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on April 30, 2014
I had used a Norelco shaver for many years, but felt it was time for a change. I bought the top-rated Braun, but discovered after using it for a few months that it left my skin red and raw. I switched back to this new Norelco shaver, and I couldn't be happier. No more rough and red skin. The manual cleaning is simple and less toxic that the "cleaner" used in the Braun system. I am back to stay as a loyal Norelco customer.
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on October 12, 2012
This razor is not bad. I have only used the cheaper electric razors in the past, including the $50 Norelco triple head shavers and those $10-$20 Remington shavers. I have never been impressed with those as the screens wear out quickly leading to a lot of cuts and irritation. I have never used the most expensive electric shavers so I could not compare this product to those, however I have used this product for about 4 months and find it very satisfactory.

-This razor is water resistant. It can be used in the shower with soap or a gel or foam for lather. In a pinch you can use it with just water but having a gell or foam really makes for less irritation.
-You can use it dry and because of the battery it is cordless meaning you can use it in your car or on a bus or train or something.
-It is relatively quiet. It doesn't sound like you are tattooing your face each time you use it.
-Battery life is pretty good on this. I charge it probably once every two weeks or less depending on how much its used. Also it charges very fast. If the battery is low or dead you can give it a charge for a few mins that will get you through at least one shave.
-Super easy cleanup. 99% of the shaved hairs stay inside the well under the cutting heads and can be flushed away in seconds if shaving in the shower it cleans as you shave but rinse when you are done anyway.
-Blade life is very good.

-Minor irritation, however this is to be expected when shaving.
-Like all electrics it will never cut as close as a safety razor but it will get pretty damned close to it.
-Some spots like directly under the jaw bone it seems to have a lot of difficulty in cutting and the skin must be pulled tightly and the razor passed over several times. typically i use a gillete mach 3 to touch up any areas missed.
-In some spots if the skin is especially soft it will not cut the hair, no matter how many times you pass the cutting heads over. in those spots if needed you can whip out a safety razor and knock it out in about 2 seconds.
-Charging must be done on the base you cannot connect the cord directly ( assume this helps keep it water resistant)

A few notes. Don't waste your money on the version with a cleaning kit. Totally unneccesary. You can rinse it off after each use and the blades have low friction coatings so nothign is sticking and the cleaning stuff is just a waste of money for a nifty but useless gadget. The carrying case works fine but will not hold the charging cord so shove the cord in a bag or something you won't need it often anyway.
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on July 4, 2014
I have waited for quite awhile to post a review. I have always thought a review posted shortly after purchase did not address long-term durability and satisfaction issues, if any.

For some reason, I thought I only needed a pre-shave lotion for best results with an electric shaver. Keeping in mind that my shaver is about 9 months old (which is, I would think, when most blades need replacing), I started using shaving cream yesterday, rinsing the Norelco under warm water every 10-15 seconds.

BIG difference! Closest shave I have had since retiring my Gilette blade many months ago. Now, you can't pry the Norelco from my hands.

Update 11/7/2015: I thought I need new blades. Having to repeat strokes many times. Started pulling the hairs out. The replacement blades that are now available are poorly rated. Purchased a Braun 7 Series.

I thought my hand would fall to sleep with all of the violent vibrations. Not acceptable.

For some reason I have forgotten to oil the blades on the Norelco. Not good. Applied oil. Far less noisy. MUCH better shave. Keeping the Norelco AND the original blades.

Very, very satisfied

Philips Norelco 1250X/46 Shaver 8100
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on May 13, 2015
The razor was great for my beard, but Norelco changed the replacement head from RQ12 to RQ12+. The design is different as is the quality of the shave. The cleaning method requires you to take the entire head off, and you need to be careful so that the parts don't fall out. There are no more of the original RQ12 blades being made, and the only ones available are being sold at highway robbery prices. I wound up just buying a new Norelco that is not as expensive as the 1250X/40. I haven't had a chance to even use the new one yet. If the new shaver doesn't work out, I'll probably switch to a Braun Series 7-790cc.
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on February 2, 2011
I have tried all sorts of electric shavers over the years. The past few years I have been buying the top of the line new shavers available from the top brands. I have tried the Braun Pulsonic, the Panasonic, and Philips/Norelco. After all the hype, I thought the Braun stunk. It took me forever to get the close shave I want and I was also getting cuts. I also hated the self cleaning unit since it was large and bulky to carry on vacations. The Panasonic top of the line shaver was much better and I was pleased with it. Then, I admit, I was influenced by TV ads to try the Norelco Senso touch model. I had tried the Architec a couple years ago and I was not at all pleased with the results. But this Senso Touch is the best electric shaver I have ever used. I get very close shaves in less time than with the Panasonic for example. The only complaint I have is with the charging unit. I don't understand the need for such a unit instead of a simple cord. That is the only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5.
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on September 18, 2015
I'm really glad I bought this shaver. I use it both in and out of the shower, on dry skin and with shaving cream depending on how much time I have. Obviously using cream gives a closer shave, but even shaving dry gives a pretty good shave without irritation. Catches almost all my whiskers except for one area on my neck, but that's just how my whiskers grow, not a problem with the shaver! Really easy to clean as well, I run it under hot water when I'm done and leave the shaving head open to dry, no issues at all so far!
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on November 14, 2014
I like that this nice little shaver is quiet and clean. Clean, meaning that it catches all the shavings inside the head and doesn't make them fall out all over your shirt like previous shavers I've had. Easy cleanup, fast charge with a decent battery life. My biggest complaint is the same issue I've had with other shavers of this 'round head design'. I can never get it to shave the area just under my nose at all. I still have to break out the old Remington shaver for that area every couple days. For this price of a shaver, I want it to do everything! This doesn't mean I'm going to return it....the good far outweigh this one little drawback in my opinion. It's comfortable, it gets the 'throat' hair very well, and it hugs the curve of my chin exceptionally. Is it worth the high price tag?...for me it is.
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on June 26, 2015
I've been using a Panasonic "linear" shaver for some years now. As with all these electric shavers, the cost of the expendables (rotary blades, inner blades or outer foils) can exceed the purchase price of the original shaver after 2 or 3 changes.

My experience with the Panasonic has been good, providing reasonably close shapes. My only grouse would be that I found that the width of the foil made it a bit difficult to shave curved or indented areas on my face.

I had changed the expendables a few times and decided to try this Philips rotary shaver. When the price dropped to ~$130, I made the change.

The Philips shaver works as well as the linear shaver and provides close shaves. As with the linear shaver, you need to stretch the skin to raise the hairs and apply the shaver gently. The smaller heads with their increased freedom of movement appears to help with my facial structure.

What I really like about this Philips shaver is that I find it much quieter that the linear shaver - and this improves my morning.

Other than this, I would say that the shaving experience between rotary and linear shavers will depend on a number of factors including the user's facial profile, the nature and direction of the growth of facial hair.
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on January 27, 2011
I received the Senso Touch 3d for Christmas and I have to write that it is the best shave that I have ever experienced. I am 55 years old and have used a wide variety of electric shavers and blade shavers. Never have I had such a close shave with virtually no irritation. I dry shave so I clean it every two or three shaves. A hot water rinse of the heads only takes a minute. I quickly blow dry the blades with a hair dryer on low temperature. My wife is a hair stylist and she told me about the Wahl Total Clipper Care lubricant and cleaner which I use to lube the cutters after cleaning. The Wahl spray cleaner/lubricant is half the price of other cleaners such as Remington Shaver Saver and is available at Walmart. Lubricant reduces any heat build-up and should extend the life of the blades. I highly recommend this state-of-the-art Philips 3d shaver and although it is expensive, it is the best!
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on May 18, 2011
I've had a Braun shaver for about 3 yrs. The price of the cleaning refills was getting rediculous. I decided to go back to a rotary style and I am very happy I did. It took about 3 days for my face to acclimate to the change but once it did, I was very impressed. The shave is cleaner and quicker. The most amazing thing to me is the noise level, or better stated the lack of noise. You almost aren't sure if it is running at full speed but it is. Very easy to clean under the tap by flipping up the three heads, then shake the water out and put it on the charger.
I looked at the cost of replacing the head on the Braun and the ongoing cost of cleaner cartidges and figured it would pay for itself in 9 - 11 months of use. The Braun was not a bad shaver, just nothing better to justify the ongoing costs.
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