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30 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on July 11, 2011
I recently purchased this player. I had few things that I was looking for

1. Touch screen.
2. MicroSD expansion slot
3. Solid metal body (I hate plastic built)
5. $100 - $130 range.

I had originally purchased Creative Zen (Junk) x-fi2. It sucked big time. I could not stand the cheap plastic body and extremely poor touch screen. Hence I returned that purchased the Philips player.

This player surpassed all my expectations. The metal body is sturdy and durable. The touch screen is AMAZING and smooth. The screen is really sharp. The sound quality is awesome. I will recommend this product.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 22, 2011
This Philips GoGear Muse 16GB MP4 Player is not much bigger than a credit card; it should fit into my palm nicely, except for the fact that it is oriented in the wrong way - the screen is in the landscape mode. You can't grasp the player like you can an iPod. The 3-inch touch screen is bright and the display HD. However, it is a source of frustration. It doesn't response well to the touch. Navigating among the menus is hit and miss - sometimes the screen responds instantly, other times it doesn't. One good thing I can say about this player is that it has a flash drive instead of a mini-hard drive. It can take a lot of bumps and jolts without any ill-effect. You can exercise and do your daily jogging with it. The size of the flash memory may seem large at 16 GB, but it quickly fills up if you are an audiophile like me. You can expand the memory by installing a microSD card at the card slot, up to 32GB, but that also adds another layer of navigation. Given the not-so-responsive touch screen, it can drive you crazy. The sound is as good as any mp3 player I ever own, including the Creative Nomad Jukebox and the iPod Classic G7. A mp3 file management software called Songbird is included in the purchase. It crashes frequently without any apparent reason. (I am running Vista). The synchronization between Songbird and the Muse leaves much to be desired. Later updates to track info in the Songbird do not transfer into the Muse during synchronization after the track is uploaded. To update a track in the Muse, I have to delete the track at the Muse and re-synchronize. It is a pain. In conclusion, the Muse is okay but can be better.
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on October 20, 2011
Amazing sound. I have a bunch of other players ranging from older units (Sansa Connect, Philips Aria (1st generation), Ibiza..) to new Android tablets (2.x 10" Coby, 3.x Acer Iconia), Nokia X-7, iPhones, and the like. I also compared it to my PC (1080p HDMI) and my sound system.

The "FullSound" for audios really is amazing as are the included sound isolation headphones and the Surround Sound for videos. For this alone it's worth the money - it's like listening to songs for the first time - so much more detail is audible (I use 320 kb/s for audio). The detail, highs, lows are amazing - the latest generation FullSound really works its magic! To ensure the differences were due to the player and FullSound I compared it to the other aforementioned devices using the SAME sound isolating headphones.

The internal 16 GB memory I use for music (I would have preferred 32 GB); I use a bunch of 32 GB SDMicro cards (15$ each) for movies. I usually have this player with me as its very small (3.2 inch screen) otherwise I watch the movie (same SDMicro card) on my 10" Android tablet when traveling (I prefer the sound by far on the Philips Muse - waiting for a nice Philips with FullSound & Surround Sound 10" tablet). So I tend to watch a movie waiting for my wife when shopping on the Muse as it's always in my pocket; I tend to watch a movie on the 10" tablet when flying back and forth to Asia.

Songbird is ok, I use MonkeyMedia Gold (registered) for most of my audio needs and Songbird for updating the device. For media conversion I use Aimersoft DRM Media Converter which is great. I have about 15 TB space (and growing) and my own cloud so I tend to RIP from my older CDs (and yes, vinyl LPs), covert it to formats I use and store them as required on SDMicros, USB (I use 256 GB USBs), or my cloud when overseas (I can download when connected using a WiFi say at a mall).

About the touch-screen on the Philips Muse - has some nice features. View by CD, artist and so forth - for example - if you want to browse the collection. Many features are included which make playing audios easy. Of course, 'playlists' can be used as well (and I do have many on MonkeyMedia Gold) - it even includes a few for "on-the-go" (internal to the Muse).

Really bright, great colors on the screen & amazing Surround Sound. You'll have to set the display very low in a darkened area like inside a jet, on bright, works quite well outside. The only quirk is that it's too easy to "unlock" so I have to be more careful with it then my other units.

In short, excellent player & sure glad I bought one.

Note: Amazon Export to Canada was amazing - it arrives the next day! Then again, it IS Amazon and quality and service have always been excellent. Thanks for treating your Canadian customers so well!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 31, 2011
I received this for Christmas after asking specifically for this one so I only have myself to blame.

The sound is great and both the personalized sound feature and full sound work very well and make the sound much better. That is about the only good thing I can report.

The first problem I had was in using the Songbird software. It loaded and installed just fine but two out of the four times I used it I wasn't even able to use it. It ended up using almost 100% of my CPUs and locked my computer completely. I finally got it to work and tried to update the firmware of the player through Songbird. It took me three tries, the first two times the update stopped in the middle, the player shut off and I had to do a hard reset to get it to turn on again.

Finally I got the firmware updated, loaded my music library, and started using it. The user interface takes some getting used to, it is always in landscape mode with no way to change it. Navigating through music on the player is fairly easy but takes some getting used to. A big problem I found was that there is no way (that I could figure out) to navigate to and view a song without playing it.

The touch interface works well ... most of the time. Quite frequently though it did not respond to touches and it took several repeats to get it to do what I wanted it to do.

Most irritating of all though was the repeated lockups. At least three times while listening to music, I was unable to get the display to show up so I could rate the song interact with it in anyway. I ended up having to do a hard reset to get it react.

I was not impressed with this player, the only reason it got two stars is because of the sound quality, otherwise it would have been a single star. We are requesting an RMA for this today and I'll have to figure out a replacement player.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 11, 2012
When I first began reading the reviews for this player, it seemed like it would be a GREAT player. And with reviews that good, you would think Phillips must be doing something right. WRONG! I bought a player over the Christmas holidays, and within about a month and a half of using it, it quit working with a problem of turning on, beginning to load, and then turning off and restarting the cycle. It would do this until you reset it, and would never achieve actually getting loaded. So naturally, I called Phillips customer support. They sent me a replacement in exchange for the broken one, and this one worked fine. FOR A WHILE. After working for just under a month, the player started malfuctioning. It started with the touch screen not working occasionally, something that could be fixed by locking and unlocking the player, but when I had to do it many many times, it became ridiculous. And then... the same problem the first had set in. I got customer service to walk me through fixing it, but just a week or so after fixing it, the problem came back. Just freakin' wonderful. And now I'm stuck with this stinking thing, waiting for another replacement, which more than likely will only have the same problem. It has turned into a cycle, and at this point I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with Phillips, thier customer support, and the product, and I will most definitely NEVER buy another product from them again. I would not recommend this product to my worst enemy.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon January 5, 2012
My previous media player (30GB iPod video) has been suffering with a slowly dying battery for the last year or so. Wanting to branch out and try other media products besides Apple I decided to give Philips a go. After testing out the Philips GoGear Vibe and enjoying it I began researching other Philips media player models for something comparable to my old iPod. Thus I came across the sleek looking and beautifully designed GoGear Muse. After dozens of page views, plenty of contemplation and a lot of research I decided to invest in the 16GB version of the GoGear Muse. Here are my thoughts;


+ Outstanding sound quality.

+ Capacitive touchscreen.

+ External speakers.

+ Voice recorder.

+ Beautiful display screen and video quality.

+ MicroSD expansion slot up to 32GB.

+ FM Tuner

+ Body is primarily metal with only a white plastic border on the sides (difficult to see from the photos). Helpful in protecting the player if you drop it.

+ Long battery life.

+ External volume/power buttons are separated and easy to adjust.

+ Supports and converts a wide variety of video.


- Periodic freezes and lock ups requiring a hard reset. I have a couple lock-ups every week. It's frequent enough where I had to put a paperclip on my keychain to be able to hit the reset button. I got tired of being out and about then having the player lock up and being unable to reset it.

- Synchronizing the player can be spotty at times.

- Songbird software consistently crashes even after multiple software updates. The software is largely worthless.

- Volume buttons are often a bit slow to respond.

- No gyroscope feature. Horizontal view is your only option.

- Noise isolation headphones included with the player have extremely poor sound quality. I all but threw them away after trying them only once.

- Headphone jack on the player prone to crackling, static and shorting out noises regardless of the earbuds used.

- Touchscreen can be hit or miss at times.

- Expandable memory slot just shows as another device.

- Interface can be a bit confusing to learn.

- External volume/power buttons are a copper/bronze color while the rest of the casing is silver. It looks very odd.

UPDATE 03-22-12: After several live chats with Philips Support I had to return this item to the manufacturer for a replacement. Luckily it was still within the warranty. The new unit seems much better and has yet to suffer many of the same issues. Will contiue to update as necessary.

UPDATE 12-23-12: Player has repeatedly been shutting down/locking up whenever it's hit with static electricity (taking off a coat, walking on carpet etc.) requiring a complete reset. It shuts down 4 times on average during my 3 mile walks home from work. Very frustrating!

The Philips GoGear Muse 16GB looks great and sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, the media player's multiple issues drag its reputation down. The periodic freezes which require a hard reset (impossible to do without a small paperclip or pen), low quality earbuds, crackling headphone jack and troublesome Songbird software are all frustrating to encounter, especially with a player at this price point. Despite being initially enamored with this media player I can't say I'd recommend purchasing it unless you're willing to deal with its shortcomings. I have a feeling that I'll have to return it to the manufacturer for a replacement before the warranty is up which is rather disappointing.
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on February 24, 2012
I purchased the Philips GoGear Muse after my Microsoft Zune died (Which I still plan on having repaired, it's just expensive)... while the sound is good on this unit, there is one major major flaw I have to point out that others have pointed out as well. It ONLY plays in Alphabetical order on the tracklist, I've searched, and contacted Philips, and it will NOT play by 'track number' order, so, to do so, You have to rename all the metatag information for 'title' in numerical order (01, 02, 03) then the name of the track...or, using alphabetical arrangement (AA, AB, AC, AD....) then the track name. this is frustrating, considering I have to do this for about 10,000 tracks... and it's a simple change for them to do. I was also very very disappointed, that the day after I purchased it, it went down 22.00 ... You'd think that they'd give Prime Members at least a 7 day price guarantee or something, at least on items that are sold and shipped by Amazon from the Amazon warehouse. (before you criticize me for the price complaint, I search, and research every item time and time again before buying, and do a LOT of buying on Amazon, so it's not out of place for me to wish there was some kind of price protection, especially for prime members who make a lot of purchases).

Other than that, as I said, the sound *IS* very good on this player, just some other flaws that you have to tolerate (like, the touch screen is also kinda twitchy) - room for improvement on this player, hopefully they'll make those changes, this could be an excellent player for the (now reduced 24 hours later) price.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on October 9, 2011
I been looking for my ideal MP3 video player for a long long time, after buying apple i-pod, microsoft Zune, Sony Walkman, and sansa Fuze and later return it, I thought what the hell let me give it one more chance and try this philips GoGear Muse 16Gb, wasn't gonna get my hopes up but to my surprise I finally found my almost perfect MP3 video player.

Let me explain why I say perfect, ok I am a very simple person I like my player to have simple function and when I say simple I mean a 80yr old grandma will know how to properly use it once you show her once, and what is simpler than drag and drop.

The biggest difference between this philip and all these other mp3 player I try is it doesn't require you to use other software application to transfer music and video, I personally hate i-tune, or microsoft whatever that program I need to download( I forgot already), sony software, or even sansa fuze software. Yes philip has a software progam it ask you to install as well, but later I find down I don't really need it so I quickly uninstall it. All I had to do to transfer music and video is go to My computer ---> my muse player ---> music or video folder and next thing you know drag and drop, plain and simple. All we have to remember is the file has to be the right format which is easy since the player allow us to use Avi, Rmvb, MP4 which is pretty common nowadays.

Only reason why I say this is almost perfect is because is touchscreen which I hate cause it can be a bit sensative sometimes, but that pretty much my personal opinion. Overall after trying all those other MP3 I finally found my ideal player here with Philip GoGear muse.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 26, 2012
The only thing this player has going for it is the touchscreen & UI.

The majority of the players problems lie in Songbird. I installed Songbird and updated my player. Songbird was able to import all of my music, but none of the album art or my playlists. Philips told me to go out onto the web and find the art work and they were unsure why it wasn't importing my playlist. Having over 60GB of music, I wasn't about repeat all of the effort.

Philips says that the player is compatible with Windows Media Player, and from a drag and drop standpoint, it is - nothing else. The player would delete the contents of my playlist every 2 hours. When I spoke to Philips, they had me "repair" my player. Repair is basically a factory reset. After doing that, the player deleted the contents every 3 hours instead. This wouldn't have been a big deal, except that the player reorganizes songs into alphabetical order instead of leaving them in the original track order when listening to music through the Artist/ Album/ Song option. The original track listing is only maintain via a playlist. The misleading thing is if you view the contents in either Songbird or WMP, it shows them in the original order on the player. When I brought this to Philips' attention, they thought nothing of it and said the player player is supposed to list songs on the album in alphabetical order, that's the way it's meant to function (which makes absolutely no sense.)

Songbird also updated itself without the option to not to. After this update, the player told me it was OK to disconnect and Songbird said it was safe. After disconnecting, the player attempted to update and bricked itself. I was told that the unit was updating and should not have disconnected, even though both the unit and Songbird said it was OK to. The whole time Songbird was on my computer, it not only kept crashing, but crashing my computer. I was told to uninstall Songbird and re-install it. I couldn't. Songbird puts files into the System Admin portion of the OS and doesn't allow you to take ownership of them so you can delete them. So I couldn't re-install Songbird. Even though it is "gone" off my computer, it is still reeking havoc on my WMP and the media management software for my wife's mp3 player. I should have known something bad was going to happen, during the install, after I choose to not have Songbird be my primary media player, I got a warning saying that it might damage other files.

Philips sent a replacement unit. This unit would delete playlist content about every 2 hours also. That it assuming it was stable longer than that. When I turned it off, or had it going for several hours, it would reset itself to demo mode and wipe everything off. This was because I didn't set the unit up using Songbird, which I couldn't because I couldn't get all the files off from the first time.
On top of it all, the replacement unit would not record live radio, which the first one did, and comes in handy when using public transportation.

After hitting the support forums, I found out that you are "not supposed to let" Songbird update itself. It seems the different version are meant for different models. It seems software related problems are quite common across all Philips models using Songbird. It also seems that they cannot reproduce the problem and have no solution on the horizon. It seems that across the board, Philips can't solve the issues their products are having.
Needless to say, I have returned the player for a refund and will not be buying any type Philips product in the near future.
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on January 31, 2013
I bought this product because I was looking for a high-capacity mp3 player for a reasonable price that wasn't an iPod. After reading some reviews that basically said this player was only worth it because it was so cheap, I decided to give it a shot. IIt is actually quite easy to use. The touch screen isn't up to the level of my Samsung Focus phone, or of that of an iPhone or an iPod Touch, but it is also much cheaper (not to mention that you don't have to deal with Apple products) and I found it easy enough to use. It has an expandable micro SD card slot. I read a lot of complaints about the Songbird software that comes with it. You do NOT have to use that software. You can transfer music to it through drag-and-drop or through Windows Media Player (as I did). The sound quality is pretty good, and the IEMs that come with it are decent (with the volume turned up, otherwise there isn't much bass). I found navigating through the music a bit difficult, so I decided to instead just navigate to my music through the file system on the player. I find this to be much easier to use. My only complaint is that the player can only be used in landscape mode (I generally use all devices in portrait aside from my desktop). I also like that it feels solid, constructed out of metal and hard plastic.

Large memory + expandable
Cheaper than most other comparable mp3 players
solid construction
comes with decent IEMs
easy to use

comes with terrible software (but you don't have to use it)
only useable in landscape
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