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on May 18, 2011
I can't say enough good things about this pump.
I have used it with 4 children now, and it does work wonders. I EXCLUSIVELY pump, so that should be noted as you read this review.
-Way more suction than any other pump I have used. I have tried both electric and manual pumps, and I have gotten the most milk with this one than even the electrics. I usually get the most milk in the morning, and by the time my babies were about 3 months old, I was getting 32 ounces at my first morning pump, with each pumping after that producing about 12-16 ounces during the day. I was pumping about 6 times a day on average at that point.
-I love the portability of the pump....easy to just put it in your [oversized] purse or diaper bag. Better to me than carrying around a big bulky electric unit and pump.
-It's very easy to use; I have used it both with the petal insert and without.
-the squeakiness. I have found though (took me 3 kids to figure out a GOOD solution) that adding just a dab of Vaseline does an amazing job of eliminating the squeak. Just put a small amount right where the parts are squeaking (in the middle of the pump where the handle attaches to the suction piece). Other than that, it's very quiet (although EVERY pump is going to make some amount of noise...thankfully you don't get the "whaahhhh whhhhhhho" sound like with an electric).
- the many parts. Granted most pumps have several parts to clean, this pump does feel like you are working on a small project when putting it all back together. That being said, I will admit that I didn't take it all apart EVERY time I cleaned it. Usually just some very hot, slightly soapy water worked out (with the occasional steam sterilization and taking it apart to clean).
- the STRONG suction (which could also be seen as a "pro")... You either should use a small amount of nipple cream beforehand or just adjust how much you squeeze the handle. I definitely got used to it over time, and still preferred the strong suction to not enough suction!

Also, if you're getting some milk under the petal insert (which did happen to me from time to time), just remove the petal insert. I got just as much milk without it.

I really do love this pump. It's been the source of many many bags of stored breast milk and was a life-saver when my daughter wouldn't latch. I don't think I would have exclusively pumped for so long if it weren't for this pump!
I highly recommend!
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on June 2, 2011
First off, I TOTALLY LOVE Avent products. I have owned a previous version of this pump for 8 years and used it for 3 babies and never had a problem (until it broke when it got dropped). The newest version of this pump with PP plastic (it has a slight milky look to it) totally leaks where the bottle connects to the pump!! After loosing some milk we filled the bottle with water and started tilting it around, we could get a stream to pour out of the bottle. My husband spent 1.5 hours on the phone with customer service and they sent us a new pump body....only to get the same result! My Mechanical Engineer husband figured out the SOLUTION! we took a nipple and cut off the nipple portion leaving an O ring and placed that in the body of the pump where the top of the bottle makes contact with it making a complete seal and no more leaks! I am totally disappointed with Avent, the reason I chose them 8 years ago was because of their engineering a way to closely mimic the suck of a baby and they failed me when their product leaked!
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on June 12, 2013
This pump is powerful! It is much stronger than my Medela manual pump. For me, it is stronger and more efficient than my electric pump, too. I pump the same amount in the same time.

This pump is compact! It is smaller than my Medela manual pump. The assembly has one more step than the Medela, but it's still quite easy to put together.

I started to exclusively pump when my son was a week old. I used the Medela Pump In Style Advanced, which is an excellent electric double pump. However, I hated strapping myself up with the thing in the middle of the night. I read some reviews about manual pumps and thought I'd give one a try. I started with the Medela Harmony. It works well and is very comfortable. But my milk supply immediately dropped when I started using it at night. So I panicked and returned to electric pumping. Then a friend recommended this pump. It's now the only pump I use. Wish I had known about it from the beginning! My son is breastfeeding much better now at 3 months old, so i am not pumping as much. But when I do pump, the Avent easily empties both breasts. I am so much more relaxed when I need to pump. No more lugging my big electric pump around. I can sit at my desk (I work at home) and pump for 20 minutes (10 minutes each side) and get the same amount of milk as 20 minutes with my electric double pump. I bought a second one of these Avent pumps so I have less washing to do in the day.
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on February 7, 2012
Due to a crazy overabundance of milk, I had to switch to pumping and bottles when my daughter was 6 weeks old. I used a double electric, which seems like a must for a mom who does any kind of regular pumping. However, carting that thing around got old, fast. I decided to get a manual pump for times when the electric wasn't convenient. I chose this pump because I use Avent bottles. Well, let me just say that the electric pump has been placed in a drawer and is now gathering dust. This pump is GREAT.

I like being able to control speed and force of the "pull". It's very easy to trigger letdown using this pump, and in fact, I have no trouble triggering two let downs during pumping sessions with this. I get the same amount using this pump, one side at a time, in 20 minutes that I used to get in 30 using the double electric. I find it very comfortable on the breast, also. I expected the manual pumping to get old or bother my carpel tunnel syndrome, but it is light and easy. No bother, no carpel tunnel, no sore hands, fingers or forearms.

I did take off one star for the design flaws other reviewers have mentioned - there are several places milk gets trapped (in the petals, in the chamber below the plunger). Also, the white cap doesn't snap on very tightly, so it pops off all the time. I follow another reviewers advice and just leave it off completely. The handle squeaked where it connects to the plunger; I again used another reviewer's tip and put a dollop of petroleum jelly there, which takes care of it. And there are a lot of parts to clean, but I minimize that by keeping it in the fridge between pumping sessions, so I only wash the whole thing 2 times per day.

I've also read a lot of reviews about Avent products leaking, but I've never experienced that, either with this pump or the bottles. I LOVE this pump and don't expect to pull out the electric any time soon!
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I have tried 4 different manual pumps and by far AVENT makes the most comfortable pump there is.
Comfort and the strength of suction is key when pumping to yield the most "liquid gold".

I also have an electric one which I bought that is great, but this one stayed in the nursery and was great for relieving engorgement in the middle of the night, or when I need a little more out than the baby took. I could also use it while walking around the house which I couldn't do with my electric one. It was pretty powerful too - could get a whole feeding in a few minutes. It's easy to use with one hand, so I can nurse my daughter on one side and pump the other side. Lastly, it's super easy to clean as are the bottles because there are far less parts.

Keleigh Crigler Hadley author of [...]
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on December 5, 2012
This pump is amazing. In fact it is so amazing that i bothered to write my first review EVER.

I figured since this one had plenty of good reviews and was on sale at the time, i figured i would give it a try. At first i had problems because i didnt realize i was missing a piece (im like a man when it comes to using directions). after not having any suction i finally decided to check out the directions and realized that i needed a piece that was hidden inside the part with the nipple and bottletop. After i put it together CORRECTLY (again, completely my fault), it worked WONDERS.

I previously bought the medela manual pump. I wasnt sure what to expect since this is my first time, but i thought it was working pretty well for me. After a while though, it was taking me longer and longer to get out milk. I would have to stop and reposition it every 15 seconds or so to get the flow going again. The suction really decreased. It was fine (although still not as effective as the avent one) until i took apart the handle piece on accident (which i think you are suppose to do all the time). after that, i couldnt get the pieces to stay in the correct place anymore. One of the pieces inside the handle kept moving, so the suction kept screwing up.

I know i have a faster milk flow than many, so this may not be as accurate for you, but i know that after a couple weeks of use, i was getting less than an ounce after 30 minutes of trying with the other pump. WITH THIS AVENT PUMP, I CAN EASILY GET OVER 4 OZ IN 10 MINUTES. It hasnt lost suction at all, and even if it eventually did (which i dont expect), i would buy another one in a heartbeat. It comes with extra pieces anyways.

It does have issues with leaking under the petals, but i dont even bother to use that piece. Its perfectly fine and effective without it. It might not be quite as comfortable, but i like to feel a little bit of pull so i know its working!

It really doesnt take much effort to get the milk out. I lose myself in a tv show while pumping every time. Its super comfortable to hold with one hand and my hand hasnt gotten tired yet. Honestly i dont even really realize im doing it and look down to a full bottle.

There are 7 or so pieces to this pump, but its really not hard to assemble and wash. Its just something you kinda get used to when you pump every day.
I would rather use this than a manual pump anytime, even if i used it for each and every feeding. I cant say enough about this pump. I cant believe i almost didnt buy it!

BOTTOM LINE: easy to clean, pumps out milk so very fast, pumping is so comfortable i forget im doing it, hasnt lost suction like my medela.
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on April 13, 2011
this pump is so frustrating for several reasons. first, it squeaks when i use it. loud! every time i pump, the plastic seal in the middle squeaks as it comes up from the bottle. it is annoying and makes the pump impossible to use at work. to get the noise to stop i have to push the handle sideways which is tiring. second, there are so many pieces to have to put together. the flange in the middle, the ring in the bottle, the plastic seal in the middle, the handle.....if you forget one piece the pump either doesn't work or leaks all over your hand. third, the plastic petal that fits on the shield and is supposed to mimic nursing doesn't fit properly so it either comes off the edge of the shield rendering the pump ineffective or milk gets underneath it and leaks back out. the petal is one of the primary reasons i bought the pump (the other being it is avent so i thought it would be top quality like my bottles). i used it 4 or 5 times trying to get it to work and finally resorted to just using the shield alone. fourth frustration, it is actually extremely strong. this would be a good thing but my nipples bruise after using it and the other night one of my nipples had a droplet of blood come out. my daughter is 5 1/2 months old. i've been nursing the whole time. i had a medela manual pump that i really liked (until my dog ate it, but thats another story). i never had any of these issues in 4 months of using the medela. i decided to try the avent because we use their bottles for day to day use. i have to say, i wish i had bought another medela.
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on January 21, 2014
I used this for my first child and it worked so great I bought it for my second. I don't use it everyday (once a week more or less for 6 months) but it is great if you need to be away during a feeding. It is so easy to take with you on the go also and cleaning is a breeze. It comes with some extra parts which I switched out at 3 months. Recommended if you are nursing for 6 months - after that I could see myself buying another. IT IS NOT worth paying more than $29.99 so please try to find it at that price or lower if you are interested in this or you may be disappointed in what you receive! I've pumped more milk with this than any electric pump!
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on June 21, 2013
Excellent little pump, easy to assemble, wash, and use. It also looks cute and is super portable. It expresses as much milk as automatic pump (I have Medela), while being more comfortable and gentle on your breasts, for a fraction of a cost. Of course, you will have to do all the pumping (which can be a little tiring for your wrists).
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on November 18, 2013
Although it does tend to collect a small amount of milk in the body of the pump, this is THE BEST pump I have ever owned. Mitigate leaking by simply not leaning the pump forward (spout down). At first, I wrestled with my single electric from Medela and ended up switching to my AVENT double electric (which I would recommend as well) when it started to look like my son would never latch and I would be pumping exclusively. Originally, I made the switch because of the lower price point at the time and because the AVENT double is a closed system - no milk or moisture in the tubing or pump. But, I quickly found out why pumping with my medela had never worked with my first son and was so uncomfortable with my second- the thing was awful. Making the switch to AVENT was almost magical. Easier to pump, SO MUCH more comfortable, and somewhat quieter. I was so impressed, I even switched over my sons bottles to AVENT. When my son finally started to latch, I needed something a little less heavy duty and more portable. I stumbled upon the AVENT manual (I actually got the one with the cooler pack and extra bottle) in my local grocery at a huge discount. So, I picked it up and took it home patting myself on the back for getting such a good price. I now use the manual pump over any of my electric pumps because it is easy to use, comfortable, absolutely silent, and gets the most milk out of any pump i have ever owned or tried. If I had known it was so great, I would have happily paid full price. I now actively recommend AVENT and specifically this pump to all new and expecting moms I come across and credit it with giving me the strength and patience to continue breastfeeding my son.
Overall, I firmly believe this is the best pump on the market, especially considering the price.

small, lightweight and portable
fits most wide neck bottles (we have used AVENT and MAM)
Easy to put together and pull apart (relative to an electric)
petal can be removed for more comfort once you have become accustomed to BFing
(IMO) The most effective pump out there
Very Gentle
Can provide strong suction

Can leak/collect milk in body of pump
Replacement pieces can be difficult to find in stores
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