Customer Reviews: Philips Prestigo SRU8010 Icon Universal Remote Control (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on October 18, 2008
There are several useful reviews already posted. I find the 8010 a great learning remote. The initial setups are, indeed, very straightforward with the use of its internal 'wizards'. However, like many reviewers have noted, it does take patience to setup up Favorites and Macros.
One also has to realize that though the Wizards may help with the bulk of the setup, most times, not all functions on a remote are covered. That's where the beauty of the LEARNING portion comes in. Simply teach or tweak any of the buttons not setup in the wizard.

Though it may intimidate some, I prefer this model with its several keys versus the touch screen model in this Prestigo family or those with fewer buttons. What some fail to realize that you trade aesthetics for reduced number of button pushing. In other words, if the remote had fewer buttons or a touch screen like its cousins, that means buried menus or repeated taps of a touch screen just to get at a function. With the 8010, all functions are available with single button pushes. You want to be able to feel and use the remote by touch and not necessarily look away from the TV.

I was very impressed with the LCD and the shear number and, more importantly, relevance of many of the network icons.

Some Cons and Tips:
Con- Though mentioned in the manual and shown in icon form on the remote itself, it must be said that the learning is done "head to tail" vs "head to head". In other words, the learning IR is located at the bottom of the 8010, so to learn another remote's function, you must hold the old remote's top pointed to the 8010's bottom--instead of IR bulb to IR bulb. I list it as a con simply because this is not the norm with many learning remotes I've used nor with previous models of Philips learning remotes.

Con- As many have said, the inability to rename macros is an oversight and nuisance.

Con- Love the favorites function, but, again, the Reorder function is painful since one must use a ladder method to move channels around rather than inserting a channel and thus moving the existing channels "down a notch". You are almost better off writing them down before entering them on the remote.

Con- I understand that this is a mid-level learning remote and to add a USB interface would've raised the price, but it would have been nice to be able to update the logo icons or even use your own.

TIP: Put as many functions as you can in 1 mode setting. The remote CAN LEARN FROM SEVERAL DIFFERENT REMOTES when in ONE mode. Many make the mistake that because you are in Satellite mode, you have to switch to TV mode to use some not often used, but necessary commands. Wouldn't it be easier to have all functions in one setting? Save yourself from unnecessary mode switching. For example, the SLEEP function. In the Satellite mode, I've programmed the SAP key with the SLEEP button command from the TV remote, even though I'm in Satellite mode. Now there's no need to go to TV mode, set a sleep timer, then push buttons to get back into Satellite mode. All of that is now done with 1 button push and just a mental note. So what if a guest or grandma or dad don't know that it's there. They can go the long way.

TIP: Re-program buttons so that they make sense to you. Some reviews have complained about the placement of the Mute button or that not enough buttons are there. I've made the minus button my mute button. It's not super close to the volume buttons, but it's now in a position that I can push by feel. In another example, I have a DVR. I've programmed the Tivo buttons on the 8010 to work for my non-Tivo DVR making the back arrow and forward arrow function as the Skip Back and Skip Fwd buttons. The Thumbs Up and Thumbs Dwn buttons and Input buttons control my PIP funtions. I could program LCD buttons, but why have my fingers move up an already long remote, when I can keep them near the Play, Pause, Rec buttons?
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on January 8, 2008
Right out the box this remote was easy to use. It had a lot of preprogrammed devices but I found it easier to just add any device and save it, label it and then learn the remote you want one key at a time. The multiple commands macro per key is a great plus. The screen is a good size and is real clear and easy to read. Another nice plus is the ablilty to have a his and hers button.
The only thing I wished it had was the ability to save your complete setup to a file on your pc and be able to save this file back to the remote. Another plus would be to have a cradle that charged it. Overall for the money this remote worked great. I've compared it to the mx-500 and the harmony 880 and trust me this remote blows them away.
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on May 17, 2008
This is the first remote I have found under $100 that can actually handle every situation you find in a relatively sophisticated home system. It comes pre-programmed with tons of devices, it can learn individual commands from other remotes, it can allow you to control something else with certain keys, such as your audio receiver volume while set for the DVR and/or TV, and it can learn multiple step macros, which is very helpful in getting your systems turned on and off with a single button.

For the Cro-magnons who have reviewed this remote and said it can't do the things I've mentioned, I should say that this remote should only be used by fully conscious non-mentally deficient human beings. Any others should NOT get this remote. They should continue to fight with multiple remotes and complain.
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on January 30, 2008
This is my first universal remote, and after a fair bit of research I decided on this model instead of the newer touch-screen version because I liked the idea of not having to look at the display each time.
It took a bit of experimenting to find precisely the versions of the manufacturer codes for one or two of my devices, but ultimately I got it working just fine, and it's a solid piece of hardware that works as advertised.
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on November 20, 2007
I had a Philips Visa card for a while and has some points to use. It was the only thing I had enough points for other than a DVD player, which I didn't need.

I wasn't expecting much, but it has really impressed me. I currently have set up on it:

TV (Philips)
Tivo Series 2
Dish ViP 722

The channel favorites is absolutely awesome (can set up 20), and there is far less lag than when I was using my Tivo remote with the TV.

I wasn't able to find a stored code form my Toshiba HD-DVD A2, but if worst comes to worst, I can use the learing function of it.

For the money, it is a very good value.
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on January 3, 2012
This remote was ok 4 years ago when I was using a cable box, a stereo, a dvd/vcr, and a television. After upgrading my system to satellite, I have tried to use this remote (under the x10 Icon label), and it is no longer practical. I had to "learn" most of the main buttons for my Insignia HD television, and ALL of the main buttons on my iLive sound bar. My Philips DVD player worked fine with the initial set up. Unfortunately, those were the only three components that worked. My Dish Network ViP922 DVR did not work. Although the general brand name "Dish Network" is available, only a few buttons are operational, and all of the rest are NOT "learnable". And yes, I did make sure to "enable IR" on my receiver. I cannot even browse my DVR content with this remote. The manual does say that there will be some commands that cannot be learned, but you don't find that out until you've already bought the remote. There is also no way to program a Roku 2XS remote. So, even with this remote, I still would have 3 remotes. My original DVR remote can operate the TV and DVD player, so I've returned this one. I am going to try another brand which has had great reviews with both Dish Network and Roku users. Although it is now outdated, it was great while it lasted. I do recommend this if you are absolutely sure of compatibility, but do not trust the "works for EVERYTHING" feeling that the description and many of the reviews are touting.
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on June 28, 2008
A friend of mine recently purchased a Logitech Harmony One remote for 250 bucks. He raved about it but I could not afford it -- even at the recent price drop to 180. So I looked at this remote, which is the same as the X-10 Icon Remote. It is about 50 bucks which is more in my range -- so I bought it. It took less than 5 minutes to setup the remote to control my receiver, Dish DVR, DVD player, VCR, CD player, plasma TV, and X-10 controlled lights. Then it took me another 2 hours to setup "favorites" and marcos. But it works great. I set up one button that I labled "Watch TV". Hit it once and the TV comes on and switches to satellite input, satellite comes on, then receiver comes on and switches to satellite input. Hit the button again and they all turn off. I setup similar macros for DVD, VCR, etc. I even set up one button called "Frank". It turns on the receiver and the satellite and switches it to channel 6075, the Dish Network Sirius Sinatra station. What macros will I think up next?! A great product at a great price.
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on February 14, 2008
First off, I replaced this remote with a Sony learning remote which was a waste of an engineers time to make. Learning was easy once I figured out that the learning reader was actually at the bottom of the Phillips remote and not at the top.

The nice color display is easy to use and was much less costly than a Harmony remote. In the terms of some famous movie critics, I give it two thumbs up.

Thanks Phillips for making a great product and for allowing my wife to love watching TV with me again. (Actually this remote would make a great Valentine's gift for the wife unit.)
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on January 24, 2013
For the price it is a great remote.
It can read codes, lean, do macros, display favorite channels with channels icons. It doesn't read a lot of the latest devices, so a lot of manual learning needs to be done to program it the way you want.
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on July 27, 2010
Bought this on clearance at ** for $45 to replace my Sony RMVL900 which I love. I liked the idea of the TFT screen to relabel devices and include a generous helping of softkeys. The remote was easy to code in devices and did not require too much thought until it came to my Philips DVR and really teach it. I was not completely suprised to find devices without codes; I was annoyed it did not support the DVR. The trouble started when it was time to teach the Philips remote from another Philips remote. The learning ability of the remote does not appear to be well thought out. It was incapable of learning press and hold keys, such as the volume and channel keys. It was also incapable of replicating the shortest sufficient code. Just for comparison, I programmed what I could on my Sony remote. Key presses from the Phillips DVR remote and the Sony Remote were fast. Channel changes were easy. Volume changes were easy press and hold. (To borrow from Simcity 2000, "Trim, Fast, and Responsive"). Key presses from the Phillips universal remote were slugish and demanding. Channel changes could take several seconds to accomplish. Volume control is impossible (technically possible, but in practice not). The remote also has a tendancy to lock-up as if it thinks its a Microsoft product. The remote will continue to function as the battery wears out, but it does not provide any battery life feedback other than to stop transmitting IR.

If this had not been a clearance purchase I would have returned it promptly. As it is, I have continued to use it as a second remote, but this was not the replacement I was looking for. I am still searching/waiting. With young children around, the TFT screen has been damaged. Though the screen is still mostly usable, the remote would be useless without it. This gives me serious doubt about replacing this remote with another similar style remote (e.g. the Logitech Harmony).

I am now watching the Harmony 300 and Sony RM-VLZ 620 with great interest.

I have purchase the Sony RM-VLZ 620 and must say I am extremely pleased. Check out my review there.

Sony RMVLZ620 Remote Control Up To 8 Compatible Video Components (Black)
Logitech Harmony 300 Remote Control (Black)
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