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472 of 502 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2013
When the Dream machine that I had used since the early 90s started making a strange electronic buzzing sound, I decided it was time to get a new alarm clock. I had heard about wake up lights and wanted to try one out.

I chose this one even though there were no reviews because it was cheaper than most of the others and because I liked the look.

I've used it two mornings now, and both have been some of the most pleasant mornings I've had! I wake up to the feeling of a slowly increasing light behind my eyelids. A few minutes later, a beeping alarm starts, which also increases in volume. Both mornings I've woken up with the light and didn't really need the buzzer, although it is nice for peace of mind.

The time can be dimmed at night, so if the light from the display bothers you at all it can be significantly reduced.

I'm deducting a star because there are a few things that could be improved on this clock. There is a snooze feature that is a bit hard to activate. The clock is very lightweight, so when you hit the snooze the clock wants to move around on the night stand. I also like using the clock as a bedside lamp and when you turn the light off it fades down which is a nice feature. However, there are 10 brightness settings. 10 is quite bright, and is what I like to wake up to. However, I prefer 4 or 5 when using it as a bedside table. After turning the light off at night, you have to crank the brightness back up to 10 for the alarm. Not a huge deal, but I'm worried I will forget to do it one night. It would be nice if you could set the alarm brightness independently.

All in all I am happy with my purchase and would choose this clock again!
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250 of 269 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon October 28, 2013
Size: 1 CountVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the perfect alarm clock for me! I'm extremely sensitive to changes in light; it has a huge affect on my sleep patterns. I need to be up by 5am to get into the office on time and in the winter; lack of morning sunlight makes it near impossible for me to drag my behind out of bed. I've kept a light next to my bed for years to flip on when my alarm first sounds and before I hit snooze since bright light is the only thing that helps rouse me from my slumber.

Enter the Philips Wake-Up Light! This thing is bright and I love that more often than not; it wakes me (in a pleasant, gentle kind of way) about 10-15 minutes before the actual alarm goes off. The snooze button involves giving the top of the alarm a tap. The slim design of this clock makes activating the snooze function a bit awkward and that gentle tap actually requires a bit more force than I thought it should need. Overall; I think this is a great buy. I've been looking at wake-up light alarm clocks for a few years now but have never bothered due to the price point (I recall them being priced well over $100 not too long ago). This is a very affordable wake-up light and it definitely delivers on its promise.

The only features that could make this alarm better might be:
* An option to disable the actual 'alarm' component. This would be nice for weekends where you still want to get up early but don't necessarily need, or wish to have the back up alarm sound.
* An option to modify the alarm tone. It's VERY loud.
* Further dimming options for the display. The ambient light from the display is still a touch too bright for me in the dark, even on its lowest setting.
* The lamp setting should be independent from the alarm light settings.
* Back-up battery would be nice in case of power outages...
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274 of 300 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon October 19, 2013
Size: 1 CountVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I own and still use this model: Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light, White. I was curious about this model since it's a lot thinner and there's very little room on the nightstand.


The gradual wake up light itself: It is really effective at waking people without scaring or stressing them awake compared to normal alarm clocks. Once you try it, you probably won't go back to a normal alarm clock. The wake up light gradually gets brighter in a 30 minute timeframe, with the max brightness being adjustable.

Compared to the other Phillips wake up lights, this model is really thin. The other models are ginormous compared to this one. If your nightstand is small or cluttered, you may like this model better.

Very easy to use and setup. You can figure most of it out without instructions.

You can use this as a reading light. Even though the LED bulb is rated at approximately 16,000 hours, I still wouldn't do this since it would cut the life of the product. The LED bulb is not replaceable.


Finding the snooze button is and isn't intuitive at the same time. If you're awake you're not going to find it unless you read the instructions. If you're half awake and tired, you'll find it really it easy; you just tap the top of the unit. There is no button.

It's really easy to use since there's really no options to customize or features to use, which is fine since it's an alarm clock.

There's no sound selection. All you have is a beeping noise. This is the main reason why I'll keep using the larger model instead of this model. I like the soft wake up music or the birds chirping. Even though the beeping noise is better than most alarms, I'm just too used to better wake up noises. You can't beat birds. To me, this alone is worth thirty extra dollars though not everyone will agree.

From my understanding you cannot adjust or turn off the beeping sound, but I could be wrong. I just didn't find any controls for the beeping.

Most people won't care but this does not have a radio.

It has no battery backup. In this product's defense, from my experience alarm clocks with battery backups usually burn through the batteries even if there was never a power outage.

Like almost every wake up light alarm clock model that I've seen, the LED is not replaceable. I believe the bulb is rated at 16,000 hours so if you only use it for waking up, it'll probably last nearly forever. However if you want something with a replaceable bulb, there's this model:

Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light, White

From what I've read, these older models are actually better though not by much. There's another old cylindrical model that has a USB port so you can use any wake up sound you want. Sadly the cheapest price for that model is almost five hundred dollars. If you want an older model, get them while they last or while it's cheap.


I really doubt this alarm clock will sell because Amazon and Phillips still refuse to list this product in either the Electronics section or in the Alarm Clocks category in the Home and Kitchen section. It's an alarm clock. You should be able to find it in the alarm clocks sub-category. If it weren't for pure luck I would have never found these wake up light alarm clocks. When shopping for an alarm clock, who bothers to look in Amazon's Heath and Personal care section?

The time is backlit and its brightness is adjustable.

There are other wake up lights from other companies that go by different names. Unfortunately, I haven't tried any of them nor do I know anyone who's tried them let alone the Phillips wake up lights. My guess as to why not many people know about wake up lights is because like the Phillips wake up light product line, these products aren't stocked in brick and mortar stores nor are they ever placed in the Alarm Clocks category in online stores; which I will never understand why. I know Oregon Scientific makes one that's sold on Amazon, but I couldn't find it. Oregon Scientific is probably the only other major brand that produces wake lights.


If you're not willing to spend a hundred or more dollars for a wake up light, this is a good starter. Personally I prefer the models with the better alarm sounds:

 Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light, White

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White,

I'll just stick this smaller alarm clock in our guest room.

UPDATE: If you want both this clock's form factor, with the same features as the larger models, this is the model for you:

Philips HF3505 Wake-up Light

It costs as much as the larger model that I own, but it comes with one less alarm sound.
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148 of 163 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon November 2, 2013
Size: 1 CountVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is an alarm clock with a nifty light that gradually wakes you up in the AM first via light and then an alarm. That's a nice feature but it's poorly executed on this product.

I tend to be a troubled sleeper and need quite a push to wake up in the AM. The alarm function sounded more like a kitchen timer rather than a true alarm clock and if the light didn't wake you up you are going to need a bit of a jolt to get you going and this doesn't provide it. The light was nice for me, but not always enough.

For this device to work effectively, you have to place it close to the bed and allow the ring of light to glow on your face signalling you to wake up. The device is bulky with a larger "wall wart" style adapter rather than an AC plug making it more difficult to find an outlet. Also since the device must face you, the light from the clock shines upon you as well and that light can't be dimmed. If you move the clock face away from view, you miss the light in the morning. The fact that it doesn't include a battery backup is simply unacceptable. If the power goes out even for a second you need to reprogram the clock and alarm. Outrageous.

Programming was not intuitive and there wasn't a clear switch to turn the alarm off and on. I had to check the manual multiple times to get it right.

With all the quirks and annoyances of this product I don't think it's a great choice as an alarm clock and with the current price point severely under delivers.
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on January 31, 2015
This alarm clock is great in that the slowly increasing light level allows you to wake up at the desired time naturally without all the snooze button mashing. As others have said, you actually feel fresher and more positive in the morning when you wake up to the light rather than to an annoying sound. However, there is one major flaw. The clock LED is so bright that it can wake you up by itself! After a few frustrating months, I ordered some colored cellophane sheets, cut out two purple rectangles, and taped them on the LED readout (right in the middle--see photo). Now the clock is simply amazing. I can still read the time (day or night), but my bedroom stays dark, and the "sunlight" wakes me up when I need it.

PROS: Nice design, sunlight gradually gets brighter, better, more positive waking experience.
CONS: LED clock is too bright; had to mitigate with colored cellophane ordered through Amazon for $10 (see photo).
review image
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32 of 36 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon November 9, 2013
Size: 1 CountVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
On vacation in Costa Rica, I was rather startled to find myself waking up effortlessly at 6am each morning. I'd always known myself as "not really a morning person", struggling to get out of bed by 9. I worked out that it was the light -- that close to the equator, dawn happens quickly. So I suspected that some sort of sunrise simulation alarm clock would work well for me.

Sure enough, the Philips Wake-Up Light helps me wake up without being jolted out of sleep by an alarm, and if I stay facing the light it helps me stay awake rather than drifting back to sleep again.

The circular design is obviously intended to evoke the sun. Although illuminated by LEDs, it glows with a warm, soft and even light. At maximum brightness, it gets bright enough to temporarily burn into your retina, so you don't have to be looking directly at it for it to wake you up, though it will help if you are facing approximately the right direction. I sleep on my side or on my back, facing out from the bed, so I just put it on the bedside table like a regular alarm clock.

The time display glows red, and its brightness is adjustable. I set it to minimum brightness, to avoid having it glaring at me during the night. The numbers take on an appealing soft glow from the texture of the lamp's casing.

There aren't too many other controls. You can choose 12 or 24 hour clock (I use 24), set the time, set the alarm time, set the alarm brightness, and that's about it. Half an hour before you're due to wake up, the light slowly increases in brightness until it's at the level you set. At the set time, an alarm chime slowly increases in volume and then beeps until you turn off the alarm.

So the Wake Up Light does everything it ought to do, the controls are dead simple to use, but I'm not going to give it 5 stars. Why not? Well, there are a few minor design issues that could be improved.

Firstly, it's very light in weight, mostly hollow, and doesn't have much area in contact with whatever surface you put it on. That means it has a tendency to slide around. Also, if you use the snooze function, that requires tapping the top of the light, and it's all too easy to topple it over by doing so. Some rubber feet will improve things greatly, so I suggest buying some at the hardware store.

Secondly, the time display brightness can be adjusted, but sticks at whatever level you set it to. That's a problem because if I set it as dark as possible so that it's unobtrusive at night, it's invisible during the day, and practically invisible if I'm trying to set the alarm before turning out the room lights.

Thirdly, there's no battery backup. If there's a power outage, you get the flashing 12:00 and no alarm. That means if you absolutely have to wake up on time (say, for work), it can't be your only alarm clock. Personally, I set an "emergency alarm" on my phone for 10 minutes after the Wake Up Light is supposed to wake me, so it's not a huge deal. The alarm sound on the light is fairly quiet anyway, so a backup alarm is probably a good idea anyway for heavy sleepers.

Given the price of this alarm clock, I really feel like they could have sprung for some rubber feet, a light sensor to control the time display brightness, and a battery compartment to keep it running through power glitches. But if you can overlook those (to me, not deal-killing) issues, it's a simple to use, appealingly designed product which does what it claims. Now, if only I could get it to hand me a mug of coffee...
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22 of 24 people found the following review helpful
Size: 1 CountVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
* Form factor: Stylish, small profile (H 180mm x W 180mm x D 115mm)
* Very light (290 grams)
* Easy to use w/4 front buttons & 2 small side ones
* Beeping tone starts low & progressively gets louder which helps to wake you up & keep you awake much better, all alarms should be like this.
* Beeping sound tone is not as jarring as most alarm clocks
* Clock display is dimmable to 4 settings
* LED arc of lights really helps to wake you up, the yellow color temp is great, not an annoying blue
* Light can be used as a normal table lamp at 10 settings, from a nightlight, to VERY bright 200 lux.
* Easy to tap on top 9 min. snooze alarm
* Military or 12 hr. choice of clock display

* NO battery backup of any kind, unplug it for a SPLIT second, or quick brown out & all info is GONE! I don't care if it eats up a battery after a year or so even if not needed, you need an alarm to be reliable.
* Only one beeping sound
* Alarm starts still a bit too loud & goes to full volume too fast.
* No ability to have the lamp go off w/o the sound going off as well.
* Only 1 alarm choice at a time
* LED is NOT replaceable
* Instructions are poorly written

* All alarm clocks should have progressive loudness sound/light alarms to wake you up in a more soothing way to keep you feeling rested throughout the day.
* Overpriced considering no battery backup or choice of beeping

* Cord Length EU/US: 150/180 CM
* Frequency: 50/60 Hz
* Insulation Device: Class III
* Insulation Power Plug: Class II (double isolation)
* Power Input: 7.5W
* Power Output Adapter: 5.4W
* Type of Lamp: Liteon SMD Lamp LED
* LED lamp: 16,000 hours
* Voltage: 100/240V
* UV-free
* Made in China
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on January 24, 2015
Context: I hate alarms. I haven't used an alarm regularly for years, and love to wake up with the sun. Unfortunately, during winter, I have to wake up before sunrise, which gets difficult at times. So, I looked into the options for timed/fader lights, and this seemed like the best deal (read: cheapest).

This unit has one fatal flaw: It has an audible alarm that you can't turn off, and is the standard, annoying beep. This seems very poorly thought-out, because the whole point of this light is to avoid audible alarms. This would have made it a 1/5 star product and a swift return, but fortunately, this can be fixed if you have some basic electronics knowledge, and are willing to void your warranty (see end of review). After disabling the speaker, I have used the light for several weeks, and I love it. It would have been a 5/5 star product if it came shipped that way.

As far as the light itself, it fades in over 30 minutes, reaching the brightness setting at the designated alarm time, which is a very pleasant way to wake up. Normally, the audible alarm goes off as well at the designated time. Then you have to turn off the alarm, and turn off the light with separate button presses. Also, if you turn the light off before it reaches maximum intensity (i.e. before the audible alarm goes off), the brightness setting will stay set at the level it was when you turned it off. Then you have to reset the brightness to make sure that tomorrow it will get to your usual setting. Without the audible alarm, it actually works wonderfully. I have the unit set to a brightness that wakes me up, and soon after it reaches that brightness, I wake up. I just press the light button to turn the light off, and forget about the alarm button (the alarm stays set for the next day).

As far as waking up without an alarm, all I can say is you have to try it. It is so much better to wake up naturally, feeling refreshed, than to wake up startled by a loud beeping noise in the middle of REM sleep.

The clock display cannot be turned off, but it gets dim enough that all but the most light sensitive won't have a problem with it. It also brightens when the light is on so that you can still see it (although the alarm light nearly overpowers the clock display, making it difficult to read).

Overall: I would only recommend this product if you can work with electronics and disable the speaker. If not, I would recommend looking for a different product.

How to remove the speaker:
Disclaimer: This is provided for information only, to those with the skill and knowledge to work with electronics and PCBs. I take no responsibility for anything you do.

To get to the PCB, the face has to be removed, which is glued on. There is a small tab at the junction of the face and the white plastic body at the 6 o'clock position which can be pried open with a small flathead screwdriver. Under the face, there are two screws at 12 and 6 o'clock positions just above and below the clock display, hidden by the gray sticker/cover. There is another screw hidden under the product ID sticker on the stand (where it says "Warning no serviceable parts inside"). There are some more obvious screws, and there are two small buttons that can fall out when the stand is opened. The PCB is held in by small plastic hooks, and the speaker is directly soldered to the PCB. I didn't glue the face back on because it stays on pretty well with just the little tab, but you might want to.
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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on June 29, 2014
I bought this alarm clock at the beginning of this year - Jan 2014, and it worked great at first. I woke up so much easier, and that's saying something, as I have a REALLY hard time waking up in the morning, but recently - around April or so, I started noticing that sometimes it just doesn't go off. I thought maybe I messed up the settings, at first, so unplugged it, and reset it, but i kept happening, and only after unplugging it again and resetting it does it work - for a couple of mornings, and then I have to do it again. As you can probably guess, I'm pretty pissed, and I will be looking for a similar product - of a different brand, this time.

UPDATE: I just contacted customer service, using the live chat on their website, and since the item is within the 2-year standard warranty, they are sending me a replacement. All they asked for was the serial number, model number and exact date of purchase, and they said I will recieve a new one in 7-10 business days. I will update this review again once I recieve my replacement.
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25 of 31 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon November 19, 2013
Size: 1 CountVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Overall, I wasn't too thrilled with this product. The idea is a great one, but the execution of the idea isn't so great. I like being woken up by a light that gradually gets brighter, and it doesn't start the annoying beeping right away. That is good because I tend to be a light sleeper who usually (but no always) wakes up just before my alarm goes off. But here are some issues I have with this unit:

- Doesn't have a battery back-up. I live in a semi-rural area where power outages are more common than I would care to think about. Without the battery back-up, I can't depend on this clock to always wake me on time.
- It feels very lightweight and flimsy. Very easy to knock over as you fumble to turn it off.
- The light from the clock is on you all night, because it has to be facing you to wake you up with the light. I prefer a darker room.
- The power cord is this bulky thing that looks more like an adapter and doesn't fit between my nightstand and the wall, because the nightstand is very close to the wall. A regular plug would have been better, especially since there is no battery back-up anyway!

If you are looking to try out the concept of being woken up by gradually increasing light, but you don't want to spend the bucks on a more expensive unit, this might be the ticket for you, as it is pretty inexpensive. If you know you are ready to be woken up this way, then buy a more feature-rich and sturdier unit.
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