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VINE VOICEon November 8, 2007
As a student of history, this book opened my eyes in a way that many years of historic study never did. The author relays how his father oft told him that the next major World War would be a Middle Eastern centered and pointed out to this author how daily events were moving that toward fruition. The author assumed this was parental rantings, later in his 30's, he began to see the wisdom of his father's insights, for the next 20 years he did extensive digging and documenting of the history of Islam, Arabs and the Persians (who are the only followers of Islam in that region, who are not of Arabians -which is important and detailed) and the Jewish nation. I have never heard nor read anything that was so well substantiated in historical document, extensive sources are quoted and the confluence of the events to come are very clear.
I have suggested this book to many people as a reference to understanding day's events. The author's presentation is not drum beating or hysterical, which makes it even more convincing, the facts truly speak for themselves. If you have any question that today's events are more of the same old stuff, then you must read this book. The foundation has clearly been laid, Islam has no desire nor have they truly signaled that their plan is to remain in the Middle East alone. Their plan is of world domination and they have been very successful in their planning, their Koran allows them to lie to anyone who is not of Islamic faith and their documented promises and doing the opposite is shown over and over again. To think these people lack the education, resources or planning is ignorance of their absolute dedication they have to their brothers and to Allah.
I wish I could give this book to my 8th grade History teacher, who said they worship the same God as the Christians and the Jews. They certainly would not agree with such summary! Those who do not follow Allah are infidels. If this is reflective of a history teacher's understanding in the U.S., we better get busy educating ourselves!
Skip all the talking heads, read the culmination of many years research carefully laid out in this book and have your eyes opened to reality.
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on July 14, 2010
Though written in the nineties, this book is even a more timely source for understanding the threat of Islamic terror in 2010. Heavily referenced, well written, and to the point; the reader will learn the history, the methods, and the real intent of Israel's greatest threat. Since I believe, as does the author, that Israel is the "canary in the coal mine" ( my quotes ), what befalls her, will befall western civilization. Why do political leaders ignore the obvious? The book explains how history has been rewritten by aggressive Arab propaganda and biased, even manufactured, western antisemitic journalism. Could another Holocaust occur? Unless our thinking changes, and without God's help... Islamic jihad will be pandemic.
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on May 26, 2006
I read the book from cover to cover....and breathed a sigh of relief that I was not seen reading it anywhere in the Middle East!! It is thoroughly well researched, with many quotes coming from Islamic writings, and other sources. In fact, the bibliography at the back of the book is extensive.

But its main thrust is staggering, in that it lays bare in a convincing manner....that Middle East history has been re-invented in a systematic and well crafted way, which the book claims has been made seductively palatable to an unsuspecting world. For me, the book went well beyond coffee-table conspiracy theory, and presented a stunning argument. But read it for yourself and make up your own mind.
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on January 25, 2013
I'm old enough to remember the events surrounding Israel's early conflicts with the sons of Ishmael. The 56 Suez crisis, the 6 day war, the Yom Kipper war.... I was an intell specialist with Central Intell in DC right after the 6 day war and was assigned to build a air photo map of the Sinai to illucidate the battle between Israel and Egypt. The destruction of the Egyptian military by the smaller Israeli Military was stark!. This humiliating defeat set the stage for the Arabs to try another tactic-one of deception to gain world favor. Led by Yassar Arafat, a war of lies and deceit began by bemoaning displacement of the "Palestinians" by the Jewish state. This tactic has proven quite successful as much of the world believes it's the Jews fault that middle east is a stick of tri nitro toluene ready to explode. But Ramon Bennett's very readable and much researched work exposes this Palestinian myth and shed light on what is really happening and why.
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on January 18, 2013
I have found this book to be accurate and truthfull based on my own research. It highlights many historical and current problems with the middle east, even in 2013 with Israel's neighbors and the liberal media, So many lies in politicians and media and hate in Islam. This book highlights many facts to prove this and gives you true insight in which you should pursue your own fact finding as well and be better educated rather than trust the left outlets of propaganda.
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on July 8, 2011
The book explains a lot of what's going on in the Middle East. Many things come to pass now - so many years after the book was written. A must read for Christians specifically to understand Islam, Muslims and it's confrontation with the Jewish state and nation. Loved it!
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on November 19, 2010
Having been involved in studies of the Middle East & its peoples since my youth I have seldom encountered such a more relevant, authoritative & well written study as this by Ramon Bennett.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to speak briefly to the author & his knowledge & experience of the issues dealt with in this study caused my own to fade into insignificance. Although written in 1995 the contents are just as relevant today as they were then - perhaps even more so in the wake of the Gaza withdrawal by Israel in 2005 & the subsequent events emanating in/from the now Hamas ruled territory.

Each of the chapters/sections are both self explanatory & headed accordingly.

1.The Middle East
2.The Arab Mind
3.Islam and the Koran
4.The Great Satan
5.Arafat and the PLO
6.Palestinian Refugees
8.The United Nations
9.The News Media
10.The Israeli Connection
11.Peres: The Road that leads to war
12.Judgment of Nations

The text, which is replete with a plethora of quotes, examples & incidents, cuts to the chase in making it extremely clear to the reader from the outset that the Palestinian issue is allegedly just the `tip of the iceberg' in the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict - it being cited as the `point of the spear' being used by the Arab world to penetrate & wound the Jewish state & to manipulate the whole international community through the world's media into a sense of hostility towards Israel.

The study shows how the media's extraordinary ability to influence world opinion is undisputed, where journalists are trained to reserve personal opinion for the editorial page, but allegedly only a few with discipline & integrity comply with this or the rules of media objectivity expected from them.

With the public trusting the media to impartially report the news this study reveals how many continue to write with a persistent & undeniable tilt against Israel. Such purportedly creating a climate of anti-Israeli sentiment that the whole Arab/Islamic world is intent upon using towards their intended eradication & annihilation of the Jewish state.

In so doing, basic historical truths & absolute facts relating to the Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict are shown to have been ignored or trodden underfoot. The perception of the Western public purportedly being allegedly slanted by a series of half-truths, selective omission & some basic downright lies.

It being elaborated that, having failed with war, the latter entities now use the diplomatic, political & media weapon of the so-called 'Palestinian issue' to attack Israel. Despite having created the 'Palestinian issue' by themselves in their initiated conflicts, the Arabs now allegedly use the current situation to portray Israel as the aggressor & have duped the international community into believing their distortions, whilst concealing the true context of events & their ultimate agenda.

This author also investigates the very origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the 'nature' of the Palestinian people & the essence of Islam. The latter's agenda being analysed as to how it differs from the Hebrew Christian Scriptures in both its nature, message/foundation & not least in how it relates to the Jewish people, the nation of Israel & the ongoing situation in the Middle East. The writer pulls no punches & in my humble opinin tells it exactly like it is.

Islam shown from the text to consider that any territory coming under Islamic rule cannot be de-Islamized is considered to be perpetually/eternally Islamic. The book citing how whenever you hear about the Arab/Israeli conflict, you hear - territory, territory, territory.

Despite the religious aspects territory being extremely important, the aspect of territory being shown - with references - how the borders of the intended `Palestinian State' extend from the Lebanese border in the North to the Red Sea in the South & from the Mediterranean Sea in the West to the Jordanian border in the East. In other words all of modern day history. Every single Jewish village, town or city has been replaced by a Palestinian equivalent even within the official Palestinian/Arab maps & media.

Quotes from a number of Arab leaders being provided to support this & yet more references show the reader how, as a more effective way of swaying world opinion, the Arabs have now purportedly adopted humanitarian terminology in support of the `demands' of the Palestinians to replace former Arab proclamations of carnage & obliteration.

Weighing current events & their possible implications in the light of Biblical prophecy the writer has provided an excellent insight into the ongoing regional conflict & how such will allegedly affect the nations as political expedience & regional agendas clash amid attempts to further divide up the Holy Land. Covering highly contentious issues I cannot recommend this study highly enough to anyone interested in either the Arab-Israeli conflict or Biblical & Islamic prophecy.

I would also highly recommend the following four books covering these & connected issues. Thank you for your time.

WHEN DAY AND NIGHT CEASE a Prophetic Study of World Events and How Prophecy Concerning Israel Affects the Church and You

Israel...His People, His Land, His Story: Ten Authors Reflect on Biblical and Historical Themes with Contributions on Terrorism and Peacemaking

The Wall: Prophecy, Politics and Middle East 'Peace'

Saga: Israel and the Demise of Nations
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on July 16, 2014
This book is amazing! Check out Ramons new book "The Wilderness" at his website and also his new blog is fantastic!
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on March 4, 2013
Though I am not a dispensationalist, I like this book. Though a bit dated, it gives insight into the Arab mind and the breadth of Islam within our culture. It helps to bring a deeper understanding of the "already ..... not yet" dimension the kingdom as it unfolds before us.
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on August 13, 2015
This is a GREAT book. I am still reading it. I plan to buy more books by this author. A thorough job indeed was done in the writing of this one.
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