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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
At age 63 I have now owned way too many razors of every type. But the only type I never owned was any Norelco with a foil head! Well sort of anyway. As a groomer/trimmer/shaver (of sorts on the shaver part), this should get 5 stars by way of being so versatile. But as with virtually every item I ever owned in my life that "does everything", it makes quite a few sacrifices along the way.

It is extremely comfortable in my hand. I LOVE the trimmer for beard/mustache trimming. It really does shine there (for me anyway). For styling and trimming a beard to certain shapes and angles is where this works. As a razor, I would sadly give this a 2 star rating at BEST (1 star to be brutally honest)....And I definitely recommend you do not skip a day & try this as a shaver or expect to feel like you are using an epilator (please, don't ask...). And changing the settings did not help a bit here. It simply fails as anything but an emergency razor for my face. But I really feel it's true value is with beard sculpting.

The charger base is a cheap feeling surprise to me given the price of this. I have stopped keeping it on the sink and moved it to a shelf over the toilet (with lid CLOSED!) since tipping it over is so darn easy. I somehow just don't feel the need to test my GFI breaker given all my life has already thrown at me.

To be more precise on my rating I come up with the following:
-Beard Trimming/shaping=5 Stars
-Shaver=1 Star
-Charger=2 Minus
-Overall=3 Stars
I also ask that you remember we all have vastly different beards & faces. It may be a 5 star all around for you or NO stars. Awful hard to rate an item that's use it so subjective. Most important to me with this product is the in MY life, Norelco products have outlasted all the other brands by a huge margin. That alone is worth a lot to me.
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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Let's start by making it clear my rating of this product is based on how I feel it performs compared to single purposed personal grooming devices. It's not an accident this product is referred to as a styler first and shaver last because like many multi-purposed devices, some functions are less impressive than others.

In comparison to a host of electronic shavers, it is not all that remarkable, meeting rudimentary needs but failing to provide the level of efficiency I have found with numerable competitive models and for my preferences, not nearly as effective as most double edge razors. Conversely, the trimming head end with precision styling blade works well. If researching viable options for beard and moustache trimming alone, this model would be a consideration. Additionally, while performance factors appear to be identical, there is a more expensive model QS6160 with a more convenient one hour charging cycle, storage pouch and a few other convenience features.

Shipped with a partial charge, it is recommended to fully charge before initial use. It's worth noting while I consider it excessively over -packaged, at least the clam shell case is easily opened without scissors or knife. The styler has a front indicator light that will light up continuously when shaver is fully charged (50 min of shaving/styling time). When the lithium ion battery dissipates to 10 min charge time remaining the indicator light will flash orange. Unfortunately a full charge for this model takes 4 hours Unlike some other models, the QS6140 does not feature a quick charge option. The power cord is attached to the charging stand rather than the styler therefore if this unit is allowed to completely drain you'll just have to wait.

Other features are:

-Water resistant heads. Cleanable by placing under running tap water
-Overload protection if shaving heads become blocked.
-Comfortable grip
-Charging Stand
-Two year warranty extendable to by 6 months if registered online (but good luck finding this model on Philips site if you are not a member of ClubPhilips, or in Europe).

The QS6140 foil shaver seems adequate for removal of stubble growth of not more than three days. So for those who shave on a daily basis it could be a viable alternative. The manufacturer also recommends yearly replacement of the foil head. When I received it, I attempted to shave a five day accumulation and ended up:

1) Applying way more pressure than was comfortable;
2) Going over the same facial areas five or six times;
3) Feeling irritation from the foil scrapping across the skin and finally;
4) Giving up, slapping on some shaving cream and pulling out the Gillette fusion.

The foil head screen holes are too small to efficiently cut coarser strands. The instruction booklet suggests strands longer than 10mm should be trimmed first however I have reservations whether any amount of trimming would improve performance of the foil end in that instance. As a shaver, there are many other alternatives available to attain a closer shave.

Subsequent daily use after the first attempt was better but it still took longer than I customarily take with a multi-blade or safety razor. Pulling is not a problem but I did have a major amount of chafing. I haven't had a great deal of success with any foil models I've tried as in each case they tended to pale in comparison to rotary head models for my needs.

In conjunction with the beard comb accessory, the trimming head can be set to 13 separate lengths from .5mm to 10mm by adjusting a wheel on the shaver body. The back end of trimming head has a precision detail trimmer for areas where greater concern must be devoted like, under nose, around mouth, sideburns. etc.

In summation, I consider the QS6140 a good styler but middling shaver. If one desires to compromise to limit the number of appliances lined up in the bathroom, it's a reasonable choice but I will continue to use another grooming set with a wider selection of attachments and either a manual razor or under some conditions, one of my assortment of rotary head shavers.
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on June 27, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Philips Norelco QS6140/41 Styleshaver is an average shaver with smooth looks that get in the way of delivering a smooth shaving experience.

I've used a lot of electric shavers in my life, but I think this Norelco is probably the one that at least looks the coolest. It has a futuristic, slim and curved design though the body and is easy to hold. The problem with this razor rests mostly on the drawbacks of this cool design. For starters, the charging cradle is more annoying than useful. It folds out in a flimsy way and when it's holding the shaver the entire unit is rather wobbly. Another negative is that the shaver must be charged in the cradle. The AC adapter plugs into the back of the cradle, but it cannot directly plug into the shaver. Having to carry the extra cradle piece around during travel is a nuisance. The other drawback is the two-sided design of the shaver and trimmer. I typically keep a neatly trimmed circle goatee, but I prefer to shave my face first every morning, and then trim around the goatee area. Well, I used this same routine with the Norelco. Since I shaved first, and then turned the device upside-down, I made a big mess as the fine hair shavings fell out of the shaver foils while trimming my goatee. The shaver can be rinsed with tap water, but you cannot shave in the shower with the device. The fine hair trimmings get everywhere. Additionally, while trimming my goatee, the trimmer itself shoots facial hairs out like they were bullets from a Contra game spread gun.

The shaver itself is very average. Honestly, though, it performs as well as anything in the $40-80 shaver crowd. You'll have to spend over $100 to get a noticeably better shaver. I am, however, a big fan of the "dial-a-length" trimmer. This is by far the best part of the device and possibly the redeeming feature that can convince you to by it. The dial sets up the trimmer with 1-3 mm lengths in 0.5 mm increments, and then 4-10 mm in 1 mm increments. Cleaning the Norelco is a snap using the included mini-brush and a quick rinse under tap water.

Overall, the Norelco QS6140/41 is an appropriately priced shaver/styler that meets the appropriated priced expectations for facial hair maintenance. If you can live with the clunky charging and unnecessary mess, the Norelco's dial trimmer will not disappoint you. But if those facets bother you, and you don't care about the dial mechanism, then I might suggest checking out the braun cruzer line instead.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have tried multiple positions and pressures, but this shaver always fails to properly shave the jaw/neck area. I have another Philips shaver that has no issues with it (a rotary Norelco 7310). I also don't like the fact that I can't use it if the battery is dead, since this requires you to place it on a stand for charging. The neck area issue makes this (relatively expensive) shaver pretty much useless to me.

I have used the trimmer and it works fine for sideburns. However, after shaving with the QS6140 for about two weeks, I am switching back to the old rotary one I had. So at this point this shaver is nothing more than a glorified trimmer.
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on September 27, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had my Philips Norelco StyleRazor for a couple of months now, and it makes for a great trimmer, but as a good utility shaving tool, it's not quite there.

I have what many people would call a goatee, though the proper term for it is actually a van dyke (goatee with connecting moustache). I love this tool because the trimmer is small enough to really negotiate the tight spots under my lip and, actually, all around the perimeter for the beard. It provides a nice, tight, clean cut.

I think the orange "frontal guard" is bulky and not particularly useful. I've had a professional quality trimmer for years (I think it is measured in horsepower) and the guides that go with it are thin, and provide enough of an opening to do an effective job; the StyleRazor's guide is thick, clumsy, and doesn't give you effective control.

The foil razor part is just not effective, at least not for me. I've always thought that if you're going to use a foil razor, you need to stick with it and let your skin adjust to it. I have no such patience; give me a real razor and shave to the skin. I suppose this shaver would be good if you needed to trim in a car on the way to a meeting or something and didn't mind getting stubble on your shirt. I just don't like it.

The handle is very hand-friendly. The StyleRazor itself is light to use but had a respectable heft to tell me it's got some guts in there and isn't all plastic shell. I actually like the charger for the device, though it seems a little flimsy.

All in all, I don't think the product justifies a $65 price tag. I love the trimmer, but the rest of the unit is lacking, and I can't recommend it as a multi-purpose shaving tool.
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VINE VOICEon August 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My husband has taken a liking to growing in his beard and mustache from time to time in the last few years. But he kept shaving it off when it got to a certain point, because the tools he had didn't allow him to groom it evenly and easily.

Enter: the Philips Norelco StyleShaver.

He really likes that there is just one guard on the trimming end, with adjustments in desired hair length being made by a dial. This is so much easier than keeping up with various guards that are all spilling around in a drawer with a bunch of his other personal stuff. He even uses the trimming end to fix up his sideburns to keep them looking good between haircuts.

He has found that not only is the trimmed facial hair looking even and clean, but he's also not having the itchiness that comes at a certain point when the hair is growing out. That's the point when he would usually shave it all off, but he hasn't done so nearly as often.

As for the foil shaving side, he has never cared for foil shavers, and this one is no exception. They all irritate his skin during use. He said he uses this side occasionally when he's in a real hurry and doesn't have time for a blade, but generally he still prefers using a blade.

He's had this for almost 4 months. The battery life has been excellent so far, with several weeks of use between charges.

The StyleShaver has been a welcome addition to my husband's personal grooming product line-up. It was exactly what he had been hoping to find for trimming his beard and mustache, so he wouldn't have to shave it off as often.
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on March 2, 2013
It's an OK shaver if you just want to quickly clean up. I'm not sure for those looking for perfection it would be all that impressive. It works for what I need it for, which is to look "less scruffy" rather than "totally scruffy."
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First thing first: I hate the charger setup on this product. Most electronics that have a charging base have both a direct charger input and two metal contacts so that the product can charge via a more permanent base. This shaver has a blissfully small charger, but the shaver itself has no charger input except via the charging base. Why, God, why? The charging base isn't good for a permanent station because it won't easily stay up by itself and it's not good for portability because why should I carry it around along with the charger? They may have eliminated the charger input on the shaver to make the shaver more water resistant, but it's not waterPROOF regardless, and it's not like I'm planning to toss this thing in the toilet.

The charger is an awkward mess which in itself is enough to ruin an otherwise good product.

I would personally like to see shavers that can charge via micro USB, even if the charging time is much longer; this would encourage me to travel with a shaver and really get used to relying on a good shaver.

A good charging station should be sturdy, permanent, and not trickle charge, someplace to rest your shaver when not in use, without wasting power or battery life.

I would have given it a four if it were just the charger; unfortunately, I find that the precision trimmer and the clean shaver head just aren't performing to my expectations. My fairly inexpensive, three round head shaver does a much better job at a clean shave and the trimmer isn't working for me very well at all.

The trimmer seems to work well, and overall the product does have a good quality feel to it. But with the shortcomings mentioned above, I just can't stand firmly behind this product.
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VINE VOICEon August 16, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
All in one with a charge that lasts a long time, I found this is a great product for travel. Even for extended travel, the charger folds up and can go with you.

The shaver end works pretty well, but the foil isn't the best design. As days went by I was missing more and more hairs making it more difficult to effectively shave. A quick hit with a disposable razor was needed to get back to ground zero. Also the cover holds onto the foil piece better than it holds on to the base. So it seems I am often pulling the foil off of the unit when I just want to remove the cover. There are some grips on the side of the cover to release it easily, but a quick grab and pull ends up with the blades exposed and old clippings falling out when you may not expect it.

The trim side is much better, easily to adjust and dual sided with a wide trim with the guard as well as a thin trim for use with the guard removed. The thin side works great for those small delicate areas such as nose, ear, eyebrow, etc.

Worth mentioning is that the unit has two power buttons, so when using the clipper the shaver is not active and when using the shaver, the clipper is not active. This keeps the unit quieter and safer.
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VINE VOICEon July 3, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
And what a cool-looking razor this is! I love the idea that it has functionality on both ends and that the beard trimming can be adjusted with a dial.

I was a little less impressed that it needed a four-hour charge for a 30 minutes of shaving, but it came charged and ready to go. I had some beard stubble at the time and tried the styling side. As a trimmer, it's fine. There probably are cheaper trimmers that are just as effective, though.

No, what would make this a great produce is the razor. If the razor worked as well at the trimmer, whoo-hoo! I fully expected it would, but it did not. The razor is worthless.

I think toy razors cut better. In fairness (?) I've never had success with foil razors, but I hadn't tried one for 10+ years. When I've gone electric, I've used the type with three rotating heads.

After trying to shave with this thing, I had to pull out my real electric razor and actually shave.

What a bummer. I really wanted to like this but I can't recommend it.
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