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on January 14, 2014
I bought these headphones as a low-cost replacement for my LG HBS700 ear phones. The sound is decent, the battery is decent, the cost is decent. The headphones linked up easily, but have dropped the link once or twice while still in range. The range is slightly short in my opinion.

If you are not an audiophile, and you just want a pair of decent pair of BT headphones to watch movies, these are a good, low-cost choice.
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on February 6, 2015
You get what you pay for with these. They aren't going to make you go WOW with the sound. The sound is descent for a cheap pair of wireless headsets. The headset for the top is plastic and looks cheaply made. They might be tougher than they look, but they look like if you accidentally sat on them or pry them too far apart they'd crack in half. I'm not rough on my stuff, so I think I'll be OK.

This headset does pair with the iPhone 6 for those that are wondering. This headset has been one of the more difficult sets though to pair. It's really not difficult though if you actually read the instructions. If you want easy pairing, get a Bose or Beats. Those prompt you for the pairing and basically make it dumby proof.

I think some people may have tried to pair these and didn't read the instructions carefully then quickly sent them back thinking they wouldn't pair. Here's what you should know about the pairing:

1.) Hold the button with the phone symbol flashes white and blue. Notice that I said white and blue. The headset also will flash just blue if you hold that button for just a few seconds to turn it on. If it flashes just blue it won't do the initial pair. You have to hold it longer until it flashes blue and white.

2.) Some might think that when it flashes just blue that it is flashing white and blue. It will be white when charging. Then will initially flash blue. Then hold it long enough and it will flash blue and white.

After trying several wireless headsets I've got some good general advice for people having trouble with the pairing with their phone:

1.) Charge the headset first. Many don't come charged very much. Without enough of a charge, it won't give out a strong enough signal and it likely won't detect the signal. If you're like me, you probably want to pair them as soon as you open the box. But stick them on the charger for about 15 minutes or so, THEN try charging them.

2.) Make sure you hold the pairing button long enough. About 6 seconds should be plenty long enough. Two or three or even 4 seconds may not do the trick with some sets.

This is a descent headset for the money. Not great by any means. The Bluetooth connection to my phone however seems better than even a lot of the far more expensive devices like Bose or Beats, etc. I haven't gotten really any skipping so far at all. So that is one thing this little $20 pair does better than the super expensive ones.

For me this is a cheap pair I plan to use at work. They're cheap enough that if I leave them out accidentally and somebody steals them they are no big loss. And it also lets you somewhat hear what is going on around you. One last thing to note is that the ear pieces don't twist like a lot of the other ones I've tried. These are fixed. All they do is extend and retract for head size. And holding down a little longer on the volume controls moves from track to track.
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on November 29, 2015
I picked up these headphones for when I'm working around the house, in the yard, etc. So far, they have been great. They are lightweight and comfortable. They are 'on the ear' style and have a full foam ear rest.

I listen to podcasts and music but nothing too loud or with a lot of bass. These headphones are low profile, not bulky at all. They do not fold up or fold flat so keep that in mind.

They connected easily to my phone and the calls sound good. I also have asked the people on the other end of the call how it sounds and have not had any complaints. You can answer and hang up the call by pushing the button on the side of the right headphone and you can pause and play your music with this button. There is also volume controls on the right headphone.

The connection range is good. While listing to a podcast, I put my phone on my table on the back porch and walked 24 large paces, approx 3 feet each. There was never a loss of connection or cutting at approx 72 feet away while the phone was in eye shot. If I walk around the corner of the house I will lose connection.

For my usage they are perfect.
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on December 16, 2013
Got it for $29 and was expecting much less so I'm pleasantly surprised.
It's lightweight doesn't hurt the hears.
Sound is good, good bass for music. Beware if you use the mic on skype or phone, the audio is of lower quality, not sure why.
It's easy to pair from one device to the other, from tablet to laptop for instance. But you need to pair each time you switch devices.
Controls are well placed and easy to use.
Battery seems good but I take the habit of plugging in each time I stop using it.
NO WIRES!!!!!!!!!
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on November 24, 2013
These are really nice. Not super loud. Good bass. No clicking or popping. Glad I bought them. They have a microphone if the phone rings and the mic works really well.
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on August 23, 2015
This headset is very uncomfortable to wear because the earpieces are cast at an angle and do not move, so they do not conform to your ears. Consequently, all of the pressure is concentrated toward the front of your ears, and they become uncomfortable very quickly. This also leaves the back of the earpieces open which causes them not to block outside sounds as well as they would if they hugged your ears better. Finally, the pair that I received will not hold a charge, but I assume that all of these headsets do not suffer from that problem. Mine work okay as long as I charge them immediately before use, but if I charge them, and then attempt to use them a few hours later, there is no power.
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on February 14, 2014
A family member had received the white version of this headset for Christmas. I liked it, so I ordered a black one for myself, so that telling the two apart would be easy. My headset arrived on time and seemed fine, except that the charging end of the included cord was apparently defective, since its first use damaged the port on the headset so that it could not be again recharged. Another item of curiosity was that, rather than flashing when its power was low, the set beeped, making playing anything on low power impossible. I decided, however, that the pros of a properly working unit outweighed its cons, so I initiated a return of the unit and requested a replacement. I now realize that I should have requested a return for a refund, then re-ordered the item or purchased it at a local store, since, even with so-called two day shipping, the total time from replacement request to delivery of the new unit is estimated at 9 days.

Update: The new unit was delivered earlier than scheduled, but the charger accompanying it was also bad. Fortunately, we have plenty of other chargers that will fit, and the headphones themselves are undamaged. There would appear to be some problem with the chargers for this black model. We have not had any problems with the white version of this product, and the white charger fits the black model.

Some way for users to turn off the flashing light on the side of the headset (in future models) would be great, since the light may disturb others who are, for instance, trying to sleep or watch a movie in the same room.
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on June 25, 2013
Just purchased these Bluetooth headphones. They sound great, are comfortable and light, and paired easily with my iPad and iPod Touch 5g. Range seems fine but this is my first Bluetooth set and I have nothing to compare it to.

I highly recommended them.
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on March 1, 2015
For the price these headphones are awesome. I've taken phone calls during my workouts and haven't had any issues. My only problem is that I have a hard time keeping them on my head during intense exercises (Burpees or any other type of jumping around) but I don't consider that a flaw of the product. I haven't found any set of head phones or earbuds that stay in/on during that type of stuff. Love these headphones
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on March 6, 2014
I use these headphones while running in cold weather, to listen to music from an iPhone. I've never experienced a single Bluetooth drop out. Reception is clean and clear no matter where I carry the iPhone. These are the best headphones of this type I've used.

These headphone let in, and let out, a lot of sound - which is great when you're running. I only wish they were slightly louder. Sometimes the traffic and sounds around me are louder than what's playing. Disclaimer: I listed to mostly spoken-word podcasts and run in a major city where there's a lot of traffic at times.
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