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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been cutting my own hair for probably over a year now using the Philips Norelco QC5170 180-Degree Hair Clipper so naturally I was excited to try this do-it-yourself hair clipper. After a few haircuts, though, I must say that I can't really tell that much of a difference. When comparing the two, the only significant difference I could find was that this model is washable.

So, if you've seen the two models and aren't sure what to get, well then I guess this one is better for the washability because both seem to work well. Here's my list of pros and cons, which (with few exceptions) applies to both.

- Cuts very well. I have thick hair so I was nervous that a wireless clipper wasn't going to be able to actually cut like a professional. It does. Sometimes you gotta go over the same spot a few times to make sure everything is even, but otherwise, this beast could shave you bald in a matter of seconds. Also, I'm quite impressed that the blades have stayed strong and sharp even after a year of use.

- 180 degree angle. I wouldn't necessarily call this feature THE selling point, but occasionally I find adjusting the angle to be beneficial in getting odd areas of hair. 90% of the time I just keep it upright, though.

- "Adjustable zoom ring" - I really like that there are so many length possibilities. Personally I prefer the 1 - 5 numbers on the QC5170, but the same concept is featured here and it lets you play around with how close or unclose you want the clipper to shave.

- Good charge life. Not GREAT charge life, but the good news is that it will function as fully charged until it goes out so even if the battery is half dead it won't be running on half power. Considering that haircuts are a fairly sporadic event, I couldn't imagine anyone having a really severe problem with the battery life unless they just forgot to charge it after a month or something.


- Limited hair styles. You get a lot of different length options, but in the case of my unprofessional knowledge of hair cutting, it would be hard for me to imagine anyone giving themselves a truly awesome hair-do that wasn't a buzz. I mean, you can do a lot of touching up and such, but for an all over cut - I wouldn't necessarily invest in this unless you know someone who can help you with it or unless you like a simple short cut like I do.

Overall - I must say, if you're in any way interested in cutting back on unnecessary spending, this personal hair clipper may be a great way to save a lot of money. As long as you aren't especially picky about a certain style, you can easily give yourself a decent variety of simple looks that will in no way scream unprofessional. I've had great experiences with Philips Norelco products, including the other model of hair clipper and their bodygrooms so I would definitely stand by the brand.
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on November 24, 2011
The rotating head is a great idea, and it makes reaching all sides of your head a lot easier. Unfortunately, the plastic guides are very soft and flex if you push the clippers to your head. This means that you end up with closer to a #1 shave in the middle of the clipped area, and the actual setting near the edges.

The first time I used the product, I ended up clipping my entire head with a #1 to make it consistent. The second time, it was better, but you could still see some differences in the length of the hair on my head. The third time I tried extremely hard to use the clippers without applying any pressure. It was hard, and took a lot longer to cut my hair than normal. At least that time it looked OK.

If Philips would use a stonger plastic that didn't flex, the device would rank 4-5 stars
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on August 19, 2011
Very satisfied with this unit. The swivel head is very useful, especially for cutting the left side of the head using the right hand. You swivel it 45, then 90 degrees one way to cut from the back of the head, and 45 then 90 degrees the other way to cut from the front of the head. Nice height adjustments with a wide range. It is difficult to get hair to stand up enough for larger guard lengths so clippers can trim the tips off, but that is the art of hair cutting. I suspect that is why at salons they do it by hand with comb and scissors. I use a brush to help it stand up on top just prior to the clippers coming in. I use #6 on top, #3 on the sides and back, and #2 on the lower sides and back, in that order. I do it once a week just prior to a shower, and have a small canister vacuum cleaner to clean up the small amount of hair in the bathroom. Bathroom has great light and mirrors. Just prior to showering, I plug unit in to recharge then put the vacuum away. It is recharged soon after showering and dressing and I put it away for next week's use.
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on February 27, 2012
Well...... when I first got the Philips Norelco Qc5530/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper, I took my time and was really careful. I had never clipped my own hair before. I am close to 70, and this was my first try. I read the instructions. I read all of the reviews. Then I carefully tried to clip in the direction of the hair. I set up two mirrors so I could be careful to cut in the right direction and that I would not take too much off. I was using the largest attachment and had the clipper on the longest hair setting.

It was coming out OK but I was much too timid. I was afraid of botching my haircut and having to hide-out in my home for a week or two until it grew back.

Well...... today, I blundered into a few videos on YouTube showing how other men cut their own hair. They cut their hair quickly, in all directions, up and back, up the sides, across the sides, up the back and over the top of the head, etc., in ALL directions, over and over again just like they were combing their hair! Plus... they didn't need to use a mirror!

I tried to do the same thing. Without the use of a mirror, and without regard for my well being, I threw caution to the wind, turned the little sucker on, and then started clipping in all directions as calmly as I could, just like I was combing or brushing my hair. It turned out GREAT!!! I LOVE it! No more waiting in line for a haircut. No more spending the bucks on a haircut! No more wasting good gas money driving to the barber! Who says that you can't teach old dogs new tricks! :)
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on September 1, 2012
The clipper works but there's a major design flaw with the contour comb that is easily fixed. If you read some other reviews they state that the comb is only even at the lowest level. This is because the contour comb changes the hair length depending on the angle. If you read the product description it says "2-D Contour-
Following Comb ". If it were at least well designed this wouldn't be a problem but it is.

I uploaded a customer photo that illustrates the difference in height as the comb moves. With the parallel lines added you can clearly see the difference in height. The higher the angle, the shorter the cut, which messes up the hair length. The difference in height is only around 6-7mm but that's a lot and more than enough to mess up your haircut.

By fixing the comb angle it'll cut hair to a consistent length. If your combs are already used, wash the combs with rubbing alcohol and hot water to clean off hair oils. A clean surface will help the glue stick better.

1. pull out the end of the small spring that holds the comb in the neutral position - you want the comb flat and don't want it putting pressure on the comb while you glue it. The spring is not used anymore so you can cut it or pull it out.
2. Superglue the rear of the comb to the base so that it's flat and hold it tight while the glue sets.
3. Superglue the hinges until you see that it's full of glue. The plastic is clear so you can see the hinge filling up with glue.
4. Enjoy! Obviously this will void the warranty on the comb.

Unfortunately, the middle comb is slightly flexible so if you press too hard it'll bow in at the middle. This can also mess up the hair length. You just have to not press too hard. If the comb was made of stronger plastic and it didn't have this horribly designed contour comb, I would have rated it 4 stars.

The rest of the review: Charge life is good, I didn't run out of juice but I only ran it while actually clipping my hair, not just constantly on. I used to use a corded clipper and the hardest part was cutting the back and top-back of my head. I had to hold the mirror with one hand and angle your other arm just right. The swivel head fixed this issue. I noticed that I had to make a few more passes to get my hair even vs. my corded clipper but the ease of doing the back is worth the trade off. Combined with the comb design flaw, it bumped my rating down to 3 stars.

As with any other clippers, if you want medium length hair on the top you still have to use scissors and use clippers on the rear-sides.
review image
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, I like to review based primarily on the value of a product. This hair clipper is more expensive than another hair cut clip Vine sent for my review: Remington Products HC5350AM Professional Cord/cordless Rechargeable Haircut Kit. That one has top notch construction, and I note even that one is much more expensive than the hair cut kit I actually purchased with my own money some time ago Remington HC-8017B Precision 22 Piece Corded Haircut Kit.

So, I'm trying to get real here about spending $60 for a product I suspect most people spend $20 on. Why would you?

Well, this one's a LOT better. First of all, the construction quality of excellent. The handle and the operation are much simpler. The way the clipper mechanism is not at the end of a 'stick', but rather a protrusion below, does make it a bit easier to see what the heck you're doing.

The ability to simply adjust the clipping length without changing the filter combs (you do have two of them, one for the short lengths and one for the long) is a huge benefit over the cheaper clipper.

And it's cordless, which makes life so easy. I have a mirror in my garage, and I'll just run out there to clip the majority of my hair, and then go into my bathroom for the high detail work. Because it's cordless, this is very easy, and it really reduces the cleanup chore.

In fact, with the cheapest clipper, the one I paid money for, I had gotten so frustrated I simply put it up and cut my hair with scissors alone. This clipper is simply much easier than traditional clippers. The cool design makes accurate cutting very easy, producing great results.

But... is it worth the price? If you pay it, you'll be satisfied, but if you're happy with the older clipper style, I think you could also happily choose a cheaper cordless option. So I'm deducting a star for value, even though I think this is an excellent product.
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on December 26, 2011
When I first reviewed this product right after buying it, I gave it a top review. It worked great. Second time, it started making this weird screeching noise every 1-2 passes through the hair. It eventually stopped trimming altogether. Hair constantly gets stuck in the trimmer, forcing removal and cleaning after each pass, and doesn't cut more than an inch into the hair with needing that cleaning. That screeching is so loud, I actually stopped using it. It is now holding my drawer down and useless.
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on December 16, 2011
This is great for a beard, and anything you want to clip with a size 1 clipper setting or lower. However, once you get into the longer clipper extensions (anything above a 1), it's not so great. It's a bit difficult to describe the issue without seeing it, but the way this is designed, there is a space between the clipper blades, and the plastic clipper guide that determines how long the hair will be. The problem with that is, if you exert pressure on the clippers towards your head (which you must), the clipping guide is pressed towards the clippers... meaning it'll cut a bit closer. If it were just a little bit, i wouldn't mind, but it makes a significant difference, so you really have to try to perfectly balance the amount of pressure you exert on your head.

The other issue is, after using this for several months, the clippers don't always stay at the same setting. Sometimes I'll be clipping at a 4, and then realize that I pressed a little too hard and the setting slid down to a 3. It's not bending... but pushing the whole trimmer down a notch. I wound up having to shave my head MUCH closer than I wanted to this time.

I'm disappointed that this didn't last longer because they worked great for the first several months.

I think i'm going for Andis clippers next time, or something else with replaceable blades. They're more expensive, but they are supposed to last forever. I'm tired of swapping between various cheaper clippers and wasting money.

Revision: I just changed my rating from a 3 star to 1 star because 2 of the clipper guides they gave me broke (The smallest, and the mid size extensions). It was quite unfortunate as both broke while I was using them... not fun! The hair wasn't a huge issue as I was using it a the longest hair setting and had some play to fix it up, but when the small one went, I wound up having to shave off my beard (which I hadn't done in 8 years) because when it broke, it went all the way down to the lowest setting.
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on December 4, 2012
UPDATE: I dropped the hair clipper and the larger blade guard cracked and then a few weeks later broke. I was able to super glue it back together so we'll see how long that last. The clipper is still working great and very happy with the purhcase.

Key info:

32 years old
Balding but still have some hair on top and plenty around the sides
I always shave my head with a number 1or number 2. Hey! that doesn't sound right.


I bought this because my Wahl clippers that I've had since high school were finally getting to the point where they needed to be replaced. I bought this on a whim after seeing it on slick deals. I read the reviews prior and there were a few mixed reviews. One common complaint was the attaches bending and causing your hair not to cut evenly. Now I personally use the smallest attachment so that has never been a problem. So I took out the bigger one and just messed with it a little before I cut my hair and it seemed to be cutting evenly just fine. So either I don't have a enough hair to notice such a thing or those people had a death grip on the clippers and were pushing too hard. Probably a combo of both.

These things cut with ease. You don't get and pinched hairs and sometimes you wonder if it is even working. But it works so good you only have to go over a spot twice at the most. You really don't even need to do that but if you are cutting your own hair you probably should since you can't see your whole head to make sure you are getting everything. The rotating head and the ability to wash it off are great features but the beauty of this thing is the fact that it is cordless, cuts well and relatively small so it easy to navigate with your hand.

I fully endorse this product. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who has minimal hair and keeps their head shaved/buzzed because it works great for that.
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on May 19, 2012
Wasn't the best cut ever but did the job and was handy -- until the clip broke after using it twice a month for six months. Of course, Norelco doesn't sell the clips separately so I am out forty bucks.
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