Customer Reviews: Philips PB9011/37 9-Inch 1080p Portable DVD Player
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These portable blue ray players are a great size for traveling. We've been using the Phillips 7" dual DVD players up until this one and I liked those. But the larger size and improved movie resolution are nice on these! Of course, my children aren't too picky about either of those.
I love that the children can now watch all of the blu-ray movies we've bought on road trips, whereas before we had to stick to only DVD's. (You may be wondering what kind of a parent I am, but in my defense, my children are only 4 and 6 so their DVD collection is pretty recent and blu-rays are a little more durable than regular DVD's so why not?) And like I said, they look very nice now. On our older one, it was painful for us parents to watch anything on them when we traveled. These look fabulous and even have HDMI outputs so we can hook it up to a larger tv when we travel and there is no DVD player, or blu ray player, available.

Also there's an elaborate (for a portable DVD player) menu that will allow you to access different types of media or games. We probably won't be using it for this though.

Other people have mentioned the case and, yes, it's nice. It's like other Phillips cases: cheap material but made to fit the specific system. There's even a pocket for the remote in the dividers that hold the cables.

So, I like it and they're great. Here is my beef with them:
1)They p[lay off of the same movie and I really like it when they can play two. But, that involves way more money so it's something I can get over
2)This is the really big issue for me: only one wall a/c charger was included and each screen is powered separately. That means I had to go through our old Phillips players and had to pull out another charger. Why would they only send one? It makes no sense! The car charger is split into two cables so that shouldn't be a problem.
3) we've only used these a handful of times but as far as I can tell, when the power goes off, it does not resume play where it left off. it starts over from the beginning. this is pertinent if you're using it in the car and have to stop for gas and turn it all off.

So, except for the fact that only one wall-charger was included, the other two are pretty obvious imperfections for entry price points. But, since we use our DVD players for occasional sleepovers, we need two wall chargers and that is seriously annoying for me.

**update 7-31-12**They just all of a sudden stopped working on our last road trip last month. a very long road trip. a road trip where watching movies in the car would have been extremely helpful. I've heard of Phillips systems doing this, but our previous Phillips DVD players never gave us an issue and we logged many more hours on those. These probably didn't get used for more than 12 hours. I can hear aggressive spinning noises that stop and restart for a period of time and then it tells me that there is no DVD in the player.
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VINE VOICEon December 19, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These days, if you drive kids on long trips, a DVD player can verge on essential equipment. In my opinion, portable DVD players are better than built-ins because (1) I can take them out when I park, (2) I can often use them to watch DVDs at my destination, (3) they're inexpensive enough that even if i need to replace one, I can buy several for the cost of a built-in, and most importantly, (4) I can take it out for SHORTER trips, so that my kids don't beg me to watch Bolt during trips to the store.

Summary: The Philips PB 9011/37 is a nice player, compatible with Blue-Ray, standard DVDs, and with USB input. It has a second screen that you can mount, so that both headrests can show the same movie. It will play to a TV through HDMI out, and the remote control is nice. My only major gripe is that it doesn't have a battery, so it won't play when unplugged.

What's Good:

- In my opinion, the primary benefit of this is that it's Blue-Ray compatible. Unless your kids are videophiles, they probably won't feel strongly about the increased picture quality, but if you have a Blue Ray collection that you want to be able to watch on the road, you need a Blue-Ray compatible player. That said, the picture is great.

- The main unit is nice and thin. Instead of having a clamshell lid like most players, it's a tablet-style unit that splits slightly open to admit a DVD or Blue-Ray disk. It mounts well to the headrest with a nice, simple strap.

- It is very nice to have two units in the car -- with only one unit, you need to fuss with trying to set the unit up on the center console or hang it between the front headrests somehow, and even then, nobody has a good viewing angle. (On the other hand, if your family doesn't like watching the same stuff, you might be better off getting two less expensive units and some headphones so that everyone can watch their own thing.)

- I like that the unit has USB input and HDMI output. When you get to your hotel or wherever, you can plug this into an HDMI compatible TV. (Note that an HDMI cable is NOT included -- we ended up ordering the AmazonBasics 2 meter cable, which works great.)

What Could Be Better:

- As I've said, my biggest complaint is that there is no battery in the main unit. When my car power is off, so is the show. I appreciate that that choice made the unit lighter and thinner, but it can be a lifesaver to let the kids keep watching their show on the shuttle bus to the plane, or on the plane itself. With the 9011, you need to be someplace that can power the car or wall charger, or you're out of luck.

Conclusion: I think this unit is right for some people. If you have a Blue-Ray collection you want to watch on the road, have two or more kids sufficiently close in taste that they will watch the same thing, and don't have a need to watch this without a power source, then it's a great choice and highly recommended. If not, I'd recommend looking into getting units with battery power, and possibly into getting two less expensive units rather than one dual player.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I know this is a weird thing to lead off with, but I was really surprised that this dual-screen Blu-ray player comes with a travel case. I've owned more portable DVD players than I can count and every time I get a new one it seems like it's a big hassle to find a case that works. The case they included with this player is amazing. Everything fits perfectly. I can't believe what a difference it makes when the case is specifically designed for the player. It's big though. These 9" screens are big, so the case needs to be big too.

But enough about the case...

The product description for this item is surprising to me. I'm surprised they call it a "Portable DVD Player", because that's too modest. Sure, this plays DVDs, but it's a Blu-ray player. The ability to play Blu-ray discs on the road is a huge step up.

I've owned this product's predecessor, the Philips PD7012/37 7-Inch LCD Dual Screen Portable DVD Player, Black, for about a year now and I'm thrilled to get this new and improved version. The new 9" 1080p display is a big improvement. And of course the ability to play Blu-ray movies on the road is fantastic too. The other new enhancement is that it includes a remote.

What's included:

* Two 9" displays (one master unit with the player and one slave unit with a display only).
* Patch cord to connect the two units.
* Hanging straps to attach the displays to the car seat in front.
* 12v power cord (cigarette lighter plug)
* 110v power cord (residential power outlet)
* Remote control.
* Carrying case (pure awesomeness!)

The master unit includes inputs for alternate sources, for gaming systems, etc. There is even an HDMI input for high-def input sources.

The picture quality is great. The audio is decent, but it's better if you have a way to play it back through another source, like your car stereo.

I've had a love/hate relationship with Philips. They don't seem to make any average products, just stellar ones or complete eWaste. I've been very happy with our older 7" DVD player and now I'm even happier with this new 9" Blu-ray.
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on August 5, 2013
After about 6 month of use, mine started getting a "no disc" error.

I contacted Philips for a repair service under their 1 year manufacturer warranty (as described in the product detail page), but was surprised to find out that my purchase is not covered because I made the purchase from one of the Amazon's third party merchant.

Philips apparently consider a purchase from a third party merchant as a second hand purchase, therefore doesn't cover under their warranty program.

Just be aware.
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VINE VOICEon February 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Philips PB9011 portable Blu-Ray DVD Player is a pretty good option for the back seat of a car, but it doesn't offer much more than less expensive players unless you are committed to Blu-Ray discs.

- They generally do what they are supposed. They provide an ok movie watching experience for the back seat.
- 9" screens are on the bigger side for portable players intended for the car.
- The carrying case fits everything perfectly and easily. No jamming stuff into place or having to figure out what should go where. It really is well done. With kids, it is important that things can easily be put away properly.
- As the name says, it plays Blu-Ray discs. In reality, the quality on this player doesn't allow Blu-Rays do much more than a DVD, but if you already have a Blu-Ray disc, you can still play it in the car with the PB9011. In the past, we had to limit ourselves to DVD's just in case we wanted to watch the movie in the car at some point. Nice!

- You can only watch one movie at a time. The second screen is only a slave to the primary. The other (much less expensive) portable DVD players that we have can work as a pair or independently.
- The volume control is a physical dial on the side of the player, so it can't be controlled by remote and it requires a little more fidgeting than a digital volume control.
- The sound is ok but not great. It sounds much more like mono than stereo and doesn't get very loud without deteriorating.
- The screen washes out in sunlight. In the back seat of a car, it is tough to control going into and out of sunlight. These screens don't do well with that.
- The cables are quite a mess in the back of the car, but that is hard to avoid with a pair of portable screens.
- The remote control feels flimsy. We'll see how it holds up.
- The screens don't tilt on their backings like our other players do. If the angle is off for the person watching the movie, you have to play with how it is strapped to the headrest instead of just tilting it up or down.
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on August 12, 2013
I believe that the product itself would be a great buy. The unit is well made, plays blu-ray and dvds, has separate audio on each screen, and the remote is easy enough for the kids to use so I wouldn't have to keep doing everything myself while driving.

The issue I have is actually with the seller themselves. The unit was listed as refurbished. I work in an electronic facility and we have refurbished items. That means that some part(s) on the device didn't work properly and we had to work on them to get the device up to speed. Refurbished does NOT mean used. The unit we received that we wanted to try out on our rounds for vacations this summer came to us already out of its original package, the front of both screens were scratched up, the screen protectors were gone, the screens were filthy, and on the main screen that has the player in it were black lines and a big dot in the pixels while you were looking at a video.

I sent the seller an email and never got a reply. I spoke to Amazon and they sent the seller an email and I got an email from the seller the next day. They told me they would send me a brand new unit to replace the used one that I got. I was given a return slip that I printed off and when I went to the UPS store they said I would have to pay the $25 out of pocket to send it back. I went ahead and paid for it because it's such a hassle to get up to the store in the first place. Once the unit was sent out I never heard from the seller. Amazon sent the seller a UPS tracking number to show them I had sent it back. The day before the package reached its destination I was given a full refund on the refurbished unit to my Amazon account from the seller. I didn't ask for a refund and neither did Amazon. The seller gave me a refund and didn't send me the brand new unit they promised me. After Amazon had to contact them again about where the new unit was and why they gave me the refund the seller contacted me and told me that they were sorry for the confusion and told me to just keep the refurbished unit and they'd give me a full refund for it. They knew I had already shipped the unit back.

So in the mean time we take our two vacation trips and don't have a player for either one while trying to get the seller to get things straightened out. To this day we still have the refund, Amazon actually gave us a refund on the shipping charges that the seller charged us and just ate that cost for the seller.

The seller said they would get us a new unit. I don't know if they are going to charge full price for that or not. I haven't heard back from the seller since that was brought up two and a half weeks ago.

I asked for Amazon to file a complaint against the seller and also asked them how a company would be allowed to sell through Amazon if they lie to their customers about the products themselves, make promises they don't keep, and only contact customers when Amazon contacts them directly. They said they would file the complaint for me.

Amazon has done a lot for me to make this as easy a transaction as possible. I am not out of pocket in any way, just majorly inconvenienced by the seller that has yet to resolve their customer satisfaction/service obligations. Unless they pull through with the new unit or some other form of compensation I will never recommend them to anyone on Amazon.
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on December 6, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
So far this is one of the nicest portable DVD players I've used. It is much more than just another DVD player though. It can also be hooked up to your HDTV (cables not included) and used as a Blu-Ray player since it also comes with a wall plug adapter. In addition, it can also be used like a digital frame to view pictures in a slide show format or use it as a CD player. This is very versatile!

First of all, the quick start guide on the box is very complete and took less than 10 minutes from opening the box to installing in the car and playing a movie. There is no actual permanent installation or connection to your vehicle. I found the quick clip straps to be very easy to use and can be easily unclipped and attached to another headrest. The length of the cords on the cigarette lighter adapter and AV cables are a nice length which would allow for use with 3-seat SUVs.

The picture quality is quite good for a portable player, although I cannot currently comment on the Blu-Ray quality as I did not have a Blu-Ray disc available to test. This is my first Blu-Ray player. I would rate the audio quality an 8.5 or 9 out of 10. The volume level is more than adequate for a portable player. I had to immediately locate the volume control to turn it down as soon as the movie started playing.

If you don't like added distractions while driving, I would strongly recommend the use of headphones or having the unit where small hands could change the volume. My biggest concern with the base unit is that the screen tilts open to install the DVD but does not open very wide. It's a bit awkward changing discs, especially if you had large or stiff hands. Again, I would keep the player out of reach of children since they could apply too much force and possibly break the hinge.

The remote, with batteries included, and the carrying case are very nice touches, which you don't always find with other players. Everything fits perfectly into the case and it's very easy to pack and unpack. The remote does not have a volume control which would have been nice, but, of course, is not needed for control.

Being able to use a USB drive to display pictures or play music is a feature I've not seen before on a portable player. As I stated before, it can be used like a digital frame and set up to run through like a slideshow. I think this is a very nice added feature.

I might mention a security issue that we noticed right away and wish to pass on... Given the extreme ease of installing the players on headrests, we recommend that you take them off and store them away each time you leave your vehicle...they certainly look nice hanging there and will be a great temptation, so be careful and smart!

Being somewhat challenged re the variety of electronic equipment available these days--and no time to keep up unless absolutely necessary, I would suggest, as with all major purchases, that you do price comparisons considering the features against others available. As to performance, quality, and enjoyment of this product, I can certainly wholeheartedly recommend it!

Product Received Via
Amazon Vine

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on October 8, 2015
I am very disappointed in this product. I bought it about a year ago off Amazon. We bought it because it was a blue ray player. We had it a little over six months before it would not play blue ray discs anymore. Now its been about a year and we are getting a no disc error. They appeared to be good quality, however they did not hold up to the consistent and prolonged use.

Picture quality was descent
Good size screen for individual viewing
Simple to use
Simple hook up

Sound often would not get over road noise
Blue ray feature stopped work early on
No Disc Error

Overall, I think that Philips needs to make some modifications before I would consider buying a portable DVD from them again.
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on July 8, 2014
The DVD player skips whenever you go over a crack in the road, or if there is wind that is over 5 miles per hour. We had a Sony DVD player for 6 years and it worked great. I wish they made duel players. This player was a waste of money. It does not even save where you left off in the movie. It worked for a few weeks. Too bad the return policy from EA electronics is only 30 days. I am sure I will be throwing it in the garbage soon.
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on September 3, 2015
Despite all of the negative reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and have a go with this blu-ray player. I must say that I am very happy spending the money on this, because I have not had any major issues with it. My wife made a ten hour trip to Georgia using both screens and it worked beautifully. There were issues with skipping after they got back, but I found out she had touched the laser. After carefully cleaning it, it played perfectly. I have seen complaints of the front face being scratched, which was not the case for me. It came packaged looking almost brand new with all accessories including the remote and home plug, which also were complained about being missing. Overall I have no complaints at all with this, and would recommend it to anybody that wants to play blu-rays on the go.
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