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on November 14, 2010
Having exclusively used Norelco (and 1 Remington) shavers over the past 30 years, I can say that this is by far the best shaver I have used yet. Here's what I like:

* Gives a great shave
* Very quiet
* Charges quickly
* Alot less irritation than previous razors. I think the fact that the heads move to the contour of your face has alot to do with that.
* Alot easier to hold
* Looks stylish, alot slimmer than previous models

My previous top-of-the-line Remington had the cleaning kit (similar to the Norelco setup). I never really liked having to buy the cleaning fluid, and changing the filters, etc. (kind of messy). But, it was a gift, so I dealt with it.

While looking at these newer Norelco units, I was already biased into feeling that I "needed" a unit with the Jet Clean system. Today, while at Costco (sorry Amazon), my wife bought me the Norelco 1280x (no cleaning kit) as an early Xmas present (it's the "Premium Edition", $169.99 after Costco's current $30 off coupon - a good deal, I thought). After using the unit, I am very pleased with the shaving performance, as well as the cleaning.

The unit cleans very easily by running hot water on the blades for a few minutes (per the manual), after which you can open up the blades (they flip up) and continue to rinse. It's recommended that you do this after every shave, but who wants to do that every morning, right before work (not me, anyway)? I can see how doing this at least a few days a week will keep the unit very clean, without the hassle and expense of dealing with the cleaning fluid. Looking forward to more clean shaves with my new shaver.
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on May 15, 2011
Excellent razor, and Norelco is a name you can trust. Also, the product had a problem when it first arrived, Amazon was quick to send me another one overnight at no charge to me, so excellent service there too! Overall I recommend the 1280X and Jet Clean system!

5/26/2013 UPDATE

One thing I saw people asking about was the chrome piece of plastic making a squeaking or clicking noise when they first got the razor. That was the problem I had when I got my first one, but Amazon swapped it for a new one no questions asked basically, and the new one they provided seemed fine. If your new razor squeaks return it before use for a new one! It seems like Norelco does have a slight quality control issue with that part, although it doesn't affect functionality.

I've had the razor for over 2 years now. I still like the razor and the Jet Clean system a lot and would recommend it to friends and family. I actually did buy one for my Dad for Christmas and he really likes his too.

I wanted to mention that after 2 years of use my razor quit charging and at the same time my Jet Clean system suddenly wouldn't work (would light up the low fluid light when the fluid level was correct). I also tried charging the razor on the charging only base (only time I tried to use it) and it still wouldn't charge. I contacted Norelco's customer service online via chat and they sent me a new razor and new Jet Clean system. The beauty of all this was that it was just outside of the standard 2 year warranty, but I found out that by registering my product purchase online they added 6 months to the warranty, and my now 2.5 year warranty now started at my registration date, not my original purchase date (registered about a month after purchase).

I didn't bother dismantling them to see if I could diagnose the cause of the problems so have no way of knowing whether one of the two had an electrical problem that later broke the other one, but now I have all new parts and all seem to be working well. Thanks Philips for great customer service!

I hope that I get at least another 2 years out of this razor and Jet Clean system, meaning over 4 years of total use. Considering I travel a lot for work and so my razor gets banged around by TSA frequently maybe I can't hope for much more than that.

One final note, I have found that shaving with shaving cream or a shaving gel with this razor seems to result in the smoothest agitation free shave. Just keep the razor head wet and you'll have a nice smooth shave!
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on April 18, 2014
The razor has worked great, I have no qualms about stating its a great class of razor, and when its working right it deserves high praise. The issue I have is the Philips customer support. I've owned the razor now for 1 year and 4 months, when i first got it the only thing I noticed odd was the slider to push the trimming head forward felt loss, others have mentioned this so I felt it was how it was designed. yesterday that piece fell off. You could tell instantly the piece is made of very thin plastic that hooks into the channel to push the head forward, its going to break for others too, especially people who use this feature of the razor a lot.

When it broke I didn't worry, as Philips heavily touts the great warrenty with this class of razor. So I contact them through their warranty help, and am told that they wont cover it! That parts are not covered under the warranty! Then they refer me to a website to have the razor repaired for $50! How can you tout a great warranty yet not fix a problem that is caused by a weak part of your construction? I am very upset by this as this is one of the most expensive electric razors and I expect better from the customer support area.
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on November 29, 2014
Great product but Phillips' is no longer producing the original razor heads. New replacement heads are getting trashed on amazon. This kills the product in my book. Shame on phillips for charging so much for a product and then not keeping it consistent. Sadly, I am stuck looking for a new razor after spending over 200 for this one.
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on January 6, 2011
I owned many Norelco razors over the years and prefer rotary razors to foil razors as they are too tough on my face. I purchased the first triple head standard Norelco design a few years ago, and bought the Arcitec thinking it might be an upgrade. The Arcitec had the similar triple blades over a smaller surface making it easier to get to hard to get places. The Arcitec was a huge disappointment as the blades needed replacing within 6 months, and it left your neck area patchy within a month of new blades. The Arcitec also felt like it was made cheaply. When I saw this razor, I was hesitant to buy it but began reading the reviews on the Senso Touch models. I went to the store to see one. What I noticed immediately is each head floated up and down, and each area a blade was in pivoted independently unlike the Arcitec. I also noticed the triple head area had an open blade row that was on neither previous triple blade models. The difference is that with this Norelco, you barely press against your skin, move in small circular movement, and you get a very close shave that has very little irratation(unless you are a first time electric user which requires a few weeks to get used to). I sometimes use a Gillete Fusion when I had the Arcitec. I won't need this with this new Senso Touch as it is a closer shave then a regular blade which was a huge surprise. This has not been the case with any previous electric I have owned. When I used the sideburn trimmer on the Arcitec, it was made almost like a cheap afterthought and I longed for the old pop out trimmer. The pop out trimmer is much smoother, has more substantial blades, more fluid movement in the opening, and does a better job than the Arcitec. It is easier to use this type of trimmer if you pop the razor head off so the head does not obstruct the view but it can be used either way. I still have a seperate trimmer for better detail but this is a dramatic improvement in materials and ease of movement in the trimmer over the Arcitec. The Senso Touch heads are about twice the price over the Arcitec or older Norelco blades, but if it lasts the full year like they claim, then the cost is about the same as replacing the Arcitec blades twice per year, or buying multi packs of fusion blades. They are definetly a little pricier, but they are made more significantly with each one having an independent spring. When you buy this razor with the digital timer display, and the cleaning system, you have made a decision to buy the best on the market...and you simply are going to pay for it. You can buy a less expensive Senso Touch 3 D, and even forgo the cleaning system as it easily rinses under water. I would buy 3d over 2d as the movement is better on the neck and chin...but all are upgrades over previous Norelco's. The price on Amazon made going for the top model very attractive, otherwise, the shave is the same on the 3d models minus some bells and whistles. As you go down in price, the trimmer no longer is a pop out but a change of heads. I like using my trimmer on a regular basis so it was important for me to have a pop out. All in all, this is a great razor. I use this for a dry shave and it is simply what I prefer. I tried a wet shave and it wasn't as close plus it was easy to get razor burns so be careful. I have been using Noreloc razors for close to 20 years, and this is a breakthrough in technolgy. Every few years they seemed to do some different things, but it also seemed like things began to be made cheaper. This particular razor feels like a return to the days when quality was more important than how fast things become disposable. The Arcitec was disposable...the Senso Touch 1280cc is made much great looking, and I hope to get many years out of this. I think a return to a quality made razor was a great decision by Norelco and I am impressed.
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on January 13, 2014
Do not purchase! Seriously! If you purchase it, you must buy new unit in two years.
I purchased the shaver three years ago. And I used twice a week.
When I used it for 2 and 1/2 years, I found that the shaver had a blinking signs of faucet, exclamation, and shaving head and didn't work. Following the manual Philips provided, I purchased new shaving head and replaced it.
One month after replacing new head, the same problem happened again and again. With blinking signs, the shaver never worked, even thought it was still charging.
I called to Philips customer service several times and sent my purchase documents. But, I didn't get any response.
Lastly, I chatted with customer service rep. (Vivian), but she told me that I have to purchase new unit from directly with 15% discount. She never told me that I could fix it in Philips service center.
If you use new shaver for two years, then you must think of purchasing new one! It will happen every two years!!
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on October 12, 2010
Over the years I have strayed from my linear foil shaver (Braun - currently a Series 7) for forays in to other ways of shaving. I've tried every razor Gillette has put out, an old-fashion double edge razor, and several Phillips Norelco rotary shavers. I always seem to end up going back to Braun as it has always worked best for me, despite having very sensitive skin.

When the Phillips Norelco SensoTouch 3d (1280cc) showed up last week, it had been about 4 days since my last shave (which means about 4.5mm hairs - or ~3/16in). I decided to shave half my face wet and half my face dry. I started with circular motions on one cheek with zero pressure, per the instructions, and was shocked at how easily this shaver cut the hair - not a single tug or the tiniest bit of irritation, although it takes about 10 circular passes over every inch to get all of the hair. I continued on to my neck. Here I noticed a bit of irritation, but it was much less than my Braun. I wet and lathered up the other half of my face and gave the SensoTouch 3d a try wet. In my opinion, the wet shave was much more irritating to my skin and didn't get any closer than the dry shave.

As with all other rotary shavers, sideburns and my upper lip are extremely difficult. For sideburns, this shaver has a pop-out cutter that does a good job - but it still leaves too much stubble and the round rotary head can't get close enough... making a clean line difficult.

Since my initial experience, I've shaved two more times (both dry). The shaver is doing great on my cheeks, but is still irritating my neck.

I've decided to give Phillips the 21 days they claim it takes to adjust to the razor, so I will update my review when I have made a final decision.

UPDATE: After giving this razor more than the recommended time, I've given up on it. The razor worked great on my cheeks, but was horrible for my neck. I sent it back to Philips for a refund, but they magically "lost it". I'm still waiting on my refund.
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on October 23, 2010
I have used several electric shavers in the past and always experienced irritation on my neck from the shaver. No matter how long I used these shavers (allowing for the adjustment) my neck would be irritated and burned after the shave. I can truly say that after using this shaver just a couple of times, I noticed the irritation became less and less noticeable. Now after using this shaver for over a month I have no irritation after I shave. I have used this shaver dry, wet and with shaving gel. I get the closest shave I have ever gotten with an electric shaver. I was kinda hesitant about spending $349.99 for an electric shaver but now I am glad I did.
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on July 24, 2014
My razor is about 14 months old and needs replacement heads. The replacement head are unavailable and/or very very over priced. I paid about $270 for my razor and now I need new heads at $100+

I have used Norelco since I started shaving... a long time ago...

Norelco seems to have cheapened their product and are focusing on making their profit on parts and repairs. This is not the Norelco of old.

I have a 20 year old Norelco that I keep in my suitcase for travel... original batteries... It's charged up and my $270 worthless shaver is going in the trash. My next razor will not be Norelco!
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on November 20, 2010
I used Norelco's for years but 4 years ago tried the Braun 7 Series. It never shaved as close as my Norelco's but I was reluctant to try the Arcitec because of the mixed reviews. The 1280cc was on sale at Kohls so I thought I'd try it out. To begin with it's much quieter than the Braun 7. Both the razor itself and the cleaning system are much quieter. Additionally with the Norelco you add solution from a bottle to the cleaning chamber which is significantly cheaper than using the prefilled cartridges from Braun. My shave is much closer than I had with the Braun and as a result I'm able to shave faster. I also don't have to go over areas of my face to get as close a shave as many times as I had to with the Braun. Overall I think this is a great razor. Hopefully it will last through the years but only time will tell.
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