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on April 7, 2011
I bought these without trying them out first: this is the only way to buy Phiaton in the US.

Let's start with the good.
1. The sound. The sound is absolutely stunning. I am not an expert, but do have several pairs of high performance earphones, including Klipsch image X10 and X5. After a side by side comparison, Phiaton came in as a winner. The bass is well balanced, highs and mids are exceptionally defined. The whole thing is very, very listenable.
2. You can listen to music even without having noise cancelling option turned on. The volume and quality of sound drops just a tiny bit, but it is still pretty good.

Now the bad.

1. These little things are very light weight, have a noise cancelling box half way down the cord. The box isn't much bigger than the AAA battery that it holds. The positioning of it is unfortunate, however. When I run with these, it I have to hold my iPhone in hand, instead of putting it in the pocket, and that gets old.
2. Poor fit. While they create a good seal, my left ear got very sore after a two hour run with the earphones.
3. The general construction of the earphone: flimsy. These are definitely not designed for longevity. The first day, the little rubber seal between the back of the earphone and the silicone ear tip came off. I put it back, but it will not stay where it needs to be. Also, the gold colored wire that holds the earphone to the cord, doesn't feel very durable. And these do not tolerate sweat very well. I wonder how long it would take me to corrode the wire... I will keep you updated.

In a nutshell... If you want excellent sound, but don't care about other things, these are for you. I decided to keep them, even if for airplane travel, as the noise cancelling feature is very adequate. Happy shopping!
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The Phiaton PS 20 NC Earbuds are an effective noise canceling earbuds. They feature an in and out of ear design - which places more of the earbud on the outside of your ear relative to some of the other earbuds that I have tried. In the video portion of the reviewI compare the Phiaton PS20 NCs to several other brands of earbuds (VSonic, Beats, VModa, Jbuds). What I found is that compared to the other earbuds (with the possible exception of Vsonic ) the Phiaton combine great sound and effective noise cancellation.


- Very effective at blocking ambient noise. I used the PS20 NC while traveling on an Embraer Regional Jet (which is a loud plane) , and they were very effective at blocking all of engine noise.

- Overall sound performance is very good, especially at this price point. The PS 20 NC have both solid bass and smooth performance across the entire frequency range.

- Efficient Earbuds - full volume on my iPad produces plenty of sound, in fact if they were any louder they would be *too* loud

- The biggest drawback is that the PS20 NCs can be uncomfortable in your ear. I can use the PS 20 NCs for a couple of hours before they begin to feel a little hard in my ears and require me to take them our for 5-10 minutes.

- I did use a 50 hour break-in period prior to reviewing the earbuds. I broke them in by playing a variety of music (Top 40, Country, and Jazz) at about 80% of my iPad's volume.

- One of the features that I really like is the pass through mode. The battery module has a button that allows all outside sound to pass through (and into) the earbuds. This makes it easy to silence your music so that you can ask/answer questions or to hear anything in your surroundings.

- The PS20 NC's will work even if the battery does die - other noise canceling earbuds completely die if their batteries run out of juice.

Final Verdict - The Phiaton PS 20 NC's are nice sounding earbuds that allow you to block all of the noise in your surroundings at a very attractive price. Extended use does cause a little ear fatigue, but a small rest period always makes them feel better. I would recommend the PS 20 NCs for anyone looking for a pair of noise canceling earbuds at an attractive price.

4 Stars

Please Note - I received this product for reviewing purposes
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on December 4, 2011
I recently bought these from Amazon and been using them now for some days. Before buying I did quite extensive "research" on the alternatives, and based on all I read, these seemed to deliver best value given the price range.

Reason I ended up buying these were price (good deal), expected quality of sound, size and weight of the noise cancelling unit itself - and they looked quite nice comparing to many other models I read about. Also the promise about 95% noise cancellation was very appealing.

My main concerns were about the quality of the materials, how they fit and feel in the ear (when using for a longer period of time), how well they really cancel the noise and the length of the cord/cable.

I still have not had a chance to use them in a train or airplane. But I have used them in a noisy office environment, so I think I pretty good idea about the features and abilities of these. So here's my verdict.

The good
- The sound quality is really good. This is among the best (in-ear) headsets I've tried. And what I like very much is that the sound quality is as good with and without the noise cancelling turned on. Ability to use the set even without noise cancelling turned on is a very good and appreciated feature.
- There are four ear pieces in the package - and I found easily a well fitting pair from the package. I've used them long periods of time (eg 5 hours) without problems or my ears hurting one bit. There are individual differences of course, but for me these worked really well.
- The cable length (and position of the noise cancelling unit) works well. I am a very tall guy, and even I can place the cancelling unit on a belt, and the cord won't yank the ear pieces out of my ears. I am pretty sure this won't be a problem to most.
- 50 hours with one AAA seems plenty to me. (btw, I read somewhere that re-chargeable batteries would not work. I have not tried yet, but maybe something worth considering)

The "not so good"
- The noise cancelling may cancel 95% of the surrounding noise, but these do not compare eg with Bose® QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones. Of course they are in different price range as well, but don't expect these to create similar feeling of "vacuum" as some expensive models do. This is not to say that these don't block a lot of noise, just that there are better (and more expensive) units out there for this purpose.
- the concern about the quality of the materials turned out to be partially true. The materials do not feel superb. I am sure the unit won't break if you use it with normal care - but the quality does not necessarily compare with the high end.

I would not recommend anyone buying a set that promises noise cancelling below this 95%. The level of cancellation on this Phiaton set is sufficient to most environments. I'd agree with some reviews I read - if you're into quality of sound - this is very competitive set, you'd have to invest a lot more to get even small improvements in this area. So well done Phiaton with the quality of sound. And finally - if you are able to handle these with normal care - then this Phiaton PS 20NC is a winner.
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on April 12, 2011
After trying out several different in-ear 'phones, including the Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones and the Sony Premium EX MDR-EX310LP - Headphones ( in-ear ear-bud ) -- and being wholly disappointed in the sound (relative to my home cans, the Allen & Heath Xone:XD-53 Professional Monitoring Headphones) -- I was just about ready to give up on the whole portable music thing. Then I ran across several glowing reviews of these Phiatons, so I thought I'd give it one last chance. I'm definitely glad that I did, because these are terrific 'phones. With or without the noise cancelling feature engaged, the sonic quality is very high. I find that using a perfectly flat equalization on my Sony Walkman NWZ-E354BLK Series 8GB Video Mp3 Player (Black) sounds best, which indicates that these 'phones are pretty flat across the frequency spectrum. They have a solid, but not artificially boosted, bass response. Now, they will not reproduce the "you're in the dance club"-type bass that I can get using my Xone XD-53's when playing my favorite dance tunes from Kaskade, but the bass is palpable and accurate. They really sound terrific playing Groundation's bass-heavy album Here I Am, for example.

The noise cancelling works great on reducing hum and rumble-type noise. The best way to hear the effect is to switch it on without playing any music. It's like stepping into a library! You can still hear people talk, but it's like they're talking in a soundproofed room.

These are excellent 'phones at this price point. I highly recommend them.
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on September 2, 2011
I've been on and aircraft too many times with standard earphones trying to use the in-plane media/movies and having to crank the volume to overcome the engine pitch and vibrations.
FInally made a deal with myself to grab a pair of not just noise isolating, but noise canceling headphones.
I didn't want the full over the head headphones so that left earbuds.

There are NOT that many noise cancelling earbuds.
This product does it right!
Different size buds to fit your perfect ear type.
Have different size holes in the your left ear than right? No problem, it ships with a pair of 4 sizes (XS,S,M,L)

With the right size buds it totally blocked out the airplane noise so I could hear music and the movies like I was sitting on a couch.
Decent base, smooth treble and good mids.
Is it a reference earphone system? No, but it's way better than your average earbud.

The monitor button works great outdoors, but in an airplane when you press it you can't hear the person next to you talk, only loud engine and air conditioning noise.
Not really a big deal. I just just took out one earbud to talk and then back in it went.
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on January 3, 2014
My daughter opened these Christmas day and loved them. She listens to music constantly. They sounded awesome for the first day and then the left side wasn't working the next. Asked for an exchange and Amazon was awesome. Had a new pair the next day. Unfortunately the new pair after a few days is already having problems. The right side is getting a lot of static. If these were a $5 pair of headphones, I would be like ok, you get what you pay for. But the $5 ones usually last at least a few months before she needs another. And to get 2 pair in a row that had problems tells me maybe these are cheap with a high price tag.
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on February 7, 2014
I received my first unit and it did not work. As many others had reported, it did not only block all the noises but also the music so all I heard was silence. I tested it on multiple devices, including a Sony Xperia Z1 and a Google Nexus 7. Unfortunately, I did not save all the packaging so I contacted Phiaton and they asked me to send it back for repair, even though it was defective right out of the box and I would have to pay to send it in.

Amazon came in and saved the day. I contacted Amazon and they would ship me a new unit and a return label for the defective unit, all at no cost to me. I received the new unit on the next day. Unfortunately, it is also defective. It has the same issue as the other unit and all I heard was silence. I would hear music only when the unit was off (i.e. without any noise cancellation).

I give Amazon 5 stars for the service they provided. Had I had my choice, I would not have given Phiaton any star at all. This is totally unacceptable that two brand new units arrived defective. What happened to their quality control? Adding insult to injury, they are not providing the same level of support for their users as Amazon did.

My advice to Amazon: drop this vendor: they are not providing quality products and services to their users.

Please stay away from Phiaton.
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on August 10, 2013
I fly internationally, and the problem with most headphones is that they are uncomfortable after a couple hours, and one can't rest one's head to one side with many. But this in-ear system doesn't have those problems. And they do work. My only nits are that I have to take some care to insert them into my ears properly, or the noise-cancelling isn't effective, and I wish the cord between the controller and the earbuds was longer so that I didn't have to clip controller to the front of my shirt. But the system is comfortable and easy to pack and reasonably priced. I'm not a great judge of audio equipment, but they work in stereo just fine for me, and a single battery lasts a couple of long flights or more. So after using other portable noise-cancelling headphones, these are the ones I use when traveling.
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on October 20, 2013
Well, I'm not a "road warrior" but I am on my 9th flight so far this month (as of Oct 20, 2013) and that's not too unusual. I don't use these headphones for anything other than my "travel docket" so I don't know about their performance for a workout, but I can tell you without hesitation, that on a plane (prop or jet turbine) or in an airport they are excellent headphones.

Sound quality on the units from my MacBook Pro is as good as any other headphones. I get, slightly decreased bass response, but overall enjoyable and they are plenty LOUD. In fact, I had to crank my MBP system volume down to 2 (2 clicks above mute) or else the headphones were too loud. Even without the ANR engaged, they help to isolate a lot of the environmental noise on the ground.

Now, in flight they are amazing. Granted, I've never owned a $300 paid of ANC headphones but these do an amazing job of blocking out the engine noise and making my flights (even on that last prop plane jump from CLT to CHA) a lot more enjoyable. When in flight, I can keep my iPhone volume output on about 4-5 (out of 10, so let's say "the middle") and hear the music clearly. Two months ago with my over-the-ear $160 headphones I had to crank the volume almost all the way up and still had trouble hearing things.

As for the headphones durability, I haven't had any of the problems other users have experienced, but I do really take good care of my stuff (i.e. I "baby" my gear) but I haven't had to change the battery since I bought the headphones, so they've so far performed on over 20+ hours of flight time from one battery. And that's a good deal, to me :-)

All in all, this is the best $99 investment I've made in my "travel gear" and I am thrilled that I did!
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on March 12, 2014
Left ear doesn't work - it makes the ambient noise louder. I though I had a dud, so returned it for a replacement, but - same problem. Waste of $20.
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