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on May 5, 2011
So far so good. I have used this a few times now and am nothing short of amazed. It has definitely surpassed my expectations after I read the reviews for other Norelco products. It is compact and fits comfortably in your hand.

I have never had much luck with electric shavers and in the past and I've been through a few. Before this product I have had to use a combination of a razor and hair clippers for my face. This, with its dual clippers and foil does a awesome job even after a weeks growth of facial hair. Very, very impressed.

The nose hair trimmer is good, I wouldn't say amazing, but it's definitely the best I've ever tried. It does certainly get the job done. A little ticklish though but no pulling whatsoever.

I keep my hair short so the hair clipper attachment is perfect and works well. I have really thick hair and my old Remmington Ceramic (that was electric) used to get stuck and pull. Not this bad boy! And it's battery operated! I use it in the shower often just to keep the hair trimmed which is really convenient, no mess and no need to vacuum when done :) One caveat, be careful not to push the release button for the guide. I have not had a problem yet but I've been careful, mind where you are putting your fingers as you change angles and grip.

The body trimmer attachment with the rounded edges is well designed and does a great job. Safely gets into sensitive areas without a problem ;)

This product has now replaced a hair clipper, beard trimmer, nose trimmer and my razor without issues and I am so happy I have thrown all the others away and gotten rid of the clutter.

Edit (10/18/2013):

This thing is still going great with no noticeable degradation in battery life. My girlfriend has since discovered that the "Bodygroom Shaver" attachment with the two trimming edges works well on her legs. She has since replaced her shaver with mine. I'm not sure how I feel about having to share this shaver :( She does say that it works better than any groomer she has ever bought.
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on January 23, 2012
I was excited by the other reviews to try out this shaver. I'm a harry guy and have used a variety of shavers and trimmers over the years. I also have sensitive skin, so I have to be picky about what I use. I've worn a beard most of my life so that I wouldn't have to scrape my skin with a razor regularly. Before getting the Multigroom, I used four different devices:

1. A standard corded hair trimmer like the kind barbers use. My beard is thick. The hair trimmer would make short order of it.

2. A cordless beard trimmer that never worked well enough to actually do my beard. I used it to touch up loose ends.

3. A battery-powered nose/ear hair trimmer.

4. A disposable razor.

My hope was to replace all of these at once and have the convenience of a lithium-battery device. Here's how it breaks down:

1. The trimmer on the Multigroom does do a great job on my beard. The plastic guard is pretty sharp and sometimes catches my skin. I should file it down or something. I decided to shave my head (just a buzz cut, not bare skin) recently and the trimmer manages that quite well.

2. Since this is basically a beefier version of my old beard trimmer, it's no surprise this trimmer manages loose ends even better.

3. The nose/ear hair trimmer on this is sub-par. My old one does a much better job. This one is good enough to get by with but every once in a while I get out the old trimmer to really zap those hard-to-reach hairs.

4. The shaver attachment on the Multigroom works. It's not as good as my old Braun rechargeable I had in the 80s. It does provide a passable shave but I typically go over the bare skin with a disposable razor every once in a while.

The Multigroom really shines on three other counts:

1. It's relatively compact and lightweight so it's easier to travel with. My old shaving gear had to travel in a separate container. This one fits on my travel toiletry bag.

2. The battery life is great. I've taken it on week-long trips and typically leave the charger at home. I usually don't use it daily but I've never come close to wearing it down.

3. It's water proof! I can clean it by just running water over it in the sink. I can even take it in the shower if I want!

So there you go from a harry guy... The Multigroom is not shaving nirvana but it's a definite improvement over my old gear!
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on September 5, 2011
I don't want to make this too long, so I'll be brief. I cut my own hair for first year at college in 2003. It was magnificent. I then vacillated with barbers (and growing shoulder-length hair) for about half a dozen years (jeepers!). I'm back to cutting my own hair (and grooming body and nose hair and everything) and the hair cut I give myself with this INDESCRIBABLY elegant, useful, compact, efficient, sharp, and awesome device is the best haircut I've ever gotten (zero hyperbole) and I get to do it myself! Back in 2003, I used a Wahls then (louder, clunkier, about twice the size and rusted easily and in a cheap plastic case with tons of parts, you needed a mini suitcase to carry around that hair trimmer). Nothing compared to this elegant, slim, effective, VERY well-designed device.

This thing does everything (it has parts for face razor, but a separate razor might be best for that), but you can
shave face
trim face hair
shave body hair
trim body hair
trim nose hair
give self PROFESSIONAL (much better than barbers. I loathe non-DIY haircuts now for certain and have had some atrocious trims from barbers and salonists) haircut.

ALL that is with seperate components so you won't, for example, shave your balls and then do haircut with the same razor. Sounds funny, but hey for proper bodygrooming and hygiene this is what works.

I feel like a norelco salesperson with this review and frankly, I wouldn't mind if I was (although I am not).

I am minimalist polishing a book on that topic and this device fits my system because it has so many features. I would have paid $200 for this thing. Seriously. Best haircut (that I've had) is now a DIY!

I love Norelco products and am saving up to replace my current 8000-model with one of their top 3d-senso-touch razors.
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When you take off your shirt at the beach do people stop and ask why you're wearing a sweater? Are you often mistaken for a Sasquatch ? do strangers throw bananas at you ? Is your nose hair starting to look more and more like dreadlocks? is your goatee home to an actual live goat?

If you've answered yes to any of the above - you're in the right place.

Ok, so I'm not a comedian. But I take shaving pretty seriously, in addition to electrics I've been using a straight razor for years and have an extensive collection of both. But when it comes to my goatee I'm all thumbs. Enter this excellent personal trimmer by Norelco, Once considered a low end brand Norelco has re-vamped their product line and after 35 years as a devoted Braun fan I recently switched to the Norelco Senso-Touch 3D razor and love it.

Choosing this trimmer over other brands was an easy choice to make and the benefits are tremendous.

1) Charges in an hour and holds a charge equally as long

2) Comes with more attachments then you'll probably ever need.

3) Cuts with excellent precision.

4) Effortless to use, quick and fast. No razor burn, hair pulling or discomfort.

For your beard, moustache or goatee you can choose the length you want to leave it, mow it down and then shape it with one of two small heads that do an excellent job.

The body groomer glides effortlessly and lets you contour and define or shave it all off without leaving stubble. The older we get hair grows everyplace expect our heads. In that respect the ear and nose trimmer is fast and efficient. Changing heads, comb cutting guides and foils is a breeze. Each accessory comes in a marked plastic bag so they're easy to store. Some reviewers have complained that the base doesn't hold them all. If it did the base would be the size of an ottoman.

This little gem sells most everyplace at $70 - it's a great deal on Amazon at $49.99. You can easily spend twice as much and still not get close to all this personal trimmer offers.

Great trimmer. Lot's of extras. A small foot print so it takes up little counter space. 2 year warrantee and sensational results all add up to an excellent buy for a personal groomer that performs beautifully.
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on October 11, 2011
There are many great interchangeable accessories for this trimmer included in the box.
I use it mainly for facial shaving/trimming. Works well on face.
The only problem foreseen is that so far I had found no place that would have replacement accessories for sale, in case one of the interchangeable heads would break or the shaver foil/blade would become too used and needs replaced.
(I had the Norelco body groom 2030 before this item. Which had replaceable trimmer foil/blade available at least from some sources on the net, although it became increasingly expensive to buy, at least it was available somewhere).
Checked the Norelco website for replacement parts and they had no replacement parts available for this item in stock for a while now.
While this item is still a pretty new purchase and will probably last for a while, it would be good to know that replacement heads are available in case the need arise when one breaks.
Consider this when purchasing.
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on July 17, 2011
Product arrived really quick after ordering. Packaging was sufficient. I have been using a Phillips Norelco Arcitec that is until I received this product. After getting it out of the packaging and trying it I have started to use this more so than the other razor that I have (the Arcitec). The razor does vibrate very strongly, but it is not bothersome to me. It comes with a nice pouch to hold all the items and the razor. I like how after a day or two of having not shaved the Trimmer/Shaver Foil takes care of the long stubble with out any hair pulling or pinching. Though it says you can use it in the shower I have not done so yet. The shaver looks very well put together and seems very sturdy. I like that it has an attachment directly on the body of the shaver to plug in the charger as opposed to having to put the shaver in a base station to charge it. Overall I would definitely recommend this product to friends, family and others as well as maybe buy it again as a gift for others.
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on January 22, 2013
i am a little disappointed that the stand or cradle does not hold all or even most of the attachments. this may not be a big deal for some, but it is to me. it does come with a travel pouch and i guess i can put them in there, but i feel that it defeats the point. i will also say to be careful with the body trimmer attachment as shown in the main picture. its like driving a Ferrari on the freeway instead of my normal work truck. very quickly you will be running out of road and driving through brush and even swamps with that thing when you did not initially plan to. it was difficult to stop once i started. if you fail to catch what i'm saying, lets just say i am smooth in places that i have not been in almost 20 years.
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on October 6, 2011
Wow, I gotta say that this trimmer set certainly lives up to the reviews! I was sick of paying $20 every time I wanted a buzz cut, since it takes barbers about 10 minutes. How hard could that be?

This set comes with a well-engineered set of plastic guards that slide into place; just set to your desired length and start buzzing. The hair trimmer guide is labeled with typical guard lengths (I use a #4), so you can match barbershop lengths easily. Three self-haircuts and this has already paid for itself.

The various attachments work great as well. The noise-hair trimmer didn't pull hair at all, and the larger clippers will remove every piece of hair it touches.

Overall, this is a well-made and stylish kit. It even comes with a nice case and well-thought-out caddy that holds your commonly-used attachments. Pretty cool!
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on August 14, 2015
I had this unit for a little over 2 years before it just went dead. Keep in mind I have very fair hair and I shave maybe 2 times per week for my face and maybe one time a month for the rest of my body. I used it primarily in the shower and one day it was just dead. After it went dead, I noticed there were hairline cracks in the plastic casing and I never dropped it or abused it. I also cleaned and oiled it after almost every use. The cracks stemmed down the back from where the attachments go (on the side opposite to the "On" switch), through the push mechanism (that is the lock for lengthening attachments), and beyond almost to the center of the unit's body. So, I would guess some water finally made it inside this unit to end it's life.

So, now I'm stuck overseas for the next four months with no shaver. It's not the end of the world, but razors give me pimples and ingrown hairs. I purchased this unit mainly because it was one of a few that advertised 100V-240V. Anyway, I'll be looking at other brands that are maybe built a little better. This is the first unit I've had that died prematurely for something other than a battery issue. Then again, this is the first unit I've had that was "waterproof." So, it might still be working if water wasn't a factor.
review image review image
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on May 15, 2012
I should have listened to what some of the other viewers posted. My big complaint with this product is that the beard trimmer doesn't trim it close enough to my skin. What doesn't make sense is that Norelco sells a beard trimmer that does have a setting that's perfect, but not this unit. I bought this for traveling, since it has a face, beard, nose/ear trimmer built all into one. But if you're looking for a close beard trim, look elsewhere
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