get me started in fly fishing. This combo can catch dozens of fish right out of the package and is not a bad tool for learning to cast. If you want to pursue the sport further however, I would strongly recommend getting some new fly line at a minimum.
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on August 10, 2010
We went over all the choices with our neighbor who is an expert fly fisherman. He said for starting out we should get this brand rather than the cheaper ones just to save a few dollars. He especially did not like the one with the plastic reel. We were set up in no time and are totally satisfied. We saw the same kit for $54.99 at Bass Pro Shop. He said not to go for the expensive equiptment until we know what we are doing. He has seen people break hundreds of dollars of equiptment on their first time out. Now if we only can catch some trout!
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on December 8, 2010
For getting into fly fishing for the first time, like me, its great. Of course, not for anyone advanced. You get what you pay for.

The reel is metal which is nice, but the line and leader are crap. I would recommend buying someother cheap line, but nothing nice because then you'll be paying more for line than a rod and reel. The pole has great flex and casts smoothly.

Overall, pretty good fly rod combo for the price.
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on February 15, 2016
I'm a beginner from the word go! Always wanted to learn how to Fly Fish. Yet, I know Fly Fishing can get real expensive-real fast. But, when I found this combo here, I just had to give it a try. So, if I do discover I just ain't got it, then I'm not out some major bucks either.

Rod and reel arrived well packaged, safe, and free of any damage or defects via UPS today on time The 3 piece Rod seems well ballanced and sturdy, with plenty of flex and action, The grip is a fair quality of cork. The reel was pre-loaded ( unsure if that is backing or the actual fly line ) and is fairly smooth and made of a good resin material with a drag that I set about less than half position and experienced no backlashing from it. Mine came with 5 floating flies and a 7ft leader. Tying the "Nail Knot" was a breeze (my first as well) with the Nail Knot Tying tool that I picked up at the local Bass Pro.Be out tomorrow practicing and looking happily forward to start fishing this coming weekend at the local stocked lake. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: 2-16-16
No doubt that I'm still in of a lot of practice - already lost 4 flies and the leader to trees and tall grass. I am having trouble shooting the line out. It just won't travel more than 25 feet before collapsing in on itself. So this "Flat Line" that came loaded is either poor quality or may not be weight forward 5, "WF5", as I assumed it was. Or it may just be Backing. I can't tell. So, I'll take it to the local Bass Pro and have it loaded proper for WF5 and give it another shot. Also, I'll pick up some more flies and leaders while I'm there.

UPDATE: 2-24-16

Well, installed a better grade backing and WF5 fly line than what came with it. Haven't gone to the lake yet, but casting practices are a definite higher marked difference to the good (for me anyhow). Still a very good value starter set up. Yes, I'm still practicing "Shooting" the line.....I'll get the hang of it yet !

Have a great day fishing !
Y'all have a great day fishing!
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on August 2, 2012
The rod is very decent and so is the reel although the drag is pretty much a joke. The reel on mine was plastic, metal would have been nice but it functions fine for the beginner. This is the best choice for someone that is looking to learn to fly fish becuase if you bought a basic rod and reel by themselves it would probably cost you double this price. The backing was easy to spool on and it comes with 5 dry flies, one 4x tappered 9foot leader, 25yards of 6lb even fly line that is not tappered(very basic), 50yards of 20lb backing, the fly rod is 3 pieces but I recomend that you take the tip piece off for transport so it is only 6ft long to make it easier to store and put in your car. You could use the fly line that comes with it but I upgraded to a weight forward 6 wt floating line for $15 so it would be easier to cast. The flies are not the best quality and will probably fall apart(due to rookie technique) when you are learning to cast, atleast mine did. To get better I watched alot of youtube videos on how to cast and practiced in the yard away from trees of course! You really do need the nail knot tying tool to tie you backing to fly line and fly line to leader because it is like imposssible to do it without it and you will become very frustrated(trust me).

What you are going to also need:
1. a nail knot tying tool(very important)
2. one or two extra 4x tappered 9ft leaders(important)
3. Decent quality dry flies(ones not made in china or locally made)(important)
4. wf6f fly line(optional)
5. 4x tippet(optional)
6. alot of practice(required)

Overall I feel like it is harded to learn than what I expected, there is a very specific way you need to cast(much different from a spinning rod)but once you get it down basically you will find it more enjoyable. I have yet to catch any fish yet but I only went out one time so far just to practice on the water which is better than the grass becuase you will hook the grass and rip your fly apart. Just like anything the startup cost is always going to be expensive so buy what you need inorder.
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on May 23, 2016
This kit was bought to fish small waters for rainbow trout. I fish small lakes and river where I live as there isn't really any bigger waters around. Most of the fish I catch are rainbow trout and some crappie. This rod had held up great after I got rid of the horrible fly line it came with. I put some new 6wt floating and I have a 6wt sinking tip. They work so good the original line was very difficult to cast. I am not a fly fishing expert by any means however I knew I wasn't that bad and the line was the issue. Now the reel is ok in my opinion does what I need. I don't ever really use a reel except to reel In the line if I'm moving spots. However if you have any large fish and actually use the reel to reel them in it may be an issue. All in all its a good rod and reel for me and my uses. Now the flies that come with it are a joke. I do tie my own and the ones on the kit were done so badly they fell apart after a few bites. One fly actually came apart after one trout hit it. However I really just wanted the rod and reel and they were a bonus even though they weren't good. I would give this 5 stars if it came with a better fly line as it is a kit and you will probably need to switch it out to actually use it. After that it casts great I can get it out really far and has good sensitivity for feeling the strikes. I was even able to land a nice 3lbs bass with it no problem. All in all for a rod and reel it's a good deal would buy again if I break this one.
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on June 15, 2012
Picked up two of these for me and a friend. And headed to noethern arizona to catch some trout. Three days of fishing with are limit every day. May won't to pick up some new line what it comes with isn't that great. But the pole worked great even the flys caught a couple of fish. Ignore the bad reveiws on this one it a great deal and a nice pole no need to spend $200 thats just a waste of money.
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on July 22, 2015
I got this rod to start fly fishing. It's a great start, but maybe a month after using it I was casting and when I slung it back, it got caught on something(I wasn't very good and in a tight space for practicing). I didn't realize it and flung it forward and, typical pflueger quality, it snapped in half.
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on April 2, 2013
Seemed promising at first but on the second day of use I had one good cast and then it snapped about three inches above the cork. The top 6 1/2 feet went into the river and floated away only to get caught on the hook. Spent the rest of the day casting with the reel in my pocket and a shorter rod. Maybe it was just a fluke, but it was a really bad experience. I'll be spending more when I replace it unless someone can convince me it was just a lemon. Never had a bad experience with an Amazon purchased product before...
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