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on April 12, 2012
This is one of the least expensive "home theaters" and has decent sound. The blu-ray player produces good quality videos, although it seems slow to ingest discs. Its major limitation is that it lacks a HDMI input, so watching television requires switching the TV set's input from the home theater to the set-top box, and switching the home theater's input from its player to the audio output of the set-top box. Worse yet,the theater's digital input is incompatible with the set-top box's output (optical vs. coaxial) so one must use the stereo pair output from the set-top box, losing Dolby surround on those cable broadcasts that have it.
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on January 24, 2012
I have been very happy with this purchase. It has more than enough power. I have not had it above 35. The sound is very good, I'm no audiophile, but going from a Bose system to this I have no complaints. Within the first week the sound would not come on and I had to unplug the unit. This happened again so I connected it to the internet and upgraded the firmware. It has worked flawlessly since. I purchased a new TV at the same time and have had no problems with audio sync. With Pandora I don't need radio stations. It is a great system for its price range.
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on December 5, 2011
I really like this system. There are a few draw backs to this system tho. Setting it up was easy and only took about 20-30 mins and i was taking my time. i have a small room so it might take a bit longer with a bigger room. Once i got everything hooked up and turned it on thats when the draw backs happen. The system would work then it wouldnt. Keep in mind i dont know anything about audio or anything like it so i thought i did something wrong. Trying to use the menu they have is very slow. You select something and it takes a few seconds for it to work so alot of times i had to go back because i would double select something because i didnt know if it took the first time. after messing with the settings and trying a few things on both a movie and the tv i think i have it working.

If you have more than just 1 item you want to hook up this system isnt for you. It only has 1 hdmi and its to the tv. the only thing i have hooked into the system is the cable box. would of liked to hooked the ps3 up to it but i can live without it.

I would have to say someone looking for a nice, great priced set up this is great.
But if you are looking for a high end all in one system and want to hook up more than one item then i would move on.
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on February 26, 2012
I hooked this up and set it up in a matter of minutes. The video quality was amazing for both blue ray and net Tv. Although netflix is only partial HD so you can notice a considerable difference watching that, plus it only plays what is in your instant que so you have to use a seperate device to load up movies to watch. The sound quality is not horrible. If you go through the different sound set up based on your configuration you will find what sounds best for your set up. It also has settings to change the surround for movies, music, sports , drama etc and I love that I can hook it up to my mp3 player by a cord that is not included. The sub is good for small room set up but for bigger places it wont give you the bigger basses you may crave but it also matters when living in a home vs. an apartment. I am reasonably pleased with this model.
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on December 14, 2011
We got this system at a great price! That being said, it works perfectly for our amount of usage! We timed this purchase with the new purchase of new carpeting in our living room, so we ran the wires under the carpet. That makes for a nice cordless experience. The sound is a step up from what we had before... not the BEST, but great for the price we paid. We love the networking options with Netflix, Pandora and VUDU. The only drawback I can see so far is the remote is kind of cheap, doesn't always respond well. Also, switching back and forth from HDMI 1 and 2 ports on our TV can be a hindrance with this unit as it seems to want to turn itself on and off at whim. Mostly, we love it, and for under $200, it DEFINITELY performs!
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on December 10, 2013
I have owned this home theatre system for several years. It was easy enough to setup and install, with color coded plugs for each speaker and plenty of length. The audio quality is great and volume is excellent -- I've never had to turn it up above 25 (and it goes much higher). The 1000w amp is a workhorse and the speakers and sub channel output lots of sound with no distortion, even at high levels. This IS a wall-shaking, window-rattling system. The available audio equalizer presets and surround modes are also useful and work well. Unfortunately, there is no support for optical audio input (coax digital only -- weird), so I had to buy a separate digital coax to optical converter to output audio from my TV (and now my Xbox One) to my HTS. One final comment on the speakers -- the color coded plugs for the speakers aren't standard 1/8" jacks nor are they bare two-wire speaker cable to wire up to the receiver. They use what seems to be a proprietary square plug which is convenient for setting up this system but if one were to attempt to upgrade to a new receiver, they might find themselves having to do a little bit of wiring work cutting off these special plugs and/or replacing them, or otherwise also have to replace the speakers -- certainly a pain if you've installed wire-guides around your living room but not out of the realm of reason if one were to opt for another home theater-in-a-box.

Despite the awesome sound quality for such a low priced system, there are a number of other problems I have had since I purchased it that prevent me from giving it a higher rating. The menus are unresponsive and clunky. When I press the arrow on the remote, it takes a moment for the menu selection to change on the screen. This lack of responsiveness is also present in many of the "Smart" features of the device, leading to slow performance in the Netflix, Pandora, and VUDU apps (I haven't used any others but I'm sure they suffer from the same issues). If you've got other "Smart" devices or set-top boxes, you may want to stick with those for your streaming services.

Setup and configuration menus for many of the system's settings take place in a dedicated menu which must be accessed through the HTS/BD player video. Unfortunately, this means you need an HDMI connection just to change settings other than audio input source, surround mode, and audio EQ presets, even if you never intend on watching a Blu Ray -- a constant problem for me, as I use this system only as a dedicated home theater audio system. There is also no HDMI passthrough with screen overlay (shouldn't this feature be standard by now?), which means it occupies an HDMI slot on your TV just for Blu Ray playback and settings changes. Random thing: the system takes several seconds (up to 30) to power cycle from on, to off, back to on. I don't know why. In the menu, there is an option to turn on "Quick Start" which makes turning the receiver on or off instant. Why this isn't the default setting, and why they didn't choose to just have the one option, is a mystery to me. Of course, this wouldn't really be a problem except for the single largest flaw in the system: the audio delay.

Yes, the dreaded audio delay -- the home theater junkie's worst nightmare. Watching anything with audio going through the digital coax connection,results in a horrible delay in audio, causing every person on screen to have a terrible lip-sync effect. I mentioned my converter earlier in my review but I assure you it is not the issue, as even when using a straight digital coax to digital coax connection (through my old TV) the delay is present. When you first turn on the device it's not apparent, but it seems the DSP's are laggy and introduce an unnoticeable-to-the-ear slowdown to the audio stream, because as time goes on the delay gets worse and worse until the receiver is power cycled. Philips' "solution" is to go into the settings of the HTS to adjust speaker distance. This corrects strange audio delays due to poorly positioned speakers but does nothing for the "lost time" audio delay experienced just by using the system for regular intervals. The only real fix is to power cycle the system, which as I mentioned above is time consuming (up to 30 seconds) unless you first went in and enabled the "Quick Start" option.

Bottom line: if you can afford a few more bucks for an equivalent 1000w home theatre in a box setup, go for it, especially if you've got BluRay and streaming choices elsewhere.
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on August 21, 2012
Overall the system is great. It installed easily, the wireless connection connected the first time, and it sounds great and shows a great picture on the screen. This was a fantastic value for the money. The only faults I have are that there is only one HDMI connection and there is no optical audio in, only a coax or traditional R/L connection jacks. I would have liked to hook up my cable box and video game to the system as well as the TV with HDMI pass through. Another area for improvement would have been a lower frequency response on the subwoofer, but it was the same as others in this price range so that might not be a fair observation.
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on October 9, 2014
I have had three of this same unit. Twice the mp3 jack worked it's way loose and the company replaced the system. This is the last unit I will go through it won't turn in now for no reason. Worked perfectly fine yesterday and now nothing. It has not even been a year since it was last replaced, and now I see this model has been discontinued, must be a reason. Wednesday had trouble with the other unit staying connected to the WiFi as well. Great sound though, lots of fun times when it was working just too much hassle.
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on September 1, 2012
Great item to get

good quality loud sound with multiple speaker variations

wifi is a little difficult but perseverance pays off it saves a lot if you only have one place to jack into the internet.

I had thought the speakers were wireless but they are not just the receiver i wish I could add more programs from online to it but haven't figured out if that is possible i really wanted to add HULU.
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on March 18, 2012
Bought this at a local store that had the same price. It was easy to set up.
Sounds great !! Love having Netflix Steaming.
Don't let the "Wireless" description cause you to think the rear speakers are wireless like some
systems. The wireless means Internet wireless connection.
I did think it meant the speakers but don't really mind that it isn't.
Even the wireless rear speakers in other systems need a wire going to electrical outlet, just not to
main system.

I am pleased !!!
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