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on October 1, 2010
A decent can't be expecting much with a portable DVD player..
Where it stands out?
1) It comes with a 110-240V charger - so that makes it really "portable"...I mean you use these not at your home but when you actually travel..
2) It can be made region double points on portability!
Region free hack:
1. Turn on player.
2. Open disc tray.
3. Wait till 'Open' appears on screen
4. Type 9 6 5 3
5. Press up or down button to reach REGION option
6. Press OK button
7. Scroll UP/Down to TEST0 , press OK
8. Press setup again to exit

3) Battery life is longer
4) Gives you some extra inches of viewing than the rest
5) Plays both NTSC and PAL DVDs. I haven't tried that but the specification on Philips' site says
"Video disc playback system: NTSC, PAL"
Check it out: [...]

Though the caption says black color but the white looks I am happy with that.
Overall a decent player....serves the purpose for what it is meant for....please don't compare the sound or picture quality with a home theater or's not that.
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on July 12, 2010
I've owned this player for a little over a week now and, since it had no reviews here on Amazon, I thought I'd write one up.

I bought this as a bedroom DVD player to replace an Insignia player that was showing its age.

The description says the player is black, however, go by the picture in the listing. The outside is a matte off-white color and slightly textured. The inside is black. The screen is a huge 9 inches (the majority of players I looked at had 7 inch screens) and the video quality is very good. Audio is quite good as well. I have the player on a night stand next to my bed and have no problem hearing anything. It isn't listed in the product description but the player comes with a mounting pouch for use in a car. I don't intend to ever use the player that way, but, I wasn't expecting the pouch so it was a nice surprise when I opened the box. The box says the battery will last 5 hours; I can't really comment on that since I keep it plugged-in. Though I'm sure I'll be happy for those 5 hours during power outages.

Now for the minor quibbles:

When the player is on there is a rather large, bright green light on the front of the player (it lights red when the battery is charging). It doesn't interfere with watching the screen and I got used to it after a few days.

I really wish players like these would have a button on the remote (or on the player itself) for switching between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios (my very first portable DVD player had such a button and I've missed it in every player since). If you're a stickler for watching programs in the correct aspect ratio (like myself) you have to go through the settings menu to make the change. A single button would save several steps.

I also wish that all the manufactures would add volume controls on the remotes.

The AC adaptor was also a little on the short side (probably three inches shorter than the cord for my previous player). It's a minor annoyance only.

Overall, I'm very happy with this player and would give it 4.5 Stars.
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on July 14, 2011
This is our 2nd portable DVD player. I was hesitant to purchase one again after so many bad reviews of many different brands. I have delayed purchasing for about 6 months until I found this product. Our Kawasaki player stopped working well after 5 yrs of occasional use and little fingers touching the sensor many times. We use a portable DVD player for trips and sometimes at home.

I'm very pleased with this product. The price is excellent for the quality and screen size. I specifically wanted one that had an AV output to easily hookup to a hotel TV (this is when the remote comes in very handy) and had a memory function. We recently enjoyed a favorite DVD hooked up to our hotel room TV.

~ AV cords and remote, although we add an AV extension for hotel TVs.

~ Car charger and car headrest holder.
The elastic bottom part of the headrest holder somewhat covers the on/off button, eject button and stop start buttons though. But it's not too difficult to move. It's not a completely secure holder like the metal attachment kinds are, but it does the job pretty well. I added some masking tape around it to secure more for a long trip. If we used it continually I would opt for a better way to secure it or purchase a player that secured with metal brackets.

~It plays DVDs that I have created.
Note: I specifically won't buy Sony even though it is a quality brand because Sony doesn't allow you to play DVD/CDs that you have created.

~It's a lightweight compared to our old one and has the battery integrated within it.
I haven't used up the entire battery at one sitting yet. But we drove quite a few hours before we realized that the car charger hadn't been plugged in and it was still working well. Our old DVD player lasted a little over 2 hours, so we're glad to have this new one.

~It remembers where you left off - YES!
Finally this function is available - nothing is more frustrating to a kid than when you pull the car in for gas and the player has to restart the video, because you turn off the car.

~Everything else as far as I can tell functions well.
Headphones work well with it and the sound quality is pretty good as far as portable DVD players go. We hope it will last as many years as our old one.

UPDATE: It's been a year & it's been working great - road trips, airlines. Yay!
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on January 8, 2011
We've had this dvd player a few months (after trying several others when a fantastic one - Polaroid, no less- we'd had for several years finally wore out). We've been more pleased with it than any others we've tried, but we did have a problem with a very dark screen recently. My five star rating is mostly for Philips customer support... I called about the problem; the tech asked a few questions then said, "OK, if you give me your address, I'll send you a replacement." I had no idea this was even a possibility when I called and was very pleasantly surprised by the cheerful way in which Philips volunteered this product replacement. It's worth the purchase - and I don't even mind problems - when a company stands by its product.
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on July 22, 2013
There is a component fault with this Philips DVD player (the c319 capacitor component within the player which is a manufacturing issue and nothing to do with normal usage) and it should have been subject to a product recall. Do not waste your money on this unit it will last a few months at best and then without warning you will start to lose picture quality and then the player will stop working altogether. The green on/off light will just keep flashing and it will no longer charge, switch on or work. It seems that a lot of Philips DVD players have this issue, there is even a YouTube video showing how to solder a new component into the players to try to fix them.

Our player is only 18 months old and has only been used a handful of times. It is now outside the warranty and Philips want nothing to do with it. I did e-mail them when the green on/off switch started flashing in the hope that they could give me a trick to re-start it but all I got was a reply saying:

"I am sorry to hear that your device went faulty. I do hope it served you well for those years. The life of each product depends on various aspects and I am not able to tell you more in this matter. I can advise you to buy a new one in Philips Online Shop. Here is a link: [...]
I am certain a new Philips product will be as satisfactory as the old one."

Oh the irony!

So, if you want a portable DVD player to last more than a few months, DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE. I believe that potential customers should be aware of the exceptionally short life-span of this DVD player. I wish I had been.
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on August 24, 2010
This player (PD9000/37) is a region free portable 9" wide screen Divx DVD player. It works off the box very nicely. Most control 'switches' and ports i.e power, dvd open, ear phone etc are on the sides. The control buttons (play, stop, forward, menu etc are accesible when you open the screen. The outside is white and when you open it's black on the inside.

The screen is very nice and playing of discs was flawless. I checked DVDs, VCDs and some Divx home videos. All of them played well. If you pop in a divx disc with avi files, it will list directories and/or file and you can highlight the desired file and click play. you can do that with the remote as well. The audio quality is okay. The volume level is fine indoors, may need to use earphones when viewing outdoors. The 9" screen is really better than the 7" ones. Pretty good battery life too.

Worth the purchase!
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on January 8, 2012
I purchased this particular portable player because I needed a region free player to play some series DVD's from the UK. I've had this player since April 2011, and feel now that I've had it a while I can give a fair review. This player is quiet running, good picture and fair sound. (I use a small external speaker usually). I like how it charges, it stops when the battery is full and does not continue to overcharge to shorten battery length. I use this player everyday and even after nearly 9 months of recharging it will still play on battery time for 6-8 hours. It does not play blu ray,(it is not advertised to do so) but will play other formats. It also comes with all the cords to plug and play through your TV. I have been very satisfied with this player and will replace it with another if I need to in the future. It has been a good buy for the money.
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on May 30, 2012
I went thru 3 units through the warranty program at Philips before I finally asked for my money back all under 1yr of owning the original unit. The first unit had problems on the some of the options on the menu. The second had a greenish screen. The third unit which they sent me was refurbished and looked beat up had a black screen and only sound at times. I loved the player when it worked. I bought it for my daughter to use in the car and on trips and she used all the time and loved it but when it wasn't working it became a hassle and I just got fed up. Now I am returning it for the last time to Philips and awaiting my refund which will take a month to receive. In the mean time I have to get a new dvd player and hope I don't have problems with the new one. I do know I am not going to buy a Philips. All the warranty swap outs were very easy to do but it was just a hassle and I want a product that is going to work right every time. This product came with great reviews and at a great price but I just had no luck with getting a good functioning unit after going thru 3 of them. I also read the reviews of others and sounds like they had similar problems.
The other minor thing is I wish the buttons on the unit were a little easier to access like the power button while in the carrying case.
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on December 30, 2011
I live in the USA ( region 1 ) but enjoy foreign films, movies and TV mainly available only in Europe (region 2). Some examples of what I enjoy would be the BBCs complete Shakespeare series from the 70s ( all 39 productions) or the complete Harry Potter series or "One Foot in the Ground" TV. The UK version of Harry Potter is much more complete than what is offered in the USA. Plus prices of similar items can be significantly lower.
I was using my computer to watch these BUT ( for some copy-right reasons) a person can only switch regions on his computer 5 times. Then the computer will lock the DVD player in the last region. Reinstalling windows or drivers, I'm told, does not correct this problem. Be careful that you don't max out region switches in a region not your own.
So to solve my problem I purchased a brand name all-region DVD player. But the player did NOT do what it advertised - Changing regions seamlessly. What I found is no maker of these DVD players ( panasonic, toshiba etc.) makes a multi-region, all region player. The DVD players get tweaked by the distributor into doing multi-region. Sometimes, you'll see by reading reviews, you'll see they work well and other times not.
I contacted the distributor and we tried various tweaks but I could not get the DVD player to function in the all-region modes so I returned it. Amazon gets 5 stars BTW for accepting the opened DVD player back and paid the shipping costs.
I was considering going with a dedicated region 2 DVD player but read the 5 star reviews on this Philips Portable DVD player. So I took a chance and ordered it.
It works completely seamlessly changing between region 1 and region 2 and that's the main reason why I made this purchase. And this is the main reason why I am giving this Philips a 5 star rating.
Battery life says up to 5 hours. I don't know about that but I have watched 2.5 hour movies and the battery seemed to have plenty of juice left.
It comes with a small but detailed remote that works perfectly. Also has a jack for headphones. Plays music CDs without a problem. Sound quality says stereo ( means two tiny- tinny speakers) and is what I would expect from small speakers. It has the standard wire ( 3 color , red, white and yellow) to hook it up to a TV BUT the wire's total length is about 12 inches. It has two chargers. One is for the car's cigarette/jack and the other one is for a wall outlet. It also has an adapter so you can use it in the European (round) outlets. You can only recharge in the "OFF" mode. I have not compared the video picture with other Portable players but I am satified with what I have.
Disclaimers: The way I understand it is, because the Portable DVD makers' don't make their DVD players to be multi-region , they will not honor the warantee for players that have been altered to be multi-region. So for warantee claims you'll have to deal with the distributor.
Also I have only checked this Portable Player out only using region 1 and 2 DVDs so I can not say how it will work for the other regions, only that I am very happy with what it does for me.
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on March 13, 2012
I bought this DVD player when it was announced that they no longer wanted magazines in the employee lunch room. It seems one of the top store managers thought it made the room look "cluttered and messy". I needed a DVD player that would fit in my locker but with a large enough screen to make watching a DVD enjoyable. This Philips fits the bill. I decided to buy a region free player so that I could watch some DVD's I own in Region 2 and 4. This player came to me Region Free right out of the box. This was important to me as I did not want to have to perform a "hack code" myself. The sound quality is VERY good in my opinion but I am not super picky about the sound. It was clear and I was able to adjust the volume easily. Picture quality is good also. This is my first portable DVD player so I have nothing to compare it to. For me, it will work fine. The cord to hook it up to a regular TV is SHORT. It measures only 10" so I may have to replace it with a longer one as I do not see how I can make it work but that is a review for another day. As far as a true Region Free DVD player goes I give this two enthusiastic thumbs up. Shipping was super fast. I had this player 40 HOURS after I ordered it with REGULAR shipping. WOW. I could not figure out why the delivery truck was stopping in front of my house. I was shocked when I figured out it was my DVD player. Way to go Amazon. I am a Happy Camper indeed.
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